Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice

March 30 - April 6, 2014

Austin was asking a lot of why questions this week. "Why do we read scriptures both morning and night" "Why do I have to miss my soccer game because of conference?" His reflection caused me to reflect also...

Why do I take all the kids to each ward conference with me?
Because they can't go to church by themselves. I think it is good for them too. They have grown a lot.

After getting back from Elaine's birthday weekend at 2 am {definitely felt like there were angels assisting all the travels in that trip} we got up and got ready for the last ward conference, Owyhee. It felt very much like a marathon.  Jane was very loud during young women's so I was in the hall with her. Many times I feel like the president doesn't think I'm competent to do this calling. This was one of those moments. I KNOW a large factor was my lack of sleep and therefore the ability to think rationally. I didn't stay for the meeting with the presidency after church because I knew the president wouldn't care if I left and I didn't want to wrestle kids. I regretted that decision later {after I took a nap.} Always lots to learn from life.

Welcome Home mom!

Why do we have family home evening even if dad is working late?
Because we cannot miss opportunities to teach and come together as a family. 

We read King Benjamin's address {turning our tents to the temple to hear the voice of the prophet} in preparation for General Conference this weekend.

Why do we have to go to Cub Scouts?
That's a great question. Just kidding!

This was Braxton's and Spencer's first official Tuesday den meeting. They were SO cute to watch and listen to. I have debated about joining the CS pack in Ontario for convenience but I cannot take away the chance for these two to do scouts together. Sister Johnson arranged for all of us to go on a hike together. It was probably, hands down, the coolest CS meeting we've had. We went down a draw and walk through a long irrigation tunnel {luckily water is not turned on yet!!} and then hiked up the other side. The boys made the loop again and again. Very cool.

 While we were at CS Ruth and Lucy were celebrating Kenzie's 5th birthday, Emma was at art and Marti took Jane {so grateful because it was very cold and windy.}

Why do we have soccer practice?
To become better at anything we must practice. Soccer has officially started this week. Spencer had practice Tues/Thur at 5:30, Austin Wed/Frid at 5:45. That is A LOT of hanging out in Ontario after school gets out...thank goodness for nice weather when we had practice. This is definitely a test my of my endurance. Making sure homework is done in the car, making sure I have healthy snacks while we wait, making sure dinner is ready when we get home at 7, making sure everyone has hugs and affection. Phew.

But we WILL endure. This is the only sport Austin will agree to do. For the first time he is on a Ontario team with his friends from school. He has been SO happy and SO excited about this. I get it. Friends are really starting to matter. Its been fun to see him so excited about something. I want him to have this. We got new soccer kleats for him {very cool orange ones} and new shorts for both the boys {As we were checking out Spencer said, "These cost $12?!! Just for shorts?!!" The cashier thought it was hilarious.}

Spence still loves being goalie

Why are all baby animals so irresistible?

We were in D&B picking up supplies for Midnight's arrival when we mistakenly walked passed the baby chicks. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I called Kurt to get the okay and we picked out 4 that we couldn't live without! Don't worry we didn't get completely side tracked, we still got everything we needed for da puppy.

 I had a new beginnings in Nyssa that night and so Kurt got the chicks all set up in the mudroom when I got home. It feels like spring constantly with all the happy chirping in our house!

Why are surprises so fun?
Because it adds an extra element of fun for those you LOVE.

I talked with Misty and arranged to pick up Midnight {and Elaine's puppy, Olive} a day sooner. But I didn't tell Spence! A few days ago I noticed someone had made a countdown chain and put it on the frig. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what we were counting down. I finally asked and Spencer claimed ownership, counting down the days till Midnight came home. How cute is he??!!

Spence had karate after school so I told all the other kids when I picked them up from school that we were headed to Nyssa to get the puppies. They all love to be in a good surprise too! {train them right! hahaha} When we got there we found out another girl puppy was available and so we picked it for the Farnsworth. She is smaller with a pretty wave to her fur. Sooo adorable.

Driving with puppies in your trunk is very exciting for ALL. I always love a good adventure!

I wish I could have captured his face in the school parking lot when I picked him up. We walked to the trunk and I said let's put your backpack in. When I opened the door two cuties were waiting for loves. Awwwww

We went to grandma's house to play and hang out till soccer practice. They LOVED playing in the grass together {a luxury we won't have!}

Finally we were able to go H O M E. Spence was so excited to show her around and help her get situated. Really, this is just about the cutest thing. So we have all fallen in love with these puppies. I didn't know I was a DOG person! Midnight has stolen my heart.

I was so stressed about them being so small and sleeping outside without a kennel or any other protection. I rigged a large box and taped the sides so they couldn't climb out and let them sleep in the mudroom. With the chicks AND puppies our house was starting to turn into a barn. And the next morning it smelt like one! Yes, the puppies slept outside that night. It was good to have two puppies because they kept each other company and happy.

Why do we have to give Olive to Elaine?

So all the kids fell in love with Olive. Especially Emma to my surprise. 
"We can't give her away! We love her! We have to keep Olive." etc etc... 
So on the way to the temple Friday morning with Kurt I asked {knowing another puppy was free} "Can we get another puppy?" I was shocked that he said yes. Wahoo! Another fun surprise for the kids!

Why do we listen to General Conference?
Because we are BLESSED to have a living prophet who speaks to the Lord TODAY.

What an amazing, beautiful, strengthening, uplifting weekend. It is such a blessing to hear the word of the Lord. It brings such happiness to my soul. Honestly, right now there could be nothing better than my young family gathered together listening to conference. The only thing that could top it is being in the temple together.

We have very specific traditions set up at this point. The kids know what to expect and look forward to it. Emma was very diligent about listening to conference and taking notes for every single talk. It really warmed my heart to see her desire unprompted. She even stole my journal to add some drawings and notes for me to cherish.

I loved the talks on discipleship Saturday morning and how we must Stand and be valiant in our faith. I loved the meaty doctrine talks from Elder Bednar and Elder Christofferson. Anxious for further study of the principles taught.

Sunday in between sessions we picked up our second puppy, a boy named Max. Spence can finally have his Max. :) Technically a dog for each of my boys {but lets be honest Spence know has two dogs.}

Spencer also had his baptism interview. Before we left the house he had written this down to make sure he didn't forget any important questions.

We also put up the Baptism Countdown in preparation for the up-coming weekend. The first activity was to make "Pray-zetels" together.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- "Is it against the word of wisdom to get your hair dyed?" {yet another question from Austin}
- Spencer + Braxton = Awesomeness {quote from Spencer at Cub Scouts}
- "This is so fun!" Braxton commented just listening to the other cub scouts as we were driving out to our hike for cub scouts.
- Ruth could not remember the name the Farnsworths had chosen for their dog {Olive.} She kept calling her Olaf. So Lucy called it, "Snowman the dog."
- "Are you afraid of hikes?" Lucy asked me {I think the word she was looking for is heights.}
- Ruth "gave" Jane her bunny. This is a huge thing. That girl LUVS her bunny.

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