Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rascal Award

Yesterday Ruth earned the rascal award. Who would have guested it could happen from my sweet, ever-lovin rooster girl? She was still so sweet as she performed her rascalish acts that it gave her father and I great cause for alarm. Perhaps we are in for some excitement???

Episode ONE: She found a marker, proceed over to the piano, took off the cap, stood up and starting coloring 3 keys brown. Emma (the family police) quickly notified me of her status and I rushed to the scene. Naturally a washable marker so it was quickly and easily fixed. But she looked so cute doing this very mischievous act. She was standing on her tip toes, coloring in little strokes, bobbing her head to the plinking of the piano keys she was coloring.

Episode TWO: Kurt came home for lunch and we were at the table talking when he looked over at Ruth who was in the living room and said, "What is she eating?" Again I rushed to the scene because in theory there shouldn't be any food in the living room. She was drooling buckets of green slobber. I dug out 3 very large hard candies (that Spencer had been saving from Christmas.) She held another 3 in her hand. As soon as I dug them out of her mouth she popped another one in before I could pry them out of her hands.

Episode THREE: Emma notifies me again that Ruth is in the living room with all the wipes. I had opened a new box of wipes that morning and when I arrived in the living room the entire contents was on the floor. She was pulling them out in record speed. We are currently getting the wipes out of a zip-loc bag.

So after every event I asked her, "Ruth are you being a rascal?" She would look up at me and smile, then cheese out (with eyes squinting.) It is near impossible to resist that cheese.

And in Ruth's defense all of the episodes could have been avoided if objects had been put up higher or away. Looks like its time to reinforce that issue with her siblings.

Austin received an award during the Award Assembly today for finishing the kindergarten reading program. We found out he is the first kindergartner to do so. That's pretty awesome, way to go Austin!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

13 months

Yesterday Ruth was 13 months old.

~ She is a real ham and smiles constantly and waves to everyone when it's time to go. All you have to do is say "bye" and the waving starts.
~ She is learning her body parts. She can find her hair and nose (she thinks it hilarious to stick her finger in her nose and grin - probably cause mom keeps telling her not to!)
~ Her current smile is a cheeser which consists of her eyes squinting shut because she smiling so hard.
~ She is still not walking. She loves to stand all by herself and will take a few steps but she really likes to be held too.
~ One thing that is classic Ruth is that she'll come up behind you (usually when you're in the kitchen working) and grab onto the back of your legs. She just holds on and tries to keep up as you continue to work. Granted it does slow you down or she keeps pulling your pants down farther and farther. In the end you pick her up and everyone is happy.
~ Ruth loves music. I have a chair next to my music stand and she sits there the whole time I practice the violin. As soon as she hears any music she comes crawling at top turbo speed to be right there. Her head is bobbin, and foot is making perfect circles in time with the beat. Her favorite place in on the piano bench makin her own music. I have high hopes for this sweet girl. :)
~ Ruth is a talker. She is constantly making noises, copying sounds from her siblings or increasing her volume to great more attention.

We LOVE you Rooster Gur-LA!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break

Kurt had to take the final test to become a state licensed engineer down in Utah. The kids and I decided to tag along for a spring break family vacay.

We left Monday around noon (we decided to go to bed Sunday night instead of pack! That choice gave a later start but it was well worth it.) We stayed at one of our resorts in Midway, Utah. It is in the same valley as Heber City. It is gorgeous down there. Tuesday morning Kurt took his test. The kids and I went for a walk while he was gone. I was expecting it to be warm and sunny since we had gone south. We had busted out the new summer sandals for the trip and everything. We wore our sweatshirts and coats all weekend. Kurt got back around 11:30 and we got ready to go to the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake. Ben, Elaine and Lorna were nice enough to meet us there so we could spend some time together. It was great to see them! After the zoo we went out to eat for dinner at TGIF (Austin told us it was closed since it was Tuesday.) Then we had to say good-bye (after Emma and I tried to hijack Lorna for the night!)

Wednesday morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow! We couldn't believe it. We waited for it to stop and the roads to clear but it wasn't stopping. We decided it would be a better tactic to get out as soon as possible so we weren't stuck! Crazy March weather. After we got to SLC it turned to rain so that was more manageable. We stopped for lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and had great family fun. Kurt racked up the high score (38) in "Whack-a-Mole" and earned us lots of tickets. It was a fun way to break up the trip. We finally pulled into Vale around 8 pm. Ruth was probably the happiest (she was in a definate fight with her car seat at that point!), or maybe dad (the kids needed a lot of potty breaks the last 2 hours), or maybe mom (my bed was calling my name), or maybe...It was a short trip with lots of driving we were all glad to be home.

