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May 19 - 25, 2013

F - Final days of School & activities
R - Revealing talents to classmates
E - Eeek the little girls are puking
E - Exception awards for exceptional kids
D - Do celebrate the FREEDOM of the last day of school which = SUMMER!
O - Outstanding grandma planned Richards Retreat while on her mission. Perfect activity for the first day of summer. 
M - Mom turned 33

F - Final days of School & activities
Monday and Tuesday we finished the last girl and cub scouts of the year. Girl scout prepared for their camp in June. Cub Scout we had a Bubble Mania. It was SO fun, the boys loved it and we {the Romans family} are planning to replicate the same such bubble mania madness for ourselves this summer! The only draw back is that it was super crazy windy so we had to do it inside. BUT on a positive note the kitchen did get mopped so that's always a good thing! :)

R - Revealing talents to classmates
I pretty much live at the school the last week. Every year they have a talent show in May. They changed it up this year. Instead of doing it for the entire school they did it by grade, in their classrooms for their classmates. And each kid had to do something. Luckily all three of them were scheduled for Tuesday. Austin was first and he did origami. He had stayed up until 10:30 pm on Monday night folding and folding 14 different paper objects {planes, boxes, animals, and even a trick.} He showed and explained to his class each one. The biggest hit was when he threw the airplanes into the crowd. He had four different types {including one of his own designs.} He was confident and pleased with the response. I'm proud of him.

Spencer was next and he played on the keyboard, "Little Indian Boy" {a song he was preparing for his recital at the end of the week.} He played it loud and confident and pretty much rocked it. What boy doesn't love a good pounding song? {Side note: today in Primary the pianist wasn't there and they were waiting so Spencer volunteered to play his 2 memorized pieces for the Primary. I love his confidence. Way to go!}

Emma's class was the last of the day. She showed two art pieces that she has completed this year in her art class with Sister Wolfe. The crowd immediately ooooed and aaaaahed when they saw it. She was beaming with the response.

I love the new talent show format. It is great that everyone has to share, their classmates were very respectful and it is a super chance to gain confidence. I could visably see each of my children grow and beam with the positive response from their friends and classmates. What a great boost! That is priceless.

E - Eeek the little girls are puking
Wednesday morning {2 am respectively} Ruth threw up. When Lucy woke up we found her covered in her own throw up she had been sleeping in. Ahhhh poor girls. Unfortunately I had to play the piano for the students in the keyboard class in the school wide talent show that morning. I really appreciate that Kurt was able to stay with the sick ones while I rushed over to fulfill my obligations. The rest of the day was spent on the couch or bed and endless amounts of sleeping. Luckily the puking was done but they were wracked with fevers. Poor little girls. Ruth was sad and moaning and Lucy was grumpy and yelling.

 Lucy also fell down and ate the sidewalk after cub scouts. Her nose was pretty scratched up and a nice bruse on her forehead.
It was about all they could handle to pick up the kids from school so we obibously skipped the library, gymnastics, and scout fundraiser so they could get home.

E - Exception awards for exceptional kids
Gratefully the girls slept through the night peacefully and their fevers had broke. So we all loaded up for the very LAST day of school Thursday morning. The girls and I stayed so we could see the kids receive their awards.

Austin received the Issaac Newton awards for his strength and ability in mathetics.
           He wouldn't let me take a picture of him with his teachers. :( Next year for sure!

         Emma Lynn received the Vince Van Gogh award for her strength and ability in art.

Spencer received the Madagascar Fossa {its an animal} for being active and intellegent.

I am grateful for great kids who have worked hard this school year. Way to GO!!

Then the girls and I rushed home to prepare for my most favorite, School's Out for Summer party. :D

D - Do celebrate the FREEDOM of the last day of school which = SUMMER!
This is my MOST favorite party of the entire year. Ruth was super cute and such a great helper getting everything ready. We used every minute we had decorating, wrapping and setting {plus finished up end of the year gifts for teachers and aides.} On the drive over Ruth kept saying, "I'm so excited. This is going to be so fun!"

After delivering the gifts, saying good-bye and giving hugs we were on the road for the last time of the 2012-2013 school year. I cannot even tell you how good it felt. I could taste the FREEDOM. It is more delicious than chocolate.

We have some well established traditions at this party by now. ;) First off the kids have to cut the streamer of their school year to officially start summer.

Then we all use the streamers to rock out to "School's Out for Summer."

We ate flip flop cookies and drank SUNkist. Made snow cones, blasted silly string off the hill and made chalk art masterpieces. And of course complied our summer bucket list.
"80 Days of Summer."

Spencer and Emma Lynn had their piano recital that evening so we went back to Ontario for that. Unfortunately it was held in the chapel of the Ontario church so I could video or take pictures. ;( They both did a stellar job. Spencer had both of his pieces memorized. He played "Little Indian Boy" and "I would like to go to Mars." Emma Lynn played "Swinging Along" and a duet with Nancy of "If the Savior stood beside me." It is amazing how much progress they have made this year. I am grateful for their abilities and desire to practice. We have all three school kids signed up for the fall {Austin is super happy.} Dad treated us to "Fiesta" for dinner afterwards.

