Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today we made a very large purchase because we will out grow our van on July 1, 2011.

The gas milage scares me but I will admit that it is fun to drive

We are excited about all our new arrivals.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Grandma Renae & Grandpa Ken's Christmas party at the church in Vale. We had a delicious prime rib dinner followed by the nativity acted out by the kids, Santa's arrival & giving of presents and ending the night with the parents gift exchange. A standard Vale Christmas Eve that is always a good time. I love that we have added the nativity to our activities.

Spencer & Emma Lynn were Mary and Joseph

Austin & Braxton were Wise Men

Brooke & Ruth were Angels

Emma Ruf loved the baby Jesus doll and sat in the manger most of the night. Who needs toys?

We came home to get ready for bed and opened the new Christmas jammies from Grandma Richards. They were super cute and soft, thanks!

Emma set out the milk & cookies plus a note she had written, "This is the one thing I don't know about Santa!"

Santa and his elves had a lot of work that night. One elf even took a nap before finishing! Around 2 am the work was done and Santa went to bed just hours before a very excited 7 year old boy woke up at 5:22 AM. Yikes! Emma Lynn wasn't to far after him. By 6 am I couldn't hold them off any longer and we woke up the younger two. I kept wondering at what age the I'm-too-excited-to-sleep excitement would hit the kids. I would officially say we have reached that stage.

Santa brought the jammie obsessed girl new Tinker Bell jammies.

Mom & Dad gave her a vanity with all the necessary beauty tool. She didn't leave the stool for 3 days straight.


Santa brought the Super Hero Headquarter and action figures

Mom & Dad put together a Super Spencer Super Hero suitcase.

Inside were the costumes to become Ironman, Batman, Spiderman, Superman & Buzz Lightyear.

Emma Lynn
Santa brought the greatly anticipated and impressive doll house. Mom & Dad added art supplies, Strawberry shortcake and Barbies.

Santa brought Spy Gear {grateful the Ipod Touch was not mentioned.} Mom & Dad gave 2 new enclyopedias (Space, Answers to Questions) and a Dragon Lego Set.

Sporting the Night Vision Goggles. The invisible ink pen has probably been the biggest hit.

I love the sibling gift exchange {it has to be a home made gift.}
~ Emma Lynn made Austin a book, a variation on The Cat in the Hat classic. The whole time is was making it she would say, "I'm imaging his face when he opens this!"
~ Ruth made Spencer a Christmas ornament {a glass ball with a double S - Super Spencer}
~ Spencer made a pencil/pen holder for Emma's art supplies.
~ Austin made a nativity scene from nuts and bolts {with dad's help. Classic.}

We are blessed. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I really hate to admit this but...I've really been a Grinch this year. A Scrooge if you will. I am really lacking the Christmas spirit.

I have been about 12 steps behind everything. Its leaving me frazzled and not so merry.

Personally I would just like Christmas to be over so I don't have to worry about all the things I didn't do this year or how behind I am.

The last Christmas presents were delivered by Randy {my UPS man} today. The Christmas cards (without a letter) went out yesterday. I'm not going to continue, its depressing.

Even my service efforts have left little joy.

I know next Christmas will be better, I'll be back on top of my game and it will be what Christmas is suppose to be. Can I just skip to Christmas 2011?
{{deep sigh}}}

If I knew how to disable the blog comments for this post I would. I really don't want to hear it. I'll get it together soon...

Friday, December 17, 2010

4 Rivers

Austin had his Christmas concert this evening. As part of their P.E. they take dance. They have a dance studio in their school and everything. Each class performed a dance and then the entire school sang "Auld Lang Syne" in Spanish and English at the end.

Austin's class did "The Hat" dance. They danced with boy/girl partners. The boys all looked like Zorro with hats and masks covering their eyes. Austin was embarrassed to wear it, "I look ugly." I videoed but I was too far away to get a decent picture. Austin wasn't very into it but presented what was required. What a good experience for him.

Sunday night she decided that she wanted to try out 4 Rivers for the whole week. I took her Monday morning and was prepared to spend the day with her if needed. I didn't want to leave until she was ready and felt comfortable. She loved getting a uniform to wear and the tiny details that made it different than Austin's uniform(flower buttons on the polo, peter pan colar, LOVES the skirts!)

The kindergarten teacher is Senora Brito. She is newly married and recently finished her Masters. She is young, beautiful and kind. She welcomed Emma with open arms and found the perfect little girl to befriend and show Emma around. Her name is Ella {her mom actually grew up in Vale with Kurt.} She made the difference for Emma. She took her hand and showed her everything and everyone in the classroom. I took a seat in the back and watched. I didn't want her to be dependent on me but there for comfort. By the end of calendar time Emma had raised her hand twice to answer questions. I was shocked. When the first recess came at 10 am I could tell that she was doing well. So I asked her if it was okay for me to leave. "Ya, mom I'm doing good." Okay then. I'll leave.

