Monday, December 23, 2013

W51: Winter Wonderland

December 15-21, 2013

A fog settled over the Treasure Valley for quite a few days and when it lifted Jack Frost had glitterized everything. It was gorgeous {and oh so bitter cold.}

Monday marked 13 years of the progression of our eternity. I love this man and the journey we've taken together. I feel so blessed that he's mine forever and look forward to what is ahead. He is the best thing that has happened to me.

I decided this year that we are going to start celebrating our engagement in July instead of marriage in December. {I am over the December anniversary its just too busy that it just gets pushed into the way far back.)

That morning Britney and I put together gift baskets for the RPM Christmas party.

By the time we had finished Kurt had already eaten lunch so we missed that opportunity to spend time together. That evening Kurt brought home dinner from Chavalitas so I didn't have to cook. Jane was our centerpiece and entertainment. Love that bebe. And so goes another anniversary. ;)

After school on Tuesday Ruth clogged at the nursing home. She was all smiles and sweet.

Tuesday night was the annual RPM Christmas Party. With Cortney as a business partner this event changed a lot. And all of the better. It had the least amount of awkward moments than all the previous parties. haha The changes have caused me to reflected a lot this week about my involvement {or lack thereof} with RPM. Without rehashing all the drama I felt about being a failing and terrible wife I will express the conclusions of gratitude I've come to. I'm grateful for Maria and the dear friend she is to me. I'm grateful for Kurt and that he loves me the way that I am. And most importantly I hope to continue to be the kind of wife and friend Kurt needs me to be.

The best part of the party was the White Elephant Gift Exchange {new.} It made the party. Kelli wrote up an amazing story, she is a clever one. Megan received a mink shawl. Hilarious.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the kids threw our second annual Merry Kerri Christmas party. Lucy and I had made cupcakes for them to decorate, pizza & pop, presents, games and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." I really appreciated her help on a school night and grateful that the kids could show her some love. Lucy said that morning as we were preparing, "Kerri is coming? I'm so happy!"

Love the random late start Wednesday. Sleep just a bit longer and more time for cuddles.

Austin had a pack meeting on Thursday. Each kid was given a genuis kit the month before to invent something. Austin created David and Goliath with his. He earned the traveler pin. It was short and sweet, just the way we like it {especially in December!}

Friday was the highly anticipated movie day at school. The girls chose to watch "Santa Buddies" and the boys "Turbo." They were showing "The Hunger Games" for grade 5-8 but you had to have parental permission. Austin already knew the family rule and checked the box that he could not watch it and returned it to his teacher immediately. I was proud of him. The little girls and I went to pick them up an hour early to join them in the movie fun.

Emma and Yamilex

Ruth's clogging performance was that evening {with dress rehersal and pictures before that.} So we went to grandma Renae's to camp out and get ready. The Bairs met us there so I could do Brooke's hair and make-up too. I love these BFC dancing together. So cute and fun. There were some crazy moment {it seemed like I was misplacing everything and everyone else was helping Jane.} We survived and had a great night so it all works out.
Hair and makeup

 They dance to "Dirty Laundry Polka" and the mom's had to come dance too!

The second song was "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." 
 Ruth is a perfectionist with her moves and has a great sense of rhythm. Love to watch her.
 She didn't know beforehand but the MC asked her to help her tell a joke. She was sweet.
I loved this moment. All the littles watching the older girls clog. Admiration.

Saturday we started painting my bookshelves and then got ready for Alfredo and Lucy's wedding at the church {we left my Lucy home with Sam, thanks!} I volunteered to do the decorations. They had chosen green and white and with the Christmas season it made it easy. Plus according to the handbook church weddings are suppose to be simple. :) I also got to play the piano which is always enjoyable. Kurt did a great job translating. It was fun to watch the kids understand and listen.

                                                   Darla made a beautiful cake.
                                              Our kids love their oldest son, John Del

Right after the wedding was the ward Christmas party. I played the piano for that too. Jane was a bit fussy and particular during both events so it made things a bit more challenging. Santa came at the end and the kids enjoyed sitting on his lap. A few of mine are looking rather large on his lap....

I feel very confident to say that with both events combined my kids probably consumed more sugar than they had at any other event {including any given Halloween.} There was a ridiculous amount of sugar and plenty of kids bouncing. Next when I'm in charge we're eating carrot sticks.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Austin said, "Frost reminds me of old ladies heads."
- Lucy is alternating between a love of Hello Kitty, Sophie the First and Minnie Mouse. It depends on the week.
- Emma loves to take my phone to put on music to dance, teach {younger sisters} or choreograph
- After asking permission Austin started reading the hunger games
- Every year I order the same amount of Christmas cards. Every year I run out and then after another card printed locally in the 1 hour shop.This year was not an exception. I uploaded a pic quickly and put the card together in 3 minutes max. Seriously.

Look what I noticed after giving away a few cards:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

w50: Jingle Bells All Over the Place

December 8-14, 2013

After lots of meetings in Nyssa I rushed home for the Christmas devotional. Kurt had made yummy caramel popcorn and we had lots of snuggles. For the first time that I can remember the speakers were not exclusively the first presidency.

Monday marked 5 months for this cute, sweet girl. We had a fun festive photo shoot.

