Saturday, August 31, 2013

W35: Its about Time

August 25 - 31, 2013

We did it. First full week back in the school schedule. The kids did great to wake up and get ready. But by the afternoon/early evening we had melting moments. Especially from my kinder who is transitioning to a long, full day. I miss my Ruth! I know it'll get better with time.  

Kurt and I also started exercising this week. This is huge. We have never done an exercise program together. Hopefully we can help and motivate each other in our journey to get healthy again. We are doing the T25 program (25 minutes 5x a week for 10 weeks.) We survived the first week! 
With this exercising we are also eating clean. I'm really exciting about this! It is something I've wanted to transition our family into for a while now. Lots of fruits and veggies, protein and no processed foods. The kids have done well with our new dinners this week. I'm grateful and excited. And praying that feeling will continue through this process as life will get more busy as activities and homework start.

I finished up my visiting teaching for the month so that resulted in lots of play dates at the park during the mornings. Lucy was quite overjoyed with it. She is happy to have friends to play with as she misses "her guys." She asks daily, "Can I go to school next week?" 

The other big news is that Bill and Cindy officially moved to West Fall on Friday. Traci came into town to help Cindy. Madison and Lincoln came to play so they could get a lot done without distractions. Maddie even spent the night Wednesday. We LOVED having them! They are cute and good kids.

Maddie and Lucy played ok but when Ruth got home that's when all the fun started! Of course we had to dress up and dance.

                                        Did you know that coyotes love cantaloupe?!!

 Maddie LOVES baby Jane and wanted to hold her and help all the time. I think she needs a little sister!

Monday I got some OTC medicine for Jane to kick the thrush once and for all. The 2 antibiotics hadn't completely cured it. So back to my favorite purple dye. Love my blue berry.

We tried to go swimming with the Bairs on Saturday. We were dressed and in the car to go when Marti called to say that the pool was closed {someone pooped in the kiddie pool.} This is how the boys decided to have their own fun at home.

Lucy is loving all the grapes I've been buying with our clean eating. At any given time you can find her with a bunch of grapes in hand {reading a book, playing Barbies, dancing, etc..}

I've decided to make good use of our school driving time. In the morning we start out by learning a song. Currently we are memorizing hymn 232 "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words." We sang it as the closing song today in church! It was so cute to hear Lucy sing, "warbling of birds on the heather..." Then we do a prophet study. Austin chose Moses this week. We've been having great discussion and solves our fighting problem.

Wednesday when we got to school the doors were locked. The secretary came out and asked if we had forgotten about the late-start Wednesday. The what??? I had NO IDEA what she was talking about. So apparently this year they start at 9 am on Wednesday. Seems random but whatever. So I was given the gift of extra TIME with my school kids that morning. We went to the park and played before school. Austin said we should do that every Wednesday.

