Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gymnastics Meet

Spencer had his first gymnastic meet today. HE WAS SO EXCITED to participate in this event. He has been anxious all month and today was finally the day! I love watching my kids genuine excitement. It is so pure and sweet.

{Luke & Spencer so excited to get started!}

It was a struggle to get out the door this morning and he ran and took his place just as the director picked up her microphone to start. Including him there were 4 boys from his class that participated. There were about a million little girls there. Luckily they kept the boys together and they moved them around the gym to compete in 5 different events. We were able to follow them to each event so we were able to see well and get lots of good pictures {very important!}

They even had two judges {one was a second grader from Austin's school. I thought it was cute they gave them the opportunity to be "judges."} The athletes had to salute the judge before starting and when they finished the routine.

The competed in the following events:






{The athletes feeling confident in their performance.}

The boys finished quickly since there was only four of them. Unfortunately they waited to present all the awards until the girls were finished. We had to wait over an hour. Luckily the kids found enough things to keep them busy. They called each gymnast by name and they received their ribbons {for each event} and medal. Spencer was beaming. It was definitely worth waiting around for.

"Mom look at my golden medal! This is my BEST day ever!!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I need to get away

I want to fly a-waayyyyy.

The kids had 6 DAYS off from school in a row. HELLO, that's like a spring break in February!! ROAD TRIP baby!

We headed south for the warmer weathers of Utah {LOL! It snowed all weekend!}

So here is how it went:

FRIDAY {02/18}
We packed up and left Vale @ 10:45 am. I was happy with this progress. {small interruption: I sat on the floor in front of the duffel bag and told the 3 oldest kids to bring me 4 outfits, 3 jammies, 1 sweatshirt, etc...and then I put it in the bag. Ruth is also able to do such packing techniques but we've all seen her fashion was better if I stepped in with a little aid. Point to the rambling is: it was the easiest packing job E-VAH. Yay for awesome kids!} We stopped in Ontario for a fresh supply of library books for Austin (a must!) gas and a drive through lunch. Once we started actually driving we didn't stop until we reached Pocatello at 3:30 pm.

Apparently the Simplot games were taking place this weekend so it was a little bit harder than planned to find a room but it all worked out. We had a few hours to kill before Karen arrived so the kids enjoyed some show on the Disney channel while I tried to nap. We met Karen and had dinner at a local pizza joint. EVERYONE was so excited to see her with constant hugging and vieing for affection/attention. We love auntie K.

The sad note of the weekend is that the flu bug followed us to Pocatello. Emma Lynn was sick all night puking. The first time she didn't waking up until after she had thrown up (ALL OVER Ruth who was sleeping next to her!!!) It was seriously so disgusting and Rooster slept through the entire thing. Enough details. The rest of the night was filled with more and more puking, bloody noses and bad dreams (the last two were not Emma Lynn.) {PS Spencer was the only one who didn't catch this flu bug in our entire family. I am really so done with puke right now!} There was not a lot of sleep that night.

The poor child sleeping so close to her "puke bowl" {aka ice bucket.}

Saturday & Sunday {2/19-20}

Drove down to Clearfield, Utah and stayed with Grandma Karen and Kay. It had been way too long since we had seen them. It was wonderful to catch up. The food is always tasty, and the company perfect. Roger came up Saturday afternoon to spend time with us {I really mean KAREN!} They went back down to Provo late Saturday night. Sunday we walked across the street to go to church while it was dumping snow {I'm glad the church was close by cause that was a fun adventure.} The kids did great at church. The three older ones all went to their Primary classes without a hitch (that always feels like a great accomplishment.) Rooster and I stuck together 2nd & 3rd hour. It's good to have a buddy.

We found out after church that Karen and Roger were engaged!!! :D Elaine and kids joined us that evening.

What handsome cousins!

Monday {2/21}
The kids and I headed down to Lehi, UT to go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had a really good time. The kids were awesome. I didn't have to chase after anyone, they stayed close and followed our "out in public rules." It made me stop for a kids are really growing up.

This was a very hands on museum with different interactive displays. This was the sand and water table to create your own dino land {it was really trying to teach erosion, whatever.}

Regardless of what they were trying to teach it was a BIG hit.

The last display was a dinosaur dig. My paleontologists loved this and probably would have stayed forever until a "little baby" dumped {A LOT} of sand in Ruth's hair. {That's about all she could talk about for the rest of the weekend.}

After the museum we drove a little further south to Provo to pick up Karen and Roger. The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing wedding plans and ideas and looking through books and magazines. Elaine was able to "help" Karen make a few decisions.

We all went to Chucky Cheese for a fun dinner.

Spencer would not stop hugging the mechanical Chucky. {gross}

Lorna lovin' her first trip to Chucky Cheese.

Tuesday, {2/22}
Time to head home. We got on the road by 9:30am and pulled into Vale at 3:30pm. The kids traveled GREAT, and it was a very uneventful trip home {thank you!}

Thanks for a great President's Day Weekend family. {{LOVES}}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My sweet sister Karen got engaged this weekend!

So this past August she met a boy named Roger McMullan in Montana. They spent the week together and some magic happened...Since that time they have been memorizing the sites of I-15 as they visit each other on the weekends (ah the stress of a long distance relationship. He attends BYU.)

And Sunday {02/20/11 ~ fabulous day as far as numbers are concerned, brownie points for Roger!} he got down on one knee to ask the BIG question after Karen had finished reading their very own "Choose Your Own Adventure" book {did I mention he is a creative genius? Perfect for Karen.}

Naturally she accepted and it was laughter, perma-cheesy-grins, & XOXO for the rest of the weekend.

