Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preschool Open House

When our mommy and me preschool group ended in May I knew I wanted to do more something more for Ruth. So I agreed to start teaching again. One class with a helper so I was just teaching one day a week. I can manage that.

Christy Ruf is helping me teachI feel so blessed that she agreed to go with me on this adventure. She is a fabulous teaching and I am excited to utilize her talents AND share the load and journey with another adult and friend.

We had our preschool open house Monday night. Both of our husbands were out of town. She helped me clean the room that morning and make preparations for the night. This is my fourth open house and it was so NiCE to have someone mentally manning and sharing the load. Again feeling so blessed. The open house went really well. We  have great families, I'm excited to rub shoulders with them. 

School starts Tuesdsy and Ruth is excited. And so am I!

My Gurls

One good thing about school starting again is that every day is a mommy date with these two cuties! I sure love them. They makes my days full and happy. I feel very blessed.

Naturally Lucy has been tagged with the nickname of Goose. (Lucy Goosey for those who cannot follow our madness.) And of course I'll always have my Rooster gurl. Who knew a mom could be blessed with two such beautiful birds! Haha

Ruth is a great helper especially with cleaning (but not picking up!) We love to read books, color pictures and dance.  Of course back to school also means an increase in the mom bus. Lucy is back to napping in the car. Ahhhh I feel bad for her but she is just so easy going. Appreciate her.

I'm so glad heavenly Father blessed me with these two to brighten the school days. I love my birds!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Edified - instructed and encouraged on a moral, intellectual and spiritual movement.

This perfectly describes my weekend. Sister McConkie of the general YW board spent the day with our stake YW presidency. After the day has come to a close I really feel like it was a gift, a sweet treasure from our father in heaven.  What a blessing as we struggle and wonder how to best magnify our callings as stake leaders. She spoke with the 4 of us and it was beautiful. The spirit was sweet as she bore such a solid witness. Her manners were kind and loving and sincere. "You can never tell a YW too much that they are loved by Heavenly Father." She emulated that love.

We had an auxillery training the day before and between both days I was greatly taught of the spirit. I am learning listen what I need to do to apply the principles being taught. So much of it relating to my most important calling as mother. There is so much work to be done!

How grateful I am for a Heavenly Father who knows my needs even better than I know myself. How grateful I am for an out pouring of the spirit and tender mercies.

Friday, August 24, 2012

H, F & M

On August 9th as I was rushing to get ready to leave for McCall I noticed a rash on Lucy. It was just on her lower body. My first thought was it came from a fever she had early in the week.  The rash didn't really progress but then she started getting blisters on all her finger tips. A few days later the same blisters were all over her toes. That's when I contented the dots: Hand, Foot & Mouth! Like AlWAYS she has been amazing through it all. I feel bad we were to busy to see all the signs. And another sad thing: our babysitter got it also! Sorry all!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School 1st ~ 2nd ~ 4th

This was on record THE shortest summer of all time. I have no idea where it went. And so quickly. So that explains my denial, anxiety and saddness with today happening. I couldn't stop it.

This day will never be easy for me. That's what I've decided. And as soon as I get them all to there respective classes I make a mad dash for the car so I'm not bawling for the entire school to see.

Austin and Emma both had big transition years. They express some nervousness this summer. They received beautiful and amazing fathers blessings Monday night and that helped. They ALL came home with glowing reports and so much excitement for tomorrow! I've never heard Austin talk so much "señor rivas said this. Señor Rivas said that." I have a feeling we will hear that a lot this year. Emma and Hailey are in the same class so everything is peachy in Emma's world. Spencer had great behavior and was a role model for the class.

Alright, here we go! 2012-2013 is gonna be a FABULOUS year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Toilet House, Home Sweet Home

On Monday, August 13th I had a clean up day at the toilet house. I invited my friends out for a fun day of service (ah, they are so good to me!) The goal was to take it from a construction zone to a livable place. We must have done that because we moved that night for FHE! We rallied some awesome family members and moved the essentials (beds, table and couches.)

Since that time we have been slowly moving things over. But really just living with the basics. It's nice, I keep wondering why we have so much stuff. Eventually we will find a place for it.

Every night Kurt and I work on another project (the new frig took 2 nights cause it didn't fit! Plus new sink, toilets and the constant hauling of trash all around this place.) I like working with Kurt.

So we really love the toilet house. It has quickly become home.LovE the central air!! LOVE the view. And I love the layout of the house. I wasn't sure at first but I'm completely sold. It has a very open central feel for lots of great family togetherness.

So you should come visit us at our toilet house. We still have that toilet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spencer's T-Ball Season

June 2012

So I am the absolute worse mom ever. I did not see a single game of the entire season. That is about the most ridiculously pathetic thing I've ever heard. How did June get SO busy that I could not even be in town for a single game. I'm so sorry Spence. I promise that I will never let that happen again.

