Sunday, March 20, 2016

The importance of Traditions

March 13 -19, 2016

Sunday, 03.13

Monday, 03.14
Happy 10th Birthday to Braxton!

This week we are ponderizing:

We had watermelon for FHE dessert. Jane truly thought it was the best thing ever.

Tuesday, 03.15
Bull Sale DAY!!

Wednesday, 03.16

Thursday, 03.17
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Friday, 03.18
Happy Birthday to Maren and Jeff!!

Saturday, 03.19

I have a special tradition I'm going to start for my girls every year before the General Women's broadcast. I knew that I wanted to plan something equally as special for my boys. I couldn't really come up with an idea that seemed to work or be right. In the temple a clear answer came. Take them on a hike. I continued to ponder ideas that would be meaningful, spiritual & a strength to our relationship. Thus the Helaman Hike was born. This too will happen every year before general conference. We will hike to a new destination. The time together was completely perfect. It is rare to truly mean that something is perfect but there is nothing I would change about that hike. We laughed, bonded and I was able to teach and testify. My phone died just as we started. And you know how I love to record all the details of life. My heart sank thinking I couldn't capture the moments of our time together, especially our historic first hike. 3 different times throughout the hike I prayed and the phone turned on long enough to get one picture before shutting off again. I am grateful for that tender mercy. There is not a doubt in my mind that the hand of the Lord was in the efforts of this hike. He loves these boys. And so do I. I am humbled and grateful. I want to strive to have more of these perfect moments as we continue this journey of life together. My eyes have been opened.
{Matthew 13:16}

~~~Romans Reflections~~~

Two of Austin's favorite creations from

 I made the girls some berry slushies with blueberries and Lucy giggled as she said,
and apparently Lucy does not and it was quite torturous to eat them! haha

Sunday, March 13, 2016

All About Spencer

March 6-12, 2016

Sunday, 03.06

Monday, 03.07
this week we ponderized:

I was up late preparing for Spencer's BIG day.

Tuesday, 03.08

Wednesday, 03.09

Spencer was anxious to come home and finish his lego set after scouts {his first Webelos meeting.} It is a very impressive set. 

Thursday 03.10

Friday 03.11

Saturday, 03.12

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- When Jane is hungry she will come to you and say, "My stomach is saying its hungry for oranges."
- Jane often talked about marrying Jonathan. Although I haven't actually heard it I'm sure her older siblings have coached her in these ideas of grandeur.
- All week long I have found water bottles in the play room. Like 4 at a time. I finally asked the kids about it and Emma informed me that Jane has been taking her princesses swimming.
- Emma has been creating treasures on my phone with a new editting app. These are two of my favorites.

- What Austin's been up to this week.

Friday, March 11, 2016

All About Ruth

February 28 - March 5, 2016

Sunday, 02.28
HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to Ruth!!

For the kids in her class. Plus her teacher had brought cookies. Good day in Primary {Kurt's favorite}

All About Ruth at 8 Years Old
Favorite Color: purple and red
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Movie: Gracie Saves the Day {American Girl 2015}
Favorite Book: Mermaid Tale series
Good at: dancing
Favorite Song: I am a child of God
Favorite thing to do in the summer: swimming
Favorite thing to do with her family: play games

Monday, 02.29
we are ponderizing:

Tuesday, 03.01

Wednesday, 03.02

Thursday, 03.03

Friday, 03.04

 Saturday, 03.05

This is the less stressed I've been for a baptism. The day went smooth and everything was set up and ready at the house for the party afterwards. I really appreciate Elaine's help with everything. Truly such a beautiful day. My family did the program, down to Emma leading the music. It was really very cool and made me quite emotional. I LOVE the grin on Ruth's face ALL DAY LONG!!
I was so touched that Miss Amber came all the way from Boise to support her. She is such a blessing in our lives. I was so grateful that Cindy sat by her since I was playing the piano and she didn't know anyone else there. We have such wonderful family and friends. The support means a lot.

Love you Ruth. You are a beautiful daughter of God and we are so proud of you.

The world is a stage

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