Sunday, November 24, 2013

W47: My gratitude list part TRES

November 17-23, 2013

Day 17
I'm thankful for missionaries who dedicate their time and service to the Lord. I love these Spanish sisters in our stake. But even more than that I love my missionary PARENTS and BROTHER.

Day 18
I'm thankful for trips to civilization, good sales and kids that are happy to shop.

After dropping the kids off at school we headed to Boise to pick up Sam from his long weekend in San Fran with the Richards. Luckily there was enough time to stop at two of my favorite places {Target & Hobby Lobby.}

I'm thankful for family. Siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, grandparents, uncles and everyone in-between. That is where its at.

We are happy to have Sam back. He is a great helper, easy to have around and plays whatever silly game Lucy wants him to. There she is stretching him out for ballet. "Stretch to the left. Stretch to the right. Stretch down. Ballet. Ballet. Ballet." She adores him for this.

Day 19
I'm thankful for creative and active outlets for my children that provide confidence, skill and exercise.

I'm thankful for this beautiful, talented, kind girl who is also my friend.

I'm thankful for Cub Scouts and the learning, skills, friendship it provides my boys. I'm thankful {most of the time} to share that with them.

We had a pack meeting Tuesday night. It was slightly chaotic. I was grateful it was over at the end of the evening. Rude but honest. The theme was magic and science experiments. Each den prepare something to share. The webelos were completely boy lead. Austin wanted to do quick sand. He looked up the recipe online and practiced it the night before. He was happy with how it went and was excited to present. It was quite hilarious but I'm proud of him because of the leadership he demonstrated.

The Webelos' pins were all mixed up including completely forgetting one scout. Ahhhhhhh. I think the parents are going to have to be very involved to make sure their boys get their correct badges/pins. Or maybe I can help the committee chair with that part...something.

Day 20
I'm thankful for my full time job of growing with six special kids. Hands down the hardest, most humbling thing I've ever done. So grateful to a husband who works hard to provide so i can stay home with my people.

I'm thankful for dentists to help us with our bad dental genetics. The boys had cleanings. Spencer made the no cavity club {Wahoo!} while Austin needed further work. They had an opening so I took Spencer back to school and they kept working on Austin. A few months ago Austin had a filling come out so they ended up pulling it and filling a cavity in the tooth next to it. He didn't go back to school.

I'm thankful for opportunities that remind me to A. be flexible and B. my kids come first even before church callings. There was a night in Excellence in Parma and it got to the point that it was physically impossible for me to get the kids back to Vale and over to Parma in time. I was disappointed I could not attend but the kids were ready to be home and that is where I needed to be.

Day 21
I'm thankful for bebe Jane. This sweet girl is getting happier and happier each day. She is grabbing onto toys {her siblings think this is a great trick} and smiling and laughing constantly. She is getting very fun to interact with. She still sleeps well.

She was trying to rival her sister in happy volume at the library. I know they are going to throw us out one of these days if we don't learn correct library behavior!

I'm thankful for opportunities to give service, random acts of kindness and expressions of love. I learned in my youth that it brings me JOY! I have also learned as an adult that it brings me much JOY to do service with my family and to teach them the importance of thinking of others.

After ballet we decorated Kurt's office for his birthday the next day. It was quite the run around to get a key and sneak in without him knowing. We were late {about 15 minutes} to the ward Soup Social but we kept it a surprise! The kids had each made cards, cookies, and a new photo display of the kids for Kurt's desk. Austin used gorilla tape and pens to make the number 35 {something Kurt always does for the kid's birthdays.} Plus a sign, streamers, balloons and confetti. It was hard to keep it a secret! But it is always worth it.

Day 22
I'm thankful for this man. There are not enough words to express my love and gratitude. Happy 35th Birthday Kurt!

Even though it was HIS birthday Kurt took the kids to school AND picked them up! That was so super nice for me. That's just one small example of how he is always serving me. He enjoyed the extra time with his kids. When the kids got home from school we rushed out the door to go to the temple for our birthday date. Along the way Kurt had seen Bill & Cindy who were also going to the temple so we combined forces. Sam was so super to watch the oldest 2 and youngest 2. Spencer and Ruth had their first sleepover at the Bairs. It was an understatement to say they were very excited.

I'm thankful for the temple, the covenants I've made there, the opportunity to return often and the sanctuary of peace it provides.

Delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse afterwards. It was a great evening and all the kids did well {that's always an appreciated blessing.}

Day 23
I'm thankful for running water and all the other comforts I enjoy on a daily basis.

