Monday, December 29, 2014

Caramel Apple {NEW} Fall Tradition

October 19-25, 2014

Sunday 10.19
Becca Hawkins mission farewell. Sacrament meeting was very full. Ruth gave a sweet talk in Primary on marriage. Emma helped her write it last Sunday after she got the assignment and her parents were at meetings. The part I liked the most is that she said she has made the choice to get married in the temple.

After church the oldest 3 kids helped me make 3 meals for the Belnap family who has been super sick the past week. Plus Austin made our dinner of Mandarin chicken. We needed more rice so he was cooking that when we went to deliver the food. Near the end of the visit he texts that the rice is burnt, 30 sad and/or crying emoji and "I'm disappointed in myself." We left shortly after receiving that text. Even though we had to cook our third batch of rice it was still a success. He is on a roll after his cooking merit badge yesterday. He has 8 more meals to plan and cook.

I love Sunday afternoons when we are serving together and Sunday evenings when we are all home together talking about the gospel. Those are the treasured everyday moments.

Monday 10.20
Low key morning at home after grocery shopping. A short run, laundry and floors while preparing for Girl Scouts. We made puppet and learned a song about GS founder, Juliette Low whose birthday we are celebrating next week.

Emma came to me during scouts and said she had twisted her ankle at recess. She was in pain and limping. She was still determined to go to ballet after scouts. Kurt gave her a blessing that night after FHE.

We had the Booths over for dinner and FHE. Lucy loved having Catherine around and stuck to her side. And luckily they didn't terrorize Jared. It was a good evening and Ruth even got to bed on time!

Kurt gave Emma a blessing that night before bed for her ankle to heal.

Tuesday 10.21
We learned about fall during preschool. So grateful the graham house has real trees that lose their leaves. My girls were especially excited to play in the leaves. Its fall magic.

As I was leaving Vale I got a phone call that Kenzie had a fever and Marti and Kelli were both in Nampa. I went down and picked her up. She stayed with us until they got back. She didn't say much but tears were streaking down her cute, sad little face. Kelli took her to the Dr that afternoon and she has strep. Normally I would already be in Ontario. I'm grateful the Lord has a hand in our lives and I was able to help Kenz.

When I picked up the kids Emma begged to stay and practice to dance with Claire so she was prepared for class tomorrow. Austin begged to stay for study hall.

Austin made a lasagna dinner. It was enjoyable and I love the skills he is learning and the time we have spent together. Luckily the week is not over.

In between lasagna I made two sugar scrubs for a RS meeting that evening, "Mason Jar Madness." Maggie came over and we went together. I presented how to make scrubs, luckily they are super simple to make so it was easy to present. Emma came with to help with babysitting. She has been very anxious to babysit anyone besides her siblings since the AD babysitting clinic. Jessica also brought her essential oils and so we visited a lot about that at the end. Its very interesting.

Wednesday 10.22
Austin started late-start off right by making us a pancake breakfast. Did I mention I'm loving this cooking merit badge? Kaitlin Hasler came over to watch the little girls so I could volunteer for a few hours. Its the first time of this school year. Its always good and interesting to see what goes on in the classroom and be involved.
 The boys had a card battle on the way to school - Apples VS Pokemon. It was interesting to listen to

With this cutie in class!

The girls were happy when I got home - always grateful when babysitting situations work out. Quick shower and back to pick up kids.

We went to the library after school. Emma turned in her drawing contest submission. While the other kids were inside Emma and I had our mommy date {since it was the 22nd day of the month} in the car {Jane was sleeping.} We shared smarties and had to ask or share with each one we ate. I really am trying to teach the kids that mommy dates don't have to cost money - the most important aspect is the time spent together.

We took the girls back to the school so Emma could catch her ride with the Robins to The Dance Academy. It was her first official week. I packed her a lot of food that morning so she would have food for dinner too. Claire and Emma were SOOOO excited!

Meanwhile Ruth told me she didn't have dance today. They had canceled it. Its so frustrating to me. I'm grateful to have it so accessible at the school but at the same time I would like the teacher to take it more seriously.

Austin cooked mac' n cheese and rice a roni for dinner. He was SO excited about the rice a roni. Funny kid. Having a less rushed dinner is really nice.

