Sunday, February 26, 2012


We have been having crazy wind. We woke up this morning to find this

Whats my poor monkey to do? Maybe we can rebend the frame?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Feature Film {volume 8}

At the Blue & Gold on Tuesday when Austin earned his Wolf badge.


My dad came to visit this week. In true fashion he took the Greyhound bus to Ontario. Kurt picked him up Tuesday morning and he went straight to the store with Kurt. The purpose of the trip was to help Kurt with some finicial anaylisis.

It was great timing because he could attend the Blue and Gold banquet on Tuesday. On Wednesday both Kurt and I were at Mutual so he was able bond with the older 4 without interuptions from the parents. Plus we appreciated his help!

By Wednesday afternoon he was done at the office so I picked him up on my way to Ontario to get the kids from school. And we did the library and gymnastics routine. He was fun to have him along and see our day-to-day life.

Coloring pictures & reading at the library

Watching Spencer at gymnastics

On Thursday morning we took the kids to school and then dropped him off at the greyhound bus station homeward bound. It was a short trip but we enjoyed having him and are SOO grateful for all his help and advice. Love you DAD!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blue and Gold banquet

Tonight was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet and Cake Auction.

This was Austin's first and he set the goal to have his Wolf finished by this pack meeting. And he went the extra mile and earned 3 arrows too! Way to go Austin, I'm proud of you for working and achieving your goal!

As a Wolf Den leader I also had a lot of involvement in the event. Last Tuesday at cub scouts we made invitations and different world flags for decorations. On Monday I picked up the food from Costco and put together the centerpieces for the tables.

We survived on the samples at Costco! :D

Tuesday morning Austin and I made our cakes.

Austin made a robot cake

And mine was a chocolate Kit Kat cake with Blue & Gold M&Ms

Spencer bidding for grandpa

The evening went well. We had plenty of food, the boys were recognized for their hard work and the cake auction was a success. Austin's cake sold for $60 {thanks to both grandpas!} and mine was the highest of the night at $75 {thank you pinterest for the inspiration! ;}

Benefits of a Basement

Our basement has been wonderful.

It provides a place away to play.

It is survival during the blessedly hot {trying to be positive} summer months.

It has an amazing food storage room that I love.

And most importantly it has the extra bedrooms. That those bedrooms have gotten plenty of use during our 3 1/2 years in this home on Graham Blvd.

The weekend guests and then a few more permanent ones {Tyler & Elaine.}

Friday night we had new visitors. The sister missionaries spent the night. Their miles are limited and so the two days a week they are working in Vale they try to spend the night to conserve miles. I am so grateful they called and asked to stay! They were gracious guests and I love having them in my home.

So it looks like it might become a permanent thing. So Saturday we decided to to rearrange the entire house to accommodate the mission rules. It literally took all day and was quite the project.

Here is how the switcheroo went down {and I don't blame you if you can't follow along.}

The crib out of the play room and into the boys room. The queen bed from our room into the playroom. The king bed from the guest room into our room. Two new twin bed purchased and into the guest room. Whew!

There's the facts, here's the feelings: Not lovin' the crib in the boys room but honestly besides putting it in the living room all the other room are too small upstairs. And...for the first time in 11 YEARS Kurt and I are sleeping on a different bed. Its was kinda crazy to me but he didn't lose a minute snoring over it so I probably shouldn't either. We joke about having an acre to sleep on but its fun when all the kids jump into bed with us on Saturday morning and no one falls out.

New guest room look

Sister Howard {Australian & Christensen {Canadian}

Our new bedroom look

A large portion of the day was spent seriously organizing the boys room. We got rid of all dressers and have this new clothing system in the closets. I LOVE it. Organization can be beautiful.

And of course this cutie who is now sleeping in a crib

I love having a basement and all its blessings.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Day At Home

The kids don't have school for 6 days in a row {Thursday/Friday are parent teacher conferences, Monday President's Day and Tuesday a teacher work day.} Its like Spring Break in February!!

Naturally my first impulse is, "Where can we go?!!"

