Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crispy Springs

At the end of every school year the elementary kids are given a free pass to the water park in Boise. Plus I had 2 adult tickets (that we won at an auction.) They expired July 1st so Becca and I made plans to go today.

With our 4 kids a piece plus 2 of Johanna's friends we had a total of 10 kids in a busy, crowded park full of water. That made for a work out for the out numbered moms! It was a constant scan - count - breathe, scan - count - breathe relationship.

So I've completely decided that until your kids are old enough (I'm thinking like 10) to appreciate water rides it is not worth it to go. Sooo overpriced. The great water park I discovered in Nampa last summer is sooo much cheaper and just as fun for my kids' ages/stages. But regardless we had a fun day, we just won't be going back any time in the near future! ;)

Lake had his last baseball game so Becca had to leave early. She also took LeBraun, Austin and Rooster with her. That left me with 6. We had fun in the wave pool.

Johanna encouraged Emma Lynn to go down a slide by herself {WOW!}

And Jacqlyn and Emma Lynn sun bathed to stay warm {it was only 80 degrees and breezy.}

But most unfortunate of all Spence and I fell asleep waiting for Johanna and friends to finish their last ride. We were only asleep for 15-20 minutes but it was enough for me to get FRIED. I am so lobster red, so crispy, its going to be a painful next few days.

Speaking of painful:. Tuesday afternoon Rooster went outside without her shoes on. Then I heard her screaming. She was out there less than a minute but had HUGE blisters on the bottom of her feet from the HOT cement. I didn't know that could happen! Poor baby. She didn't walk much for the next 24 hours.

Another random thought: Austin spent the night at LeBraun's after roaring springs. His FIRST sleepover. I won't lie, I had a hard time with it {of course he didn't.} I didn't want to do sleepovers away from home E.V.E.R. Ya, well it happened and everyone lived. But like roaring springs it will not be a frequent occurrence.

Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Summer BALL Season

Tonight Emma Lynn & Austin finished their T-ball / Baseball season.

This was Emma Lynn's first experience with T-ball. I was a so anxious to see what would happen. She LOVED it! {especially the snack afterwards;)} She was very timid about hitting and running but she did it. We never had any tears or melt downs about the expectations of the game. She would wear her game T-shirt all day in anticipation on Monday and Wednesday (game days.) I'm really proud of her. Way to go Emma Lynn ~ I love watching you play and grow and succeed!

BF on Snap On Tools Team: Emma Lynn, Sydney, & Jacqlyn

After 2 years of T-ball this was Austin's first year of coach pitch. I was also really anxious to see how this would be for Austin. Kurt hasn't spent much time practicing with him so I worry about him being able to hit the ball, striking out, feeling bad and losing confidence. But naturally I'm a talented worrier. There were a few times when he didn't get a hit but for the most part it wasn't a problem. And more importantly he had fun and it didn't bother him. He has made process with his skills through the season and it's been fun to watch. Way to go Awesome Austin!

Summer = Camping

The summary of last summer was camping. And so for our family Summer = Camping. Camping = Summer. With all the rain and cool weather and my hermit-like desires not to leave the house it seems like we got off to a slow start to "summer."

We got out the tent the weekend before girls camp to air it out. Naturally the kids wanted to sleep in it. First camp out. {kids - Emma + dad}

{Rooster did great so that got me excited to do some official camping!}

Second camp out. Girls camp (June 22 -25.) After I was released I was called as the Camp Director. It was good for the most part. Semi awkward at times trying to be considerate and not step on the new presidencies toes. And something(s) about the whole event made it easy for me to be done with YW. The bishopric spent all day Wednesday up at camp and so I really enjoyed having Kurt there. Good times and good to be done. {HUGE Thank You to my mom, Elaine and Karen for their fabulous help with the kids! U R amazing!}

Third camp out. Father/Son Outing (June 25-26.) Both boyz were so excited to go! They had a great time and I appreciate Kurt taking yet more time off work to be a wonderful dad. The highlights were killing a rattle snake (the rattle is still sitting on my kitchen counter) and the water slide.

I'm definitely seeing more camp outs in the near future...
{we're always up for friends to join - call me if you'd like to attend!}

Monday, June 21, 2010

Matthew Thomas

Within the first 24 hours of his life Matthew Thomas was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Julie noticed it first and questioned the Doctors. They confirmed her speculation to be true.

The hours and days to follow were difficult for their family.

I was able to meet my new nephew today. He is so beautiful.