We left at 7 to take Austin to scouts and headed to Parma to pick up Emma. Dance was a great success and she was super smiley and bubbly when I got there. "Ballet 4 is no problem. I'm going to have to work at Tap. But I really want to do it." Miss Amber called me on the way home and I appreciate her kindness in helping Emma succeed. She was very complimentary to Emma's attitude and work ethic. Grateful for generous adults who build my children up.

Last night we heard a mouse. Our babysitter saw the mouse. Tonight it ran up Austin's leg. So when I got home Kurt and I did some deep cleaning and poison/trap setting. We haven't had any mice in this house so I'm sad to have this problem now and disgusted with our cat! He's fired. Mice just make everything feel dirty. Hoping its a short lived problem.

Kurt bought his birthday present today - a 7MM Savage {that reads a gun.}

We are getting excited for the McMullans to come visit - one week exactly. Ruth asked, "The next time I wear this shirt {different color collared uniform each day} they will be here!" :)

Thursday 10.23
Kerri is out of town so Kurt took the kids to school since it was a preschool day. For the first time Lucy didn't stay for the second class. She was more interested in what the iPad had to offer I guess. Surprising because she likes the boys in that class.

After school we did some thrift store shopping. We found quite a few deals including my first Christmas purchase. Woot woot. I'm excited about it. Maybe it'll get me jump started. Idaho Youth Ranch lets kids pick out a free book EVERY time they go to the store. That was a fun treat.

Ran back to Vale for Emma's art. Popped popcorn for the pack meeting and took Spencer to the store with Kurt. The rest of us went to Fruitland for Lucy and Ruth's clogging. They are both so cute. I love it. I love watching all of my kids do something they love.

The pack meeting was a great success. It was a carnival. They went around to different booth and played games to receive a punch on their card. After the card was full they could pick out a prize {hundreds of used toys, games and stuffed animals.} Every single kid in the gym was in heaven.  Bless my children's heart they ALL focused on the the stuffed animal, pretty sure we came home with 15 "new" ones. I was praying for strength to suppress the panic attack. Lucy picked out two porcelain looking dolls and was so excited to have her own "American Girl dolls! "Can I keep these forever? Are they mine to keep forever?" How can you not smile?

Friday 10.24
No School - woot woot! But we had to pick up donuts from the school fundraiser and deliver them. Thank goodness for RPM. It is a great place to drop off/pick up. We got home just as Maria and kids pulled up. We made caramel apples together. The house was crazy as in not clean. We are dealing with
a mouse problem currently and yet it was a perfect time. Acceptance as I am. So grateful to have a true friend.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Spencer caught a fly Sunday during our HT visit. He ripped off the wings and told the fly he would have to walk now. "You're a WALK." hahahaha
- Jane's cutest new trick

- Jane loves snack time at preschool

Finding rainbows every day

October 12-18, 2014

Sunday 10.12
I got a text Saturday from the Primary secretary asking Spencer to give a talk the next day. I told him the topic, reminded him to use a scripture and he wrote the entire thing. I was so touched him what he wrote. Sadly he left it at church before I got a picture of his talk. :( He looked up his scripture in the topical guide {but I want to remember that he calls it the "tropical guide" right now.} He told the story of Hallie's death but testified that because of temple covenants they will be a forever family. It was beautiful. Proud to be this kid's mom.

After church I had a trek meeting. It turned into a marathon meeting session but it is very exciting activity to plan. Its crazy, surreal and exciting that Austin will get to participate.

Monday 10.13
Lili told me during GS that Spencer was puking. Ahhhhh poor kid. Hate to start that sickness going around.

Tuesday 10.14
spence didn't go to school due to the puking from the day before. He did not have a relapse thank goodness. We had apple madness at preschool.

We did a babysitting clinic for Activity Days that afternoon. Sandra, Amber Duncan and Chenai Barnes helped me put it together. I thought it went very well. Emma is uBer anxious to babysit someone besides her siblings now!