I heard that you were amazing and I don't doubt it. Your coach was Tammy Chamberlin. She has spent many years coaching middle school girls softball. So she was serious but also a grandma so a great combo. You even had practices this year. ;)

HUGE thank to my mom who exercised faith and worked miracles to get these pictures off her dying computer for me since I didn't have any proof of his season. THANK YOU, thank you. Another huge thank you to all the family that watched and cheered and clapped for my boy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Super Exciting Day!

Today was exciting and historical for 2 reasons.


Kurt now has a business partner! Cortney Forsberg. Yes. I know! This is huge. It has been a long, long time in the process. Much talking, prayer and then more discussion. And now we are exercising faith that this was the right business move. It is impossible for Kurt to get everything by himself. For years he has said he would love to clone himself. According to Kurt, Cortney is as close as we could get. They are a great family and we get along well. I'm excited for my husband.


My parents received their mission call today! I am bursting at the seams so excited! My mom sent a text: "Our mission call came this morning. I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT." I started screaming, "NO WAY!!" And dialed their number as fast as I could. "Are you going to MADAGASCAR?!!!"

They are serving a 18 month welfare service mission in Antananarivo, Madagascar. They leave December 31 for the Provo MTC.

They are going to be so amazing. They ALREADY are. Since my childhood they have been missionary minded. They love the Lord and are obedient and humble. A dream missionary couple if you ask me! I am grateful for the example they are setting for our family. We love you!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Week 4

June 18 - 23

For the past 6 months I have had Girls Camp on the brain. At different points it has consumed me. It has been a fun journey to watch the process of inspiration come for this important event. I have been stretched and strengthened. I am humbled and grateful for all who contributed to make it a success.

Our Theme was "Ignite Your FIRE Within."

Monday at 4 pm we invited the YCL {youth camp leaders} to come up for a special night of training and pampering. We did a faith walk, had dinner, prepared gifts for the girls they were in charge of, played night games and had a nice scripture study.

This is the first time the stake has done this. I personally enjoyed it. It was wonderful to get to know these girls better. And I really feel like those that were there that night did a fabulous job being a leader throughout the week.

Tuesday at 10 am camp started for everyone.

I was on the verge of puking and jumping for joy with excitement. {Monday was the same.} Whew! I had to remind myself to breathe. Our opening activity was spiritual. In the past they have always be fun but we wanted to set the mood and tone of camp. We had Moses come and speak to the girls about being able to do hard things in the Lord. And then we hiked to the alter with 2 pieces of wood. One to make an alter as a sign of our devotion and another to ignite our personal testimony. We were striving to give them their own personal burning bush experience throughout camp.

Early Tuesday morning before camp started Jen and I hiked up to the alter and added gold reflective and red cellophane to this sagebush at the top of our alter. IT WAS THE BURNING BUSH. We were so happy with how it turned out. You could see it from camp reflecting and blowing in the wind.

                      This is the alter we made from the wood we carried up.

This is Kevin. Kelli Fulk caught him and he quickly became the camp mascot. I let Kelli put him on my should and he cawled up my head. It was creepy!

I really do not want to give a play by play of each and every activity we planned and how it went. But I do want to record that I LOVED CAMP. It was an amazing experience. After camp was over I felt like I had a relationship with each of the leaders in all of the wards. I know so many of the girls by name and have a real love for them. So much of the stake callling is training and activities. I miss all the interaction with the girls that you get at the ward level. I got all that and MORE at camp. It was great.

There were some down moments too. Wednesday was hard. I think stress and exhaustion had a lot to do with the events that happened in the evening {cleaning the bathroom twice from bodily fluids and stake leaders not communicating.} But I had to keep going and even when I couldn't my prayers of strength were answered. I know the Lord loves the young women of our stake and I'm grateful to witness that as His instrument. I know that my FIRE was ignited and strengthen.

I cannot sing enough praises to my husband. He is SO amazing to me. Once again I could not fulfill my calling without his support. He goes above and beyond. He was up at camp 3 full days plus he built me an eternal flame {big metal pipe contramption in the back of the pick up.} Everything in this picture was for the opening activity alone. He doesn't ever complain and always supports and helps with whatever I need. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you Kurt. Once again I am humbled by you. Thank you! THANK YOU.

Another larger than life thank you to my parents for coming up and spending the week at my house with the kids. And if that wasn't enough they spent quality time with them doing Richards' Retreat Pirate theme. My kids LOVED it and are super blessed. Thanks mom and dad.

Friday night Kurt took the boys up for the Father and Son's campout {because he hadn't spent enough time at Camp Hycliffs that week!} I told you he was amazing. Naturally the boys loved it all but unfortunately no pictures.

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