So we made plans to go to WJ to see the folks. Lucy and Ruth came down with a mild sickness {Ruth was out for one day and Lucy maintains a bad cough. This was our first sickness in the house this winter - We have really been blessed!} I didn't really want to take Lucy on a trip. Every single day I have to drag her a million places and she is just so good and SMILES at everyone. Even when she is sick! But really know, lets give a girl a break.

So after I cancel the trip plans it was honestly a relief. {{Didn't we just get back from a major long and super amazing vacay??!!}} I was excited for the schedule to relax and we could just BE. {I'm sercretly dreaming of summer vacation...}

So THURSDAY was our day at home. Its a rare thing these days. Here is the bliss captured:

We started out with home visits from Senora Sotel & Mrs. McDowall {man, we are blessed with awesome teachers!}

Then each kids made a freezer meal with mom. It was quality one on one plus productivity. We cranked out 9 meals. This is LOVE.

Endless packing of treasures while sporting stylish shoes and grins

The first really good solid nap since her cough since we didn't have to go anywhere!

My boys are pretty sure this is what eternity will be like

Whata great day being at home.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lucy's Eighth Month

At this moment of Lucy's life she is:

EVERY WHERE. She has perfected her crawling and can get anywhere she wants to go. She gets up on her knees and goes, there is no scooting. She can be found under the table searching for crumbs, at the book basket "reading" {gnawing} books, down the hall or following you into the kitchen to tug on your pants until you noticed her cuteness so she can get even more food.

SLEEPING in a crib. With the big room switch throughout the house she gained the status of having at actual bed. While I still don't like the location of her crib it was time especially with her mobility!

WAVES at you.

SMACKS her lips & clicks her tongue. It seems like there is a new sound she has discovered every week.

SAYS "Dada" & "Hi" plus lots of other babbling.

starting to PULL UP to her knees to the couch or chair. I am in denial about this one.

LOVES to EAT. She eats anything and everything given to her. And will out eat her siblings if given the chance. Bread is a good filler while we are trying to prepare the food. She loves noodles, all fruits and veggies and of course the sweet things her dad sneaks her.

She loves having teeth and exploring with them. No biting yet.

She loves to PLAY with the kids. She wants to be right there in the middle of everything all the time. The kids love having her around and always include her in their play {except Lego's.}

Has had a cough which has disturbed her sleeping pattern but waking once or twice during the night.

Very proficient with her thumb and index finger in grabbing and picking up. She favors her left hand but I'm not going to say anything about it for jinxing purposes!

Love this sweet angel.

Friday's Feature Film (volume 7)

Spencer at gymnastics on Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How do I love thee let me count the ways

I love Valentine's Day. It fun to show EXTRA love and affection to my favorites.

Kurt made a sweet breakfast.

Oh, I can't forget to mention that I was awaken with lots of somethings dropped on my face. It was Kurt. Dropping an entire bag of Hershey kisses on my face as he "showered me with kisses." Luckily I wasn't brusied by his affection. "A" for effort on that one.

We went about the typical Tuesday activities including a very excited, sugar pumped up Cub Scouts. That evening before we started our party Suzie came over so Kurt and Matt Hansen could give her a blessing. Lucy had a bad cough and so we gave her a blessing too. I'm grateful for a worthy husband and that my children can learn about the power of the priesthood in their own home.

We had a nice dinner {the party was planned by Austin this year as part of earning some arrow requirements for Cub Scouts.} It was all the things that we LOVE {crock pot mac n' cheese as the main course.} During dinner we all went discussed other things we love. Its always fun to hear what the kids say. Sometimes you never know...

Then the traditional scavengar hunt for the valentines. I wrapped them this year since Austin planned the clues and hid them that way they would still be a surprise.

They screamed with delight when they opened the "Rio" DVD. Kurt did not understand their excitement. They were equally excited about their personalized journals.

The kids had their school parties on Wednesday {because it was the last day of school for their 6 day break.} So we had to make sure all the class & teacher valentines were ready. This is what it looks like for 4 kids:

Happy Valentines Day my sweets!

