Friday, October 31, 2008

Fright Night

Happy Halloween!

Spencer told me all month that he wanted to be an airplane. So I made him a costume. A friend lent me a bat costume just for the heck of it. Well it comes time to don the costume for trunk or treat. He would not put it on for the life of him or me or Kurt or anybody else for that matter. It's a good thing I came prepared with the bat costume and that I'd only spent an hour making the airplane! Austin on the other hand loved his home-made robot and was in character all night. He was adorable (I think it's still safe to use that word for my 5 year old. As long as he's not complaining! I'm not sure if that would even stop me, he was adorable!) Ruth was a super-cute as a lady bug. Emma and I were both pirates. It was fun to dress up together.

I am happy we survived the major party week (although I'm not sure my house has!) Here are pictures from the school parties yesterday and trunk or treating tonight. It's been a frightfully great Halloween season.

Preschool Party

The pirates

Austin's Kindergarten Halloween Party

Austin eating a donut on a string - look mom, no hands!
Austin's class in their costumes (can you find him?)

Pirate and Robot

Trunk R Treat

The Family (still trying to convince Spencer to
wear his airplane at this point)

Successful trunkers rest and check out their loot.

Austin and his school friends.

And of course, Ruth on her FIRST Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8th Month Double Ear

Ruth celebrated her 8th month of life on Tuesday by going to the Dr. and getting antibiotics for a double ear infection. Combining the fact that her tooth came in on Monday she was smiling and happy this afternoon. I was starting to see glimpses of my sweet baby girl! How I've missed her.

At 8 months she just barely cut a tooth (how much more should I talk about it?) And as of a week ago is completely weaned (sigh of sadness and relief simultaneously - is that possible?) Not crawling but I've seen her venture up on her knees a few times (pre sickness days.) Seeing how the banister of our stair case is missing more than 5 poles and is completely unsafe and a hazard to infants and small children it's probably a good thing. Kurt will fix it in a hurry a. the day she starts crawling b. the week before my parents come for Christmas. Which ever happens sooner.

Noteworthy: she has a nickname that doesn't end in a "Y." Something I didn't think our family was capable of (seriously who calls their kid, "Austy." Umm, we do. I'm probably the most guilty. Personally I think it's all Emma's fault - EVERY name under the sun that comes out of her mouth has a "Y" attached to the end.) Slightly off topic. One day Kurt called Ruth, "Ruth-ster." It sounded so much like ROOSTER and it has stuck (with us at least.) She's our Rockin Rooster Girl (complete with song and actions, of course!)

When she's not sick she is so happy and lights up a room. Everyone in our family clamors for her attention because her smiles are such a delightful, well earned reward. Her laughter is cute and the kids could spend hours extracting that precious giggle. I'm happy to celebrate 8 months of added JOY and SWEETEST to our lives! Endless love for you my Rooster.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Pumpkin Patch

Austin had a kindergarten field trip today (Monday, October 27th.) Ruth and I went with him. We had a fabulous time together! Fall is beautiful. The weather was perfect. And the kids in his class know me now and it's so fun to interact with them. I like watching Austin amongst his classmates. He is good friends with Amy (not the girl who kissed him btw!) She is so cute and sweet, this mom really approves (and is gently encouraging it!) She is our neighbor, too. Okay, enough about that. They had such great fall displays set up for pictures. I just need to take all the kids back there to get some more pictures!

Buddies with their pumpkins

Austin and Amy were searching for the most unusual pumpkins like this huge white one.

Mom and Ruth at the patch (photograph courtesy of Austin Romans)

Austin's kindergarten class (he's on the first row, 3rd from the left.)

My adorable Ruth and her newly cut tooth!

Editorial Correction

My wonderful Aunt and Uncle Matt & Dawn and their cute kids came to visit us this summer a few days after we moved in. They were our very FIRST guests to our home on Graham Blvd. The house was in complete chaos (more then normal at least) and utterly dysfunctional. While they were the best guests imaginable I felt like a terrible host. At least the carpet was laid and the bathroom clean when Sam came to visit. I hope Matt & Dawn will come again so we can make it up to them! You're welcome any time (especially when the weather is too HOT to handle!)

And in other news Ruth finally cut her FIRST tooth today! While she is still extra grouchy this is definitely progress! Faith is amazing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Guest

My brother Sam is here for the weekend. Our first official guest in our new house. The guest bedroom has been working out well. It's so nice that there is a bathroom right off the room. It gives him some privacy especially when my children are so anxious NOT to give him any! They LOVE having him here. Austin adores him and follows him around talking endlessly. Spencer continues to put on a show and Emma Lynn is all smiles. I hoping Sam is surviving the abrupt change from college life to family life. It's a dramatic difference! I'm excited that the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) will mean more time with Sam.

Thursday Austin didn't have school and I didn't have preschool due to PTC (check previous post for meaning) so we spent most of the day in the preschool room creating and crafting. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that room?!!! It has been such a fabulous space and I love that my family uses it and it enables all of us to learn and create on a daily basis. Thank, thank you Kurt! So below is a pic of a gord that Austin attached different hair, eyes, noes, etc.. to. I love the finish product. Friday while we waited for Sam to get to Boise we watched a movie at the dollar theater (Kung Fu Panda.) I love playing with my kids!