Thanks for a great Spring Break trip. I'll travel with ya anytime!

riding in style

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Ramblings

A few things I've been thinking about that I'd like to note for posterity sake.

We had Stake Conference the past weekend and I was asked to speak in the adult session Saturday night. Originally the assignment was for Sunday morning but someone canceled and they needed me Saturday (much smaller crowd, so glad!) Along the lines of the Mutual theme for 2009 (Be thou an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12) My assignment was charity, serviceable charity.

The week before conference Jeff Romans spoke in sacrament meeting about charity. It was a fabulous talk. Very sincere, heartfelt and full of the spirit. I was pretty sure he should be the one to speak in Stake Conference instead of me. After his talk as I was reflecting upon it and my upcoming assignment the spirit chastised me. I have not had enough charity. I know there is a real reason why I was assigned this topic.

I learned a lot in my study and preparation. Aside from the personal humility to try a little harder to be a little better. The spirit open my eyes to see 2 dramatic experiences in my life when I felt complete charity. Through these experiences I have gained a greater understanding of what charity is, how much our Father loves us personally, and how necessary it is for each of us to posses charity. These experiences are of the nature that I will not forget them and the lesson I've learned.

The first experience is the night Hallie was born. Kurt rushed over to Ontario to give a blessing and Marti went for support. I stayed with my sleeping kids and prayed that all would be well. A few hours later Kurt called with the up-date that things were not well at all. I went into my kids bedroom and looked at their beautiful sleeping faces. I knew I was so blessed to have 3 wonderful children and at the same time it was so unfair that Jeff & Julie might not have Hallie in this earth life. And I prayed all night on the floor with my children all around me that Heavenly Father could take one of my children so that Jeff & Julie could have Hallie in this earth life. In that moment Heavenly Father gave me true charity so that I could see what love it would take to give a child up for another.

The second experience is after my sister's divorce as she struggled through the darkness and bitterness of the choices her husband had made. One night as we were talking on the phone she was commenting on how much she missed having a righteous priesthood holder in her home. As I listened to her and felt her sorrow and heartache I knew that I would share Kurt with her in order for her to be whole again and erase her heartache. In that moment Heavenly Father gave me true charity so that I could see what love it would take to share my husband with another.

I do not want to give up my child and I do not want to share Kurt with anyone.

But in those moments of true Godly sorrow I was given a glimpse of charity. If what I gave up (my child, my husband) would take away the pain and suffering of those I loved then I would do it. Does this not sound like the atonement? It is the truest form of charity ever given.

I'm not sure how to transition after all that. It is quite deep for a blog. Let my testimony be heard!

The second thing I've been thinking lots about is my children and the number thereof. Mainly the number. I never use to think that 4 was a lot of kids. But I never had 4 kids before. Now I do. And 4 is a lot.

In true mother form I worry a lot about things. Some little, some big. But mainly I worry if I'm doing my very best at this mother thing. It is not something I take lightly. Not something I can go back and fix. The time is now! Each day I can try again to be better, more loving, more fun, to teach more, to spend more one-on-one time, to be the kind of mother my kids deserve. My kids are loved, clothed and fed. They are having a great childhood. The won't remember the every day stuff. Really this process of motherhood is for me. It's my growing up process. The kids are really raising me.

Back to the number. When you add 4 little ones with all very real, very many needs and demands I run out of time in the day to get them all met. I realize their age and the fact that they are close together in age has a lot to do with my equation. But this is what Heavenly Father gave me. I wouldn't change it! The fact doesn't change that I still need to be the best mommy possible for these sweethearts.

My life is very full with 4 children. I don't feel like the work load is any different from 3 to 4 but the responsibility load is. And it is enough. 4 kids is a lot.

Luckily I don't have to make the decision today or even tomorrow if 4 is the perfect number. But for RIGHT NOW...it is.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Itch

I just walked to the mail box to get the mail and I was overjoyed to see some GREEN grass growing in our yard. The temperature is right around 60 degrees, the kids are playing in the sandbox and school is officially done.
AAHHHH it feels so good! Let spring break begin. Let the GERMS die! We are ready to welcome the end of winter with open arms. I've never been so anxious for spring in my whole life. I think I need to go dig in the dirt.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Only in Vale Tradition

The annual Donkey Basketball was on Saturday. It is a fundraiser for the schools where community members ride actual real life donkeys in the gym while trying to play basketball. It is amusing to say the least. Well, it's something...

