Monday, April 18, 2016

Time with Mom

April 3 - 9, 2016

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This was the first of Emma's Christmas present shows to watch together over the year. Neither of us had seen this ballet before. It was so beautiful! Making memories with this cute girl - even better!

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
As we are adjusting to a family of 12, a mother of 9, & becoming a 2 language home things really have gone very well. My heart is so grateful. And I thought I was busy before! Rachel J came to help clean on Thursday. I finally swallowed my pride and got some help keeping up with it. She will come every 2 weeks. Bed time has been hard {only the aspect of being on time.} But by some miracle we haven't been late for school. It is a constant FIESTA at our house and the kitchen is never closed! The boys have craved my attention and affection. I am happy to give it. It has made me acutely aware of how I've been parenting and trying to be more loving to all 9 cute kids. I'm grateful for the realization & all the things the Lord is teaching me. Feeling such an urgency to learn Spanish like I never have before {imagine that!} If I can't improve in this setting I might be a hopeless cause. They have lots of gaming devices which causes a bit of a struggle for me. But without a doubt the Lord is blessing us. Feeling grateful I took the time to have mommy dates with 4 of my kids this week so we could talk about all the changes. One-on-One time is priceless.

The intents of our heart

March 27 - April 2, 2016

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Really this is a HUGE celebration for Ruth who was cursed with bad teeth {sorry} and always has cavities regardless of her diligent brushing. So YAY for Ruth!!!

Thursday, 03.31

Proudly wearing my mother's pin. Love this handsome, sweet, talented brown eye boy

Friday, 04.01
Tio Jorge & boys were suppose to arrive late Thursday night {after the pack meeting} but they missed their flight because it took too long to get through customs. They ended up spending the night in Denver. Quite honestly it was a blessing to have the extra daylight hours to get the house ready. After lots of thinking I decided that it would be the wisest to give them our bedroom, it is the biggest in the house, so it makes sense. We moved in a twin bed from the shop & added it to our room for Tio. During preschool on Thursday I bought 2 more twin beds and they were delivered that afternoon. Austin help me get them set up in the craft room {pushed together to make a double bed for Kurt and I.} I moved all of our clothes out of the drawers and closets so they would have room to put their stuff away. 

The girls and I worked quickly so we could go to the movies and watch "Zootopia" with Kenzie and family for her birthday. The girls loved it and we had fun.

Kurt picked them up & they arrived in Nyssa around 7 pm. It was SO WONDERUL to be reunited with Tio again. And instantly we loved his boys. I had been praying earnestly all week for a loving heart & that I could rise to what the situation would require of me. The kids all bonded & started playing. It truly was beautiful to watch unfold. It made my heart SO happy to hear so much Spanish flowing in my house from my children. It is a tender memory for me and it felt like heaven was pouring out blessing upon us. We also found out that Isaac got into 4Rivers prep school {with Austin} and would start on Tuesday.  

Saturday, 04.02

~~Romans Reflections~~

She has been saying this all week and then giggles 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


March 20-26, 2016

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Our Easter pondering prep:

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Jane and I shared the top bunk and Marti and Bryler were below us. Snuggling with Jane was one of my favorite memories. It was a wonderful rental! We would book it again without a doubt.

Friday, 04.25
Austin and Ruth made their first episode of "Kids in the Kitchen."

That evening we decorated eggs while Kurt and Austin were at the temple doing baptisms.

Saturday, 04.26

The boys went to the Forsbergs house while Emma helped all the girls get dressed, hair and make-up done for our first Beautiful Brunch. I was busy getting everything set up. I'm really happy with how it all turned out. I'm grateful I took the time to make my girls feel special and beautiful. This is a tradition we will look forward to every year.

Austin had practice for the Easter program and then Emma, Ruth and I went to the General Women's broadcast that evening. It was the perfect evening to a wonderful day.

The world is a stage

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