I picked her up that afternoon with glowing reports from her and her teacher. That night she told me that she wanted to go there for the rest of forever. Okay then. I was shocked again at how easy it was for her to make the decision. I on the other hand was struggling {I LOVE Mrs. Wagner as a kindergarten teacher and would have loved for Emma Lynn to finish out her school year. I also have enjoyed our time in the Vale Elementary school and I knew with Emma's departure we would be saying good-bye. I also feel the concern to maintain our involvement in the community since our children now attend school some where else. Just a few feelings...}

On Friday they practiced for their program so Emma didn't go to school since it was her first week there and she really didn't know the routine. When I picked up Austin from school that afternoon I went into the office her order her uniforms for January. They actually had everything she needed in stock except one shirt. I showed her the formal uniform for performances and said she could wear that evening if she wanted. She did want to and she wanted to sit with her class and perform. I was a doubter that that would actually happen.

That evening I took Austin to his class and then we found Emma's class and I wished her luck and walked away. I kept watching her throughout the night to see her comfort {discomfort} level. When it was time for the kindergartener's to go on stage she didn't hestitate and followed her new classmates. Then she walked on stage and she DANCED THE ENTIRE SONG. You would never have guessed that she had only been at the school for a week by watching her stage. And you never would have guessed that she is my painfully shy, stage fight beauty by watching her on stage. She was amazing. I cried the entire dance. It was beautiful. To see the progress she has made in such a short time, it truly is amazing and feels like a miracle. I don't know where or how she gained the confidence to do that in the one week she attended 4 Rivers but I am grateful.

So now we really are becoming a bilingual family. I had better get myself in gear before Ruth is speaking better Spanish than me!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ten years today with Kurt Romans officially in my life.

How grateful I am that it does not have to stop at 10 or 25 or even 50.

How much, much more I love him than that blissfully navive day in the St. George temple ten years ago.

Over the past years I have learned:

1. Kurt will always love me.
2. It's okay that I don't have best friends because I have Kurt.
3. Kurt puts the Lord first and it makes our marriage work.
4. I find Kurt so handsome in the temple & when he is anxiously engaged in Church service.
5. Kurt will back me up 100% in ALL of my endeavors.
6. The Lord loves us and has blessed us beyond measure.
7. Kurt is good naturally (calm, patient, loving.) He gets it from his mother.
8. Kurt has grown into the perfect family man & father.
9. Service makes us happy.
10. Kurt is endlessly forgiving.

How blessed I am to have infinite reasons to love him. Thank you for a good life. I could not ask for more. I love you eternally.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Annual GBHM Party

This is the third year I've hosted a Ginger Bread House Making Party for the Preschoolers and their parents. Its one of my favorites. We held them on Monday and Tuesday night.

There was a good turn out and great creating. Generally the parents construct and frost and the child decorates. I love seeing all the different creations. One dad {whose wife owns the local bakery} was shocked that we were using Graham Crackers and Glue Guns. I told him that we keep it simple in preschool.

It was a great Family Home Evening activity for our family. Austin completely constructed his on his own this year. And needless to say a lot of candy was consumed.

Caught in the act: mouth full and dirty from candy consumption

Construction Independence

Here comes Santa Claus

Saturday was the ward Christmas party. It was probably the most uneventful ward party I've ever been too. As the Bishop told Kurt, "It sure is easy to entertain this ward."

Santa came so the kids were excited about that.

This year they told him they wanted:

Austin: Spy Gear
Emma Lynn: Barbie doll house
Spencer: Super Heros
Ruth: a present (love it!)

All the cousins {minus cutie Madison} were at the party.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things that make me SMILE today

~ Not being a single parent any more! Kurt arriving home safely from his Vegas conference so my nightmares of becoming a widow can end.

~ Ruth saying to her cousins, "Come on babes." This makes me chuckle actually. It's sooo cute.

~ Sprite.

~ Sleepovers with BFF Jacqlyn where everyone wakes up happy!

~ A house full of happy cousins playing together.

~ Christmas music.

~ Randy, my UPS man, delivering Christmas.

~ Spencer asking, "WHY...." about EVERYTHING to the point of frustration. He responds with his most charming and certainly teasing smile, "Mom, my brain just forgot and I have to know WHY."

~ Taking a LONG quiet hot shower.

~ Ruth in princess jammie pants. {STAPLE.}

~ Remembering how delicious the rice & beans from Chavelitas were last night.

~ Spanish week, learning Austin has been Senora Mason assistant this week and giving his class instructions. Soaking up her excitement with his progress.

~ Good chats with a friend.

~ Editted family pictures from an amazing SIL. {love ya Traci!}

~ my family.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emma's Night

Tonight was Emma Lynn's Christmas concert for school. Let me preface this retelling by stating that Emma does not sing in public. Every month when the Primary children have to sing in sacrament meeting she wiggles her way to the back of the pack and hides so no one will see her.

Monday night before bed she prayed that she would be able to sing for her concert.

Today she woke up with much anxiety over the up-coming evening event.

Again at breakfast she prayed that she would be able to sing.