Extra brownie points for Roger, he proposed the weekend Elaine and I were in town! {Thanks, Roger!!!} It was so fun to share that with Karen and see how excited and giddy and happy and excited she is. {Kurt had to remind me that I too acted like that once upon a time. Jeez I must be getting old.}

The ring is gorgeous.

Emma said, "Wow, look at all the jewels!"

But the couple even more gorgeous. Ahhhhh. So our Kare Bear found herself RogeBear and she's all grown up. Ahhhhh. This whole post is quite tender.

But Seriously, I LOVE you KAREN. SOOOOOO happy for you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a ........................


Honestly as I write this I'm still a little shocked. I was so sure {like 99.999%} that we were having a BOY. This pregnancy has been similar to Spencer's, a BOY follows our pattern {it's ALL about the pattern!} and more honesty, I was ready for a boy. But not to be.

We are having a baby GIRL!!!

Lucy Jane will join the Romans family summer '11. :D

The kids are really excited. Since they are older it has been fun this time to share this experience with them. I'm excited for my girls to have another sister
{I LOVE having sisters! And all of my girls will have 2 sisters just like I do.} Pink is such a beautiful color and we all know how fun it is to dress a girl. ;) While my girls can be dramatic and sassy at times they have brought me so much joy.

We cannot wait for Lucy to join our family!
{As we pulled into the house Spencer said, "This is not the hospital. We need to go get Lucy from the hospital."} All in good time little buddy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I {heart} You!

We had a great day to celebrate LOVE.

We started out with heart shaped pancakes.

Austin said he didn't want to eat any and then threw up. {Bet you're glad I don't have a picture of that!} We got him cleaned up and back in bed. Fun way to spend Valentine's. It reminded me of his first Valentine's day when he was also miserably sick.

Spencer had his preschool group that morning with a super fun party at Bella's. He has really been enjoying this. I'm excited for him.

For FHE that night (& also our monthly service project) we did a "HEART ATTACK" for two widows in our ward. We had a great time doing it and I really feel like we should be doing more of this everyday. Spencer told us on the way home that he felt the spirit when we were doing the heart attack.

We ended the night with our traditional scavenger hunt to find the valentines. Always a fun time. I am blessed with so many fabulous people that I LOVE!

Preschool Pet UPDATE

So Kurt was right. Luke, the goldfish, didn't even make it one week.

Luke The Goldfish
February 7- 13

Luckily there were no tears and the kids promptly buried him under the deck complete with sprinkling the rocks from his fish bowl on top of the grave.

When dad came home ALL the kids informed him that Luke was dead. Kurt asked if anyone was sad.

With a big grin Rooster replied, "Luke is."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Models

I found these pictures on my camera when I went to download my pictures. What a funny surprise.

Impromtue Photo Shoot by Emma Lynn {age 6.5}
Models: Spencer Gene {age 4.11} and Rooster Rudy Ruthie {age 2.11}

These CRACK me up!

I LOVE the posing. I LOVE the facial expression. I LOVE subjects.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Preschool Pet

After I stopped teaching preschool at the beginning of the year a few moms got together to form a joy-school / co-op type preschool group {we each take a turn teaching it at our house.} We started on January 24th and will meet until May 2nd. It is only on Monday mornings from 10-noon. Spencer has really enjoyed it and I love that he is still getting some interaction and learning with a low commitment level on my part.

Today they learned about Living Things {Plants & Animals.} He came home with his very own pet GOLD FISH! It has been the highlight of everybody's day! He named him Luke and Spencer is very good about caring for all his needs.

With our pet track record I'm a little worried about the life expecancy of little Luke. Kurt gives him a week, tops.

Regardless it is nothing but love for little Luke at our house. {They made a name tag for his fish bowl in Luke's favorite color (orange, naturally!) And Spencer really wanting to give him a job at FHE tonight so he could participate.}

In the morning we are going to google how fish sleep. We have so much to learn to keep up with Spence's expectations and questions. Personally I'm rooting for Luke to survive until the up-coming fifth birthday so he can graduate to a bigger tank with friends.

This kid makes me smile.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My school kids were making up nick names for everyone in our family on the way home from school today. It was funny and clever so I thought I'd share.

{Important Side Note: Jeff Romans has a nicknames for all the kids: Austin - Taco, Emma - George (as in the monkey), Spencer - Lady's Man, Ruth - Rooster (like everyone else!)}

Marti - Mac N Cheese {she always makes it and its our favorite!}
Jeff B - Tooth Fairy {you never see the tooth fairy...}
Braxton - Hairy Scary Bair
Brooke - Princess

Kelli - Good Food {we always get to eat all her good food!}
Dan - Tickle Monster
Kenzie - Dora

Jeff R - Eyeball
Julie - Easter Bunny {same idea as the tooth fairy.}
Hallie - angel
Mollie - Cute Face
Matthew - Tongue

Traci - snowflake {because she is so beautiful!}
Elliot - smarty pants
Madison - funny bunny

Joseph - beard
Maren - beard's wife
Adelaide - lemon aide

Ben - frog {he jumps really high, I saw him!}
Elaine - noodle {she always makes us yummy noodles!}
Lorna - man with the yellow hat {think of Emma's nickname...}
Ethan - Min yin {Despicable Me movie}

Karen - Fiji

Roger - Joseph {look-a-like}

Sam - Utah
Tim - rice & beans

What do you think, will any of these stick?

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...