Wednesday, November 28, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It has become tradition that we go up to the mountains the Saturday after Thanksgiving to cut down our Christmas tree. That was today! I love the time spent together in the woods and our labor of love Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

There was no snow this year. That seemed crazy to me. We got a different kind of pine this year with big needles. It is actually the fullest tree we've found yet.

After we got back to Vale we went to the movies together as a family. We saw "Rise of the Guardians." I cant remember a time when we ALL watched a movie together, fun. Afterwards we took pizza over to Grandma Renae and ate dinner with them. It was a great family day. Thank you for spending time with us Kurt!

Our Thankful Hearts

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is my favorite. The best food, the people you cherish and adore and hearts full. It's perfect.

I also love that some times Kurt's birthday falls on Thanksgiving. This was one of those years. Kurt is THE best thing that has happened to me. Hands down. So I love that I can combine the two, it's only fitting.

Our morning was nice and relaxing together. Then I started to work on my food assignments for Thanksgiving dinner at Cindy's. Rolls, jello salad and a dessert. Strawberry pretzel jello salad done, rolls rising and starting to mix cookie dough in the Bousch. Ruth is best baker and always loves to help me. I was putting something away and when I turned back around Ruth's eyes were HUGE with a terrified looked and then she started to cry. I gave her a hug and when I pulled away there was blood every where. On my apron, all over her dress and mouth. It took me a second to figure out where it was coming from. Her fingers. She had cut them on the Bousch.

Let me paint the picture of chaos that unfolded. Spencer and Lucy were taking a bath because Lucy cannot eat a single meal without staying clean. That said meal was strewn all over the table and floor because after she got out of her booster seat she crawled up to the table and continued to eat all her siblings leftovers. And since I was too busy baking I let her have free reign until I put her in the bath. I had taken a shower the night before so my hair was standing on end like an authentic porky pine, baking in jammie pants and jacket and apron (picture perfect cuteness.) Ruth was in a beautiful white colonial dress from Grandma Richards. We bake in style folks.

So I took Ruth to the sink to wash off blood and try to determine where the cut was and how bad. I immediately set Emma outside to find Kurt. Sliced up 3 fingers with the middle one being the worse. I immediately thought stitches as I applied Barbie band-aids. But I was happily surprised that I was able to get it stopped well enough and knew it would be ok. About that time Kurt, Jeff and Austin walked into this mess (thankfully Spencer had washed Lucy by himself at this point.) I dress Ruth (she was standing in her underwear at the sink because as soon as I got the bleeding stopped I took off her beautiful white dress to soak the blood stains.)

Kurt and Jeff gave her a blessing and then we made some phone calls to determine the next course of action. Dropped off the kids at Cindy's and drove Ruth in to nurse Beth Kaaen's to get her opinion in stitches. We decided to DR her ourselves. We went back to Graham house to get supplies and wrap her up.

We even made it to dinner on time. Luckily the rest of the day was less eventful. We were able to enjoy all the goodness of Thanksgiving. Kurt got a nap, watched a football game and visited with endless grazing. It's a good life. We returned home to open presents. Happy 34th Kurt!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This was a beautiful day. My very dear friend Jamie received her endowments today. The first day the Boise temple was open. It was amazing to be in the working temple again. Amazing to be there with Jamie. And privileged to be her escort.

I've been teaching her the temple prep classes the past few months. That has been such a fun journey. The bishop gave me some good advice before we started that really helped me. "Jamie will still be Jamie. The gospel will help her progress." Isn't that true for all of us. The gospel makes good men better.

I have seen a change in Jamie. I am proud of her. I know it isn't easy for her but I know she will be blessed.

The spirit was there in abundance and I feel like Jamie was ready. She was calm and not to weirded out and continuously touched by the spirit. I know Sarah was there.

I felt an out pouring of love for Jamie from Heavenly Father and also Sarah. The heavens were rejoicing. How beautiful to see your dear friend make these sacred covenants. And now, like the rest of us, the challenge to keep them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cutest Pilgrim Girl

Monday, November 19, 2012

When I started preschool in 2008 I decided to do a Thanksgiving Program so I wouldn't have to do a Christmas one AND I love Thanksgiving. So it works. And we are still doing it. Pretty much the same program, too. One of these years I'll change it up ;)

Tonight was our program. Ruth has known her part for just about forever. She has been SO excited about the program! It was pretty cute, a big helper too. But come time to get on stage and she is having issues with her Pilgrim bonnet. Oh brother. After some bribing (I don't have any issues with it) she got on stage and eventually started to sing. She said her part great and was adorable. I asked each kid what they were thankful for and Ruth said going to church. Ahhhh

Christy was such a great help. I really appreciate having her around. She is a good friend.