We have never had good water pressure down at the animal barn. About 3 weeks ago Kurt thought he would fix that problem since we have pigs again and cold winter weather is coming. Shortly into the project he realized it was not an easy fix. So it seemed to be a patch job just so we could still have water. Saturday he was determined to get it fixed for good. It ended up taking the entire day. 20 minutes after we had water again and Kurt had just finished covering up the trench and pipes we were out of water. Again. I really hated to go out and tell him the bad news. It turns out that our pump died. Seriously, what are the chances that it would happen within the hour that he had just fixed another problem. By 9:30 pm we finally had water again. It was 12 without and an entire day spent fixing problems when Kurt is swamped at the store and really needed to be there. {He says its feels like spring right now. They sold 5 pivots this week and just cannot keep up. They hired a salesman and a new accountant to replace Kelli.} I really appreciate his efforts to serve and support our family. He is amazing man. I feel like all the things I list that I'm grateful for are because of him. I'm an extremely blessed woman.

Meanwhile I took Spencer to his basketball games that morning. He played well. Lucy and I cheered loudly. Its still fun to watch! Only one more Saturday of games left. Its been a great little season.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- I heard Lucy singing her version of The Farmer and the Dell, "The farmer takes the crazy, The farmer takes the crazy..."
- As we were driving one day Lucy said to me in a very excited and happy voice, "I'm SO EXCITED right now!!" I asked her why, "Christmas is coming?!!" How does she know this? I think we are going to have a fun holiday season around here. Santa can bring her anything {including pink broccoli.} 
- Emma asked me, "Why isn't RPM world wide?"
- Lucy changed up her "Congratulations" hand shake this week by saying, "Glad to know ya!"
- So naturally the kids are singing the uBer obnoxious song, "What does the fox say?" They have been brain storming movies with foxes in them. For example Robin Hood. "What does fox say? Ooo-de-la-le" And Swiper from Dora, "What does the fox say? Ahhhh man!"
- Any time someone passes gas in the family the kids will say, "Malagasy!" {followed by laughter} haha
- I asked Austin and Emma Lynn to brain storm some book that would be good fit reads for Lorna. Spence and Emma are really enjoying the read a loud in their English class right now, "Ruby Holar." Emma said to me, "But mom it has a bad word in it and Mrs. White doesn't care. She just says it." After a pause she continued on, "The word is stupid and she just says it!"
- Spencer asked at dinner, "What is a protein?" After the discussion he came to this conclusion,  "Meat and its relatives."
- Lucy asked yesterday at dinner, "Can I have some more cool beans?"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

W46: My gratitude list part DEUX

November 10-16, 2013

Day 10
I'm thankful for a missionary minded husband and kids.

Kurt helped the Rayo family put together a lunch at the trailer park were they live for all their neighbors. A family from our school lives there. So the kids went over together to invite them to come. Unfortunately they were not home. But I made tentative plans to have them to our house at a later time. I am grateful that the kids were willing and excited to do their part. Kurt has been busy with this new assignment to help the Hispanics embrace the gospel in our town. He is alive with the missionary spirit and it is exciting. I had stake meetings and missed the whole event.

Day 11
I'm thankful for the land I am blessed to live in, the freedoms I enjoy daily and all the people who've made it possible. Happy Veterans Day.

I am thankful when cousins come to play.

We had Kenzie and Tyler come and I realized how important play dates are for Lucy while Jane is so little. What great kids these two are! Lucy and I both really enjoyed having them come and will definitely make sure that it happens more often.

I am thankful for impromptu dinners with family who are also my friends.

The kids still had school and routine as normal. After Ruth's clogging we followed the Bair family down to Chavelitas for dinner {they were going and that sounded like a great idea so I invited us to tag along. ;)} Cindy came to watch clogging practice so we invited them too. What made it super fun is that they have made a "kids room" at Chavelitas. Very loud and obnoxious pictures of sponge bob all place {I was pretty sure someone was going to have a seizure in there it was so over stimulating}, kid size tables, a chalkboard wall and a TV. Plus your favorite Mexican food with your BFC {best friend cousins.} I'm pretty sure that it was my kids equivalent of heaven. And because the kids were so happy and contained it means the adults had a nice and fairly normal dinner. Ahhhhhhhh. Maybe I should make my own seizure room at home. ;)

Day 12
I am thankful for the school my kids go to, for an amazing staff that has become friends and that I am involved in their learning community.

It had been a month since I had volunteered so it was great to be back in the classrooms again. Love seeing Ruth's name on the board with a star by it for being a good student and leader. And for some reason Emma Lynn did not want to take selfies with me during class. Geez. ;)

I am thankful for Doctors and medicine that helps us stay knowledgeable and healthy.