There was such an immediate spirit that I felt as I walked into his hospital room. And as I held him. And every single time I talk about him. I know that he is a special spirit. His life will be pure, he has no need for temptations and he will return home to our Father in heaven. I know he will be a source of joy to his family and will bring such a strong spirit in their home.

I wish that it had happened to our family. For many reasons. But it didn't.

I know that Heavenly Father loves and trusts Jeff and Julie beyond measure to have sent them two such special, valiant spirits. What a blessing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Thanksgiving Day

This is what the table looked like on the morning of Father's Day.

I printed 50 different pictures of Kurt with the kids over the past 7 years. Ironed Sunday shirt (FYI I'm doing good on my support his new calling resolve to always have his shirts ironed), new tie and my present to him:

These pictures matted and framed for his office.

{starting to slowly step a few toes into the world of Photoshop.}

In the frig was a box decorated for Father's Day with 5 boutonnière that I had made for the Bishopric and Executive Secretary & Ward Clerk. I use the beautiful roses and ivy from our yard, borrowed florist wire and tape from Viola, watched a video on youtube and then set to work. I enjoyed doing it.

The Bishop sent them all home shortly after church so they could be with their families. We had a nice dinner of roast and potatoes. Emma Lynn said it was like Thanksgiving there was so much food. I think that is completely fitting ~ we have so many reasons to be thankful for our dad! {Important side note: I realized how much I rely on Kurt - I cannot make gravy without him. Yikes!}

He had more church work to do after a short nap so our "Why We LOVE Dad" party was on hold until he got home. Each kid bought an item of something they wanted to do with him for a Daddy Date.

Austin bought the game Scrabble.

Emma Lynn picked out 2 water noddles for a swim date.

Spencer really, really wanted to go camping. So he got 2 roasting sticks and supplies to make smores.

Ruth picked bubbles!

As soon as dad came home we welcomed him with "I'm so glad when daddy comes home." Complete with actions and lots of hugging and kissing.

We are such a blessed family to have such a diligent, hard working, honest, funny, loving, devoted dad. WE LOVE OUR DAD!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newest family addition!

Jeff and Julie welcomed their newest family member tonight! Julie's water broke early this evening so they headed to Boise to make sure everything was okay. Cindy and Marti were both on the tractor so we got the privilege to watch Mollie for a few hours. We all really enjoyed her. We took her over to Marti's for bedtime. Around 10:30 pm we got the news that a healthy baby boy had arrived. Everyone is healthy and doing well.

CONGRATS Jeff and Julie! We are so excited for your family!

Another one bites the dust

Tom joined the other Easter bunnies in heaven this morning. Totaling 5 deceased bunnies in 2 months. Not the best record. Austin was momentarily sad. Let this be the official declaration: we are not pet people.

Hey, but at least the chicken coop is free. Do we dare try our luck?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Current Musings

Reading makes me happy. The kids and I got signed up for summer reading program at the library. I checked out some books for me. I love that everyone is equally happy and excited to go to the library. A sweet treat. I love watching my kids at the library. Each one walks in, quietly searched through the books until one caught their attention and sat down to read/look. Well trained. love it! The next best thing about a trip to the library is the follow up activity at home. Sit down and snuggle up to read a stack of books as high as my knee. Usually my voice gives out before we can read them all.

Hearing my kids read makes me even happier. There are so many simple every day little things that make motherhood THE coolest job in the world. Hearing your child read is one of them. But I think its more appropriately place in the really big moments category. Emma is there. She read family scripture study {from the scripture reader} Monday night. Ahhh my heart is burst-at-the-seams happy.


Allergies make us leppies. Its been a really bad allergy week for Kurt and I. We are use to it. Dealt with it since childhood. It is a known fact that allergies are very hereditary. That fact has become a reality for Spencer. It makes me sad to see him all stuffed up, sneezing like crazy, and itchy blood shot eyes. Ya, it's kinda all your parents fault. Sorry little buddy.


No matter how old I get or how "cute" the glasses I wear I will always feel like a dork wearing them. Why can my self esteem not move past the middle school awkwardness when it comes to glasses?


Life is a series of events to make and/or keep us humble. One such event would be walking into the temple on June 11th and having the temple worker tell you that your temple recommend expired on May 31st. What a feeling to look at the beauty of that magnificent building knowing the joy of the temple but unable to go inside. I felt so empty and hollow knowing it was my own neglect that prohibited my ability to give service and receive a renewal of strength.


Another awareness to keep me humble. It meant everything to me that I was released from Young Womens. It meant nothing to them.


