Monday, January 30, 2012

A day in the life of ME

6:30 Wake up & Get ready for school
7:15 leave the house
7:20 pick up carpool kids - drive to Ontario
8:00 Ruth, Lucy & I back home get ready for the day
9:15 leave for Ruth's preschool group
10:00 Lucy & I at the Dr.
11:45 Meet Ruth at clogging
12:15 cookies at books on the couch :)
12:45 clean bathroom & vacuum the living room
1:15 lunch
2:00 leave for Ontario
2:30 drop girls off at Kelli's {thank you!}
2:45 Girl Scout Field to the Veterinary Clinic
4:00 pick up girls
4:25 drop off Spencer at clogging
4:30 drop off car pool kids
4:35 watch Spencer clog
5:10 home, warm up freezer meal
5:30 dinner
6:00 Kurt takes Spencer to wrestling
Those at home finish homework, piano,reading,chores & take baths
7:10 Spencer is home, showers
7:15 FHE
7:55 Scripture Study, Teeth & Prayers
8-8:30 Ruth, Spencer, Emma Lynn & Lucy are tucked in bed
8:30 Austin writing in his Spanish journal with Kurt
9:00 Austin tucked in
9:15 do dinner dishes
9:30 talk to Kurt
10:00 jump on the elliptical
10:55 blog
{at some point shower and jump in bed}

The activities vary depending on the day. But the volume does not.

Some day the typical day to day will change and I'll wonder how and why. But today I'm grateful. For sweet ones that keep me hopping and the health to keep up.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Feature Film {volume 4}

This was taken on Wednesday, January 25th. We went to the beach. It was a gorgeous day. We LOVE this video! Hope you will enjoy seeing Lucy's first experience with sand. :D

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Feature Film {volume 3}

A few videos from our fun Disney adventures this week.

The girls and I went to the princess show. We learned how to be a princess {wave, dance and curstosy.} They were both pretty shy. Emma is dancing around the flower pole with Princess Aroura.

The next video is Spencer and Austin in Super Training with the Incredibles in Califorina Adventure Park. We could always count on Spencer to volunteer for anything and everything. {Talking to Crush, Dancing with Finese & Pherb and this.}

Monday, January 16, 2012

SEVEN {7} Months

~ Can go from flat on her back to sitting up. {amazing stomach muscles!}

~ Palms objects with one hand.

~ Can pick up small objects {fruit loop} with pointer finger and thumb.

~ Is starting to have just a very slight separation anxiety from mom. Still smiles and lights up the world especially in the comfort of mom's arms.

~ Eating most table foods. It is easier to list the things she is not eating because the list is shorter! {not meat, cheese or eggs}

~ Struggles with constipation but lucky loves prune juice and it fixes her quickly.

~ WAVES! Ahhh this is the most precious thing ever. Sadly she doesn't know what it means yet and does not assoicate it with hello or good bye. But her hand is constantly waving and WE LOVE IT!!! We get so excited and give her some much positive attention you would think she'd be doing it in her sleep! ;)

~ Sleeping longer through the night. Waking up once or twice is pretty common.

~ The apple of everyone's eye. Spencer was so wise when he told the dentist that Lucy is the boss of the house. We are completely head over heals. I love to watch the kids play, ooo and ahhhh over and love on her. Emma will often tell me, "Oh mom. She is just so cute! I'm so glad she is a girl and not another brother." Me too.

We love our little Lucy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Emma lost another tooth tonight. Or more accurately she has pulled out another tooth {a total of 4 that she's pulled.} That brings her to a total of 3 missing on the top and two on the bottom. I love this jack o lantern smile so much better than that dangling tooth look since Christmas. Regardless she is my gorgeous girl!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature Friday Film {volume 2}

I took this early in the week and we've probably watched it at least 50 times. LOVE IT!

January Date Night

For Christmas I gave Kurt 12 prepaid planned dates. One for each month. Monday night was our January Date ~ The FOOTBALL date. He was to pick the game to watch and I was providing the eats and good attitude! :)

Since it was a Monday night we had to wait until the kids were in bed to officially start the date. Naturally they didn't want to go to sleep when you have big plans.
We made homemade football pizzas and brownies while watching the Bama LSU game.
{Just in case you were wondering Bama stompped them 21 to 0.}

I like dating my husband.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feature Friday Film {volume 1}

So obviously I've had fun posting videos of Lucy this week. So I wanted to post something besides her. We do love all the others in this family. :)

Here are Spencer's gymnastic/dance moves.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

BIG girl

Ever since Christmas it seems like Lucy has gotten so big! Not size wise but in the developmental things she is doing.

We got her a new booster seat so she can sit with us at the table. She.Loves.It! She loves being with everyone and getting to eat real food. She eats pasta, rice, bread and bananas {besides rice cereal and green beans.}

And as of today she is officially crawling forward!! She has been so close for so long. We were saying morning prayers and just as Spencer started she got up on all fours and went forward. She continued during the prayer. As soon as he said AMEN Austin and Emma Lynn shouted with excitement, "She's crawling!!!"

Its so fun to share these milestones.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I officially signed up for the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon in March.

I am officially in training.

I really do like running. I have to remind myself sometimes but after I remember life is good.

I bought a Nike chip that syncs with my phone. It is sweet.

PS I set the goal to run 365 miles this year. You should join me!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nusery Graduate

Today Ruth joined the big kids in Primary! She is a sunbeam. She was so cute about it. She packed her scripture bag and was amazingly quiet during sacrament meeting. And then she went up to sharing time without hesitation.

She was sooo ready. The last month she would tell me, "Mom, nursery is so boring!"
Oh brother.

She loved sunbeams. She was beaming. My girl is growing up!

You should be smiling now.

The world is a stage

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