Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Week One

Monday, May 28 "Make-It-Monday"

White crayon on white paper then painted over with water colors.

PLUS a Memorial Day BBQ with friends {Angelica & family, Marti & kids, and Seth & Garrity.} There was all the great things to a BBQ: watermelon, meat from the grill, slip in slide, home-made ice cream, & friends. To me this was the kick off to summer!

Tuesday, May 29 "TREAT Tuesday"
We were on camp errands all day. We went to 5 different stores and the kids were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I was so super grateful. Austin was a great helper. He can be such a good leader. Age nine has been good to him. Made S'mores in a cone when we finally got home.

We also went visiting teaching that evening. We had a lot of kids running around outside, it made me laugh. This is what visiting teaching looks like during the summer.

Wednesday, May 30 "WRITING Wednesday"

Writing stories in English/Spanish to keep up with our writing, language and creative thinking skills.

Thursday, May 31 "THOUGHTFUL Thursday"

We grabbed Jen's youngest two kids and went up to Owyhee reservoir to play in the water {and grab rocks for girls camp.} We stopped by the hot springs on the way home. The kids would have stayed there all night if I would have let them {some immodest teenagers came so we left.} It was a very fun afternoon.
Great game of dodge the bubbles got started
This girl just wanted to eat rocks all day. YUM

Trying to keep Ruth in the shade :)

And here is the hot springs:

Friday, June 1 "FUN Friday"
Thursday morning we woke up to 4 of these all over the house:

On our 68 days of summer we have "Host a Talent Show." I said to Emma, "June 1st is tomorrow." Her replied was quick, "Ok!" So we got busy calling the cousins to invite them to our Talent Show. We asked grandma if we could do it on her lawn and busy planing our acts.

Emma was the MC and even made a program. She is super organized. I love it! It was a super cute and not to long sharing. It really turned into a dance party but whatever. Sadly my phone was the music source so I don't have video.

Kenzie did somersaults and danced.

Emma drew a NEW {and shorter} mural.

Brooke played the ukulele and danced.

Ruth danced.

The boys did lots of robot dancing.
Braxton also led all the kids in a scary play.

Spencer did tons of break dancing.

Austin demonstrated the robot he built and programed.
And the dance party:

Mollie sang days of the week and months of the year when she came. It was very precious.
We are a extremely talented family. :)

Saturday, June 2

More family time at Grandma Cindy's because all of Grandpa Miles siblings were in town. A family reunion if you will.


The 2012 Soccer Season

So T-ball starts on Monday therefore I need to post about SOCCER before it officially begins. Yikes, I'm so behind. Oh well.

Austin and Spencer both played soccer this year. Austin's coach was our good friend Gary Brown. Spencer's coach was also in our ward, Terri Atkinson. Spencer's team never won a single game all season and Austin's only won one game. Not the best record BUT Spencer did tell me it's not all about winning. Ahhh, I love to hear that! Plus both of them made lots of improvement from last year.

It was still a great season. I love all the exercise of soccer. They had lots of great kids on their teams and somehow the weather wasn't as miserably cold as previous years.

Austin has a powerful kick. He just needs to remember to continue to follow through with the ball after he kicks it. Being aggressive/competitive doesn't come naturally on the field.

Spencer's diagram to Austin on how to correctly play the game.


Spencer was doing jump dives to warm up.
 He was getting in the zone by yelling to himself,
 "Nothin' is gonna get past me!!"
This kid is pretty cute.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Favorite Party

Tuesday May 22, 2012

I wait for this party all year - SCHOOLS out for SUMMER!!

Each kid had to run through their banner to symbolize the end of their school grade and the start of summer.

Then begins the rockin' out to our favorite song {School's out for summer!!}

We had a drink of SUNkist with crazy straws and each kid had a balloon and UN-O bar {"UN-O you are a great student and number UNO first grader!"}

Then we all got busy in the kitchen making sidewalk chalk paint. We made 10 batches {we gave some away to teachers in a have a FUN summer gift.} It was outside to paint after that.

We had to hussle and get ready for Spencer's graduation and then presents when we got home. It was an amazing year. I am so proud of all your hard work!! So much to celebrate. Especially the start of SUMMER.

Spencer's Kinder Graduation

Tuesday, May 22

Tonight at 6 pm was Spencer's kindergarten graduation. Senora Brito always does a fabulous job with this event. Spencer was SO cute! He was animated and adorable. He knew all the songs and wasn't afraid to show his personality.

Here he is walking in:

They sang 3 songs, received their diapolmas and then watched the video was memories Senora Brito had made for each student.

My favorite part of the event was when he friend's name was called, he puts both fist in the air, "YAY Junito, that's my buddy!!" Awww it was so cute and so funny. {And for those observant and dedicated readers, yes, this would be the SAME friend he named his kitty after.}

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL year Super Spence!

Play dates Galore

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