This girl has gotten so happy and quite easy. I'm SOOOO glad we have found our happy place. She has been waking up a few times to eat the past few weeks. I definitely feel like she is going through a growth spurt. As of 2 days ago she decided she is too big for her cradle. Meaning she will not go to sleep in it. Since the crib is in Sam's current room she is sleep with us. The bed is huge so its not really an issue especially since we know its not a permanent situation. I just want her to sleep. ;) She has only had rice cereal the one time. The soy formula makes her constipated and so I have to remember to give her miralax every other day to help the situation. She LOVES her fingers. If she is awake she is sucking on them. If she is asleep they are in her mouth. Its a pretty constant thing. Lots of drool but I refuse to entertain the idea of teething. She is easy to smile and the kids enjoy making her laugh. She had cradle cap something fierce and I am currently trying a dandruff shampoo to see if that will help. She is easily startled and scared by loud noises. As the youngest of six kids I think this is ridiculous and near impossible. Better out grow that, survival of the fittest around here.

Sunday night Kurt was kind enough to put some food in the crockpot for dinner the next day. Monday morning all I had to do was turn it on. As the day progressed I learned that my friend Maria needed the dinner more than we did. So I got some things together for them and took it to Nyssa. As I pull into Nyssa my battery light comes on. I was able to make it to her house. After delivering I drive to the gas station and when I start the car again its dead. I ask the kind gentleman next to me if he could jump the suburban. I was able to drive about 2 blocks before it was continuously losing power and I had to pull off the road. I called Kurt and asked him to come rescue me {yet again.} It was ridiculously cold (11 degrees) and it turns out I knew the lady whose house we had died in front of. We went inside to warm up and about that time Kurt showed up. The girls played while we got the small car unloaded from the flat bed and then the suburban on it. Kurt took the girls home while I rushed to the school for a Girl Scout badging ceremony. It was crazy but amazing how things all work out.

I'm so grateful for a husband who came to rescue me. Who had to go home and make dinner because I had given away the one he had made the night before. He is always happy to serve us and never complains. I'm grateful he supports and enables me to give service.

The badging ceremony was fine. It was fairly short and sweet which was important after everything that had happened. The Brownies were in charge of the flag ceremony and Emma volunteered to call the commands. She spoke loud enough and clearly. I'm proud of the girls for their hard work.

The Daisys

Ruth has had a bad cough and on Tuesday she was too sick to go to school. This is what you get to do when you are absolutely, positively, most definitely too sick to go to school. ((cough cough))

Naturally lots of candy was consumed in this creative process. It was quite nice to do just the two of them together {might make it a tradition to do it in shifts.} We can't forget this happy girl.

Our typical Wednesday schedule was lighten with Emma not having ballet and then Spence skipped gym so Emma could make it on time to Activity days {she was very happy about that!} While she was at activity days we went over to Nyssa for Sister Penne's baptism. What an amazing lady who genuinely radiates the light of Christ.

Erica came to babysit the little girls on Thursday so Jamie and I could go to the temple. The kids went to latch key after school to give us more time in town. The temple is always a peace place of refuge. Combined with some shopping, eating and lots of talking it was a great temple date. Grateful for good friends. {PS the slightly insane brisk temperatures continue.}

Some ladies in the ward organized a cookie exchange for Friday morning. In true fashion it was an elaborate affair. But it was really good to get different groups and ages of sisters from our ward together. There was an overwhelming amount of cookies on that table.

Kurt took the kids to school 3 times this week. It was SO amazing and so appreciated!! It made it so nice for the little girls to not have to the leave the house in the bitter cold. Plus it gives me an extra hour at home. Before we know it the insanity of spring will be upon us. I'm grateful for the help when he can give it.

The kids had their school Winter Performance that evening. I think it was one of the best ones yet. Definitely a true proud mama moment. What I love is that in ONE recital I can get school, piano and ballet done. Its pretty amazing for my schedule and greatly appreciated.

This was Ruth's FIRST school performance. She was SO excited and just grinning all night long.
"I can't wait to get on the stage!" And oh my word I have never seen such a CUTE Christmas tree kinder in all my days. She makes me smile. She danced to "Las Posadas" and "The Happiest Christmas"

 She knew and executed all the moves perfectly. 

Emma's ballet 2 class performed two numbers. "Let the Snow Come Down" and "Wassail Wassail." While I didn't cry this time I was again impressed with her gracefulness and poise. She is a beautiful dancer. With time I hope she will gain confidence in remembering the moves. I love to watch her.

Her class perform "Merry Christmas Polka"

Spencer's class danced to the "ABC" {a zumba version of Jackson Five.} Spencer hammed it up. I was laughing or grinning the entire time! As Marti said, "It was Spencer and the girls." As he was escorting his partner off the stage he took off his hat and bowed {multiple times.} Haha what a kid!

Look at Austin!
Kurt made the comment that he saw Austin smile a couple times on stage. He is enjoying himself here. I like to see this! He danced a swing dance to "Shake Rattle & Roll."

In between all the dances were 2 piano numbers. Spencer played "Jingle Bells," Emma "O Christmas Tree," and Austin "Carol of the Bells." They all had their music memorized and did fabulous! Austin woke up at morning at 5:45 and played his song 23 times to make sure he was ready. I finally had to convince him to go get ready for school! They are doing so well with their piano practicing and we love having Nancy for a teacher.

 The Romans are taking over the school!
Beautiful bouquets and candy for each for their hard work and great performance. 

After wards we went with Bill, Cindy, Mollie and Sam to Tacos mi Ranchitos for dinner. That is becoming a tradition. It was a perfect night.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Today is a happy day. Mom do you have your happy day smile on?
- Lucy wanted a new name and so I was suggesting {messy bessy, silly billy, etc...} She decided Pretty Bitty was perfect!
- Spence has been wearing two mismatched gloves to school. One snow glove and the other a larger over sized gray one from Grandpa Kay. The teachers were getting a good laugh. haha
- Can I look into your eyes? I see me in there!! {Lucy}

Home Again

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