After Lucy's gymnastic class she was to Nancy's house while Jane and I rushed to her 4 month check up. She is weighing 13.2 pounds and 24 inches long {putting her in the 25% for about everything.} I think that she will start to chunk on the pounds now that we have the whole eating thing figured out. Jane is still a fabulous sleeper {THANK YOU!} She sucks on multiple fingers sometimes almost gnawing on them. She likes to put both arms on top or behind her head while she drinks her bottle. She is usually stroking her hair. She likes to grab onto her clothes, my clothes or Kurt's arm hair. She has been discovering her own hands with great interest. She has had a bad cough {to the point it will wake her up at night and she cannot stop until she is upright.} I was grateful we had a check up and they said it just looked like she had had a mild cold and was draining.

I'm thankful for talents and the opportunity to develop them. This is the painting that Emma Lynn finished in art this week. It is Blade, our naughty pony.

Day 13 
I'm grateful for the direct love I feel from my Father in Heaven in the beauty all around me. 

I'm thankful for callings and the opportunity to serve. I spent a lot of time the beginning of this week getting these posters ready to put up in all the church buildings in the stake. We are encouraging the youth and their leaders to share their talents about the upcoming 2014 Mutual theme through art, writing, video, music, etc...I'm excited to see what is submitted!

I was also able to attend Vale 2 Night of Excellence. They used the shoe theme to Stand in Holy Places and had some very cute cupcakes! Huge thank you to Sam for helping with the kids so Kurt and I could both be at Mutual.

Day 14
I am thankful for answered prayers. 

Reading has not come easily for Spencer. We have worked on it a lot for quite a while. Gratefully he has not been bothered by it {meaning it has not affected his self confidence.} This week he has devoured a Magic Tree house book, "Mummies in the Morning." He was acting like his older siblings, reading during every free second, in every corner of the house or car and requiring no sustenance in order to finish the chapter! On Thursday he finished the book! The first chapter book all by himself. I'm so proud of him. Look at that happy face! What a great sense of accomplishment.

Spencer continues to enjoy basketball practice on Tuesday and Thursday. We are able to watch him on Thursday and its lots of fun.

 Day 15
I am thankful for the haven I call home, an occasional clean floor and the friends who live with me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time together with my family, to serve and to cultivate & strengthen relationships. Bill & Cindy were branding and so we took the kids out of school so they could help and be apart of the day. I took Braxton and Brooke with us too. It was a perfect day. The weather was perfect. The cousins LOVED being together. There were lots of happy songs on the way to West Fall. Austin made up a song, taught it to everyone and then they sang it 3 million times in different voices and styles {grandpa, cowboy, opera, baby, Obama (???))


Once we got there the olders were helpful. It was funny to me that they went straight to Mollie's trampoline as soon as we arrived. Eventually they went down to the branding. ;) 

 Emma Lynn herded the little calves back with the group if they went the wrong way.
 Austin loaded the ear tags and Spencer and Braxton ran them out to Kurt.
 These little girls smiles, laughed, told each other stories and ate candy. 
Birthday cousin. Matthew was so sweet and happy. Best moment of the day: I had a cookie on my plate and he walked over from across the room, grabbed the cookie and took a big bite of it! I loved it! I didn't know he was eating cookies so it was such a great surprised. YAY Matthew! You can steal my cookie anytime!

 Chips and pop = happy kids
 Warming up inside on the super cool pillow beds {someone tell Santa we need a few of those!}

Another super exciting milestone is that Jane rolled over for the first time!! {from back to stomach}
She has been closed and very active the past week or so. She has done it a few times since. That means its time to be careful where we put her...we have a lot of hard floors too...

I'm thankful for the opportunities to share and experience other cultures with my children.

We got back from the branding about 5 and then the older kids and I got ready to go to a Mexican ballet in Ontario. The kids were cheaper for 4 Rivers students. It was so amazing! I loved it. What talented musicians and dancers. It was captivating. My only regret is that Kurt wasn't there {he stayed home with Lucy and Jane.} He would have enjoyed it. I'm thankful for mommy dates.

It was quite long {although it didn't feel like it to me} and after intermission Spencer and Ruth were exhausted. It was a long day with the branding and both of them crash when their bedtime hits. I couldn't get Spencer to wake up! A friend came to help me pack them until I could get them more alert.

Day 16
I'm thankful for music {including but not limited to art and dance} and the escape, pleasure and peace it brings. What's even better is training my kids to love it too and sharing it together.

I'm thankful that Kurt was able to come to Spencer's basketball games. They won one, they lost won. He continues to be a great team player and pass. We need to work on shooting so he can have confidence and want to try to shoot a basket. Fun times.
~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- We have been praying for the people in the Philipines since the terrible storms. Spencer blessed the philistines. 
- Lucy asks me while we drive, "Can you roll down the window so I can touch the air?
- Spencer praying "Jesus Christ amen" in Spanish
- Jane squeezed a couple times and Ruth asked, "is she was allergic to the bed?"

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