Monday, July 28, 2008

We're IN!!!

We are currently in our new house. We moved all the big stuff in Saturday. Plus had another painting party in our basement. I'll admit it was hard for me to ask for help but I'm SO glad we did. It would have taken Kurt & I until October to get everything done by ourselves. We got the internet & phone hooked up today & the carpet is being installed as I type. Pretty sweet.

We've had a sleep over on the living room floor the past 2 nights. The carpet is laid in our rooms so we'll be sleeping for real tonight. The kids are loving it & I am too!

Thanks for everyones help in our moving process - you're amazing!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horse of a Different Color

Well, it's HOUSE of a different color actually!

Today I officially started the moving process by painting our new (to us) house! I had 2 young women helping me (to do their Personal Process Project - I LOVE how it helps both of us!!) We got the 3 bedrooms done & then Kurt & I did the first coat in the hall. There is still all the baseboards to paint, closets, touch up & the whole down stairs.........But really we got a lot done!

Tomorrow more painting, Saturday move stuff (but not on the carpeted areas) & Monday NEW carpet is being laid throughout the whole house (Kurt is SO good to me!) So it has begun.

Here are some pictures of the rooms after we finished painting.

The BOYS room

The GIRLS room

MY room

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milestone Moments

In 5 days Ruth will be 5 months old (who is torturing me?!!! she is not old enough to be that old YET!) Anyways at 4 months I could give her rice cereal. We finally tried for the first time last night. It's so interesting that I was awaiting anxiously each new milestone with my first babies & now I prolong feeding her solids (if you can call rice cereal a solid) for as long as possible. We all know, I have issues with my babies growing up too fast!

Naturally she loved it!

Another noteworthy milestone moment to share - on Sunday morning (July 20th) Ruth rolled over for the first time. Way earlier tha
n the other kids & what's more she's done it several times since! That is a new feat for a Romans baby. Apparently she is on a mission to move.

(I have video of both events but it's being a pain to upload. I'll keeping working at it.)

50 Points

We run on a point system at our house. It's called "Romans Rewards." Points are earned for good behavior, choices, quickness to obey, etc... Points can like wise be taken away for poor choices. The kids can also give points to each other when they see each other doing good things. They can turn the points in for computer/TV time, treats & small prizes. You get the point.

Well Austin has really taken off with the reading thing. And we've enjoyed reading books out-loud together this summer. When we were at Wal-Mart last week I saw that the very first book in the Magic Tree House Series was "Dinosaurs Before Dark." Just so you know Austin thinks dinosaurs are terrificly fabulous! When I showed him the book he was completely enthralled. I told him I'd buy the book for him but he'd have to earn 50 points to get it.

Now in the history of Romans Rewards no one has ever earned 50 points. We've always cashed them in way before we could earn anything that might be worth 50 points. But Austin was determined to save them up & earn his book. Every time he earned another point he would count up how many he had & then together we would figure out how many more points he needed.

Well after 5 days of saving up Austin reached 50 points last night. It was SO fun to watch him pour over the books he had worked so hard to earn. He just devoured them. He kept repeating, "This is so cool!" He even coined a new word, "Hugnormously cool!" And the best part, "These books are worth 150 points!"

As his mother I find it "Hugnormously Cool" that my son loves to read & find books "so cool!" That is worth 150 million points!

Monday, July 21, 2008

One On One

I decided to start a new tradition. At the beginning of each school year I'll take the school child & we'll go shopping for school clothes & supplies & spend the day together. Just the two of us. With the move hopefully happening this weekend I knew it was going to be a crazy next few weeks so Austin & I did our super-back-to-school-mommy-date on Friday. Of course Ruth came with us but she was fabulous as always. We had a super day together. Any time I spend one on one time with my kids it is always so great. We found some great deals, got all his school supplies, & back pack. He is now officially ready.

Austin is most excited to start school so he can make new friends & see his old ones from preschool.

He thought the mall was really cool, "It's like a city in here." His favorite store in the mall was "The Disney Store."

We ate dinner, played at "Toys R Us" (and got lots of Emma's bday shopping done!) & ended the night with a movie. Of course we didn't get home until after midnight but we had a great day together.

Knowing he's ready (& excited) makes it a slight bit easier to send him off in 29 days.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Randomly Interesting or Not

As I was doing my hair this morning I very first...WHITE hair! I couldn't believe it! Somehow I've attained this proud mentality that I'll be immune from this aging process. Guess it was time to be brought to the depths of humility & for me to stop teasing Kurt about his thesis patch (his patch of white hairs earned while writing his thesis in grad school although I'm pretty sure owning his own business has earned him many more!) Who knew 28 was old?

