Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here's something to Crow about - Rooster turned TWO!

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that she is two. What a joy, what a blessing she has been to my life.

swollen and bruised after a hard delivery.

3 months

Eating her first cracker at 6 months

Crawling every where at 9 months

Sick on her first birthday

Summer fun at 18 months

Super cute and pretty terrific at TWO!

The Party Weekend

Since her birthday was on Sunday we wanted to play on Saturday. We drove over to Meridian to pick up Karen (YAY!) We then ventured to the mall to the Build-a-Bear workshop. Spencer decided to make one too since his birthday is in a week. Rooster was a little overwhelmed but very cute. She loved all the shoe choices! She settled on a silver pair for her panda bear (that we named Oreo.) She has loved on that bear ever since.

Spencer was adorable in the store. He picked out an outfit that was nearly identical to what he was wearing complete with mini Sketchers. He named his bear Spencer (nickname Braxton.) Very fun activity.

build-a-bear boxes

We had lunch at Olive Garden a few errands at Target and then home. That evening when Kurt got home we had a little party with games and present opening.

Emma and I made a matching game (find the TWO matching pictures of Ruth from birth to TWO.) Then we put all the pictures in chronicle order.

Austin also prepared a game. Here are the instructions for his "Don't Touch the Monster" game {tag.}

Rooster picked out the last game. A new king-size jar of bubbles. I love the simple joy of two year olds.

She loves the tea set from Grandma Richards

Trying on all the dress up shoes from mom and dad

We invited everyone for Sunday dinner at our house since it was her actual birthday. I took Karen back to Nampa to meet her ride after my church meeting and then we got ready for everyone to come. I kept debating about canceling b/c she has had such a bad cough, never a fever but lots of coughing. But we progressed and it was a nice turn out, delicious food and everyone was so thoughtful.

The cake: Two dress up shoes

HAPPY 2nd Birthday Rooster Girl!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I ART Happy

Tuesday continues to be Emma's favorite day of the week. It is the day she has preschool and art with Brecca. I LOVE everything about Emma and art. ~ I love that she has found something she enjoys. ~ I love seeing her face beam after she shows me a masterpiece. ~ I love that she is developing her talents. ~ I love her artwork. ~ I love that she loves art (it reminds me of my other favorite artist, her grandma Richards.)

Brecca is doing a wonderful job with her. She is teaching her different techniques, using a variety of mediums and trying new projects. It's a great opportunity for Brecca too.

I ART Happy!

This Tuesday's piece (they drew a picture with white liquid glue and let it dry. After wards they used chalk to apply color. Where the glue had dried stayed dark.)

Previous Projects

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's My Life

When things get busy and crazy and silly and frustrating and sometimes chaotic and fun Bon Jovi runs through my head. "It's my life. It's now or never...I just wanna live while I'm alive." Maybe its the soundtrack of my life.

Austin is celebrating 100 days of school today. I'm ready to celebrate school's out!

Austin and his classmate Junior celebrate their 100th day by eating a class contributed trail mix and fruit-loop necklace.

But he continues to excel, remember random and useful info, practice math facts, and read like his life depends on it [we sat down to read the other night, "Oh, I just love a good book." {{heart squeeze}}]

Austin wanted to give the family home evening lesson 2 weeks ago. He went down to our drawer of lessons, picked one out and prepared it. He gave it perfectly and bore a sweet testimony at the end. After he finished he shared with us, "I'm feeling the Holy Ghost right now." These are the sweet moments!

The other day we found out that Jeff and Julie are having a little boy {yay for more boy cousins!!!} Austin was in his room explaining to his siblings, "The dad picks the name for the baby and the mom nods her head yes." WHAT???!!! I went in to help clarify! Austin further explained: nods her head yes or no. Ok. That's much. better.

E.m.m.A. L.Y.n.n.
Emma Lynn has been going to Little Steps the past 2 months (it is a program at the Elementary School that they do for incoming kindergartners to help them get ready, feel comfortable, etc...) I still had to take Spencer down to the babysitting class room and it was time to start so Mrs. Wagner (Austin's teacher last year) took Emma's hand and they went in together. !!! I know this sounds silly and insignificant but it's NOT in Emma's world. HUGE progress, so proud of you sister!

Emma Lynn is known for her thoughtfulness. She is constantly making love notes, cards and pictures for everyone. Luckily as her parents we are the recipients of most of her kindness. We have a entire nightstand devoted to the cards she makes for us. Last week she wanted to get them all out and look at them together. I wanted to count them. So we did. She has made us 106 cards. I am such a lucky mom to have such a sweet daughter!


She continues to be super helpful in all things especially where kids (siblings, cousins, and preschoolers) are concerned. Thanks Emma!

This kid is so funny. So something. He is definitely going to give me a run for my money!

I was putting Rooster down for her nap last week when Emma and Jacqlyn ran in the room, "Spencer is toilet papering the neighbor's tree!"


How does my near 4 year old even know about such an activity?

I run outside to see a roll of toilet paper in Spencer's hand, and 2 strands already strategically placed on the tree. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I convinced him that, no it was NOT funny and yes he did need to come inside right this very minute!!!

S: "But mom it is funny."
M: "It's really not because toilet paper makes such a huge mess when it gets wet. No one wants to clean up that yucky mess."
S: "But it was funny on 'Bed Time Stories.'"
M: "Remember that's just a movie and its NOT funny in real life."

Curse that Adam Sandler. I've never liked him!

Now a sweet story. Spencer was explaining that we never grow up. Even when we are grow ups. We are always kids because we are Heavenly Father's children. Kelli asked him if we have a Heavenly mother. "Yes." What is her name? "Heavenly Misses?"

