Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The OTHER summer activity

Due to crazy wet weather early this month a whole week of t-ball and baseball games were canceled. And then with Lucy's early arrival it seemed like the season was shorter than usual. Even though everyone had fun, we are not complaining that it is over! ;)

This was Austin's second year of coach pitch. He was on team RPM {yay!} and his coach was Meshelle Schaffeld. He had great improvement over last year. He was more confident at bat and was always able to hit the ball. He enjoyed the social aspect as well. Next year he will be in the Minor League...we'll have to see what happens with that...{its a lot more sports commitment than we might be prepared to give.}

This was Emma Lynn's second year of t-ball and Spencer's first. They were both on the Clearwater Irrigation Team {thank you!} and their coaches were Bob and Christy Phillips. Emma also improved much from last year and is hitting harder and running faster. Like everything she does, she gives it her best and most surprising of all to me, she enjoys it.

Spencer is still Spencer {imagine that!} His skills were fine but he was always so silly. Enjoying his friends, laying down in the field when it was boring, trying to get a laugh. You know, typical Spencer and first time t-ball stuff. It was amusing. He really liked playing catcher the best.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life with Lucy

Lucy and I came home from the hospital Saturday night. Kurt and Emma Lynn came to pick us up. Big sis was glowing. :)

That first night Lucy wanted to eat every hour. It was a long night.

Monday afternoon I took her to the Dr. office for a check up. Everything looks great and she was weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces. She is very long and lean. Kurt lovingly calls her chicken legs.

We had a great FHE lesson that night. It was more a discussion actually which makes it even cooler. When each of us were sharing a time when we felt the spirit that week they all revolved around Lucy and her arrival. As parents we were able to testify of the sweet spirits they are and their divine nature. And because they love Lucy so innocently and so completely they got it. They understood. I am so grateful for such a choice and precious spirit to come to our family.

We A D O R E this tiny little girl. She is completely wrapped around our hearts. Her siblings have nothing but endless amounts of love for her. They wonder why she has to eat so often because they can't hold her when she's eating!

Austin by far spends the most time with her. He is very loving and simply infactuated with her. It is so good to see his softer more gentle side.

This is where I find him 70% of the time. Next to her cradle watching her.

Rooster has assumed the role as Big Sister like she was made for it. She was coloring one morning and chattering to herself when she announced, "I'm a big sister!" followed by a happy sigh. She turned around and saw me standing there and gave a sheepishly cheesy grin. :)

Notable: Lucy has BLUE eyes AND I have seen traces of a dimple. YAY!!!

We think she's perfect.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love my DAD because...

1. He's good.
2. He works for us.
3. He's nice.
4. He teaches me.
5. He lets me work with him.

Emma Lynn
1. He's nice to me.
2. He let me sleep in his bed {sometimes.}
3. He makes dinner.
4. He plays with me.
5. He gives me hugs & kisses.

1. He is a counselor.
2. He lets us work with him sometimes.
3. He likes me.
4. He helps me with stuff.
5. He goes to work.

1. He mows the lawn.
2. He goes to work.
3. He goes to church.
4. He loves me.
5. His hairy armpits {super silly at this point.}

The kids continued the tradition of picking out a present for their individualized daddy dates. Austin choose a fishing pole, Emma Lynn the game of horse shoes, Spencer diving rings for the swimming pool and Ruth a jump rope.

The kids put together a restaurant for Kurt {yay for Sunday meetings that gave us time to put it together.} Austin made the signs and decorations. Emma created the most beautiful menu ever while Spencer set the table.

The table setting complete with personalized menu.

The super silly staff {waiters and waitresses.}

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lucy Rae

Happy Birthday my beautiful NEW daughter! We are so glad you arrived today.

I didn't sleep well last night, things just felt a little off. I woke up at 5 am so nauseated and pukey. Somehow I got back to sleep and the next thing I know I woke up wet at 8 am. Immediately I got into the bathroom to manage the mess. I continued to trickle fluid and it was a flashback to Austin...except this time I was 38 weeks.

I called Kurt, "Ummm, I think my water just broke."

He was just about to leave town for the day to work on a pivot completely out of cell phone service. I'm so glad it happened before he left.

I woke up the kids to tell them what was happening. It was better than Christmas! When I explained the process of water breaking Austin said, "Oh, that's disgusting!" Then Emma wanted to know, "Why is it all wet in the bathroom???" Oh, please I cleaned up.

Cindy came and got the kids while I packed my hospital bag {that was the one thing I didn't have done.} Before we left Kurt gave me a blessing. I was having irregular contractions on the drive over {8 minutes apart} and reality started to hit me of the road ahead...Flashbacks of 4 labors to bring children to the world came rushing back to me...I didn't feel ready.

We got checked into the hospital and they did a test to confirm that yes my water had broken. Since I was positive for the strep test again {I was also for Ruth's pregnancy} they immediately started antibiotics. They want the antibiotics to be in for 4 hours before the baby is born. I was dehydrated and veins kept collapsing so the nurse had a hard time getting the IV in. She came back 15 minutes later to check it and I looked down and my arm was started to swell like a balloon. The IV was definitely not in a vein! They moved me to a labor and delivery room and got another IV going.