People stayed and visited and it was a good evening. We have much to be thankful for.

It is finished

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After 17 months of absence the Boise Temple is now officially open. It is rededicated. The House of the Lord. Even as I write this I am emotional. What a blessing this is and my soul cries with gratitude for the blessings of the temple that are only 1 1/2 hours away. MY temple is open.

What a beautiful journey this re-dedication process has been. It has been busy, so very busy but such a strength and increase in spirit. It has been an opportunity to teach and to testify. How blessed I have been during this journey. It has strengthen my love for this holy house.

To finish up the open house: that final week I again went three times.

Monday I dropped off the boys at school and then Emma and I took Hailey, Ayanna and Angelica. It was by far the best tour I had out of all the times I went. The tour guide had just unexpectedly lost her father the week before and she bore such a strong witness of the power of the temple the entire tour.

Wednesday I met my friend Amanda {her kids also go to 4 Rivers and she is a Daisy leader} at the school and she plus her 3 little girls piled in the suburban to head to the temple. I had Brooke and Ruth with me. It was hard a times with all the little girls but honestly they did great. Amanda had lots of questions and was sincere and polite. I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with her and answer her questions.

On Thursday Jolene and I took her sister Rusty {whom we visit teach.} I was SO happy that she made the effort to go! It felt like a miracle. Spencer wanted to go again and so I took him out of school. I love that he wanted to go again & spend time together. It was a speaking tour so I'm grateful he could hear it.

On Friday Kurt took the youth of our ward over. He took Austin out of school so he could go with. Again they had a speaking tour. The 3 oldest kids all had the opportunity to go twice and the little girls both went 3 times. I love that they have had this chance to go inside and see the beauty and feel the spirit and make the commitment to return when they are older. That is a blessing to our family.

After taking Kurt's friend, Blake to the temple.

Saturday was the youth cultural celebration for President Monson at the Taco Bell Arena. As a stake leader we have been working on this since September. A lot of coordination and hard work went into this event. It was amazing! President Monson gave a blessing to all the youth that were there. How amazing was that. I was so grateful that all these youth that I LOVE had this amazing opportunity to build and strengthen their testimonies. 

Sunday was the dedication. It was done in three sessions. Unfortunately Spencer was throwing up so Kurt and I had to tag team with the oldest. He went to the first two session and then the kids and I attended the last one. I really enjoyed sharing that experience with them. You know, life doesn't get better than this: sharing spiritual experiences that strengthen you. 

President Monson struggled a bit but the spirit was still strong and the testimony still given that the Boise Temple is the house of the Lord. Consecrated and now DEDICATED to the Lord. What a journey this has been the past few months. My heart runneth o'er.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A mothers dream

I have recently dived into Project Life by Becky Higgins. If that sentence was Chinese to you translated it reads, I am scrapping again. In a way that is still doable for me at my life right now. It is fast but still gives me room to be creative.

I. Love. It.

But what I love even more is this:

Emma has joined me. She received a scrapbook for her baptism from her teachers and so she is working on it.

And. She. Loves. It.

I don't know why I didn't connect it before how much she would enjoy it.

"Mom this is so much fun!" How cool to have a special thing that we love to do together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Country First: Branding

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog yet so here it goes: Bill & Cindy have sold their farm and bought a ranch in Westfall. Jeff & Julie are going with and this is will happen in the next few months.

It all seems kind of crazy and surreal but its happening. If I am selfish I'm sad. But its not about me {nor has it ever been.} They are hoping to slow down and have less debt. I really, truly and sincerely hope that happens for them. I hope it is everything they dream about and more.

They have already shipped some cattle up to Westfall which means they have to be branded. So they had a branding. I had never been to one and was quite intrigued. I pulled the kids out of school for the day and we bundled up for the brisk October day of branding.

It was very cold but honestly {and surprisingly} no one complained. It was quite a fascinating thing to watch. These cowboys have their own culture. The kids all jumped in and had jobs. The best thing was Austin, Spencer and I all got to ride a horse after it was over. Spencer LOVED it. Naturally all he wants now is a horse. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Color Run

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I have seen and heard about the COLOR RUN all over the internet this year. As you run this 5K they  throw colored chalk dust at you. It is advertised as the "Happiest 5K on the Planet."

When I saw it was coming to Boise I was SO excited and created a team, "The Crazy Creekers." I paid for Kelli's registration as a birthday present and we made plans to train.

Due to some health problems throughout the month Kelli decided not to run. I asked my cousin Allison to run instead. Britany Forsberg and her 2 oldest {Ethan and Alyssa}and 2 of their friends were also on our team.

