Sunday, August 30, 2015

Take time to date

August 9-15, 2015

Sunday {08.09}
This little one adores her big brother & he's so good to her.

When you don't have to leave the house until 11:45 for church there is all kinds of time for fun polish and grooming

We passed out these invites at church for our branch fiesta that I made. We are killing the remaining pig we've raised for this fiesta. Hoping for a great turn out and

Exciting news: in Primary Emma Lynn and Spencer passed off all their articles of the Faith to the Primary President. Ruth passed off 5! I am so proud of them for working hard on something so important. Way to go kiddos!

Emma had two loose teeth. After church she worked and worked on them and finally pulled them out herself {which is unlike her.} She created this on my phone:

That night I was extended a calling. Primary Chorister. I AM SO EXCITED! On so many levels. So grateful for have a calling and I'll openly admit its a calling I've always wanted. I'm grateful the Lord knows and loves me.

Monday (08.10)
Good morning!

Braxton & Kenzie had their tonsils removed that morning. We had Brooke & Bryler over to play while that was happening. We always enjoy having cousins over to play. With most toys packed up they were more creative in their play. I washed 3 loads of dress up clothes from a tote that had been in the shed for 3 years. They really enjoyed that.

I made dinner for the Bairs, and one to take with us. We were meeting our trek family at the park in Parma for FHE. Kurt picked up Teagan and I picked up Hailey and Kailee. McKenzie met us there. Jorge was still out of town, major miscommunication with Nathan {ended up taking him some milk & oreos later that night to make sure he was ok} and Trevor was in between football practices. It feels like its impossible to get us all together again. But grateful that we could get together with the ones that made time. Love that all my kids {biological and trek get along and have fun together.} We talked about the importance of making and being a good friend.

 McKenzie left before we got a picture ;(

 The deacons up a tree

Some of the family may have an addiction. As soon as we got home they all crowded around Kurt's phone to watch the latest Studio C episode {new one every Monday.} Oh brother.

Tuesday {08.11}
Back 2 School mommy date day! Whoot Whoot! I love this back to school tradition. This year I gave each of them a $5 budget to pick out an activity we could do together on our date {plus I also planned one.} After chores Spence went first {while we were dating the other kids played with this cool moon sand. Emma was babysitting at the Bairs.}

First I took pictures & did an interview - great way to {hopefully} find out how they are feeling about school & other changes. 

I planned a sports bean bag toss - 3 rounds {He won, We tied, I won.} 

He planned the movie Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief {with popcorn.} 

After the movie I taught him how to drive the ranger. He loved that! I only feared for my life a few ((dozen)) times. We were silly and had lots of fun. That's one of the many, many things I love about Spencer! His smile and brown eyes melt me every time.

Oh this one is such a sweet heart.

She planned coloring together in this super cool magic coloring book.

Using washi tape we gave each other a quick French tip manis. They turned out so fun and I love the way they looked on her! I'm pretty sure she did too. haha

I planned this Spin board game {ask questions and find out the answer} and we finished reading her Magic Fairy book. We had a wonderful time together. Ruth is sweet, kind and fun to be around.
I love you Ruth!

In all fairness I should have waited to do his another day but he really wanted to do it so we pushed on. His allergies had been terrible the past few days and he really wasn't feeling that great.

I planned a new word puzzle game on the Ipad. We played until we were stumped.

Then we each had to design a New Era Poster using specific criteria {that we set for each other.} I don't think either one of us were feeling super creative.} haha We tried.

Then we watched 3 short Minon movies that he had picked out. I feel like I need to do part 2 when he is feeling better. But regardless I love Austin. I am loving his age right now. He is funny, witty, goofy and great with little kids.

We got ready for Spencer's flag football game at that point. It was HOT and most of the kids didn't want to go so I left them home. I took the cute smallest one with me. She's a great sidekick.

It was too hot to play. Spencer {and all the other kids} were drooping and slow with the heat. He drank 2 water bottles and a Gatorade and he was flushed & still dripping with sweat. They lost.