Kurt and Austin gave her the sound advice to imagine everyone in the audience in their underwear. At least she giggled.

After school she declared, "Mom we had to practice for our concert at school today. There were grown ups watching us practice and I SANG!" That was all the confidence she needed. The rest of the night was a breeze.

All ready to go.

Before the show with a few of her classmates.


And after with BFF Jacqlyn.

We all went to Dairy Queen afterwards to celebrate their success. So proud of my girl!

Other record breaking news: today we found out that Emma Lynn has a opening in Austin's school starting in January.


It is questionable where the couponing line between sanity and insanity is drawn. In control and out of control. Obsessive. Addictive. and Ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure I crossed that line last night.

Monday AM Kelli and I shop Rite Aid. We found a great Money Maker deal on Revelon Nail Polish. It was exhilarating to make so much money and the fabulous thing about this deal is that the coupons were not limited. By 2 pm we had each made $64! At that point we couldn't stop, and we made plans to meet again that evening without the kids to make some more money.

It turned out to be a great GNO {girl's night out} and in total I made $240 {and have 120 nail polishes to boot.} INSANE. I want to give a shout out to all the Rite Aid employees who were TOTALLY awesome and made it such a fun night.

So I was not about to take them all out for the picture. But that bag is chalk full!

So everyone {male or female} will be getting nail polish with every gift from our family for the next 5 years. Please email if you would like a complete list of color options available.

Seriously, my daughters have never been so excited about my couponing purchases as they were when they saw the table this morning with a rainbow of choices and painting options. We had the exact color to match Emma's dress for the Christmas concert tonight and lots of fun bonding this afternoon.

{Start with the hands on the top left} Emma Lynn is wearing Strawberry Electric, Ruth is wearing Plum Seduction, Brooke's toes are in Love That Red and I'm wearing Beach.

I haven't crossed the line, right?!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wednesday morning I woke up at 6 am to a text telling me it was a SNOW DAY! I looked out the windows to see that the snow had not ceased all night.

This was right outside the preschool door. There was about 10 in areas of the yard not protected by an awning. Other parts of Vale reported 11 and 12 inches.

Even though I was so excited to have a break in the routine both of my school kids were disappointed. And of course Emma Lynn cried. At least they like school, right???

They quickly got over it. We turned on the Christmas music and got the house decorated.

We drank hot chocolate like our lives depended on it.

We read countless Christmas stories.

And Kurt came home to play in the snow with us! We went sledding at Grandma & Grandpa Miles'. Everyone had such a fun time! Even Ruth, "Dad, that was awesome!"

The horses LOVED Spencer (and took off the second Austin came near.)

Kurt told us that there would be too much snow in the mountains to cut down our own Christmas tree this year. {{I was really sadden by this, it's our tradition!}} So he bought one and brought it home and we had it decorated that night. I will say that it is the most beautiful tree I remember us having {but I still hope we can continue our tradition in 2011!}

I think a snow day every Wednesday could be a really great thing.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome Home

There is nothing like coming home from sunny San Diego to

endless amounts of snow

your preschool reeking of dead mice
{{and your super hero husband staying up all night to beach and kill everything!!}}

Austin and Ruth getting PINK EYE

Welcome home and back to reality.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am thankful for this man and rejoice in celebrating THIRTY-TWO wonderful years of his life. Happy Birthday Kurt!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow

This morning we woke up to snow falling and the ground already white. I love waking up the kids and telling them to look out the window. It is so magical. Better than presents on Christmas! ;)

We are lucky we got to church on time.

In music time today the Music Leader was acting out how she was so grumpy because she had had such a bad morning and her day was going to be so terrible when Spencer in all seriousness said, "But it snowing outside!" How can your day be bad when it's snowing?!!! So sweet.

Emma and Austin built a snowman after church {and yes Austin was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. No comment.}

The older kids were sure that it was winter now because it was snowing but I explained that sometimes we are blessed to get snow in the fall. Happy blessings.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankgiving Program

Every year in preschool we put on a Thanksgiving Program. I like this for 2 main reasons: I love Thanksgiving and the opportunity it gives me to teach about being grateful. And secondly it takes away any pressure to do a Christmas program and we all know December is busy enough as it is!

This was my third Thanksgiving Program and I finally felt like we got it right. The first year was a flop, the second a dud and miraculously it came together on the third try. Kurt came into the kitchen after the program where I was pouring drinks to give me a high five. It made me laugh, "Yay, you finally did it!"

I was really proud of the oldest kids who put on "The First Thanksgiving" play. Each of them had their lines memorized so well and did a fabulous job. Spencer opened the play by saying, "This is the story of the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims have just arrived on their boat called the Mayflower. They came to the new world called America."

I just think this kid is sooo cute!

Braxton and Brooke also did a wonderful job (they all did!) Brooke is a natural on stage. :)

Thank you Kurt for always being my right hand in everything I do. You are amazing, beyond super supportive, loving, forgiving and gracious. I am so thankful for you!

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...