Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The day spring break started I bought Emma a cute pair of lace up tennis shoes. She was determined to master the art of tieing them before spring break was over. She practiced everyday.

By the end of the week she was a pro and ready for her first day back with her new super cute lace up shoes.

PS she also lost another tooth over spring break. It plopped onto the table while she was eating lunch. She was really surprised and super happy she didn't swallow it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Every Sunday I write out the week on our white board calendar. Many activities (like gymnastic, art lesson, piano lesson, etc...) don't change from week to week. But it felt so GREAT to wipe the entire week CLEAN and have NOTHING on the calendar for the week of Spring Break.

{{deep relaxing sigh}}

I asked the kids to write a top 5 TO DO list of things they wanted to do during Spring Break and then we would plan the week accordingly.

1. Watch Rango at the movie theater.
2. Have a pillow fight.
3. Mommy Date!
4. go to DQ.
5. Stay up 1 hour past bedtime.

1.Learn how to tie my shoes.
2. Go on a mommy date.
3. Go to the theDers.
4. Go on a DADDY date.
5. Go to the stor and yos the toth fere mone.

1. Bolen
2. Go on a Daddy date
3. Mecdonels
4. Library
5. Zoo

Monday we watched "RANGO" in the movie theatre (Austin and Emma's list.) I was SOOOO not impressed and highly NOT recommending this movie. The content and humor that was above kids heads was inappropriate. The popcorn was good.

was Mommy/Daddy dates. I was very impressed that ALL the kids wanted some kind of date with their parents. It left the impression with me, make time for the individual child. I ran errands in Ontario {including the library - Spencer's list} with the other kids not on dates while Kurt took the 3 youngest kids on a tag-team-relay date. Spencer got a milkshake at McDonalds {list} and then picked out a Frisbee at the Dollar Store and played with Kurt in the park {it was the one sunny day during Spring break.} Emma Lynn got an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen and picked out a craft to do with dad from Jo-Ann's dollar spot. Ruth ate candy while looking at the baby chicks at D& B Supply. They each got 30-40 minutes of dad's time, spent $3-4 and LOVED every second. We have to make time for this while they still want to spend time with us. {Austin and I are going on a mommy date later since we ran out of time.}

Wednesday - Friday the kids and I went up to McCall, Idaho for a much needed GET AWAY! There are certain times when you just need to escape life, this was one of them. It was perfect.

We had a pillow fight {Austin's list}

Played TONS of board games {we came prepared!}

Had a SPA day

{Spencer felt very relaxed after his spa treatment!!}

We took NAPS {the only thing on mom's list!!!}

And were Outdoor Explorers {each one had a notebook to record their findings. McCall still had so much snow so we were a little bit limited.}

We did spot a red fox and some deer.

It was a great week of reconnectin' and relaxin'. I'm ready for summer break! ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Losing the first "real" tooth

Riding home from school last week Emma started to giggle with excitement,

"My tooth is loose!"

Her excitement was adorable and contagious.

She continued to work on that loose tooth until today when it was dangling by a thread. Then she agreed to let Kurt pull it.

She was surprised at the lack of pain and blood {thank goodness.}

And now the holes in her mouth have evened out a bit. :)

Bull Sale

The Romans Bull Sale took place today. In true March weather it was unpredictable, gloomy, rainy and a muddy mess! Luckily that didn't stop buyers from coming. Thanks to a {currently} good cattle market, and the Romans Charolis making a name for themselves through hard work, and good breeding they had their BEST bull sale ever. What a good feeling! I was reminded of that very first bull sale and the complete contrast in mood, feeling and outcome. They have come a long way in a short time.

Austin stayed home from school to help again this year. He was so excited to help! His prayer that morning was, "Please bless that Grandpa will sell at least 10 bulls and that we can all remember to do our jobs the best we can."

There was no way Emma Lynn was going to miss school.

Spencer and Ruth stayed at Grandma's house with a babysitter. They were able to come down for lunch and enjoyed all the good food {and pop.}

Austin took his job so seriously and thankfully Grandma was so patient.

So did Kurt.

Here's to many more successful bull sales!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Donkey Bball

Time once again for the annual hick post. Saturday was Donkey Basketball and naturally RPM had to put together a team.

They played first but unfortunately lost both of their games. The second game {which Kurt was playing in} was so comicial. It looked like the circus. People were tripping, falling off their donkies, and shooting like manaics. It was funny to watch.

New to the annual event was Emma Lynn dancing in the clogging half time show. She walked into the gym and saw all the people and immediately started to cry. I calmed her and then bribbed her. She went out and at least stood with her class. It mainly consisted of her trying to not cry and moving slightly at the end. We celebrate all progress great or small.

Better luck next year reclaiming the Donkey Bball Championship team RPM.


On Ruth's birthday Matthew had his tonsils taken out to help his sleep apnea. There were complications after the surgery {aspiration followed by pneumonia} and he is still in the hospital. As the bull sale approached and things were crazy busy I was able to help more. Friday night after the temple I went to the hospital and spent the night with Matthew. What a sweet time. I really treasured my time with him. He is so precious and I enjoyed just holding and lovin' on him. He is so good natured and handled everything with ease. What a beautiful and special child he is.