Jane is 7 weeks old. She had quite a few fussy days this week. I am grateful for so many older siblings and their extra helping hands. She is alert and responsive to interaction. Thrush has created bad habits and she cannot sleep at night unless she is near me. Personally I don't mind and I know it won't last but a short time. As of today the thrush patch is gone. We have actually come to a ideal feeding situation through the course of our thrush battle and trying to maintain health. Its a nursing/bottle combo of whatever is convenient. For my life on the go it really works out perfectly.

~~~~Romans Reflections~~~~
- Lucy calling Jane sissy. "She's my sissy. I love my sissy!"
- Spencer tells Lucy he thinks she will grow up to become a good singer. She responded, LAAAAAAA
-Lucy learns lyrics quickly and often busts out a line from a song on the radio. Shake It Up is this the current favorite though.
 Ruth has a new best friend every day and a plan of who to become friends with tomorrow.
- Austin learned how to do parenthesis equations this week.
- Emma Lynn read her FIRST Spanish chapter book this week! Sophia la Fabulosa. She worked hard every night to finish it by the end of the week. So proud of her. She was also invited to dance in the ballet 11 class at school.
- Spencer has been hanging out with Austin and his prep schooler friends. He likes to make them laugh.

Kurt asked me if I had laughed this week. Look who I get to hang out with. Of course I've laughed!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

W34: And so it begins

August 18-24, 2013

The start of the 2013-2014 school year has arrived. I am now the mother of 4 school kids. We are taking over 4 Rivers Community School one Romans kid at a time.

Monday we went to the movie theater with the Forsbergs and watched Planes {Austin, Caysen and Ethan watched the 2nd Percy Jackson movie instead.}

Tuesday the kids requested one last cousin day before school started so the Bairs came to play. The soon-2-be-kinders did a fashion show complete with Emma doing their nails. Due to circumstances I didn't get a picture. :( Trust me they are READY and super cute!

Wednesday Spencer and Lucy had their yearly check-ups. They are both doing stellar. As goofy as ever.

I had them look at Jane also because the thrush is back and I urgently do not want to get it again. They prescribed another antibiotic. I guess we'll see what happens and in the meantime we are nursing cautiously.

We came home and prepared for our Back-2-School party. Emma was in charge of table and decor, Ruth dessert and boys games. We wanted everything ready at 6 o'clock when dad came home so we had enough time for everything.

Emma did a fabulous job making apples to hang from our lights, an artistic and impressive banner and I helped her with the centerpiece. It looked great. She is a super helper.

Spencer helped with the spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, water melon, corn on the cob dinner. Ruth and I made the cupcakes from scratch and for some unknown reason they flopped. The boys didn't seem to mind. After dinner we had a dance party followed by father's blessings and scripture study.

The blessings were beautiful. I was especially touched by Austin and Emma Lynn's. Here are the highlights:

- Be mom's helper
- Learn to be potty trained
- Be happy
- You are the JOY of our lives

- Heavenly Father loves you and He knows you.
- Seek out what makes you happy.
- Help kids in your class follow directions, be a leader and lead by your example.
- Seek out new friends and choose friends who make good choices.
- Love of learning
- Your teacher will love you.

- Heavenly Father loves you and know you.
- You make everyone happy and smile.
- You have a gift to make others happy.
- Share your light with others.
- School will become easy.
- A desire to want to read and a love of reading.
- Help your teachers, be obedient and learn principles of the gospel.

Emma Lynn
- You are a talented young woman.
- Use your talents to bless others.
- Heavenly Father wants you to be His hands
- Make good friends.
- School come easy as you open your mouth your tongue will be loose
- Pray for help, Heavenly Father knows you and loves you.
- Pray about your fears to overcome them..
- Help your siblings. Do not be annoyed or fight with them.

- Heavenly Father know you. He gave your great talents and abilities. USE them!
- Learn and obey
- You know what is right and wrong so choose the right.
- You are very smart. Do not take it for granted, use this talent to help others and be humble.
- Meet new friends. Watch wisely at the choices they make and don't follow or talk bad about them
- Help your teachers
- Turn in your homework and be responsible.
- The Lord knows your heart and watches over you.

I never sleep very much the night before school starts. I am excited for the kids to begin a new chapter, to learn and grow and further develop their talents and strengthen their testimonies. This year I was craving the stability of routine. There is always a lot of self reflection {especially when sending a kinder.} Did I teach them all they need to know? Are they well prepared? Will they be able to CTR? Did I spend enough time with them? Did we read enough books? Did we make lasting memories? And I could go on and on. The time is so fleeting and each day needs to be cherished or the time has past.