We officially own a house as of TODAY! Awesome. I am so anxious to get moved in. So we are just waiting for the current tenants to moved out so we can move IN (I'm hoping next weekend...)

Austin has been so adorable with Ruth lately. He loves to talk with her & tell her stories & make her laugh. He is maturing ever so slightly as he chooses to read books with me instead of play with Emma Lynn & Spencer. He is so good to help with Ruth. Have I mentioned that I'm going to miss him when he goes to school? Tonight Austin was telling Ruth a story while she was taking her bath.

I love this pic - Spencer & his cousin Braxton took a time out from swimming to watch what was happening in the big pool. They were talking to each other, I wish I could have heard what they were saying, "Big kids are so cool!"

She even poses while swimming!

Here is the JOY of summer!

Clear Eyes

Ever since Ruth was born she has had clogged tear ducts. First the right eye. It eventually got better & moved over to the left eye. We tried all the normal solutions (daily massaging, & drops) but nothing helped. At her 4 month appointment the Dr. said if it wasn't cleared up by her 6 month check up we had to see an Eye Dr. Come on now! Both Emma Lynn & Spencer had similar problems which eventually cleared up on it's own around 3 -4 months. Ruth's just seemed to be lingering.

I was tired of wiping crusty eyes only wipe them a minute later, tired of the comments from every single person that ever saw her. I just wanted to see Ruth's adorable face without any distraction of eye boogers & crusties.

Sunday morning after we got home from Mudflats she woke up crust free! It has been 4 days now with out a single crust, booger or matted eyes!! I feel safe to say that her tear duct is officially UNclogged! Maybe all the dust & dirt from Mudflats worked miracles (we should have gone sooner!) But I'm lovin' my daughter's adorable face without any distractions! Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Hallie

One year ago my niece Hallie Anne Romans was born. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the day she passed away. I really don't want to focus on tomorrow. So today we are remembering the sweet spirit that came to our family & how it changed our lives forever. We miss her & long for the opportunity to get to know her in the next life.

Tonight we're going to visit her grave and send balloons off so Hallie will be able to see us celebrating her.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Snuggle Bunny

This is a tribute to my baby girl. I take her everywhere (i.e. girls camp, mud flats, every mutual every week, meetings, etc...) & she is SO GOOD all the time. She just smiles & spreads the love. She is just fabulous. She makes it easy for me to keep going at the pace I have to go & magnify my calling. And she brings our family so much joy. Love you snuggle bunny of mine!

I took these after we got home from Mud Flats yesterday. She was happy to be clean & at home. You can't tell by her smile though!

Mud Flats

Friday and Saturday Ruth & I went with the youth on an over night trip to Mudflat. It is a ranch in the middle of no where. The land of desolation. Seriously. We drove on terrible bumpy dirt roads (my maximum speed was 9 miles per hour) for 3 hours. It was dusty and dirty but still a great time. We were blessed with good weather (85 and a light breeze.) We took a long convoy of 4 wheelers to check out a beautiful canyon (pic below), did a service project, shot clay pigeons, more 4 wheeling, played water games, ate great food & flirted (that was the youth - not me!) I've been in with the youth for a year now & the more time I spend with them the more I love them. They're like my own girls!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mrs. Wagner

My friend Marji called this afternoon, "So what class is Austin in?" I was completely stunned. When I registered him for kindergarten this spring they told me teacher assignments would come out in August. I thought I was still safe, I have a couple more weeks until the month of August "officially" starts...right??? WRONG! But of course I was dying of curiosity to know who's class he was in so I immediately went to the mail box & tore open the envelop. Mrs. Wagner.

That was the teacher I requested so I was happy about that. I think she'll be great for Austin's personality. Naturally I had to spend the next 10 minutes calling all our preschool buddies to see who was in what class.

In the quiet hours of the night when I was finally alone I had to cry. I wasn't ready for this news today. And I'm honest with myself, I wouldn't be ready if it came next week, or in August as they had promised or even 2 years from now. I'm NOT ready for this next stage in life. BUT HE IS. It's time to move on to the next stage in life, it is an exciting time! The reality is that in 42 days Austin will start kindergarten at Vale Elementary school in Mrs. Wagner's class.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And it to the list!

I LOVE the classic historic love pieces. Love the books, love the movies. You know what I'm talking about: Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Wives, Mothers & Daughters. The classics, aahhhhhhh, love it!

