Tuesday, October 29, 2013

w43: My feelings about the matter

October 20-27, 2013

FACT: The Primary Program was on Sunday. My children did a fabulous job. Spencer had a solo {a line from "I am a Child of God"} and his also sang with all the 7 year old boys, "When I am Baptized."

Ruth: I can live with Heavenly Father again when I read the scriptures.
Spencer: The priesthood can bless and strengthen our family by going to the temple.
Emma Lynn: When we take the sacrament we can renew our baptismal covenants. I know that I can repent and be forgiven when I make a mistake.
Austin: This summer my family did one act of service every day.

Jane was crying and so I left almost as soon as it started. But I was able to stand in the back and see all the kids. It might have worked out better.

FEELINGS:   I am always touched by the Primary Program. It is beautiful and rewarding to see your kids bear their testimonies through the songs and parts they have learned. I was touched by Spencer's class singing. I hope I will never forget their faces beaming up with pride and accomplishment as they sing/say their parts. Definitely a proud mom moment. I feel blessed to journey through life with these littles.

FACT: We took the Girl Scouts to the corn maze in Ontario. The weather was gorgeous

FEELINGS: I am enjoying being a Cadette leader much more than my previous Girl Scout volunteering. I love watching my girls interact with other great girls. I love being able to do fun things WITH them. Ruth's excited perma grin about sums up everything she does right now {school, dance, Girl Scouts} and I love to see it because she doesn't hold back any emotions. She happy to let the world know how much she is enjoying life. You can't help but smile when you see it. It makes me happy.

FACT: The absolutely perfect weather continued so we decided to re-hike Keeney Pass with the Cub Scouts {remember we try do it a few weeks ago in a thunder storm? haha} Jane screamed the entire time. 500 yards to the car she finally went to sleep.

FEELINGS: My guilt about how I'm serving in Cub Scouts is high. I am serving as much as I can. Hopefully that is the definition of magnifying. Yes there is always room for improvement. I am beyond grateful for the other leader, Sheryl Johnson. She is carrying that Wolfe program right now. I anticipate that things will get smoother as Jane continues to get happier {or at least this is what I tell myself.}

FACT: Emma Lynn loves art with Beth Wolfe. They finished painting a flower pot which she painted a panda bear {surprise.} She loves to ask everyone what they think of her art no matter what it is. That can get dangerous with brothers. Spencer's comment, "I don't like it.......I LOVE it!" Phew, that was close.

FEELINGS: I have seen Emma blossom in confidence and talent as she has taken art lessons through the years. I feel like that is a treasure.

FACT: the beautiful weather of 65-70 degrees continued all week. I could really get use to this. We spent as much time outside as we could. I have always enjoyed swinging.

FEELINGS: I think I'm meant to live in climate like this all year round {opposition in all things right. Isn't that what seasons are?!}

 The entire time she's swinging she says, "I'm not going high enough!"
FACT: I have no pride.

FEELINGS: The rental van went back Wednesday. The suburban was fixed internally but the exterior {bumper, grill and hood} were not ready. Kurt asked me, "How much pride do you have?" My answer was none. And so this is this my ride. Gratefully my humble pie is still tasting sweet {meaning I'm still counting my blessings from the accident} so I'm grateful to have something to drive. My wrist is slowing getting better day by day. I stopped wearing the brace on Wednesday.

FACT: Austin performed 2 acts of unasked kindness. First to Spencer who didn't have his shoes on and was trying to walk through goat heads to get into the car. Austin hurried over and gave him a piggy back ride. Later that evening when I was very sad and emotional he jumped in to help with the other kids, gave me hugs and was sincerely concerned about me. I gave him a very long hug when I tucked him into bed.

FEELINGS: It touched my heart. I love to see these moments from him.It melts my heart.  He is a very good kid.

FACT: When we got home that night Sam and all his stuff was gone. No word. No note. I was heart broken.

FEELINGS: Ahhh there are so many. I was hurt that he would leave without any word. I was sad that he thought he could just slip away and thought no one would miss him. Doesn't he know how much he is LOVED and appreciated?! I felt like a failure that we had done something wrong that he didn't want to stay any more. Long 24 hours later I was able to talk and text him. By some miraculous design he decided to come back. Thursday night he was back home and life continued on. I feel like we've been given a second chance. My heart is grateful. God is good. And Sam is loved by many.

FACT: Emma had her annual eye check up. And while her prescription changed her eyes are looking good. haha

FACT: Emma is in the play the "Wizard of Oz." They will perform in December in Fruitland. First rehearsal was this week.