Lucy I love you because you are so HAPPY all the time. It spreads joy to everyone you know and see. It swells my heart.

Ruth I love you because you are my buddy. You are my dancing, dressing up diva and I love your creativity of life. You make my days happy.

I love you because you are sweet. I love your easy going nature & heart melting smile. I love to watch you find joy in life.

Emma Lynn I love you because you are helpful & obedient. I love your thoughtful nature. I love to see what you create with your artistic talents.

Austin I love you because you are smart and talented. I love when you apply yourself because you can achieve great things. I love to watch to accomplish your goals.

Kurt I love you because you are handsome, hard-working & heavenly. ;) I love you because you complete me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


We really enjoy making the time to do mommy/daddy dates with the kids. Each month they will get either date with mom or dad and it will switch the following month.

Emma had her daddy date on Thursday. Kurt picked her up from art and then they went to Dairy Queen for a blizzard. She was so cute about it. Before art started she picked out $3 from her piggy bank, "I hope this is enough money to buy a blizzard." When she got home she informed me, "Dad paid for mine." :D learning good dating etiquette already.

They spent the next hour on her desk drawing together. They found a few how to draw pictures and together created Minnie Mouse, Jerry, a raccoon & fish. She was beaming.

Kurt made the comment that night, "I can't believe how excited both girls got for their daddy dates." I'm not. ALL the girls in his life get excited to spend time with him. He's worth getting excited over.

Spencer had his mommy date Saturday morning. I made him breakfast in bed and then we played 2 games on my iPhone. He was in heaven. Now to make sure he understands that it was a special treat and not a every day thing. He's a sweet kid, I enjoyed visiting with him.

The longer I'm a mother of many children the more I realize TIME is the best thing I can give them. These dates are precious to me and the child. It is worth the investment.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Not according to plan

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan.

Like when you're driving the crew to school in the morning.

And you notice mid communte that the car is randomly acting weird.

Causing you more alarm when you have to slow down at a stop sign and the car is lurching.

You tell all the children in the car to start praying!

{"Why?" one responds. "Don't you feel that?!!" "Yes." "Well its NOT normal!"}

When your husband doesn't answer his phone you leave a message that sounds like this:
"The car is acting really funky. PLEASE CALL ME!"

And then you see the stop light up ahead that just turned red and your stomach sinks. As the car thuds to a stop you KNOW you won't be able to get it started again.

True story. Middle of the road. Dead suburban. Children total 7.

Super kind lady behind you pulls her car out of the way and then comes over to help. Jim Stewart pulls up. Answer to prayers cause Kurt's still not picking up. After moving the said dead vehicle to the side of the road he takes the kids to school in 2shifts. You wait with the 2 little girls until Kurt comes to tow you home.

Broken fuel pump. Hundreds of dollars later the burban is back {and better than ever.}

Not exactly how you plan to spend the day but the house did receive some attention. And Kurt might secretly seal the burban once a week for the sake of the house.

Friday Feature Film (volume 6)

The kids danced during half time of the boy's basketball game tonight. Spencer and Emma Lynn did great. I had a lot of people tell they enjoyed watching Ruth. She just stood there. Honestly I'm shocked she went out there {based on how the past 2 classes have gone.} I'm not sure how much longer we will continue...depends on Monday's class. Well you can see for yourself.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Day by Ruth Romans

When I wake up I make sure to feed Lucy breakfast.

I like to help my mom. I'm going to be good for her today.

Our friend Lauren was sick so we made her some hearts. I did a real good job cutting them out! We stuck them in her grass.

My mom had lots of meetings today but I kept my promise to be good. Mom and I are buddies. And Lucy too.

Before I go to bed I make sure Lucy has a nice massage. It helps her sleep better.

It was a good day.

Wonder what I'm helping mom with tomorrow....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He pays the bills

Ruth had her 6 month dental cleaning this morning so after we dropped the kids off at school we drove to Nampa. She did well, very well. Unfortunately her teeth did not. {We have scheduled 3 separate visits to fix $1,000 worth of cavities.}

If we are in the city we always try to be helpful to Kurt and pick up parts. I need to start asking him how big these items are...

