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All About Emma Lynn

September 20 - 26, 2015

Sunday 09.20
Before church we spent all morning memorizing parts, writing talks and practicing songs in preparation for church and the upcoming primary program.

During Young Men's Austin was set apart as the deacon quorum president. Kurt was able to set him apart. I am excited for him and hope he will learn how to serve his quorum and other leadership skills that will help him in the future.

Our family sang in sacrament meeting. I had invited 2 families to come to church to listen and prepared dinner at our house for afterwards. Neither family showed. We sang "Hazme andar en la luz" {teach me to walk in the light.} We sang capella and had all 3 verses memorized. I was nervous but grateful for the sweet spirit. At church the girls ran up to the sister missionaries and invited them to come eat with us. As we were getting in the car I invited Chelsey Mendez {second counselor's wife} and her daughters to come also. Kurt and Austin were at a stake priesthood meeting.

We had a great visit and meal. The girls played great together. By the end of the evening we arranged for Emma to plan Lyla's birthday party the next day. I want to mention that as soon as we got home Spencer sat down to the computer and typed out his talk for the Program. He had written by hand that morning and feeling satisfied with it typed it up. He would not join us to eat until he had finished.

Kurt and I went to visit the Boyle's out in Willow Creek {Tracey is getting baptized on Saturday and she asked Kurt to baptize her.} By the time we got back Emma had the party all planned, prepared and organized. She had a short list of things for me to finish up while she was at school.

Monday 09.21
Jane wore panties all day and had no accidents. Happy dance.

After running to the store for the items on Emma's list we straighten up the kitchen. Maria and I put together a "Welcome" sign for our porches using the wood from my old fences at my old house. It is always excited to get a project done and to have a friend to do it with. Still more plans for operation decorate my porch but this is a great start.

After lunch I tackled the list Emma left for me. The girls had fun with some extra balloons {distraction so I could finish.}

After school we ran around between piano lessons, dropping off Emma to decorate for Lyla's party, picking up from piano lessons, dropping off Lucy at the party, taking Emma to art, picking up Austin from xc {while Kurt picked up from art and the party.} Phew {still a million times better than when we lived in WC!}

Side note about piano lessons. The others kids who do not have lessons love that its piano day because they can play with the Jensen kids. Lucy especially loves Sarah and Evy.

Emma did a great job putting this together in less than 24 hours & they were so grateful for her help!

We all meet back at the house for dinner and FHE with Grandma Romans. It was enjoyable to have her with us. I'm always so glad when we have someone over. There is a spirit of service that can't be beat.
 Emma gave us a great lesson on tithing. 

Tuesday 09.22
Happy 11th Birthday Emma Lynn!!!

She wanted a Harry Potter Birthday so I had plans to transform our dining room into Harry Potter's Great Hall. Kurt helped me hang LED battery candles with fishing line from the ceiling. I set the table with maroon and gold {Gryffindor colors}. Used a stone photo backdrop to create the head table with the 4 house crests. My mom had come across some Harry Potter fabric that a friend had given her. She mailed it to use and it was the perfect finishing touches for everything. I made sure all the candles were lit and the battery ones turned on before Emma came out. Her reaction was perfect.

 She opened two presents, Hermonine's robe and wand {photo op & Halloween costume!}

 Eating her choice of breakfast cereal

She also had a new headband to wear to school. I think this is the first time one of the kids has gone to school on their birthday. Senora Mason asked her during Language Groups, "What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be shopping with your mom?" hahaha

While Lucy was at gymnastics Jane and I picked up Emma from school and took her to lunch at Wingers. Her meal was free because of her birthday and we ordered this amazingly {huge & delicious} asphalt pie.

We tried to take a picture in the mirror but Jane wouldn't look and my eyes were closed. At least the birthday girl has it together. She such a cutie.

Back at home I had a hour to finish all the party prep before they got out of school. Because it was dance day we were having our family party right after school. We had Claire with us {because of dance} and Kurt came home. We first went to Oliverander's shop to pick out {decorate} our wands. They were super tasty.

Next we played Harry Potter POP! Emma had picked this game for Lyla's party so I surprised her and made one for her too. Its like mini pinatas inside a balloon. They used Emma's wand {with a pin taped to the end} and a spell of their choice to pop the balloon. My favorite was Lucy's spell, "Spaghetti-armus"

Our final game was "Every Flavor Bertie Bott's Beans. This was hilarious and mostly disgusting. So you spin and eat the bean it lands on. There is a good and bad that look exactly alike so you don't know what flavor you will eat. For example, "Stinky Socks OR Tutti Fruiti" or "Buttered Popcorn OR Rotten Egg" or "Skunk OR Licorice." You get the idea. If you feel brave you can order your own game off of Amazon {Bean Boozled.}

 Definitely got stinky sock!

We ate her requested meal {Taco Salad just like every birthday for the past 5 years} and opened presents. She was so surprised {and excited!!} to get an MP3 player.