Wednesday 10.15
Kurt left early in the morning to go hunting again. It was the last day of deer season. The dogs had an appointment at the vet to get spayed and neutered. I've also set it up that Wednesday is my volunteer day at the school - Kaitlin Hasler is going to watch the little girls for me so I can volunteer. She texted early that morning that she would be hunting and couldn't come. Ahhh! Plus I was still had plans to run with Maria W. I didn't have room to take the dog into the vet plus the jogging stroller. Ahh! It was obviously quite quickly that I couldn't transport the dogs in the suburban with a load of children too. Yikes! Took the kids to school. Got a pickup from RPM. Loaded up the dogs from home and an hour late took them to the vet. Phew. They are wild those puppies. Crazy morning. Maggie and Kea offered to the watch the little girls so I could still get my run in - so grateful. As I was driving up 7th Ave so frustrated and in a bad mood I looked over at my sweet girls who were grinning and dancing to the music. All the frustration melted. And at that moment there was a rainbow right over my house. Those little crazy things so matter, it all works out. God is in the details of our lives.

I had a brilliant idea last week and after doing some research we put the plan into action today. I have been wanting something more for Emma's ballet education. There are not any other options where we live. I am grateful for the opportunity have ballet at the school, its been so convenient and such a blessing to so many. But I knew the only way I could give Emma something more is if I carpooled with someone. Claire Robins. After talking in detail with Chelle, Amber {the studio owner and instructor} and Kurt we decided to give it a try not knowing if Emma would be at the same level as Claire or if we could make the time commitment work. We drove out to Star so she could try the class.

She will do Ballet 4 as a technique class, Tap and then Ballet 5. Miss Amber felt like she could keep pace with Ballet 5. How exciting for Emma! I'm so proud of her hard work ethic and determination. Chelle is going to drive her both ways I just need to pick her up in Parma. I feel so grateful for Amber and Chelle to make this amazing opportunity happen. I have a very grateful heart!

Thursday 10.16
We went to the pumpkin patch in between the two preschool classes. They were so excited to pick out their pumpkins! Lucy only wanted to pick out tiny pumpkins for Jane and then force her to carry them. She's so thoughtful like that.

I want to remember that Jane loves using the magnets on this board every time we have preschool

We took family pictures that evening at the large blue pipes by Marti's house. I'm really excited to see them - I know they will be great!

Friday 10.17
Traci came to town to visit so we hosted a Halloween party for the cousins. I am blessed to have a professional party planner in the family. I cleaned up the house and she got the rest ready. L O V E it! She did a fabulous job. My favorite is that she left me a TO-DO list {included mopping the floor} and a shopping list. I felt so proud to report after school that I finished all her requests. haha

We did a soup pock-luck and then Emma took care of the games for the kids afterwards. It was a bit loud with all the excitement. We would expect anything less.

 I adored this creative expression from Jane during dinner. She was super proud of it!

{Austin had his cross country end of season party at Coach Bethany's house that evening. So he missed out and Kurt missed a lot too since he had to drive him. He had a wonderful night. It was a great season, lots to celebrate!!}

Saturday 10.18
I had a special surprise for the girls. We went to Disney on Ice, "Let's Celebrate!" The last time we went Lucy was a baby and I knew she would LOVE it. And I was right. It was so fun and magical and made me want to drive down to Disneyland as soon as we were done! ;) Emma had a thought once or twice that she might be too old for it but luckily that didn't last long. I love doing thing with just the girls. Jane did fabulous and really got into it, clapping after all the numbers.

Meanwhile Kurt and Austin were at a merit badge fair in Ontario. Kurt had been asked to teach the surveying merit badge. Austin got to choose two badges to work on that day. He picked cooking and surveying {so loyal to his dad.} He had lots to say about both and really enjoyed it. To finish his cooking badge he has to plan and prepare 9 more meals. It looks like Austin will be in charge of our consumption next week. Kurt was really impressed with how well Austin did with the surveying, understanding the concepts and applying. He spent the rest of the afternoon surveying our land {also a requirement to finish that badge.} Kurt got glowing reviews, it was definitely a very successful day for them.

Spencer spent the morning with the Bairs. After we got home we were able to spend some time with Traci. Its always wonderful to catch up and let the cousins play.

That night we did something we haven't done in Y E A R S. I seriously can't remember how long it has been. We went out to dinner with race friends {without going to the temple.} The Webers, Johnsons, Paiges and us. We had sushi and Owgawas and the kids babysat themselves. The house was still standing and no one died - good night.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
Austin got his prep school sweat shirt this week. Its definitely a right of passage. I hope I'll be able to get it off him every month or so to wash it!!

On those random mornings when there are no tears over hair this is what it might look like.

Home Again

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