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March 15-21, 2015

Sunday 03.15
I met Amber at the church at 8:15. She sat with the boys, Jane and Ruth while Emma, Lucy and I went to Nyssa 1 ward conference. I stayed all 3 hours and grateful my stamina has increased but it is still draining.

After church the kids gathered all the books they could find about pigs {"If you give a pig a pancake", "Charlotte's Web", etc....} plus the leftover pancakes from breakfast and went down to the barn to bond with the pigs. How cute is that? Emma was disappointed they were scared of her. I assured her it would get better the more time she spent with them. We are off to a good 4H start.

Emma fancy glitter nails all by herself. 

That evening I went back into the church to practice a song for the funeral with Traci, Kelli and Marti. I arrived home at the same time as our home teachers. The kids were babysitting as Kurt was gone the entire day with meetings and visits. The house was a mess and the kids wild. I was out of energy and patience and didn't know how we were going to survive the up-coming spring break. Could I ship them off somewhere? Could I pay someone to be me for a week? I went to bed.

Monday 03.16
Funeral day for Ruth Potter Miles. We didn't send the kids to school. The viewing was at 10 am. We went a little early so we could practice the song with Julie. The kids all did great with the viewing and seeing Grandma for the last time. Kurt did a great job teaching and talking with them Sunday night so they knew what to expect and what would happen. It was easy to see that it wasn't grandma. Just her empty body. Lucy was bouncing around the place giving endless hugs {mainly to Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bill.} "Bouncing Lucy" as Grandpa Miles calls her. Just before they closed the casket and Grandpa wanted to say his last good-bye. They wheeled him over and he said, "Have fun up there. I'll be right behind you." All the adults were crying at that point. Jeff had to get it together to give the prayer. As we filed out to go to the chapel for the service Lucy bounced out of her seat and darted out of the room. Ahhhh. She caught up with Grandma Cindy and grabbed her hand. She sat with them. Kurt conducted and spoke. He did a great job combining memories with doctrine. Steve McFetridge did the Life Sketch. Cindy's grandkids sang "I am a Child of God." Marti, Kelli, Traci, Julie and I sang "In the Garden" and President Jacobs gave the closing talk. It was a beautiful service and tribute to a great lady.

That morning Ruth found her notebook and started a poem to describe grandma. She worked on it throughout the morning and funeral. When Steve said that grandma called him "Teacher Preacher" Ruth wrote that down followed by two lines of hahas and hehes. :D

Ruth Miles
I was named
after her.
She is nice.
She gave us snacks.
She let us go to her home.
She lived for a long time.
She was so so so so nice.
She had a beautiful smile.
It was sad ;( :(
I love her so much.
She was missed so much.
I love her so so much. 

All the kids were very attentive to listen to the stories. We went out to the cemetery were Grandpa Bill dedicated the grave. We took some family pictures before heading back to the church for lunch. The rest of the day was spent visiting with family. Austin made the comment that day, "Why are people sad? We know we will see Grandma again." Yes, its true but she will be missed.

Tuesday 03.17
Kurt took the kids into the carpool and we didn't have preschool. Marti took the little girls before I had to go to Ontario. Lucy was super excited about that and asking all day when Marti was coming. The boys had their drum and piano lessons and then Activity Days. It was a simple creative activity of making Leprechaun Traps and green fruits and veggie snack.

Everyone got a lucky electric toothbrush for St. Patrick's day. ;)  Jamie picked me up and we went and saw the new "Cinderella" movie in Ontario. We really enjoyed it. Great message. {{always have courage and be kind.}}

Wednesday 03.18
{{Happy Birthday Maren & Jeff}}
This was the first time I had to drive the kids to school since the accident. And it was late start so it wasn't too bad. When I got to school that afternoon I learned that Chelle was still NOT getting better from her pneumonia. I told her I would take the girls to dance. Kurt picked up the boys and Ruth from school at 5 so Ruth could attend her dance. As I drove to Star I had lots of time to reflect and reminisce. Exactly 2 weeks from the accident. The girls and I went to our favorite Star library and ate at Pizza Hut {next door} while we waited.
 It was observation week so we were able to watch a little {I couldn't bring the girls in.} 

   So excited to go to the "penny-pig" library again!

Thursday 03.19
We had a preschool field trip to Malheur Drug that morning. We only had 4 kids there but Travis {gun safety}and Jen {medicine safety} did a great job. Grateful for such giving people in our community. Afterwards we walked down to the library and Madison Johnson did her senior project about teeth care for 10 preschool age kids.

I over did it at this point in the week and went home to rest. If I can refrain from picking up or holding Jane I will be ok... Sometimes its really hard to do. Luckily with the big kids home for spring break it will be easier. Jen took Ruth and Lucy to clogging and I was grateful and exhausted.

And I have to mention that the LOVE continues to flow in from friends and family. Meals from Jen, Angelica, Rachel J., Senora Brito and Mrs. McDowall. A cute care package from the Richards, and cards from my Girl Scout troop. I feel so loved and so grateful I still don't have to cook! Senora Brito knows Austin and made us tacos. He was in heaven. Hahaha love that growing boy!

Meanwhile Jane discovered a new LOVE: Ketchup. Which she pronounces KEE-UPP!

Kurt picked up Emma from Art and took Spence to the pack meeting. 

Friday 03.20
First day of SPRING BREAK! Ruth is determined to have a restful and relaxing one. Good thing cause I feel like it might be a miracle if I get out of bed. hahaha

living on the edge

Kurt and I went to the temple that night. Amber watched the kids. It was good to be back in the temple. It had been too long with the accident. And somehow it worked out that we got to sit next to each other in the session. Love those tender mercies.

The kids were all "asleep" in this big bed fort in the boys room when we got home. After a few minutes we heard talking. None of them were asleep, just faking it. They even have practice "sleep" rounds before we got home. Funny kids.

Saturday 03.21

Then the boys and I went on a date to buy a TRAMPOLINE! We picked one out at Kmart and then stopped at Kiwi Loco for some delicious soft serve.

Not to mention a little grocery shopping swag. Oh dear. 

Kurt came home with the mini shortly after we got home and started digging the hole for the trampoline. Meanwhile the boys got it set up and were able to enjoy it all afternoon. Naturally it was a big dig project but Kurt the hole perfectly round, in the ground, safe & sound. ;)

The girls fell asleep in the middle. Sometimes its hard to wait. 

Everyone is overjoyed to have a trampoline again. "Oh tramp how I've missed you!" Ruth exclaimed.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
Emma continues to design {shocker} on the Rhonna Designs app

This is how I drive currently. Cannot forget the pillow {even as a passenger} or its bad news.

Jane has had her first naughty acts. She LOVES to color. We have to make sure all markers are properly put away now!

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