Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The week the kids raised themselves

July 19-25, 2015

Sunday morning Elaine got busy making two batches of Rigatoni. She was determined to make a nice Sunday meal for us. We had a linger longer planned for after church so we were just going to take that. Do we take both pans or not? Kurt said yes take both pans.

Church was at all all time low. 3 Hispanic families attended. It was so depressing. After a week where Kurt & his counselors spent nearly every night making visits. Oh my heart ached for him. It was so discouraging and so depressing. I found him on his knees a lot the following week. That's what we need to remember, it is the Lord's work.

Spencer completely passed out during sacrament meeting. I'm surprised he wasn't snoring. I'm going to blame it on a long week of theater camp. The second picture is after I woke him up.

On a positive note Elaine's boys were great during sacrament meeting. I think that's the key - headphones. Put headphones on them and they will hold still! ;)

When I went  back to the kitchen to set up for dinner Austin was setting up all the chairs. What a good kid. I appreciate those moments when he sees an opportunity and serves.

So there was no food and all the white people were ready to eat. Elaine's Rigatoni saved the day. We were looking at the two pans {so grateful Kurt was inspired to have us bring both} and wondering how it was going to be enough to feed everyone. As we started to dish plates a salad, fruit and cookies showed up enough to pull together a basic meal. It truly felt like a fish & loaves of bread miracle as somehow our  simple offering of food was enough for everyone. I was so grateful, heart full grateful that Elaine took the time to make the Rigatoni that morning. It saved the day and on a bleak & depressing Sunday attendance that linger longer miracle was a ray of hope. Appreciate your service Elaine! LOVE YOU.

After church Emma set up craft day. It turned out to be a perfect quiet Sunday activity. It was fun to see all the creations they came up with. I love watching kids crank out the creativity.

 Meanwhile Daniel was starving and so he walked around with his very own can of cold green beans.
  Elaine was busy creating this masterpiece - yumo -

Early Monday morning I said good-bye to the Farnsworths and then headed to Nyssa to get busy painting the rental. I had Austin, Spencer and Ruth with me - Emma was at home babysitting the little girls. Elaine stayed till about noon before she got on the road to head home. She got groceries and made two meals for us before she left. She is way too good to us!!

I had lined up some teenagers to help us paint, Nathan & Trevor from our trek family, Ethan & Alyssa Forsberg & their cousin Brady. I'm not going to lie, when we started working I didn't think I was going to have any hair left by noon. Ahhhhhh. But we started making progress and by the time we stopped a little after 4 pm we had my bedroom done in the basement, the stairway & hall upstairs and the family room done. The laundry room and bedroom hallway were started. We definitely got a lot done! Thankful for hardworking teens. And still wondering how to instill that in my own children... It was definitely easier to let Austin wander and play instead of having him paint. Oh yikes it was nerve raking to hand him a paint roller. I keep telling myself it'll come. RIGHT???!!!! They found a kid size pool table and had a lot of fun with that after lunch.

 I was thankful Nathan was willing to paint the stairwell.
 The stuffing from 10 Oreos {and yes he ate it.}
 Trevor & Nathan trying to rip up the carpet in the dinning room. What a beast!
 The painting crew
When I dropped off Trevor his mom had made us a batch of brownies. 
I was touched by her sweetness. It was the perfect FHE treat.

Tuesday morning we enjoyed at home. The kids enjoyed LEGOS & board games after chores.

The girls & I left after lunch for Star. Austin & Spencer stayed home by themselves. It was Dance Academy registration day. It was so exciting to get signed up for classes. Especially to have Lucy and Ruth dancing there also! Emma is not doing tap {Ballet is her true love} & Ruth is trying jazz {plus ballet.} Mainly Miss Amber was sooo so so good to us - the schedule couldn't have been better. I know it is not the case for everyone but I'm glad that for at least this school year it works. And now they want to go to class tomorrow, September seems so far away!

We were planning to meet Brittney and kids at the dollar theater to watch Cinderella but sadly registration took a bit longer {had to fit for leos & new ballet slippers}. We got there 20 minutes late and even though Brittney had seats saved for us {and I told them that} they said, "Sorry we are sold out." And wouldn't let me buy tickets. Lucy was devastated. We walked over to Shopko which is next door, found Lucy a leotard for gymnastics {that was on sale for $2.24!!} and a treat for the way home and were good to go.

That evening Kurt and I had an appointment to teach a family in Owyhee. The Bairs took Spence to the flag football game & Austin babysat the rest of the kids while we went to the lesson.  Big surprise but the family wasn't home. We were happy to get to know the sisters better and are so excited to have them in our stake. They are great {don't you love Kurt's GPS in between them haha}

The timing worked out perfectly for Kurt and I to see the second half of Spencer's game. Including his touchdown! Whoot Whoot!! We went to Kiwi Loco afterwards to celebrate & his good luck continued as he magically filled his frozen yogurt with the weight of the week {15.05} & got it FREE

Wednesday morning Austin, Ruth and I got an early start out at the rental. Emma stayed home to babysit the other kids. Ethan, Alyssa & Brady met us there. We tackled the two bedrooms upstairs and the hall in between them. They were dark colors {grey wasn't too bad but red and navy...it required lots of coats.} They worked hard and by 11:30 we were done. At that point the Forsberg kids took Austin with them so he could do open baptism with the Vale 1st ward. I'm so glad my son is happy. After the temple he stayed at their house until it was time for scouts. It was very helpful and saved me some running around.

After we finished painting I threw on clean clothes, deodorant {that was in a liquid state from sitting in my car} and ran down to "The Neighborhood" restaurant. The old & new stake YW presidencies were meeting. I didn't have a lot of wisdom to pass on but luckily Kristin had lots to say. The new presidency will be so great, I'm so excited for them & the youth in our stake!
 I will miss working with these ladies. They have become good friends 
and I will cherish the memories. 