20 minutes of rearranging later we had this:

Plus 3 more kids to pick up from school.

He does pay for my gas {and everything else!} so what else can I say but THANK YOU!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Crazy things I do

I do a lot of things that are viewed as crazy.

Even I might agree that this is slightly crazy.

Lucy and I going for an 8 mile run on a brisk 19 degree morning.

I made her a cocoon.

And after peeking out she promptly fell asleep.

On this particular run I decided that I should commit to a full marathon. I really do enjoy running. I love the time to clear my head and think. I love working hard towards a goal. I love putting off the physical body {natural man} by doing something hard. I love strengthening the spirit. And if Sister Dalton can do it, so can I.

It sounds crazy even to me.

PS Clogging went better. But the longer the class went on the more she didn't dance. She just stood there and glared at me. Afterwards she told me she was bored. Next week is the deciding factor if we'll continue.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Milestone Moment

Lucy's bottom teeth cut through!!!

She is remarkable. No crying or temperature or fussing involved.

Watch her cute gummer smile start to change.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I like wraps

Here's the wrap up of the week.

Clogging started {it actually started two weeks ago when we were on our trip.} Ruth's class is right after her preschool group on Monday mornings. For a variety of reasons it didn't go well. She just wanted me to hold her. So we went home and read books and ate cookies instead. I am very hopeful this next Monday will be magical.

Spencer also has his clogging on Monday {immediately after we get back from Girl Scouts.} He did great and enjoyed it. No surprised. He loves music & dance at school. Not to mention he is constantly bustin a move.

At clogging Braxton told Spencer that there was wrestling that night. I really, really didn't think he needed another activity. But he was begging and I couldn't tell his big brown eyes no! {pathetic. i know.} Kurt took him down and he loved it.

Luckily its only for 2 months and its good exercise. I don't feel pressure to get him to every practice {because they meet twice a week!} or all the meets. But next time he will have to make some choices about which activities he wants to do.

We had a Daisy {Girl Scout} field trip to the vet clinic in Ontario. It was very informative and the girls did well. I love hands on learning! {Seeing all the worms and bugs that came out of the animals solidified my resolve to never have pets. Gross!}

Emma started clogging & art again. She loves both. She is maturing beautifully. Its hard to believe there were ever issues about leaving my side, & being painfully shy.

Ruth had her daddy date on Tuesday. Dad took her to Dairy Queen for lunch. {Dad was super nice to me cause he took Lucy too so I could run without kids, Thanks!} Ruth was SOOO excited about this date. She asked about it first thing when she woke up and every 10 minutes all morning. :) She loves her daddy-O.

They also got to watch a movie together later in the week after the school kids went to bed.

Lucy got into her first act of mischief.

Thursday was the 100th day of school. We went at helped with Emma's celebration.
Austin's was Friday afternoon and we helped at that too. Both consisted of a variety of centers that involved 100.

So no surprise but everyone loves Lucy. The teachers & staff swoop her up as soon as I get there. I'm really grateful that they are so kind & understanding about the girls coming with me when I volunteer. So Lucy had her first sucker today thanks to Senora Mason. She was in drooling heaven. {it was actually a ring pop and the plastic part worked really well for her to hold onto and contain the sticky. I highly recommend it when you give suckers to your babies. lol}

My kute kinder has been to school 100 days!


This was a big deal. And yes there was drama involved {but luckily not as much as when they were first pierced.} One ear was starting to hurt, slightly red and crusty. I wanted to do ALL things possible to NOT get an infection! The rubbing alcohol around the outside wasn't enough. So Thursday night Kurt and I did it. It is already looking so much better. Plus there is a world of cuteness now avaiable to her ears. She has it all planned out. ;)

Lucy got lots of rides from Roost.

doll stroller at home

The wagon during gymnastics

Hard to believe we were on vacation last week. Jump right back into life full force.

The world is a stage

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