We are celebrating small improvements every day and hope he will be home soon.
Love you, Matthew!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy Date

A few weeks ago I saw a poster at the Ontario library for an upcoming musical "Disney's Ariostocats." Tickets were only $5 so I thought it looked like a perfect mommy date. I told Emma about it and she was excited and really wanted to go. She started saving up her Romans Rewards to earn the mommy date of her choice (25 points.) She finished up the last few needed points that afternoon before the show. :)

We invited Ruth and Jacqlyn to come with us, a true Girl's Night. I was a little nervous how Ruth would do, she has never been to a play before and she didn't have a nap that day. The potential for a meltdown was great.

We had such a good time.

All the cast was 10 years old or younger acting parts as different animals, it was pretty cute and they did a great job.

The girls were completely captivated.

It was the perfect first play for Ruth. When I asked her at the end what she liked the best she said, "I liked all the boys." Oh, dear. But the play was just about all she could talk about the next day. :D Musicals make me happy. My daughters enjoying musicals makes me uBer HAPPY!

A First

I have silently been proud that none of my children have ever cut their own hair.

Until yesterday.

And out of all my kids I never would have thought that Spence would have the one.

When asked WHY he said that his hair was too long. The thing is I gave him a hair cut on his birthday, just 2 days eariler!

I was worried I would have to shave down to his head but lucky I was able to fix it with a number one. It's short. Kurt is calling him "Buzz."

I guess we made too big a deal out of it because later he asked, "Mom, do you still love me?" Awwwwwww. It's just hair, it grows back.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It seems like the birthdays just keep comin' at our house. I'm really feelin' it this year {and like everything else I can't keep up with I'm blaming it on the pregnancy.} Another thing to blame on the extra hormones raging inside me is the extreme emotional state I find myself in.

How did Spence get to be so big? I'm so proud of him and the wonderful boy he is growing up to be. He has been a joy to raise. He is easy going, generally happy, quick to smile & laugh and adorable. He's my brown sugar.


Eating individual birthday cakes from Sister Noble

We had a party after dinner. Since Spence is obsessed with Super Heros we played "Super Hero Charades." We should have just had Spencer act them all out, he was very serious and very into it. :)

We also played the classic "Who Knows Best." We all answered the 5 questions about Spencer to see who knows him the best:

1. What is his favorite color? {Green}
2. Who is his favorite Super Hero? {Wolverine}
3. What does Spencer want to be when he grows up? {anything a boy can be!}
4. What is he most excited to do in kindergarten {RECESS!}
5. Who is his BFF? {Luke - we were all shocked! He explained that Braxton is his BFF AND cousin. Apparently there are 2 separate categories.}

[ps mom knows him best. :D]

Again his siblings were uBer thoughtful with their recycled presents {extra messages and extra strong tape.}

So I finally learned something about birthday cakes. Spencer really wanted to be involved with the frosting/decorating process. It was his birthday so how could I say no? So it wasn't the best cake presentation ever but he loved every minute of it and he was proud of his cake. And I realized that is what is important. Thus born the NEW birthday cake philosophy.

Birthday Noteable: Kurt agreed to the purchase of a outdoor TRAMPOLINE! Pics to come.
Happy, Happy Birthday Spencer ~ WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, March 7, 2011

One Week

So I have been 3 for a week now.

I have decided it is very hard to be three.

2 days after my birthday I got a bladder infection. That is not fun! I really don't like germs that get us sick! Mom says I just have to take showers now. I can still find ways to play in the water so I guess its all good.

And then my mom decided, out of no where, to chop all my hair off! She was saying something about me not taking care of it and it always looking messy. I'm not exactly sure. All I know is that I'm beautiful ALL the time.



She said the shorter hair would be easier to take care of. I don't want her to know but she's right! Besides I love everyone telling me how cute my new hair cut is.

So all in all being 3 is hard work.

{btw my tramp still rocks!}

Sunday, March 6, 2011


On Saturday {the 5th} Spencer had a party for his 5th birthday. It has been the tradition that they can have a party with friends for their fifth birthday. So lets face it I'm tired and pregnant and pretty much just pregnant so I came up with the easy-out-birthday-party plan:

A few months ago I had purchased a local groupon for a BOUNCE house in Boise. It was valid for 5 guests. I decided this could be the perfect birthday party. Spencer invited 4 friends, we set a date, made invites and the hardiest part was over. Fabulous.

One friend was unable to come so we asked Austin to fill his spot. With the burban loaded full of boys (Spencer, Braxton, Colten, Trevor & Austin) we headed off to Boise. We got there 1/2 hour before it opened so we stopped for lunch at Dairy Queen.

Our timing was perfect. Just as we finished up the BOUNCE house opened. We spent the next 2 hours bouncing, running, climbing and jumping to our hearts content. It is a fun place. I have to admit that I got in on the action {how could you not??!!! One dad even told me I was crazy. Whatever!} One of the favorites was a relay course. Austin challenged me to a race my first time through. Let's just say that my large belly did not help me gain speed during the crawl through tunnel. He enjoyed his victory. :)

Another favorite


I love the different expressions of each kid. It totally fits their personality.

We had a really fun time! All the boys were really well behaved. I appreciate their good manners. Naturally Austin had to prep them for elementary school with some potty humor during the car ride but little boy giggles always make me smile.

YAY for simple parties that make everyone happy! Thanks for a great day Spencer & friends!

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