After all the sweating a bunch of clean (adorable) tigers.

Wednesday {08.12}
Austin caught a praying mantis that morning. He seems to be filling every empty jar he can with bugs.

Emma and I left that morning for her mommy date. I had lunch planned with Miss Amber and so we figured it would be a great time for us to have our date. She had picked out the game "Would you rather?" It is a bunch of disgusting questions {i.e. Would you rather have hairy gums or eat an earwax popiscle??} By the time we got to Boise we were both feeling quite queasy from all the dgross images.

We met Miss Amber at Great Harvest Bread Company and had a wonderful time catching up on the rest of each others summer activities. She really wanted to hear all about trek. A topic I'm always happy to talk to anyone about. ;)

Afterwards we ran a few errands in preparation for our trip to Utah on Saturday.

I love spending time with Emma Lynn. She is talented, driven & hard working. I appreciate that I can trust her and know she will do her best at everything she does. It has been fun to watch her grow. I love you Ems and know you can do all things with the Lord's help.

The fires were getting bad and multiplying by the minute. The smoke was starting to surround us and completely change our air quality & scenery. It is scary and so sad.

The smoke line in Caldwell / Nampa.

 The smoke starting to roll in at home. 

 Thursday {08.13}
I had signed up Austin, Spencer, Ruth & I for the Color Run {5K} on August 29th so I knew we needed to start running in preparation. Since the smoke was so bad we got on the treadmill {they did 1 mile each} and Emma asked for T25 so we also did that together. She is starting to do exercises to strengthen for pointe. It makes me so happy to have these Fit Fridays {on a Thursday} when we exercise together. They are usually instigated by Ruth.

Ruth, Lucy and I met Kym Blackburn at Willow Creek Store for lunch. It had been a long time so it was great to catch up.

That evening Spencer had his last flag football game. The other team didn't show up {they forgot about the schedule change} and so we automatically won. Very anticlimactic for the last game of the season. The dads & some siblings got out on the field to put together a team to verse them. Austin and Spence on the field looked more like a wrestling match than football. Great season Spence! You are so fun to watch.

Ruth and Lucy had made a fort with her dissembled bunk bed. They put lots of treasures in there and even more blankets and slept in it for two days.

Friday {08.14}
Laundry, cleaning, and packing in prep for our trip to Utah.

This little one played quietly by herself while we worked. I love that child number 6 does not need to be entertained. And she's just so cute!

Kurt spent most of the day in Nyssa working on the floor in prep for the new flooring to be laid. I mopped when he was done.

This poor kid was still struggling with allergies.

This cute kid still loves her bed and to get into it. {giggles}

Saturday {08.15}
We didn't leave as early as we wanted mainly because Kurt and I were exhausted and couldn't get out of the house at 6 am. It all works out in the end and car cash continues to be a very positive thing in our road trippin success.

It was SO FUN to arrive in WJ and be with the family that was already there {Sam. Farnsworths, & McMullans.}
 Lucy is always happy to be reunited with Sam. 

 Rock Doll Lorna made with Ruth & Emma. They continued to create hand sewn items
 and opened a store. Budding entrepreneurs.  

Mini jam session going on {practicing the moves for Tuesday!} 
Can't wait for everyone else to arrive - its going to be a wonderful week together!

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Spencer will always without fail eat his pretzels in this creative fashion.
- That epic moment when you realize that all your diaper have been moved to the other house {WHY??!!!} and you run to town to buy diapers leaving the kid in this state hoping for no accidents .... fail .....
- Poor Lucy had a rough week physically. She touched the stove top while it was still warm { I KNEW that was going to happen while we lived here!} She developed blisters but was so tough & never cried about it. She also ran into the corner of the wall while playing and developed a large goose egg & bruise. 
- Austin has been enjoying his clock radio a lot this week. It has been used solely for an alarm clock but I have heard a lot of music being played in his room. I happened upon this scene when I walked in to check on the music --dance party-- Personally I was just grateful they were getting along of their own accord. 

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