Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We have Family Spirit

October 8-14, 2017

Sunday, 10.08

Monday, 10.09
Tuesday, 10.10
HAppy, HAppy Birthday to Grandma Cindy - We LOVE You!!!

 Wednesday, 10.11
Thursday, 10.12

Friday, 10.13

Saturday, 10.14

~~~Romans Reflections~~~

Thursday, October 12, 2017

All About Nicole

October 1 - 7, 2017

Sunday, 10.01

Monday, 10.02

Tuesday, 10.03
 Wednesday, 10.04

Thursday, 10.05
Happy 4th Birthday Nicole!!!

Friday, 10.06

There are no words adequate to express my feelings of Nicole's sealing. Truly it was the most beautiful thing I have experienced in my life. Kurt and I are overcome with such a beautiful gift that we have been given. The gift of Nicole joining our family. Her spirit is sweet and pure and so much fun. She had brought such a sweet JOY to our family. Without her, we would not have experienced the gift of having ALL our children in the temple together. What a wonderful and marvelous experience for them to witness of the spirit of the temple in person. Something that will build and strengthen their testimonies. Truly we do not feel worthy of the magnitude of blessings that we have received. The Lord is so generous and so loving with His goodness. The memories of today will always be a sacred treasure tucked away in my heart. I'm grateful Kurt and I had time together in the celestial room before the sealing started. It gave us time to express our gratitude and try to collect our emotions. I was not prepared for the amount of love I would feel as I entered the sealing room with all the family and friends there. It was powerful. Again, another blessing! The whole day felt like we were renewing our vows to each other, and we were as we added to our family. What a gift to review and renew our covenants in such a tender way. Maybe one of the sweetest gifts of all is that my dad was able to do the sealing. I am forever grateful for his quiet and powerful example and in fluence in my life. I am grateful he has chosen to be worthy to perform that link in eternity for us. The kids entering the sealing room all dressed in white with such sweet smiles took my breath away. How much I love those spirits entrusted to our care. Nicole was so talkative and innocent throughout the sealing. She gave her classic eye roll when Kurt had to keep her hand on the altar. hahaha Always keeping it real. After everyone had left the room we looked into the mirrors as a family. We filled the mirrors from side to side just like my heart was so full. That is a picture I will never forget. In that sacred house with my family beside me, I felt the realness of heaven as never before and eternity was close.     

Saturday, 10.07
Kurt and Austin woke up early and headed to West Fall to hunt. The rest of us went the opposite direction {and not as early} to meet up with the Richards for reunion fun!

Kurt and Austin joined us in Nampa at the Pigeon house {AirBnB they rented} for dinner and the Halloween party.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~

Monday, October 2, 2017


September 24 - 30, 2017

Sunday, 09.24

Monday, 09.25

Tuesday 09.26

Wednesday, 09.27

 Thursday, 09.28

Friday, 09.29

Saturday, 09.30

~~~Romans Reflections~~~

We have Family Spirit

October 8-14, 2017 Sunday, 10.08 Monday, 10.09   Tuesday, 10.10 HAppy, HAppy Birthday to Grandma Cindy - We LOVE You...