O - Outstanding grandma planned Richards Retreat while on her mission. Perfect activity for the first day of summer.
My super organized mom sent an email the beginning of May with a lesson plan for Richards Retreat. I had been thinking about her lesson and knew I wanted to extend it into a summer long project/goal for us. I also knew it would be the perfect birthday presents for my missionary SERVING parents. I decided the first official day of summer {Friday} would be perfect to do Richards Retreat. It would set the tone for the summer AND give us time to take pictures and video to email to Grandma for her birthday.
When we were making our summer to-do list on Thursday Spencer wanted to Richards Retreat. I thought that was awesome! Way to make it fun and important and meaningful that my kids look forward to it. Thanks grandma and grandpa!
Our devotional that morning was the lesson my mom had sent for Richards Retreat. Songs, scripture discussion and 2 stories about SERVICE. Like FHE it had its ups and down moments haha. We did word searches, and coloring pages on serving.
I had a large poster board with a calendar and explained to the kids that this is our "Summer of Service." We would do an act of service everyday in June and then once a week in July and August because of Jane's arrival. We would document each act with a picture {to email to grandparents}. We brainstormed ideas of service we could do and also the importance of "First observe then Serve."

Our craft was designing family service T-shirts to wear this summer while we are giving service. They are neon green. You might be able to spot us. ;)


We also introduced the Romans Reading program complete with a box of new books for everyone to read. Austin's book was Stars Wars Origami and "The Lost Hero" {from the same author as the Percy Jackson series he loved.} Between the two we haven't seen him since.

That night the kids and I went to the drive-in movie theatre to watch "The Croods" {a movie about a caveman family.}
Lucy fell asleep on the way over and slept through the entire thing {thank goodness.}  On the way home I got pulled over. Apparently the light bulb on my back licence plate was out. Who knew? Everything else was up to date so he just gave me a warning. 43 second after I got back on the road Lucy threw up. Ahhhh

M - Mom turned 33
Saturday I turned 33. The plans for the day changed due to Lucy throwing up Friday night. Kurt ended up staying home with the kids. I really appreciate him. He made a great effort and he is so sweet. I'm a blessed lady. When we got back from the drive-in he had streamers over our bedroom doorway, 33 drawn out in matches and screws on the kitchen table, a sign. All the typical things I do for the kids, super sweet.

I got to talk with my parents Saturday morning and that was super great! Then Jamie and I headed to Boise. We stopped at two stores before eating lunch at Tuscanos. After being completely stuffed and tired we went to the temple. Still managed to make it a good session. Love the temple. One more stop at Costco and then we were home.

Kurt and the kids had dinner set up on our new picnic tables complete with cake and homemade ice cream. Did I mention I appreciate the efforts from my sweet husband. The kids made we super cards and books. My people have a way of making me feel like a queen. 33 is going to be a epic year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Romans Reflections~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have already done 6 items on our Summer List :)
#1. Make a fort and sleep in it.
#45. Stay up Late Contest

They combined these two and had great plans to "not go to sleep until morning!" Spencer passed out first. Austin last. They were all asleep by 11:35 pm

#8. watch "The Croods"
#19. go to a Drive-In movie
#33. Richards Retreat
#15. Go to church {that was Lucy's ONE request to do this summer!}

I am reminded of President Monson's wise words when I find treasure piles in my bathroom

or mountains of laundry always waiting for me Monday morning

{paraphasing} "Someday when your children are all grown and gone you will miss the piles of laundry." Truly I cannot imagine missing laundry. But for the time I am grateful there are lots of littles around to make laundry and to leave me treasure piles.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

w20: Do not take for granted

May 12 - 18, 2013

There were a lot of unexpected deaths this week. A lady from Vale {I taught her twins back in the Studio days.} A friend's father. A lady from the ward. Our prophet's wife, Sister Monson. The school custodian's 20 year old daughter. They were all unexpected. It is beautiful to watch people pull together during a crisis or hard time. But more than anything this week I have been reminded:

Do Not Take Life for Granted.

* Do not take for granted the love from my children.

They took good care of me on Mother's Day with lots of cards and gifts they had made in school. I woke up to breakfast in bed from Kurt and Emma Lynn.

These are the other goodies they gave.
                                                                    card from Emma

                        jewerly made by Emma that I wore to church. {pin was made in activity days.}

pen/pencil holder made in school.
From Spencer {the bilar is my favorite part ;)}

                                                     decorated garden stone from Austin

                                                                       large hug from Ruth

* Do not take for granted moments to learn together.

On Monday Emma Lynn had her field trip to the Idaho Power gas plant outside of New Plymouth. They had just finished up a unit on eletricity. It was very educational and very informative but I'm not sure how much the kids got...The presenter {unit director} did not gear his style of speaking or information to kids. Regardless it was very impressive.

                                                                  nice photo bomb Juan!