Kurt has played the past 3 years. Last year he formed his own team (there are 4 teams sponsored by businesses in Vale.) Team RPM won last year. Kurt was ready to defend his title and they blew the competition out of the water and won again! They were pumped and had a great time.

The 2 time champion: Team RPM

Since the start up of The Studio they have always performed a number at half time at Donkey Basketball. So that has been my tradition. I didn't actually have to help this year (since I'm only doing private piano) so I was able to smile, cheer and take lots of pics of Austin dancing. How fun to be a parent and not a director for a change.

Kurt and Jeff tried to liven it up and be funny or something this year. Kurt borrow Spencer's Super Man cape and Jeff wore a very large blue wig under his helmet. Silly boys.

Only in Vale ~ good times

Back to Biotics

Antibiotics that is. I took Austin, Spencer and Ruth into the Dr. this afternoon. All of them have ear infections plus Ruth has a sinus infection and Austin bronchitis. His lungs are inflamed pretty bad and is on a steroid that makes him hyper (awesome, thank you very much! like he needed help with that!)

I cannot tell you how READY I am for Spring Break. And it better be magical! My only desire is that all the germs will DIE during Spring Break and we can come home to a happy, healthy environment and never get sick again. Is that too much to ask?

Big Girl Dress

I saw this dress in Target on Friday and thought it was so cute (you know my obsession with black and white!) so I got it for Emma. Just a note, it was in the big girl section.

Naturally Emma was just as excited about the dress and wanted to wear it to church. She found a head band to match and painted her finger nails white. She was pretty cute! But all day I kept looking at her. She seemed so much older in that dress. It wasn't the typical big puffy dresses with tons of layers and material that she and Ruth always wear. It was a big girl dress.

Am I ready for this?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I don't know about you but the time change has totally kicked our butt. Sunday I sincerely thought we were doing okay and we would float through without a second thought. I was very naive.

Monday morning hit hard. Kurt and I rolled over and saw it was 7:15 am mumbled a incoherant "oh no" and subcomed for a few more precious minutes. Austin's bus comes at 7:12 am. Obviously we didn't make it that morning or any other morning the entire week!

Austin started with a fever Thursday and I ended up picking him up from school early. He's been doing lots of sleep since (and when he's not sleeping he's watching a dinosaur doctumentary from BBC. What a nerd! I love it!)

Spencer has also been doing a lot of sleeping. He has taken a nap the past 3 days. He is done with naps (usually) for the fact that it makes bed time so much smoother. So these naps he's been taking are marathon naps lasting three plus hours. He is nearly impossible to wake (believe me we've tried! Spencer passed out on the living room floor yesterday and Ruth was crawling all over him, digging in his ear and belly button, pulling his hair, and hitting his face. She thought it was the best toy ever and he doesn't know the event ever happened. At least it was entertaining!) I'm sure you can all guess the consequences of such a nap. Yeah. Spencer doesn't go back to bed until well after midnight. As fun as the past three nights have been I would really like to get some sleep. No naps tody, for real! Boys, it's time to share the sleeping wealth!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cow Boy Up

Today was the Romans'Ranches Annual Bull Sale. This is the 3rd bull sale they have had. It is always the 2nd Tuesday in March. While they continue to make progress and sale more bulls each year it is still a big learning curve as the build their clientele. It is a very big event and takes a lot of planning. There are a lot of emotions involved. It's good that it's done and good that it keeps getting better every year.

I get more country in one day at the bull sale than I do all year living in Vale.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Super Spence

I love Spencer because he is so easy going. I love Spencer because he makes me laugh, because he makes the whole family laugh for that matter. I love Spencer because you can always have a good time with him. I love Spencer because he is quick to obey. I love Spencer because he wants to do what's right, he wants to be a good boy. I love Spencer because he is a wonderful younger brother and terrific big brother. I love Spencer because I rarely have to discipline him. I love Spencer because he loves going to church & nursery. I love Spencer because he truly believes he is SUPER with super powers (HE IS!) I love Spencer because he loves to read books. I love Spencer because he loves to snuggle & gives great hugs. I love Spencer because he is a son of God. I love Spencer because I am privileged enough to be his mother on this earth life.

Home from the hospital

6 months old

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday

Birthday presents (minus the sandbox - we left that outside!)

