Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break

March 23-29, 2014

Sunday was Conference in Nyssa 2. It was my turn to teach again {how does the atonment help me through my trials.} Again very rewarding in study and preparation for this lesson. I will continue to study these topics for my personal study.

That evening we made family visits to Brother Ford Nelson. I love him. He is so sweet and such a great man. And truly a saint because he teaches Austin's primary class. The kids had so much fun in his yard too {thanks to his zip line and porch swing.}

Monday we worked on the cleaning out and deep cleaning the mud room. It was in great need. Idealistically it would be fabulous to do that once a week, even once a month. I'm grateful it got done as part of spring cleaning.

After naps and lunch we went over to the Stewarts to play. 5 moms went together to rent a bounce house for an easy afternoon of fun. We all brought snacks to share and had a fun afternoon.

We left at 5 to run home and change clothes for FHE. We picked up Kurt and drove to Meridian where we met the Drapers at the future Meridian Temple site. It is currently just a hay field. We went out into the field and took family pictures and then had a short lesson about standing in holy places and the importance of temples.

After wards we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. It was slightly crazy with all of our 11 kids who finished within minutes and the adults just wanted to visit. By the end Kurt banned our families from ever meeting in public again.

Tuesday and Wednesday we continued to chip away at spring cleaning including the huge project of organizing clothes. It can be daunting with so many people. But tackled it and have a short of list of items that everyone needs. The weather was decent and gave time for bike rides and fort repair. We always make time to read. I think we all enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to rush off anywhere.

Emma made us healthy smoothies for breakfast {from ready to blend packets I had made from fresh fruit last fall.}

And of course we HAVE to dance. That's as essential to our house as reading. Love these crazy monkeys.

My left hand went numb Wednesday when I was running. It was still like that Thursday. It really started to worried Kurt and so I spent too much time looking into it and calling Doctor offices. What we determined {without a visit} is that I was safe to drive since I didn't have blurred vision or dizziness. Good enough for me, time to move on as in preparations for Elaine's birthday weekend. My kids were amazing helpers. I really feel blessed as they jump in to help with whatever project I'm working on. They help with food, baby Jane's needs, laundry and basic chores. As I drove to Utah that night I had lots of time to reflect upon it. Definitely one of the moments when I don't feel like I deserve them. But grateful for the renewed desire to keep stepping up my game and be better.

I left my house a little after 6. Kurt was home yet. Emma was feeding Jane at the table and we were giving fourth and fifth hugs at this point. As I detached kids from my legs and got into the car as Austin comes out to tell me a plate had broke. "Please clean in up so no one gets cut. Love you! Know you can do it!" and drive away. Oh. Dear. This is ridiculous.  I drove straight to my salon in Eagle and got a L O N G overdue hair cut. And even though it gave me a later get-on-the-road time I'm so glad to look better and start the weekend right.

I pulled into Logan at 1:45 am. Honestly I wasn't all that tired. I had plenty to think about and plenty of snacks {enough to make you gag by the time you reach your destination but I stay awake so take your pick.} After Elaine got Lorna off to school and the others out the door we headed down to Salt Lake.

We met up at the temple. So fun to see this lovely lady again!
Maren gave Elaine this packet of envelops. 30 things to do before she turns 30 {not all to be done this weekend of course.} No. 1 Temple Session

 Thank you Mona for watching Evelyn so Margo could go.

No. 2 Lunch at the Blue Lemon

No. 3 spend $30 at City Creek {she found a jacket at H&M for the big score.}

 No. 4 Mani/Pedi at Mid City Salon

Maren and I went and got our cars at this point while everyone else went to the Hotel {Hilton} to visited. Megan was already there waiting so our full party had arrived. Look at the cute treats on our beds. Including a gorgeous flower cake.

 No. 5 Dinner at Bambara

During dinner we played No. 6 - 30 Questions {a Richards classic but we didn't even get close to asking all 30.)

                                                                 I love these chairs.

Back at the hotel Maren and I got busy transforming the room into something magical. I think we did pretty good {it might even become a side business!}

 To get the party started No. 7 - 30 songs from 1984 from DJ Dickson

No. 8 {while we jammed out} was hand stamping scarves. Like the true craft master Elaine got right to work and made a stylish piece.

 No. 10 - notes of love, inspiration and fond memories from family and friends.

Maren and I may have continued talking at this point until 4 am. Apparently the sleep party chit chat is still a real thing at 33 and 31.

No. 11 - 30 minutes of exercise. We had the best personal trainer around whip us into shape. Thanks Megan for a good workout, definitely felt it the next day.

Margo and Elaine went back to the salon for a hair cut and eye lash extensions. The rest of us got ready for the day and packed up/checked out of the hotel. I'm really glad Elaine went back for more pampering. She looked amazing - love it!

 No. 12 Breakfast at Bruges Waffles and Fries. Holy Wow. These waffles were A-Mazing!
I saw the others had ice cream and chocolate sauce on theirs. I don't know how I missed that memo. I may have pitched an adult fit and Maren whipped out her money and got me some ice cream. She's so nice to me. I'm going to make these for birthday breakfasts. Sweet!

Thank you Maren!

No. 13 - 30 Love notes from Ben {ahhhhhh so sweet!}

No. 14 - A play "Big River" from the Orem City Play House. I had never seen this before {or even heard of it.} It was so amazing. The music and acting was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That concluded our weekend together. Lots of hugs all around. Great memories and a great weekend. Thank you Maren for planning such a great and wonderful event. Thank you Elaine for being amazing and fabulous and totally and completely worth celebrating! Love you so.

Elaine and I stopped at the Centerville Target before I dropped her off in Brigham City. It made the weekend complete because she was able to get 2 spring dresses. Perfect.

I again managed to stay awake the entire way home pulling into Vale exactly at 2 am. And that is how we roll Spring Break 2014.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- As we were driving one day Ruth asked, "Are robbers real?" Yes. "Well why are they not around here?" Nothing to steal in Vale.
- Its time to celebrate: Jane will hold her bottle by herself!! She is pretty proud too, clapping constantly. Sooooo cute
~ Genuine excitement to get a new issue of the FRIEND

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