A dear friend, a sweet graduated YW, is experiencing life changing health issues. My heart breaks that this is her trial. When I see her, I can see her through our Father's eyes. She shines. She is a glorious and beloved daughter of God. I hope she will come to truly understand her worth and gain strength to weather this journey of life. Why is it so much easier to see the worth of others?

Our good neighbor's brother committed suicide this week. My heart breaks that they have to suffer this trial without the knowledge of the gospel. They need to know how to weather the journey of life. Maybe I should tell them.


I need to make peace with all my homeschooling ideas. Which side of the fence am I on? I can't sit forever. I'm sure that I can find the answer in prayer. But the real question is why am I scared to find the answer?

We have officially completed the first 2 weeks of summer vacation. It has been good. We really haven't done anything big or grand or gone and did. We have just been.

I went from an intensely busy schedule with preschool and YW on top of my regular responsibilities to nothing. It has been so...weird.

Our schedule has just dissolved. We have slept in. We have obediently stayed on task with our chore chart and piano practicing and reading with lots of fun learning in between. It makes me remember what motherhood was like before.

I've missed it.

Maybe that is why the idea of homeschooling is attractive.

And maybe that is why I'm OKAY with just staying put. In my house. In Vale.

The desire to travel like crazy, to cram as many trips as possible into the summer break is currently not present in my body. That is what's really weird!

For now I am just lovin' bein' ME & the KIDS at home.

Its quite possible things might change next week but for now...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Random Sleepover

Kurt called me and said that there was a family coming through town that was traveling across the country and needed a place to stay for the night. President Jacobs was suppose to house them but he was out of town. So Michelle called us. 2 minutes after Kurt called there was a knock at the door.


And that's how we had yet another random sleepover. It was a good experience. I had to let go of house issues, it was what it was {especially since I had NO time to prepare) and embrace the opportunity to serve. They have an interesting story.

You can check our their story and progress at

The White Family and friend Skylar

Monday, June 7, 2010


The annual Hershey's Track Meet was this weekend.
{Unfortunately Kurt missed it because he was still up at Moroni's Camp with the Young Men in our ward.}

Biggest news of the day: Emma Lynn RAN!
{And placed 5th}

This is SO huge for her. Every year she has just watched. She was very timid and dainty in her running. I stood at the finish line so she just had to run to me. By the time she finished the race she was pretty overwhelmed with the emotion of it all and was near tears. I scooped her up in a big hug with lots of positive encouragement and we bypassed any drama. I am so proud of her!

Rooster was super cute and so happy to run.

She was the top placer for our family that day and got 4th.

Spencer and Braxton were comical. There might be some competition going on there. {grin} Braxton ran with his arm stretched out across Spencer so he couldn't pass him. Spencer was getting frustrated with it so the last 10 feet he grabbed onto Braxton's shirt and was pulling on it. In the end they both finished the same and we had a good laugh.

Austin was obedient. He didn't worry about winning and just had fun. I love this running face.

We tried to get a picture of the cousins afterwards (everyone was there except Molly). It is what it is.

{Kenzie is our family favorite in this picture!}

We went to lunch with the Rufs and Huntsmans at Wingers afterwards. The kids and I checked out the Kids Fair after lunch. The kids had a good time. These were the biggest hit.

There has been a lot of play and talk about hunting since then. nice.

Good weather, Good company, Good day. Thanks everyone.

Random Sleepover

Thursday night we had T-ball & Baseball pictures. We didn't have a game. Just the pictures. Austin's coach decided to have practice after the pictures since we were already down there and the Wednesday game had been canceled due to the constant rain we've been receiving! The other kids were happy to keep playing.

By the time the practice was over we ended up inviting Jacqlyn and Sydney to sleepover with Emma Lynn and LeBraun to sleep over with Austin. I've always wanted to have 7 kids (that's a lie, you know how obsessively weird I am about odd numbers.)

We had LOTS of fun and very little sleep.

The girls finally crashed (all 3 in Emma's double bed) at 12:30 am

This was Ausitn's first friend sleepover. They had a great time in LEGO heaven and were good to include Spencer and Rooster. It was shortly before 2 am when the older boys finally stopped giggling over gas and other potty related humor.

This is what Spencer thought of it all!

There was lots of tired and whiny kids the next day. We might need to rethink the random sleepovers. But I so do love to be spontaneous especially in the good ole summer time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing short of a MIRACLE!

17 days shy of living in Vale for 4 years I got my Oregon driver's licence. By law you have 30 days.

Much procastinating, much realizing we really are staying, much humility after failing the test, much studying, and too many more days inbetween I finally got it done.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted now that I'm legal again.

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...