Originally I was planning to run home, get the rest of the kids & then go back out to the house to finish painting the laundry room {the only thing left!} But Jen convinced me to wait until the next day so she could come and help. Maria wanted to help too and Thursday morning worked for everyone. It was a good decision. It was good to come home & clean up & hug on the kids before the next thing.

It was Julie's 36th birthday so I invited all the girls out to dinner at Chavalatias. Julie and kids rode into town with Jeff for mutual. All the cousins came out to the house where we had dinner ready for them and Emma, the Jacobs twins & Josie all babysat. Brady and Haliey Jacobs also stayed to play with the kids because they didn't want to miss out on the fun. I love it! PAR-TAY!

Dinner was great. Julie enjoyed getting out and it is so rare for all the women to together. I'm so glad we did it. We need to make it happen more often!

There was an amazing sky that evening. The rainbow was pink with the setting sun. 

Thursday morning Emma & I went out to the rental while Austin stayed home to babysit the others. Emma was very excited to finally see the house and to help paint. She was very good help. Later that morning Maria, Brayden, and Halle came shortly followed by Jen, Erin & Lizzie. I am so grateful for GREAT friends who want to help. We got the laundry room done in no time, a second coat on the hall way & other  random touch up. It feels great to have it done. I'm sure I'll do a little more touch up before we move in but the bulk is done. Now we are just waiting to hear back on all the flooring bids.

Emma & I cleaned up quickly and then we all headed over to Caldwell to see McKenzie in the Caldwell County Fair. She was showing her sheep that day. We watched for quite a well before we found her. Unfortunately we didn't get to see her show because we had to leave for Spence's FF game. But I'm glad I got to see her, see her lamb, and give her a big hug.

Unfortunately Spencer's team got killed at their game. Kurt took all the kids home and I headed to Nyssa. I was invited to a Bunco Game Night with the ladies from Nyssa 2. I was surprised and happy to be invited. Maria was going too so I picked her up and we went together. That helped me feel more comfortable. It was a fun evening. I was pleasantly surprised at who was there and it was good to get to know them a little bit.

Friday morning I was suppose to go walking with Brittney. It seemed like there was one melt down after another. So the walk didn't happen. I trimmed the 3 oldest girls hair because its always a good idea to do it when they are already freaking out. Mom of the year award.

I had Lucy's done before she realized what had happened. She looked down at the ground and 
started wailing, "My beautiful hair is all gone!" 

You can see Ruth was not happy with me. But by the end she said, 
"Its ok. You can cut off as much as you want now."

I didn't take a picture of Emma. I have some common sense. Emma and I then went to Ontario to fix her 4H record book. They had called on Thursday and said it was incomplete which means she wouldn't be able to sell her pig. They were giving us 24 hours to make the needed changes. She had all the info ready, she just had to copy it into the right place. We made a quick stop at JoAnn's for a few supplies so she could make stall decorations. 

As soon as we got home Kurt and I took off for the temple while Austin babysat everyone. Erica was getting married. It was such an honor to be at her sealing. To be honest as her YW leader I prayed and wondered and prayed some more that she would get married in the temple. Bishop Froerer spent so much time loving and helping that girl. I am so happy for her. Alex adores she and I probably have never seen a groom so GIDDY to get married before. He was waving at everyone in the temple just so darn happy to be there. Oh my word it was adorable. 

I loved her dress. I told her I think all 4 of my girls should have dresses exactly like it.
 She was gorgeous. So so  SO happy for her!!

When we got home that evening Spencer and I went on a date while Kurt took all the other kids to the Nyssa wards {and branch} Pioneer Day celebration. It was a Pie & Ice Cream Social with Horse Rides & Fire Hydrant Sprinkler. They had a great time! {sadly no pictures because I wasn't there.}
Spence and I went to see the Minon movie {he missed it last week because of his game.} He had been asking all week if we could go and I felt like I couldn't put him off any longer. It was definitely feeling like a Mom Fail week. We had a great time, laughed out loud {Spence was giggling} at the movie, got an ice cream cone & jumped on the tramp at home. 

Saturday morning I went over to the Carlsons house to help them set up for Erica's reception that evening. Guess what, the kids babysat themselves. Emma helped the little girls do art work to put in the fair. They had a wonderful time creating. Thanks Emma for being so helpful! Spencer wasn't feeling good - he had stomach troubles during the night. So I left at 12:30 so I could buy him some medicine & give him cuddles. Late that afternoon Kurt and I and the little girls ran over to the Nyssa rental so he could measure how much base boards would need to be installed {the oldest 3 were home. The packed up their books while we were gone.} We brought over our first load, 16 totes from the shed and put them in the shop. It felt good to move something over. It was Lucy's first time to see the inside of the house. She seemed pleased.

 Before heading over the reception the fair animals got baths. 

We left the boys at home since Spence hadn't been feeling well with the stomach bug all day. We had a nice time at the reception. It was good to see Vale friends again after being gone from the ward for 2 months. That's all I talked about all evening - justifying our reasoning to move to Nyssa. Ahh the pains of moving to a rival town. I have no issues! The reception was beautiful and well attended. We stayed till very late to help tear down & load up all the trailers.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- I was wearing an RPM shirt and Jane pointed to the logo, "You're wearing dad's pickup. Dad's pickup is on your shirt."
- The kids have been obsessed with the game Apple to Apples picture edition ever since our trip to the coast. We play in constantly. Emma even covered the entire dinning room table with the cards to make a collage. But my favorite was Lucy, who was intently studying a card and then came up to me, "You and Dad should do this."

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