Sunday, April 12, 2015

Conference + Easter = Perfection

March 29-April 4, 2015

Because of General Conference we had our Easter sacrament meeting. Kurt asked me to speak on the relationship between the sacrament and the atonement. I really enjoyed my study and preparation for this talk. I feel like I'm in a very good place to start the week of Easter.

This the drawing Spencer did of my talk.

The girls also wore their new Easter dresses.

After church Austin worked on his faith in God. He only needs to complete two things to finish.
WOOT WOOT!! Teach a FHE lesson on Joseph Smith and the restoration and talk to the Deacon's Quorum president. Proud of this kid in his preparation for the next step in life.

We are stilling eating on those carrots Grandpa bought for us. hahaha We love carrots!

Sunday snuggles with dad are priceless.

Monday, March 30

Happy Monday!

 We finished our last Daisy petal badge and talked about Girl Scout around the world. 
I love Ruth's drawing of a French Girl Scout. 

How fun to see these pop up on our place. Surprise!

 Tuesday, March 31
I love finding surprise selfies on my phone. 
And I love that he is teaching her the fine art of proper selfie taking.  

Look what the naughty baby did during preschool. She went straight down for a nap!

Austin continues to do well with his piano lessons. He enjoys playing the hymns the most. 
He has even be transposing them with little difficulty. Definitively something I'm not good at!

Bill was bucked off his horse and broke 6 ribs and collapsed his lung. After some tests in the Ontario ER he was moved to St. Al's in Boise. Ever since I heard the news I was so nauseated thinking of the pain he was in. You don't wish that kind of pain on anyone! Lots of prayers.

Wednesday, April 1

Made cookies and wrote thank you cards for everyone who helped during the accident. 

Ruth earned this sleep mask from our point basket. She has loved sleeping with it over her eyes every night. Here she is, passed out in style, on our Wednesday night ballet drive.

Thursday, April 2
We had a fun and simple Easter party. I gave each of the kids a small Easter basket. Lucy was overjoyed to received her own wind up chick.

They were celebrating March birthday in Spencer's class on Friday so during clogging I left Emma {who sadly enough did not have art}, Spencer and Jane home to make cupcakes, do homework and practice. When I came home they had the made plus homemade frosting and were starting to frost them. So proud. I actually finished most of the frosting but still so proud of them. Independence can be a beautiful thing. 

 With the leftover cupcakes I did Easter cupcakes for the families Kurt home teaches.

Friday, April 3
Kurt and I did a sealing session. It is always great to do sealings again and even better when you have family file names to do {thanks dad!}
The temple flowers were out of this world. The scent was to die for. Truly heavenly. No pun intended. :)

We were able to visit Bill in the hospital. Grandma & Brenda were also there. Of course Bill's spirits were good. He enjoys the attention and the nurses love him. We made it back just in time to celebrate with Spence. Austin's elective this semester is student teacher. He was helping in Spencer's class. 
It was fun to see him in that role. 

After singing to him he dived into his cupcake!

I found this cutie working hard in her classroom!

She is also apart of the Poetry Club at school that meets on Thursdays during lunch. 
She made this poster I saw in the hall. She is a great leader in her class.

After school we picked up the little girls and then went back into town for Austin's first tennis match in. His partner was Kaden Ruckman. Unfortunately they lost but Austin said, "Surprisingly I did better than I thought I would." He was pleased with his performance and that's all I could ask for. Proud of him for trying something new.

With middle school tennis they start with 8th grade and then moved down. So that translates into a lot of time waiting. Spencer didn't bring shoes {???!!!} So he was in the car with his book/iPad the entire time. The little girls had fun with friends and playing

 I encouraged them to hold still long enough to watch Austin's match. 

We went straight to the church to clean. Because of General Conference weekend they wanted us to clean on Friday night so the building was ready.

 Austin fell and used the Church paper towel {rough} to make a make-shift band-aide. 

The Forsbergs were also cleaning the church with us. Since both of us were headed home to eat pizza I suggested we go to Chavalitas together instead. It was a fun and enjoyable evening. We need to make time for this on a regular basis.

 Love this selfie I found on my phone :)

Saturday, April 4
Grandpa Miles had been in the ICU all week. Friday he was unresponsive and the Doctor said he wouldn't make it through the night. Kurt called that morning - while the kids were patiently waiting in their rooms to come out and see their Easter baskets - and told me that Grandpa Ken had passed away. WHAT?!! I was shocked. Grandpa Ken was in the nursing home recovering from his hospital style from the previous week. While his health was not good, he wasn't on his death bed.

Kurt and Cindy drove over to Boise to tell Bill that his father had passed away. Kurt spent the day there with his dad.

I told the kids about grandpa, "We don't have to be sad - we will see him again!"

Then we went to the Easter baskets and hunt before conference started.
 The boys got {more} Pokemon cards and sling shots. 

 Emma got this cool calligraphy book. 

 She was so excited to find candy inside. "Candy! Candy!"

 Both the little girls got floating princess dolls for the bath. 
Ruth LOVES the Piggie & Gerald books. The same author, Mo Williams, wrote the Pigeon series too. It a matching game inside of the pigeon's belly. She loved it!

I love General Conference. Combined with Easter weekend it was beautiful and exactly what I needed. My heart was already tender with Grandpa's passing and the sweet words and testimony of the spirit were a sweet solace. EVERY single talk in the second session was for me. It was on F I R E! Since Kurt was at the hospital with his dad we were texting back and forth. After every talk I would say, "Wow that was so beautiful!" We are beyond blessed to have a living prophet and modern revelation. It is yet another testimony that Jesus loves us!

The flowers and blossoms were so beautiful this week. I wanted to take a picture of each one.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
Ruth came home from school and created this prayer chart so she could prepare for her baptism.

Jane has become obsessed with the thick black hair tyes. She wears them like bracelets, as many as she can find at once. She also loves to gnaw on whole apples.

Ruth loves the church magazines. She is often found at the printer copying pages out of the Ensign or Friend for her collection of treasures.

Austin created this pie chart of the amount of time each family member has been alive.

Spencer has a toothbrush travel kit in his backpack. As we were driving after school I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him brushing his teeth. WHAT?! He would squirt toothpaste directly in his mouth and then brush. When he was finish he spit into an empty Gatorade bottle. Serious stuff.

- The activity to Austin's FHE was 30 riddles he had compiled. Kurt and Austin love that kind of thing.
- At FHE when we were all together Lucy said, "Its a family reunion. That means we are happy!"
- "Do you know anything about the abstract belt?" Spencer asked. We determined he meant the Asteroid Belt. Ruth has been talking about an abstract art piece that she is working on in class.
- When Lucy was talking to Kurt on the phone she asked, "Did you hear what I got from General Conference?!!" She was referring to her Easter baskets ;)

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