The control station

                                                                  The power plant

After wards we ate lunch at the park. I think the kids enjoyed this the most! We finished early and I was anxious to get back to Vale to pick up the little girls so I pulled them all out of school so we could go home. With milkshakes first {that's the only way I could convince Emma to leave school early!} It was SO delightful to have time at home. Ahhh summer I can taste you.

* Do not miss opportunities to spend with your kids even if it requires some sacrifice.

Spencer also had his field trip this week. They went to the swimming pool in Ontario. I had a babysitter lined out for the girls and we ready to go. Till she canceled. I struggled to make something work and ultimately knew it would be so much easier if I just stayed home with the little girls. But my heart didn't rest easy with that solution. Christy agreed to watch them and so I rushed to the pool. The fact that I put this pregnant body into a swimming suit is a labor of love itself!

It was fun to do an activity with just Spencer. I left right after the swimming to get the girls but they ate lunch and played at the park. Definitely fun times. We took some horrid pics before I left. But hey, at least the event was documented.

I'm still holding onto the hope that someday he'll remember what a real smile looks like.

* Do not take family time for granted and celebrate their accomplishments.

After spending all day Friday at the school {taught the last keyboard class!} we headed home to relax and also prepare our food for the Art Sale and BBQ at the school that evening. We picked up Kurt on our way out of town. Always so glad when he can join us even if his phone is permenately attached to his face.

I love this event. We have a nice BBQ with entertainment first. A talented marachi band and 2 acts from kids at school followed by a tribute to the volunteers. Then we all go inside to tour the class rooms and see the art the students have been working on. I love the focus on art. I love that each piece is unique. I love that they try new techniques and mediums. I love that they learn about artist as well. Look at what my budding artist have been creating:

             A representation of the seasons by Spencer in first. His winter and leaping penguin are my favorite.  
Emma's fish {very back piece} had us all guessing on the process. Love her "starry night" interpretation.  
Heavy Spanish influence this year {not a big surprise with Sr. Rivas as his teacher.} Great design on his tile.   The best part of all was that I had JUST finishing hanging my art gallery wall in the play room the night before. All it was lacking was ART. They quickly took care of that and I LOVE how it looks!
* Do not take the temple and covenants made there for granted.

On Saturday the Fulks received their endowments and following that were sealed for eternity. I had the pleasure of teaching them the temple prep classes. I have taught a lot of people and they were by far the most enjoyable. Carolyn has been an inactive member most of her life. Her husband Don recently joined the church last year. They are thirsty and just hunger for the truth of the gospel. It was a priviledge to teach their class and to be invited to their special day. It was so sweet. How else do you descibe the joy of the gospel? "Sweet is the peace the gospel brings." My heart smiles with the memories. I love that at any age you can repent, have a change of heart and come unto the Lord. It is beautiful.

We rushed home to take the babysitter home and get the kids changed and headed to a baptism for two people in our ward. A 13 year old boy and a 89 year old man. Again the same message I felt earlier rang true.

* Do not take for granted that blessings come to those who are obedient.

Jolene and I visit teach a less active lady named Janice Page. She has not lived in Vale long. For the past 4 months she has been avoiding us. I knew that she was struggling as she stopped returning calls and texts and wouldn't let us come visit. I was worried but keep praying, and dropping by messages and goodies. We were able to visit her this month on Tuesday! Her countance was completely different. She was happy and glowing. We had an amazing visit {in which she served strawberry shortcake in anticipation of our coming.} And best of all Janice came to church today! I am grateful she is making the steps to become active. We will continue to visit and strengthen her as she is obedient to the covenants she has made. While I take no credit for her coming back to church I love the visiting teaching program and know that it is inspired and essential to the functioning of a unified ward. 
Janice with all the kids and the dessert she served us. So sweet.
Romans Reflections

~ Lucy continues to make great strides in potty training. This week we moved from me taking her to going when she told me. Less accidents, More confident, Still cheering, "YaY Lucy did it! Mom can do it too!"
~ When I told Ruth I was going swimming with Spencer she asked, "But what are you going to do with your belly?!!"
~ The kids have been very intriqued with my belly as of late. Jane was moving one night after scripture study and they all took turned feeling her. Their eyes would get big, "I can feel it! She's moving!" Emma and Austin especially ask on a daily basis about the amount of activity I have felt that day. It's like there is always a DR in the house checking up on me. ;)
~ Lucy continues to be more aware of the baby situation than I give her credit for. She lifted up her shirt. Stuck out her tummy as far as she possibily could, pointing to her stomach she said, "My baby is in here."
~ Sisters united in the cause of fashion.
~ Austin shared in FHE that he felt the spirit every day when he had his personal study. His D&C will be very colorful by the time he is finished.
~ We have watched Bryler and Brooke twice a week after Marti went back to school mid April. We have really enjoyed having Bryler around. Its great prep for Lucy. She adores him!
~ We are learning to survive in the sun with this sweet girl. Skin Shield jacket, large hat and sunscreen. We keep them in the car at all times. She is great about it. grateful for that.
~ I found Spencer educating Lucy and Juanito about the finer art of driving the Ranger. Never can start too early.

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