She took brownies to share with her dance class. When we got home from dance the older kids had cake & ice cream.

All day she was so appreciative and grateful for everything. It really made the day fun that she appreciated the details. She is a great kid, talented, hard working and driven. I am blessed to be her mom and love that she in an important of our family.

Emma's Favorites at 11
Food: Tacos
Color: Purple
Book: Harry Potter
Song: A Child's Prayer
Friend: Claire
Movie: Harry Potter 3
Talent: Art & Dancing

Other details about Tuesday not relating to Emma's birthday:

Lucy will tell you Tuesday is my busy day {gymnastics, preschool and dad.} I will always find her passed out in the afternoon.

Ruth had an amazing day in dance class. Miss Amber gave her a Star Student necklace for being a leader, and dancing so well. She was so excited {she wore the necklace to school the next day.}

The little girls at the library during Ruth's class. Jane loves any thing she can build.

Wednesday 09.23
Austin had a xc meet in Payette after school. After Emma's piano lesson she stayed home with the little girls while Spence and I went to cheer them on. It was just a middle school meet so it was a lot shorter and I liked the focus on the younger kids.
 Spence we more interested in climbing and reading his Harry Potter book.
 Kyle beat him at the home stretch. He doesn't have a sprint to the finish but he doesn't seem to mind.
The team 

For mutual that night Austin took down and clean out the tents from their campout. They roasted and worked on another merit badge. Kurt met with the 1st counselor of the RS presidency {who is our acting president because our RS president is inactive.}

Thursday 09.24
Tiffany again took Lucy to preschool that morning. Andrea {from Parma} was teaching. Jane and I helped Maria clean and decorate for a Bunco party at her house that night. I couldn't attend the party so I wanted to help in some way.
Jane played so sweetly while we worked.

I picked up the girls from preschool and Halle stayed with us until it was time to get the kids from school. We had a hard xc practice {4 miles plus hill sprints.} I was proud of Austin, I saw him push himself when he wanted to give up and keep going. As soon as we got home I grabbed Spence, and the little girls and we went to the pack meeting. It was at the Richards' house down in a wooded draw. We roasted hot dogs and smores and it felt like summer again. Ahhhhh. Spence had a super time.

We stopped at the house to get Austin and Ruth before headed to Parma to get Emma from dance. Kurt was with Oscar making visits that night.

Friday 09.25
We made it to Friday!! Should it feel like this big of an accomplishment??!?!

Spencer, Ruth and Lucy were lucky enough to play at Marti's after school {she met us at the school because she was already in Ontario.} Kurt picked them up on his way home from work. I'm glad they would play for a few hours, they have really missed their cousins. After xc practice we stayed home and actually had a few moments together as a family. Jane had been pretty grumpy that day and sometimes its just good to be home.

Saturday 09.26
Kurt and I left at 4:45 for the 6 am session. It had been a while since we had gone to the temple together {always taking someone else} so that was nice and a good re-connector. We

The Primary Program practice was at 10 and Austin stayed at home to watch Jane. We had pizza in between the 2 practices. That was helpful incentive and energy boost. The kids did well all things considered. 

The weather was perfect and so I kicked all the kids outside to play and explore. Austin set up some kind of shop in Jane's clubhouse. I do not have all the details at this point. I know the important things: they had creative fun outside and they cleaned up when they were done. And hey lets celebrate the fact that we didn't make you move anything this weekend.

Emma and I went to the Soup Social at the stake center before the broadcast. It was especially good to see friends from Vale again. The broadcast was wonderful. It always gets me so excited to for conference. I love sharing it with Emma and how she takes pages of notes and asks why I cry during every video and song. hahaha My sweet Ruth can join us next Women's Broadcast. We are so blessed to have modern day revelation. I especially loved Sister Wixcom's talk. That will be a classic and standard reference concerning our divine nature.

Tracey Boyle's baptism was next. Kurt was able to baptize her and I played the piano. It was a good meeting. She was ready. I hope she continues on the path - just as we all need to be diligent on our progression back to our Father. 

And last piece of news to share about this week - She's Doing it!

Its been a great week. There have been accidents but mostly success! She stays dry during nap time and wears them everywhere. We have done diapers at night but two times she has woken up dry. So we will venture in that direction next week. Oh friends, this is an end of an era for our family! Feeling giddy

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Emma's homework in Art was to work on shading. This is what she drew.

- Spencer is the lucky one to have Senor Lopez for Language Development Groups. They made this {Mexican flag color} fan this week. Spence was pretty proud of it.

- Apparently it doesn't matter what house we live in Lucy will always try to eat her snack on the counter. 

- I bought a vanity for the older girls room to help with the morning get-ready routine since the bathroom is so small. Emma has been trying to do her own hair more. And a little experimenting. 

- Emma and Lucy hacked into Kurt's phone and left these two pictures as his home and lock screen. So good to be loved by your daughters!

- Austin brought home another straight A progress report!

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