It was a lot different than I thought it was going to be. It was a family event. A LOT of people walking and just there for a good time. The color stations almost required you to walk through in order to get color. The first one was a bottle neck and we were stopped waiting to get our color. That was annoying to me. But it got better at the following color stations. It was tons of fun. At the every LAST color station I finally figured out that I should 1. Shut my mouth and 2. Close my eyes. I learned the hard way on both.

At the finish line there was a Color Fest party with music and we each had a color packet to throw in the air. It was a big colorful, dusty mosh pit. You know I was right in the middle of that! :)

Kelli could I done it. I feel bad and missed her but now we know. I would totally bring some older kids too. Loads of COLORful fun.


 The color fest after party

I never used so much so soap in my life.

Halloween 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First of all I want to say that I spent a total of $10 on all 5 kids for costumes this year. LOVE it. I was grateful that they all just wanted to be simple things we had in our dress up box. That was perfect for me this year - THANK YOU kids!

Lucy: A dinosaur - FREE {thanks Marti!}
Immediately when we put it on she started roaring. It was so cute. She was great about having it on and I knew she would stay warm. Win win.

Ruth: THE Queen {$2 for wand and jewels}

She definitely has her own opinion. She wouldn't wear the crown and it was too much work to carry the wand. Whatever. I'm just glad she was happy {and cute.} I have definitely learned which battles are worth picking.

Spencer: Peter Pan {$4 at thrift store}

We bought this about a month ago and he has been wearing it constantly. Definitely got the $4 worth! haha As soon as we got home from buying it he went through Emma's tights to find the perfect black pair. {I know his dad loves this.} It was just a little too short and slightly scandalist so I found a pair of his jammie shorts and it was perfect. {Kurt was very happy to see the shorts added to the costume.}

Emma Lynn: Pippi Longstocking {$2 for red hair spray}

This summer I introduced Emma to the Pippi Longstocking books and she loved them. She immediately decided that that's what she wanted to be for Halloween {this was in July.} She didn't change her mind. It was fun to put this together. I love how her hair turned out. It was easy too. I wrapped the wire around each pony tail and the braided around the wire. It was completely mold-able. For the finishing touch we added large black freckles and Emma's idea to color her eye brows too. LOVE it! She was nervous when we got to the church for trunk or treat that no one would know who she was. I told her all the good readers would know. The adults proved my point. :)

Austin: Dracula {$2 for face paint and teeth}

He came up with this on his own and did it all himself including the face paint. He must be growing up. He is wearing his suit plus a cape we've had for years. So simple and because he took complete ownership he was very happy with it.

Ruth went to her Halloween ballet party while I picked up the others from school. Emma also had ballet but luckily gym was canceled for the boys. We rushed back to Vale to get the kids ready and then headed to the trunk or treat at the church. Like in years passed we gave our candy to someone else so we could all be together. The weather was unseasonable warm. I didn't even put on my jacket until we were leaving. That was super nice. There was also lots of food at the church, donuts, hot dogs, hot chocolate, cookies.

This little dino was exhausted from all the fun.

We came home to the Monster Cafe. On the menu was Goblin Teeth {corn}, Witches Finger Tips {green beans}, Monster Brains {spaghetti}, and pumpkin pulp {orange soda.} As most years of past they are so full of candy that it is nearly impossible for them to consume anything at dinner. But I guess I'll keep trying...

Plastic vampire teeth were used as a napkin holder. That was was definitely the hit of the night!

Thanks for a fun day with my super treats!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Field Trips

Spencer and Ruth both went on field trips with their respective classes in October. Lucy and I were lucky enough to attend both. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spencer's class went to the zoo {they have been studying about animal habitats.} Traci, Madison and Lincoln were in town so we invited Madison to come with us. She was great and we had a fun time together. It was quite cold that morning. Besides the three little girls I brought we were assigned Spencer and three other busy boys. We didn't have the chance to rest or stay cold for long.

The silly boys being cavemen inside the termite hill {whatever!}

Eating our lunch at the park.
Spencer was so sweet to play with his sisters and cousin the whole time instead of run off with his friends.

The girls all passed out on the way home.

LOVE this boy. Thanks for a fun day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

For F Week we went down to the local fire station. We are lucky enough to have Grace in preschool this year and her parents are both volunteer fire fighters. Easy in is super nice. Naturally the kids loved it. Lucy jumped right in and was apart of the group {no surprise.} It is an easy and really important field trip.

The the kids with their hats, badges and coloring books. 

Checking out the inside of the ambulance.

Our preschool group this year!

 MY fire fighters. The BEST. ever

The world is a stage

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