Austin's creations

On Friday we had another preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch here in town. A very sweet lady has turn the front part of her lawn into a pumpkin patch. She goes all out to decorate and loves to have people come. It was a family field trip. It was so great to see everyone bring their families. The weather was great and it was good time had by all.
The pumpkin patch

Emma Lynn at her Preschool Family Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

At least Spencer is happy to be here.

Ruth's first trip to the patch.

The last note, Ruth has been sick again all week. I feel like with preschool and having a school age child our house is a germ pool. My poor baby seems to be getting the brunt of it. That and some bottom teeth are so close, I keep praying that they'll come through TODAY. She has NOT done well with the teething thing. My other kids have spoiled me as far as that department goes. She has already been worse (about teething) than all three of them combined for all of their teeth. And NONE of hers have come through yet! It's gonna be a long road...They're gonna come through this week. That is faith talking.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Parent Teacher Conference. My mom is notorious for hating them. I'm not sure why. But last night as I faced my first one I had to wonder what made them so awful. "Am I suppose to hate them too? What am I suppose to expect? What kind of great and meaningful questions should I be asking?" I asked a few experienced parents and even some teachers to get a few answers.

It is interesting to have someone else tell you so much about your child. I can see how a mother could get defensive. But Mrs. Wagner didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Areas to improve - which are improvable so that is encouraging. And what he's strengths are, I will refrain from bragging.

I'm so, so glad I volunteer in the classroom and I'm involved in Austin's life. I need to know what's going on.

I think I might be able to break the hate cycle of PTC.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cross over

So I'm going to do a little bit of blog crossover but I really can't help myself! Thursday we had a preschool field trip to the fire station (F week.) It was so much FUN! The kids were in heaven, the fire fighters were great and I love hands on learning. We are definitely doing that one every year!

So officially everyone thinks I'm crazy because I'm loving the preschool thing. Probably true. Granted there are moments that are crazy, hectic and not the most fun (like parenting.) BUT the pay back is huge and lots of fun (like parenting!)

This is Emma's friend Colt (the one she is always talking about) at the fire station.
(more pics on the preschool blog)

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Girls

We had Night of Excellence on Wednesday night for our YW. (For those who don't know: the LDS Young Womens program has 2 big functions they put on each year about Personal Progress [which is a goal setting program in a variety of areas.]

It went so well! Our theme was a nightly news broadcast. The Laurels were the news anchors and reporters while the Beehives and Mia Maids did commercials on the 7 YW values ("and now a word from our value sponsor".) They were clever and everything went so well. For the "local news" I put together a slide show to recap the year and highlight the personal progress each girl has completed this year. I loved that the girls did the program and it was all about them.

I felt so much less stress than last year. I'm sure a lot of it is because it wasn't my first one and I'm learning to delegate more and more. They gave me flowers at the end of the night. I was really touched. I'm always so critical of myself and I feel like I haven't been doing enough. I appreciate their acknowledgment.

I love these Young Women. How instantly they become like my own. I worry and pray and love them every day. I hope I can do my best to be a positive force in their lives. I also hope and pray that my own daughters will have leaders that love them just as much.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Every day STUFF isn't just stuff

Ruth took a bath without her infant tub last night. Blog worthy? To me it is. My baby, she getting big on me. I just LOVE having a baby in the house. They bring so much joy! The older siblings have always done so well when the new addition arrives to our family. But it has been so fun to watch Austin and Emma Lynn with Ruth since they are both older now (we are speaking relatively since they are 4 and 5!) They both just adore her, want to spend every waking moment with her, love to make her laugh and giggle. Our family entertainment revolves around her (and Spencer of course, he IS the entertainer!)

Spencer's current favorite song is "3 Blind Mice." His version consists of "cut off their tail with a SHARPING knife. Did you ever see such a CRAZY THING in your life?" Granted he knows the correct words but he also knows the joy of making us laugh. Thanks, coo coo!

I'm enjoying the mother/daughter bond more and more with Emma Lynn. She has always been a mommy's girl and as she is maturing it has been so fun to spend time together. Sisterhood is a real thing. I feel so blessed to have 2 beautiful girls to share that with.

And then we have the issue of Austin kindergarten kiss. A few weeks ago Austin and I were in the kitchen making dinner when he casually mentions, "Oh mom, Bailey kissed me." He said it so innocently, so matter-of-factly that I contained my initial response in order to keep talking about it with him. I really want to be able to communicate with my kids. I want them to feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything. I want them to confide in me, ask for advice or just use me as a sounding board (which is one of the motivating factors in instilling "T Time" which has been fizzling as of late - time to repent!) He has grown up a lot in the past 8 weeks that he has been in school. While the depression of him being in school has subsided I'm left with sadness as I miss my boy. There are so many eternal truths to be learned in parenthood.

People are always telling me to enjoy these days when my kids are small because they go by so fast. I LOVE these days! So it's left me wondering if I'm going to miss them even more because I'm enjoying them so much. Here's to finding out because I'm not going to enjoy them less.