FACT: We spend a lot of time "waiting" while others are doing their activities.

FEELINGS: Our waiting time has gone a lot smoother this year. Even with a fussy baby. I feel like as long as I am prepared the time can be enjoyable and useful. When I'm prepared with healthy snacks the kids are happy and not whiny. We use the time to do homework, read LOTS of books and take selfies.

FACT: Ruth is still a dancing queen. She brought home a flyer about cheering this week and has asked every day about it...

FEELINGS: I love ballet.

FACT: We got 5 pigglets!

FEELINGS: Honestly I did not enjoy raising the pigs last year. The meat has been good. But pigs are big and gross. So its fall again and we had to decide if we wanted to raise pigs again...I kept dragging my feet. But I remember why we brought this place: to teach our kids to work. Having animals is a HUGE part of that. And so we got the pigs. 2 for us, 1 for Grandpa Kay, 1 for Mike at work and 1/2 for Kelli. There is still a half to claim if any one wants it...

FACT: After Visiting Teaching Jamie for more than 7 years they changed my assignment. We still have 6 ladies to visit. Ruth was my companion to visit Kerri at Chavelitas.

FEELINGS: I love the VT program. I know it is inspired. I am grateful for wonderful ladies that have been my companions and others I have visited and the strong friendship we have formed over the years. I am grateful for cute daughters who are anxious for ANY excuse to have a mommy date.

FACT: The kids didn't have school on Friday! We spent the day delivering Krispy Kreme donuts.

FEELINGS: The delivery really didn't take that long. Especially compared to cookie madness. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our Halloween party. I sure like having no school on Friday. I'm going to start praying Ontario school district will jump on board with that movement! PS isn't this the cutest delivery boy, ever?!

FACT: We had a cousin Halloween party on Saturday afternoon followed by dinner for the adults.

FEELINGS: I enjoy hosting these kind of things. I have been trying to make a more conscience effort with the holidays. Meaning this: kids love them. It is all about doing traditions together and creating memories. Life should not be too busy to do this. My time is devoted to my kids and I want to have fun. I have some children who are planners and love details and creating. So it makes it even MORE fun to host a party because they have been involved in the process. Its a very good thing to do together.
This Angelina Ballerina is SOOOO excited and if possible even cuter than her excitement.

For Halloween and even day in between

 Chris from Wild Kratts. STILL obsessed and still wants to be a vet.

 This didn't turn out exactly as we planned...and will most likely do "take two" for the actual night.

None of the pictures turned out of the little girls so we have to do another photo shoot next week. I will leave you in s'more suspense on what they will be....

We had pumpkin juice with cute black and white straws, Halloween cupcakes and mummy pizzas. Foam pumpkins to decorate with glitter glue, sharpies and googly eyes. Coloring pages and sticker puzzles. For games there was bingo, pin the bow tie on Mr. Bones, spider toss, pumpkin bowling, create a face jack-o-latern and the very popular donut eating contest. And yes, a box of Krispy Kremes were reserved just for this. It was some gooey fun.


And of course Lucy wanted to join in the fun! The rule was no hands. I love her little hands clenched at her sides to remember not to use her hands! She rocked it!

FACT: After dinner I went to a Stake Dance. I made of fool of myself dancing to "What does a fox say?"  

FEELINGS: I can't resist a good beat. We played a few games in between the songs. One was a timed mummy wrapping. Somehow some of the toilet paper ended up outside. On my car. I'm just glad it wasn't wet! From a teenager this is a love note. ;)