Anyways I'm always on the hunt for new movies or books that are worthy enough to join the list of greats. Well last night I found one! BBC's (of course) version of North & South by Elisabeth Gaskell (the same author of Wives, Mothers & Daughters). Great characters, conflict, & love. I recommend it & hope it'll make your list of classics!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dancing Shoes

9 days after Ruth was born my dear friend Rachel Johnson started an adult clogging class. I had to go and I'm so glad I did! I LOVED every second of it and found my feet clogging every possible moment in between. When we performed for the recital in May it was such a natural rush, it was exhilarating to be up on the stage.

We performed yesterday in part of the 4th of July festivities. Unfortunately it wasn't as great as our first performance, for me at least. Almost as soon as the song started I could tell my right shoe was having some major issues. Moments later the sole came up completely and the heel was on the verge of following the same course. I was completely flustered, lost my place in the dance & stood there momentarily dazed. Somehow I managed to get back into the swing of things but never fully recovered from the first initial blow. I'm just frustrated that I didn't have more dance savvy to keep going during the shock of it all even though my shoes was ruin to all get out. I know that dance, dang it! Do you want me to show you?


My super friend Tiniel tagged me (I'm honored btw!) So here is goes:

20 years ago I was 8 years old and had just been baptized by my father. We were living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had lots of family there & I felt so squeaky clean and new. It was a pretty great day.

10 years ago I was 18 and had just graduated from Herndon High School (that is Virigina.) Crazy to think my 10 year reunion is this summer and I that I have NO desire to go! I went out to RICKS for the third summer term (it started in July) & immediately fell in love with the special spirit of that awesome place.

5 years I was 23 years old and I brand new mother to my precious preemie Austin. He had just come home from the hospital and I was loving the fact that I could hold him as much as a wanted. It was a sweet time as our family had officially started.

Yesterday Austin and I clogged down at the park in part of the 4th festivities. It actually wasn't too hot and clogging is so awesome (newfound love as of March 08). We spent the afternoon playing up at grandma's & watching the kids splash each other.

Today was church, super Sunday mode (as they all are) which consisted of 2 meetings, teaching all the YW and a fireside. I LOVE my young women! It was ended by a very nice family get together for Grandpa Mile's bday.

Tomorrow morning I will restore order to the house (the weekend always does a number on the house) and lots of laundry (dreaded word.) In the afternoon we have story time, presidency meeting and family home evening.

I'm tagging Tessie!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Proud to be an American

The Studio had some dancers in the town parade. Rachel Johnson & I held The Studio sign while they danced to a "I'm Proud to be an American." It was wonderful to be a part of the parade and really feel a sense of the freedom spirit. Of course I couldn't help but singing the whole time & it was touching to see people moved by our dancers, the music & our country.

We had a BBQ at Bill & Cindy's that evening. Of course the kids had to jump in the pool or really just splash each other. And the highlight was putting on our own small fireworks show when it got dark. The boys loved it, Spencer was a little too brave & really wanted to touch the sparkler. Emma was never brave enough to even try. Ruth was adorable in her multiple red, white, & blue outfits (we had three!) It always makes a holiday more special to celebrate with a baby experiencing it for the first time.

I love our land of the free & all the blessings that brings. We are a blessed people in a blessed land. God bless the USA.

Patriotic Baby Contest

There was a Patriotic Baby Contest in the morning of the 4th. I decided to enter Ruth & Spencer. I put together very simple outfits with things I had at home. Although they didn't win we had a fun time doing it.

Uncle Sam Lady Liberty

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walk Two Moons

It is very important for me that my children have a love for reading. It has been a part of our family life, our daily rountine since the beginning. I think that is one reason why Austin is so successful with reading. We came home from the library today and he pulled out a new book and sat down on the couch with Emma and Spencer and read them the book. I watched from the kitchen with pride and an overwhelming sense of joy.

We have been reading books out loud together too. We just recently finished "Stuart Little" and "Henry & Ribsy." It is wonderful to cuddle up on the couch together and read. I hope it is a tradition we can continue for the rest of our lives. We checked out "Bridge to Tereabitha" today.

I realized that I wasn't setting a good example about reading for my kids. When was the last time I read a book, for pleasure, just for me??? I honestly couldn't remember so I checked out a book for ME today. And of course I started it as soon as the kids were a sleep and then I couldn't put it down! "Walk Two Moon" by Sharon Creech. It had a great message and I'm highly recommending it.

"Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."

The world is a stage

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