These pictures explain themselves. He was exhausted one night during scripture study and fell asleep while eating his banana.


I'm really nervous. She turns 2 in four days. The past 3 days she has been such a pill. understatement. Huge, major, ugly, disgusting fits. Constantly. If this is what 2 is going to be like with I said, I'm nervous.

Kurt calls her, "Hormonia."

She loves to wash her own hair now during bath time. She is uBer proud of herself.

And we are battling sleep issues. Absolutely no milk during the night. It doesn't make her happy. But major dental work is in the near future for her and that doesn't make me happy. She is definitely our baby.

Slowly but surely she is learning (or choosing) to say more words. It helps with the communication thing.

AND I love the moments when they all play together without fighting or teasing (sadly a rare thing.) Here we they are playing super spies!

It's my life and I wouldn't change it for anything!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Service Night

This month I decided to invite all the preschoolers and their families to join us. We have been talking about love and sharing all month so a family service project was a perfect way to finish up the month.

The families brought items to donate for care packages for the military who are serving from our community. Then we made cards and wrote letters to put in the care packages.

A member of the non-profit organization Veteran's Advocate for our area came and spoke to us. To finish up we will take a field trip in March to their office to help them assemble and ship the care packages.

I was pleased with the turn out. I always love the feelings after doing one the "special" preschool evening family events. This was the first service project. Definitely becoming a tradition. You can't deny the joy of service.

My kids plus Rylie Stokes showing off their letters. Emma Lynn completely covered hers is accessories, Austin drew a battle (good guys won), and Spencer had me help him write Thank You and then he drew a picture of Satan drowning in quicksand (apparently he is thinking of another war!)


And no this is not a post about my husband's rash! (which IS finally starting to get better.)

The past few days the sun has actually come out. We can enjoy blue skies and temperatures in the 40's. It's as good as spring! Well, at least it makes us itch for spring to come.

Saturday afternoon we bundled up for a walk. Magically Kurt came home just as we were setting out so he was able to join us. The happiness of perfect timing!

There are a few things I love about this picture. Emma packed a bag for this walk containing sun glasses in case it was sunny and water in case she got thirsty. I love that she is prepared. Second I love that she is bringing back the red "bobbles" hair ties from the 80's (that's all I wore in elementary!) Austin got them in his award bag at school. Emma wore them 3 days straight.

So proud to be in the ditch like her brothers.

Some of the things we found on our walk:
- the bones & feathers of a pheasant
- all kinds of foot prints (birds, raccoons, deer, coyote)
- a gopher hole
- GRASS (again the itching returned - yay for signs of spring!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back on Track

Last year on my 29th birthday the end of my twenties completely clouded my vision. All I could see, all I could focus on was that I only had one year left. One year in which my youth would disappear and the soul searching questions of aging would appear. The one that was foremost on my mind, "What have you accomplished in 30 years?"

And thus began the frenzied race to "do something" with my life. To check off some things on my life-long-dream-list. I have accomplished running a half marathon, learning to play the violin and scuba diving.

This weekend was a spiritual feast. Friday night Kurt and I went to the temple fasting, Saturday morning I went back to the temple to do baptisms with the youth (and due to the small numbers I actually did baptisms), came home for the adult session of stake conference and then Stake Conference on Sunday. It was wonderful. I have been doing a lot of pondering since then and I have been humbled.

Amongst other things I realized that I have been completely asking the wrong questions as my 30th birthday looms closer and closer. I should have been asking myself, "What kind of person have I become?"

I'm grateful for the things I achieved in my near-30-frenzy. I believe there is greatness in setting and accomplishing a goal. But at the same time I am sadden that I missed the mark for so long.

In the 3 months I have remaining {and most importantly for the rest of my life} the measure of greatness will be within.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

{{ Heart }}

Valentines is ranking up there with my favorite holidays. I love all the fun and cute ways to say I love you. So much fun! Plus my heart is so full.

We gave the first clue to the annual valentine hunt before breakfast so the kids could use it at church (a new coloring book for each.)

We had Stake Conference today. A new Stake President was put in, and our bishop is now the First Counselor in the Stake Presidency. Change is coming. I have really enjoyed working with Bishop Jacobs. He is a great man.

After church we finished up the hunt for the valentines. Kurt wrote the clues this year:

~ The first clue you will find where you wipe your little behind.

~ Find the next clue by using the first letter of every word in the riddle on the back. [Funny Rabbits Itch Dead Giraffe's Ears = FRIDGE]

~ The next clue is to be found where a hand goes round and round.
~ The next clue is in a place where Emma likes to draw and erase. It rhymes with diesel.
~ The last clue is down the stairs , to the right and then in sight.

Reading one of the new Valentine gifts, our favorite, "Where the Wild Things Are."

We made preparations for our dinner at Bill and Cindy's and then I delivered a few more Valentines to young women I hadn't seen yet. While I was gone the kids decorated the dinning room wall with hearts each with reasons why they love me. aaaww, thanks guys!

It was my turn for dinner this week and since it was Valentine's Day I gave everyone a theme: pink or red food. We dyed the potatoes pink, the rolls pink, pink Shasta, pink fruit salad, pink jello, cherry cheesecake and beets. As Marti said, "It tasted a lot better than it looked."

I {{ heart }} this amazing man. He is so good to me.

Yes, I'm showing off my fabulous red heels. I {{ heart }} them, too!

I {{ heart }} these fantastic kids that make me laugh and smile and dance and sing (sometimes want to blow off some steam!) I have learned so much about life from you - please don't ever stop teaching me.

Rooster loves the red heels too! :D

And I {{ heart }} all those who have touched my life and my family. Happy {{ heart }} day!

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