Kurt made a delicious pancake breakfast that morning while the table was set with Good Luck notes and first day accessories {belts and watches for the boys, necklace/earring for the girls.} Excitement was tangible and faces alight with anticipation. And of course the traditional first day pictures:

Kurt was kind enough to take Lucy into work so that I would have less distractions when dropping off the kids. Ruth told me that I didn't need to take her to her classroom, "I know where it is." Wow, ready much? First day rules, mom goes with. :) Ruth was by far the most excited while Spencer and Emma Lynn were experiencing a few nerves. Like I knew he would, Austin took off the minute we got there {and I didn't see him again until pick up.} The rest of us took Spencer and Emma to their classes and then made our way up to kinder.

                                                        Ruth and Senora Brito
                                        She hung up her backpack and found her table.

And then its a hurry escape for the mom as tears are already coming. As I was driving away I really, really wanted to turned around, run into the classroom and take her home with me. Sigh.

Picked up Lucy and then we met Jen at the Starlight for breakfast. It was great to visit with her and a perfect distraction of time! She even brought me a freezer meal. So grateful for good friends. After cleaning, laundry and naps it was time to get the kids!!

Happy Happy kids! It was fun to listen to everything they had to say on the way home. The car was full of happy chatter and sharing {oh why can't every car ride be like that?!} Ruth exclaimed, "I made a best friend! This is the BEST day of school ever." The others were also very happy with how the day went. Ruth was just happy to find out, "We get to go to school tomorrow too?! Awesome!"

Saturday Kurt and I went over to Boise. He watched Jane so I could do a session. So great! LOVE the new video and so grateful.Then we went to a sealing together for a family in our ward. That night Jane and I went to a Stake dance.

Jane is 6 weeks! She is very alert and will stay awake in between feedings, makes eye contact and follow you. She is feeding once or twice during the night. Her first smile was this week on the first day of school! Thank you sweet girl. Still has thrush and on antibiotics. Likes to be held and travels extremely well. Perfect little snuggler. Smitten.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

W33: Determined

August 11-17, 2013

We had stake conference this weekend. Elder Piper was our visiting seventy! After the adult session Saturday night I went up to talk to him. And he remember or at least recognized who I was. I was surprised. He gave an excellent talk. Saturday night Emma started throwing up so the little girls and I stayed home with her Sunday morning. Kurt loved the priesthood leadership session and has been talking about everything he learned ever since. Understanding doctrine changes behavior.

Kurt and Bill gave me a blessing Sunday night. My 4 am feeding Monday morning was relatively pain free. I wanted to wake the house in rejoicing!! It continues to be better, not fixed but improving. Time will tell if my milk supply will keep up and what the future of our nursing relationship will be.

Monday morning the kids turned in their library reading logs to complete the summer reading program {and cash in all the goodies they earned.} Naturally we had to get our sundaes right away. 

That afternoon Austin and I had our Back-2-School mommy date {in my bedroom.}I rented "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief" on my Kindle. We watched with the snacks he had purchased for us. The second movie just recently came out and since he has been loving the series I wanted to have the Percy Jackson marathon. Unfortunately Kurt didn't make it home in time for us to watch the second one at the theater. 

Austin's Summer Summary {age 10}
1. What was your favorite part of this summer? Playing outside with my brothers & sisters
2. What was your favorite book you read? "Son of Neptune." 
3. What was your summer hobby? Origami, Drawing and making toggle key chains.
4. What activities did you do this summer? Cub Scout Day Camp and Mind Storm Camp
5. What was your favorite summer of service? Giving $50 to the missionaries
6. What was your favorite "80 days of Summer" bucket list? Austin Day
6. What are you excited about for 5th grade? Making new friends and sugar skulls, Multiplication challenges 

Tuesday morning Emma was puking again. I had Ruth's mommy date set up {babysitting coming to watch the other kids. Because its her first year of school I wanted to go out for her mommy date. Extra special.} The babysitter was still willing but I wanted to waited a few hours to see how Emma 
was doing. We left Vale at 1 pm. 

First items of business was to get her ready for her back to school fashion show. Shoes at Famous Footwear. Items to make necklace at Michaels. New accessories at Kohls.

After lunch her activity of choice was bowling. We found a bowling alley in Nampa and had a GREAT time. She was SO excited. Ecstatic is probably a more accurate description. I had to tell her a few times to settle down {volume.}We bowled 2 games sharing root beer and fries in between. She was cheering like crazy and always very encouraging. Each time it was my turn she would say, "Make me proud mama!"

No sentimental words today. Not ready to face the reality that is staring at me. As I type this there are only 4 chains left on her "First day of School" countdown.