We LOVE You Spence, Happy 3rd Birthday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Larger than Life

For Spencer's 3rd Birthday (tomorrow) Kurt & I decided that a sandbox would be the perfect gift for him. Instead of buying one that was small and not very sturdy Kurt said he would build one. It is a long running joke in our marriage that he'll build me anything I want. He was serious this time. I was excited. The plan was to build it today so he could play with it since his birthday is on Sunday.

Kurt went to Ontario to buy the pipe and sand yesterday. He put all the supplies outside and then came to get me so we could decide exactly where we wanted to put the sandbox. "It's a bit bigger than I planned." NO JOKE! The sandbox is about the size of our living room and about 1/4 of the backyard. This is a very serious sandbox!

Meanwhile we wanted to keep it a secret from Spence so he couldn't go in the back yard at all from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. It was killing him! Especially since he knew dad was out there working on...something...I kept him busy with all kinds of fun things. He really didn't have a clue what was going on. I gave him a shovel set for a present and then told him he could go outside and play. He went straight to his old diggin spot. I had to show him the large area in the backyard now dedicated to his diggin pleasure. He was very excited! That box is going to get a lot of use especially as the weather warms. What a great present, Thanks Kurt for building such an awesome sandbox!

Bringing the pipe home

pieced together & in the right spot

laying the tarp underneath for the bottom

filling it with sand (lots and lots and lots of sand!)

Kurt's birthday message after the sand box was finished

Spencer's larger than life sandbox with a candle to match

Happy kids at play

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Lessons

Here are a few things I've been learning:

It was brought to my attention by one of my YW that there are some moral problems amongst some of our youth. So I decided it was time for a sexual purity lesson. I asked my most favorite person to teach with me (Kurt!) We took our lesson from the book, "On Guard ~ 7 ways to safe guard your sexual purity" by Joy Lundberg. It is a fabulous book. We bought a copy for all our YW. It is a great resource for the youth, parents and leaders. Okay, that pretty much covers everyone, so go get a copy! (was that a great plug for the book or what?) Sunday we taught the lesson. A lot of prayer and fasting went into this lesson. I was nervous. I think that is the first time I've been nervous to teach the youth since I've had this calling. I felt the importance of the topic and was anxious for them to feel the spirit and make a commitment to be sexually pure. I felt like it went well & pleased with how the girls keep talking about it.

I learned how much fun it was to prepare and teach a lesson with Kurt. Since serving our missions are still in the distance future I'll have to have him guest speak more often.

Emma is loving her art lessons. She lives for Tuesday afternoons. It makes my heart happy. While I realize it might not be a forever passion I'm so glad we've found something constructive, creative and worthwhile that she loves right now. It is wonderful for her self esteem and trying to break through the shyness.

I'm learning how fulfilling it is to provide opportunities for your children to grow, excel and be passionate about.

I bit the bullet this week. I am officially taking violin lessons. I was getting frustrated going at it on my own. Mainly trying to get the dang thing tuned and sound semi decent. So I realized that if I was going to accomplish my goals I needed some help. I had my first lesson on Tuesday. It was so exhilarating! Just having my violin tuned was golden. She was positive and optimistic about the goals I've set and renewed my passion a hundred fold. I have been practicing diligently and enjoying even minute of it.

I'm learning that it is good to ask for help when you need it. It might even help you succeed. I'm learning that I love playing the violin! (which fuels me to become better!)

Austin continues making great strides in school. He officially finished everything this week. He is constantly reading or learning something. They tested him this week on his reading levels. He is at a 3rd grade level. I'm so grateful that he is unassuming about his gift of knowledge. He just wants to learn. The rest (scores, levels, finishing first, etc...) just doesn't matter.

I'm learning what a great boy he is. Of course I already knew it, I'm his mother! But most of the time I think I expect a lot of him. Mainly because I know he is capable. What a treat when they exceed your expectations.

And clogging started up again this week. I'm remembering how much I love it. And Ruth is feeling better. I'm remembering how much I love her happy and healthy. She seems so much older to me now that she is actually feeling better. And Spencer's birthday is on Sunday. I'm learning that my kids grow up way too fast. I'm learning that life is all about learning.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's my party...

Although the First birthday wasn't exactly how I had envisioned we had a nice quiet day together. Ruth humored us with some smiles, gently swiping the frosting with one little finger and lots of hugs. In between naps we opened presents, played and cuddled some more. She is a sweet girl and gave a good party even though she was miserable.

Birthday Song

The world is a stage

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