After the antibiotics were finished we did some walking and then I got into the jacuzzi tub. At this point Dr. Rice suggested we start Pit. My water had broke at 8 am, the antibiotics were in and my irregular contractions were not getting regular. I knew that if they were going to get regular they would have by now. The thing is that I strongly, dis-like with a passion Pit. So I sat in the tub debating and finally I decided - I'm going to get an epidural. It was pretty much a mind game at this point. Obviously I knew that I could deliver without it but it came down to the decision to pamper myself, and see what all the rage was about. And so I told the nurse and the orders were sent.

I felt like a first time mom with the epidural since I was experiencing something so new. As soon as it was in they cranked up the Pit and you know what, I didn't care cause I couldn't feel it! I was feeling pressure so Dr. Rice checked me and it was time to push. I was surprised that I could still feel everything as I was pushing but its all good cause I know what to do with that. 2 pushes and little Lucy was born. She came out screaming, Kurt cut the cord and then they put her on my chest. She calmed right down and it was love. Yet one more cookie cutter mold from my baby factory. At least I know which babies are mine {or Kurt's!}

Cutting the cord

7 lbs 2 oz ~ 20 inches long

It was so surreal that she is here. I wasn't mentally prepared that she was coming today so I had to wrap my mind around that. Also with the epidural I missed the middle {painful!} part of the delivery process so it just seemed like {push, push} and she was here. Surreal.

The next couple of hours were just spent lovin' and welcomin' the beautiful new one. Grandma Cindy brought the kids to the hospital around 7 pm. I was still in the labor and delivery room at that point because they didn't have a room free in the mother/baby floor. By the time I moved to my new room visiting hours were over and Kurt took the kids home.

It was so beautiful and so precious to see all the kids welcome their newest sister. You can't replace such moments. I am a blessed mom.

I have never had favorites when it came to my children. They are all so different that you can't even compare them. But I will say, that TODAY, Lucy is my favorite child. I really, really wanted to go into labor on my own with her. I've been induced with the first 4 and I felt so lame that I hadn't experienced a "real" labor and delivery. So first of all she let me go into labor. Secondly she gave us enough time to get to the hospital {Kurt and I were both dreading a road side delivery!} and also enough time to get the antibiotics in. What a good kid! Thanks little Lucy for letting me experience in. {In hindsight my water breaking with Lucy wasn't much different that when it broke with Austin except that I was in the "safe-to-deliver" zone. So maybe I had experienced more than I thought...}

To record for history this was a busy day for family on both sides. Kurt's aunt Betty passed away this morning, Matthew celebrated his first birthday, Tim his graduation from High School and Karen a bridal shower for her up-coming wedding.

Glad you didn't want to miss the excitement Lucy Rae!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Lessons {round one}

We started swim lessons last week for the 3 oldest kids. Each kid had a private teacher for a 1/2 hour Monday - Thursday.

Austin's teacher was Cassie.

Emma's teacher was Shalisse

Spencer's teacher was Melissa.

The last 5 minutes of the lesson are free time. They went down the slide, off the diving board, shot baskets and dove for rings.

Emma promised that she would jump off the diving board on the last day. Another guard went with her and picked her up and jumped in with her before she could think about it or get too scared. She was proud of her accomplishment. In true Emma fashion she made a card for her teacher on the last day.

Austin regressed midweek but was able to pull out of it by the end. Still pretty timid but he is making progress so that is wonderful.

Spencer is the fish. He is fearless. He puts his head under and just swims out to his teacher. He dives for rings without a worry. Its fun to watch.

I really want Austin to be a compentent swimmer this summer mainly because of his age and to help me. It's hard to take 4 kids to the pool by yourself when none of them can swim. So he will do lessons again next week. Spencer is doing so well that I hate to stop and you can't leave Emma they are all doing private lessons again this week!

Meanwhile Rooster hangs out with me in the baby pool. It worked out great. The bonus was that Braxton and Brooke had lessons before us so they came and swam with Ruth when theirs were done. She loved having playmates.

We also went to family swim Tuesday night with Kelli and Marti. Trying to get as much swimming in as possible. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piano Recital

Austin had his first official piano recital today. In January he started taking lessons from a lady in our ward, Lori Nelson. It has been great.

We walked in just as it was starting so I tried to quickly and quietly find a seat. When I sat down I realized that Austin wasn't with me. All the other piano students were sitting up front together. I assumed he was with them. I kept looking for him but couldn't find him. Finally Cindy caught my eye and said that he wasn't there. Where was he?!!! Just about that time Kurt came in {he just finished up with a stake meeting in Nyssa} and Austin appeared from the hall. I motioned to Kurt to get Austin and bring him into the room. He got seated just before it was his turn to perform.

Kurt told me he was shaking and his hands were so sweaty. So naturally I started to worry for him because he was so nervous.

But he was did so GREAT! He played, "Toy Soilder," "Blue Bells of Scotland," and "Star Wars." He had all his pieces memorized and didn't make any mistakes! I had to work really hard not to cry, knowing how nervous he was but that he was able to overcome that and do the best he could. He was pleased with his performance and was beaming afterwards. So proud of you Austin!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp


Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Im Austin. Today I went to Day Camp. There were 9 centers. 1 was the water center. My favorite center was archery because you get to shoot bow and arrows. My least favorite center was arts and crafts. I really like flag football and BB guns. They were real ones. I learned how to tie a square knot and bull line. It was fun. Really FUN! I bought rattle snake eggs and a Chinese yo-yo. I also bought a claw, and helicopter and a plane from the trading post.


Home Again

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