Ruth's Summer Summary {age 5}
1. What was your favorite part of this summer? taking ballet
2. What was your favorite book you read? "Sophia" 
3. What was your favorite summer of service? Pulling weeds
4. What activities did you do this summer? Danced at the fair
5. What was your favorite "80 days of Summer" bucket list item? Drive-In movie watching "The Croods"
5. What are you excited about for Kindergarten? Playing and seeing my classroom

That afternoon Jane's right eye was crazy goopy and then it started to swell shut. It freaked me out. Swelling eyes in infants cannot be a good thing.

I took her and Emma into the doctor Wednesday morning. Emma was still sick unable to keep anything down since Saturday. Emma just had a virus but the week continues to be long and hard for her. She has eaten next to nothing and barely drinks. She is pale and lies around. Praying she will get better soon. Its been over a week.

Jane had pink eye. They prescribled an antibiotics to insert into her eye lids {not my most favorite medicine application method.} At 5 weeks she is weighing 9 pounds. Thankfully the pink eye clearly up quickly.

Immediately after the doctor visit we headed up to McCall for our only family getaway of the summer. Grateful Kurt could see it was important to me and made time to come. As soon as we arrived in McCall we headed to the lake. Within 1.3 minutes all the kids were wet and/or fully submerged.

Watching the kids enjoy their surrounds, and taking in the beauty around me I realized how much I missed summer. The things I love about summer {camping, hiking, bonfires, beaches, swimming and water of all kinds.} Seems like we did very minimal of all of that this year. It was our baby summer. I'm grateful that there are many more OUTDOOR summer ahead of us.

Thursday morning Kurt took the healthy ones for a walk. He loved how they stopped on their own to take a picture. Posers.

We ate lunch at our McCall favorite The Pancake House, followed by a nap and more lake time.

 trying to keep Jane out of the wind and sun.

I took Emma and Jane back to rest while Kurt took the others swumming in the outdoor pool. After dinner Kurt took the boys and Ruth back to the state park to do some hiking. They did the 3 mile Lily Marsh Trail.

We checked out and headed home Friday at noon. That evening was the corn and watermelon feed. Like the pattern we created this week I stayed home with Jane and Emma Lynn.

Saturday Kurt flew out to Nebraska for a 2 day Valley Conference. He left early so he could avoid traveling on Sunday and attend our old ward in Ames {so jealous!} Saturday was also the FIRST day I felt like myself. It was a pain free day with a lot of quality time with my kids. Why can't everyday be like that?

In the morning it was Emma Lynn's Back-2-School mommy date. I turned my bathroom into a salon just for her. Here is her BEFORE picture:

First we cut, dried and straightened her hair.

 Next she had a gel manicure. I got the kit from Amazon. I love that the gel and shellac polish don't chip and last longer. I think this will be a fun bonding time with my girls. I have plenty of girls that I think it will get its use! ;)
 The AFTER look. Looking and feeling beautiful inside and out. 

Emma Lynn's Summer Summary {age 8}
1. What was your favorite part of this summer? Being in a play
2. What was your favorite book you read? "Cupcake Diary" series 
3. What was your favorite summer of service? Washing the pickup and camper
4. What activities did you do this summer? Girl Scout Camp, Music Theater Camp & Performance, Danced a solo at the fair,
5. What was your favorite "80 days of Summer" bucket list item? Daddy Dearest Restaurant 
5. What are you excited about for Third Grade?  Excited to see my friends and teachers

And Spencer's mommy date was that afternoon. First we watched a new "Wild Kratts" episode. Then we played a few games of checkers. And finally we designed our OWN game {about Wild Kratts of course!}

 Afterwards we invited all the kids to play with us.

Spencer's Summer Summary {age 7}
1. What was your favorite part of this summer? Music Theater Camp
2. What was your favorite book you read? "Cragger's Revenge" {Lego Chima}
3. What was your favorite summer of service? Cleaning the church
4. What activities did you do this summer? Music Theater Camp and performance
5. What was your favorite "80 days of Summer" bucket list item? Mommy Date
5. What are you excited about for Second Grade? Make new friends and see my new teachers 

And some baby Jane eye candy:

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Is dad going to get in this car and come with us to McCall?
- Spencer got eaten alive with mosquitoes. In the middle of the night he was asking if we had any bananas "I learned on fruit ninja that if you rub a banana peel on your mosquito bites it won't itch anymore." He tried it the next day. "That didn't work so well. I give it a C+"
- Kurt often says he will call the "wahhhh"-bulance when someone is crying/whining. Austin said we needed to call "9 wahh wahh."
- Spencer told me: "For my mommy date I just want to hug you." 
- "sure" is how Lucy responds to all questions 
- be nice for a minute. Be nice for always
- obsessed with shake it up theme song
- Ruth asking question after question about school to her experienced siblings 
- princess Sophia show

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...