Thank you for indulging the quiet ramblings of a content mother.

Monday, October 13, 2008

51 is old

Before I proceed I apologize to all youthful readers 51 years and older.

Cindy turned 50 on Friday. Since everyone was busy, busy helping the farm with the onion harvest the birthday celebrations had to wait until Saturday night. I was in charge of the cake and ice cream. As the kids and I were getting it ready Austin and Emma Lynn were discussing grandma's birthday. Emma wanted to know when Grandma's next birthday was going to be (ever since her birthday she has been trying to understand the concept of how long a year is.) After I explained the time line of a year (again) Austin said, "Grandma will be 51 on her next birthday." Emma's response was, "That will be so old." Good news for Grandma Romans; she has one more year of youth left!

Spencer is funny. He is assuming his role as family clown more and more. The other day when Jeff Romans asked how he was doing his response was, "I'm Coo Coo!" Of course that has become his new nickname (from Jeff anyways.) When we were eating cake and ice cream Spencer was downing his ice cream and mid bite started shuttering. He put his spoon down and just sat there. (SO unusual for Spencer!) Jeff asked him if he had brain freeze. Spencer walks over to me, "Mom, I have bain feeze." The other moment I loved from the evening; we drew a book for Cindy about the reasons why we love her. One of my reasons was a very long sentence about her testimony, loving the Lord, teaching her children, etc, etc. As soon as she finished reading it Spencer said, "Jesus Christ, Amen."

I'm so glad that life is never dull & has many moments of laughter.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Since posting "simplify" (below) I have had 2 piano lessons in which I gave the 2 students two options:
a.) have lessons once a month
b.) find a new teacher.

We are opting for the once a month plan. For these 2 particular students I think this will be a great set-up. And I must add that I feel GOOD! For so many reasons:

1. I'm learning to say NO - I life lesson I'm prone to learn over and over and over because I fail utter this word!
2. I'm following the counsel of our apostles & prophets. I've never taken such immediate action after listening to conference. It feels AMAZING! I'm highly recommending it.
3. I just freed up 1 and 1/2 hours each week! Maybe that laundry will get done.


Not to join the cliche but Conference really was "just for me" this weekend. It was fabulous. The kids did great and it is always so fun to have spiritual teaching moments with them. We ate popcorn, did lots of coloring and talked about the gospel. Austin is getting to the point where it can even be more than that, if I dare use the word, a discussion. I'm pretty sure life doesn't get any better.

Elder Perry's talk about SIMPLIFYING has been haunting (for a lack of a better word) me since it's address from the pulpit this weekend. The question has been nagging at me...What am I going to get rid of in my life to Simplify? Never in my life have I been so busy, to the point where it is a delicate balance not to spin out of control. If the scales even start to tip ever so out! So I did call one piano student yesterday and I told her I was really too busy to take any more at this point in time. Okay, that is one major step for me! Now if I could just tell a few more...

And at the same time President Monson's talk about enjoying the journey as we are journeying was perfect. I have a vinyl quote in my living room that simply states, "Enjoy the Journey." And I can honestly say that I am loving our stage of life right now. For all the busyness I am more aware of the time I am alloted and how I choose to spend it. To me time spent playing, reading, supporting, volunteering, tickling and loving my kids is the most important use of my time. So sometimes the laundry (okay, okay ALL the time) gets pushed aside until have the kids are asleep and I'm exhausted. But the journey is good, we have been greatly blessed beyond measure.

After FHE about the creation last night we went on a nature walk (in our yard.) The beauties of fall captured our attention. These four divine creations captured mine.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Brilliant Colors

It seems like over night it's officially fall. Fall is my favorite, the colors are rich and vibrant. I wanted to capture the gorgeous changes that are taking place in our yard. It always so fun to experience the seasons for the first time in a new house.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today was my first time to volunteer in Austin's class room. I really, really, really enjoyed (I'm not sure if I put enough reallys in there!) It wasn't so much what Mrs. Wagner had me do but that I finally got to SEE what goes on in the class room, how my son acts, what he is learning, who is in his class, what he does at recess, if he has good friends...sound controlling much?

I want to have an active part in my children's education. And this is a wonderful way to do that. He was pretty excited his mom came to help and I'm pretty excited I can. I look forward to the days when I'll be volunteering in 4 different classrooms!

Girls Day Out

I decided to break tradition from the typical Mom's Night Out yesterday. Emma Lynn, Ruth & I went to see a ballet in Boise. We went with our friends Krystal, Katelynn & baby Zachery (he was the only boy allowed!) The ballet company does a family series right before a big production. I really enjoy them and it is a great way to introduce the arts to the kids. I was disappointed when we arrived to see that they have a new director. While the dancing was still superb it was not as kid friendly.

Friends Katelynn & Emma Lynn

After wards we went to Olive Garden (I just remembered I have leftovers in the frig!) Then some shopping at our favorites: Costco and Target. The babies did great and the girls were so full of energy. We got back into Vale late but happy (until we woke the sleeping babies, sorry!) It was a great day, I'm gonna start planning the next one right now!

The Girls - starting a NEW tradition, Girls Day Out!

The world is a stage

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