FACT: Jane does not look anything like Sister Ann Dibbs

FEELINGS: But she is sweet like Sister Dibbs. She has a bad cough and random off and on mild fever but regardless has had more good days than bad this week. She coos and talks most in the morning after we take the kids to school. She opens her hands a lot more and grabs onto blankets and clothes and tugs on them. Still sleeping like a champ. She is very kissable.

~~~Romans' Reflections~~~
- At dinner Ruth said, "Dad is exercising so he won't be...you know...."
Austin chimes in, "Fat!"
Ruth still won't say it so she whispers in my ear, "what Austin said!"
- Lucy told me, "Mom I'm not a boy. I'm just a girl" 
- I puke by myself
- When Spencer saw the suburban, "616FAB means fabulous. This is NOT fabulous." {our licence plate number is 616FAB}

Sunday, October 20, 2013

w42: the humble truth

October 13-19, 2013

I was in my first car accident on Friday. I collided with my husband. In our own driveway. And that's about the lamest story I've ever told.

I had picked up the kids from school and then was meeting Jamie and Krystal at the store to go the temple. Sam was going to the church orchard to fulfill our stake assignment and so Kurt was suppose to be home at 3:45 I tearing down the driveway and normal-too-fast speed and as I rounded the curve there was Kurt in a work pick-up staring right at me. I was in shock! What was he doing there?!! I stepped on the brakes to try to minimize the impact, gripped the steering wheel and closed my eyes as we slammed into each other. The air bags didn't go off and I sat there in shock.

Jamie came and picked me up so we were still able to make it to the temple. Although this is the most forceful Satan has been to try to stop me from getting to temple it didn't work! It was so busy we had to wait an hour in the temple for an available session.

During the drive and through out the night I had plenty of time to ponder on this lamely unfortunate event. I have drawn a list of so many positive things that it makes me feel grateful and humble that the outcome was so good:

- Kurt wasn't driving the little white Hydani. He ALWAYS drives the little white car. As he was leaving work he had the thought to take a pick up home. So did it. I would have crunched him with the suburban. So so so grateful for impressions from the spirit and a husband who listens and obeys.
- We didn't roll off the side of our steep driveway
- None of the six children we own and raise and adore were involved
- The vehicles while damaged are not totaled {guessing $2,500 damage for both}
- No serious injury

I don't know about Kurt but I feel a measure of humility also. To be more cautious, to be less rushed, to be grateful that things still turned out so well. Grateful for the Lord's hand.

At some point I'm sure we will laugh about this {like the rest of the ward is currently doing.}
I'm personally not there yet.

As we were driving to the temple my left wrist started hurting. I thought it was just sore. By the time the session started I couldn't move my fingers and was an incredible amount of pain. Honestly I didn't hear much of the session. The rest of the evening was spent with Jamie trying to convince me to go to the ER and me being SO indecisive if I should go or not. We finally ended up with the compromise of buying ibuprofen and a brace.

The rest of the weekend I've been popping pills and relying on the brace to help me preform all my basic tasks. I didn't realize how important {and necessary} your wrist is. Each day gets a little better so I'm thinking its sprained and not broken.

Saturday morning we picked up this rental van to use until Wednesday. Hopefully the suburban will be fixed by then. The kids had a primary program practice and then we went to a pumpkin palooza in Ontario. We didn't stay too long because I was in pain and Jane was fussy {she started coming down with a fever and congestion...looks like seasonal sickness might be upon us.} Kurt did two sessions at the temple and then met up with the youth at the future Meridian temple sight for a very cool activity.

In short summary the weeks consist of doing service, exercising, making lots of food, doing lots of laundry, reading lots of books, driving and loving on my kids. I really love being a stay at home mom. I can't think of one thing I'd rather be.

We had a very fun pack meeting on Tuesday. The boys had little gourds and squash and an endless supplies of "things" to decorate their gourd. The dad had a pumpkin carving contest and the mom's the longest apple peel piece. I prepared and manned the sibling station with fall coloring pages, word searches, everyone a winner ribbon and candy. Kurt won with his Green Devil pumpkin. It was a really fun night. I think it really helped that Sam stayed home with Spencer, Ruth and Lucy.
 {{Thank you!!}}  

My good friend Angelica welcomed her fourth baby and first boy on Wednesday. It was so fun to meet him. Babies are so sweet and exciting.

This cutie said she would help with my driving load. I think I'll take her up on it.

Lucy and I love having breakfast with the kids on Friday. Its a special treat. 

Jane has become much happier and I feel like we are getting to a good place. She is usually so sweet and "talkative" in the morning. Its been so FUN. The grandmas at gymnastics were smitten with her sweetness Tuesday morning. It was fun remembering what that was like to have a happy baby that everyone adores {Lucy.} I adore bebe Jane regardless. She is completion and peace.

 Found this random cut out while we were picking up Ruth from ballet. 

Kurt and I started on the second phase of T25. I have hit a plateau the last couple weeks and I'm really super frustrated. Still diligent in my eating and exercising so trying to remain faithful that the payoff will come! I love watching the kids doing the moves on their own. Lucy has some killer squats. Wednesday morning {late start school} Spencer, Emma and Ruth all exercised WITH Dad {so lucky!} And Lucy will remind me, "FOCUS mom!"

We Love Sam!

How do YOU eat yogurt?


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