Monday, September 30, 2013

W40: Did you know what happened this week?

September 29 - October 5, 2013

Did you know that Spencer had his first cavities filled on Monday morning?

I had procrastinated this since June. So I figured it was time. We dropped the others off at school and then went to the dentist office. Spencer was a supper star and did excellent.  Lucy charmed the entire office by talking to everyone, having perfect manners and cute antics. That kid is a crack up. I kept Spencer home the rest of the day so I could watch him till the swelling and numbness wore off.
Did you know that I'm enjoying being the Girl Scout Cadette leader? 

Since the Cadettes are the oldest GS in our troop we fous on being girl led. That means my role is to guide and direct. The girls are planning and teaching our badge requirements. With a new baby that has been quite fussy it is working out well for me. We have a great group and I anticipate a fun year.

Did you know that we made it back to Vale in time for Ruth's clogging class?

The happy girl spent the rest of the evening jumping around the house in her clogging shoes. Man, it makes you appreciate the ballet slipper.

Did you know that I switched Jane to soy formula?

While it hasn't cured her fussiness it has GREATLY helped! She spits up less, smiles more and puts herself to sleep (still  self soothing.) I'm grateful that we are finally figuring out solutions to help this baby girl.  Grateful for simple miracles. 

Did you know that Lucy is a monkey in a purple leotard? 

She loves her gymnastics. Her teachers were raving about her form. She could hold onto the rings and bar forever. She still dances around on her toes with her hands in the air, "I love ballet." Glad she has an active outlet.

Did you know that Kurt keeps his word even on bad days?

Last week I asked if he would speak and demonstrate to the Cub Scouts about the flag. Tuesday was a terrible day at work and yet Kurt still came. I appreciate him. Especially since Jane cried the entire time he was there. The cubs sure listen better to a man. Mmmmm, sounds like we'd better get more male helpers to come. Meanwhile ever since Austin completed the Aquaknot pin he has been  reading the Webelos book like its gonna go outta print.

Did you know that I love the temple?

After our late start Wednesday I dropped the little girls off at Kelli's house and then headed to the temple. I met Jen there and we did the 10:30 session together. Jen sent her oldest to the MTC last week. I wanted to do something for her and realized the peace of the temple was the best thing for a new missionary mom (or any other day-2-day event that we endure in this mortal life.) I LOVE the temple. It was a fabulous session. The spirit was so sweet and the peace so enduring. I didn't want to leave. We did a quick Costco run and lunch before I rushed back to Ontario for piano, ballet and gymnastics. Feel so thankful for Kelli's help.

Did you know it's been cold, rainy, and wet all week? 

It is definitely fall. Even the tumble weeds on our land are starting to turn. Haha I love fall but for some reason I'm not mentally prepared for this season. Maybe because one day it was 97 degrees and 52 the next. Wednesday there was a gleamer of sunlight and the kids enjoyed chasing geese while Spence was in gymnastics. I just enjoyed Jane. Soaking up all these SMILES!

Did you know that I appreciate 4RCS?

Thursday morning we had 4 parent teacher conferences from 9-10 am. We woke up at normal school day time to make sure we were packed and ready to go on our trip to Utah directly afterwards. The conferences went great. Austin is doing better about being responsible and is helping the other students with their questions. Emma Lynn is doing excellent and will start working on an extra presentation project (topic of her choice) as she has extra time in her Spanish class. Spencer is on task, engaged and participates well in class. (PS Spencer told me before his conference, "I'm glad we don't have a wii cause it rots your brain and then you get in trouble at school." Perfect!) Ruth is an excited learner. SeƱora Brito feels confident she will transfer her knowledge into the Spanish language.

Did you know that we can still travel to Utah with one stop now that we have 6 kids?

They traveled well. I was determined to continue our healthy eating on the road. So I had a plethora of fruits and veggies packed. It is always a great feeling to be prepared and continue on the path of righteousness 

Did you know we love the Farnsworths?

As soon as we crossed into Utah it started snowing. I couldn't believe it. It was also snowing in Logan so it canceled the plans to go to the pumpkin patch that evening. I think I was the only one disappointed, the cousins were very happy to be reunited. Baby Jane was a hit with the Farnsworth cousins. We had a delicious dinner and nice evening of visiting/playing. 

Friday morning Kurt got up and went to the temple. I stayed to maintain the morning chaos. When he got back we loaded up and headed south for Temple Square. Thanks for having us!

Did you know I met my favorite "celebrity?"

Project life has changed the way I scrapbook and memory keep. I'm obsessed and adore it. When I hears that  the founder, Becky Higgins was going to be at Deseret Book this weekend I KNEW I had to make time to go! When we got to temple square Ruth, Jane and I went to meet her while Kurt took the rest to temple square. The timing was perfect. I was fourth in line. Becky took the time to talk and get to know each person. I was impressed with her sincerity and kindness. I also appreciated the opportunity to thank her for providing a system that allows me to scrapbook again. No gonna lie, a very cool moment.

We met up with the others just in time to go into the north visitor center. Of course I was grinning and after Kurt teased me Emma said, "mom, your hilarious."

Did you know that I love the temple square visitor center?   

No matter how many times I go it is still a wonderful and uplifting experience. I love sharing that with my kids. Ruth was so excited to see the statue of Christ. She didn't care about anything else. The boys liked the escalators. I'm raising a bunch of hicks. Lucy thought all the open space was for perfect for running. As I was chasing after her when she stopped at a statue of Adam and Eve. "They love me mom." We also went to the church history museum. Kurt was excited to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit on scouting. I was just glad he wanted to go to a museum. I fed Jane most of the time but it was very interactive and the kids loved it. Some of the same Book of Mormon exhibits were still here and the kids were excited to remember them from when Grandma and Grandpa Richards took them. 

Did you know that Grandma Karen and Kay are fabulous hosts? 

Our next stop was back north to Clearfield. It had been over a year since we had seen them so it was great to spend time and reconnect. They are always kind, gracious and so welcoming. It is a great feeling to know you are always welcome. All weekend they kept us full with delicious food and joyful company. 

The boys loved the plastic eggs from the kitchen. Ruth and Lucy were overjoyed that grandma had added dolls to her toy collection. Friday afternoon Kurt took the 4 oldest to a trampoline house close to Grandma's house {I had bought a groupon.} Since Ruth and Spencer couldn't go into conference I wanted something fun for them. A trampoline place {called "Get Air"} had Spencer's name written all over it. I heard most about everyone ganging up on Kurt to play dodgeball. That night the kids watched "Honey I shrunk the kids." It was a blast from the blast for Kurt and I. I used the time to created a fall wreath for Grandma and I. I had the urge to create and it was a fun way to give a Thank You gift for grandmas hospitality.

Did you know that General Conference brings peace & happiness to my soul?

We had 4 tickets for the Saturday morning season. Grandma was kind enough to watch the other 4 kids for us. I was nervous about leaving Jane because she can be fussy. Grandma has plenty of experience. We left the house just a little after 8 so that we could be in our seats by 9:30. Parking and finding our spots all went very smooth. The Mo Tab was warming up so that was fun to watch/listen as we prepared for it to start.  Emma Lynn was very concerned with the lack of reverence but gratefully it changed as soon as President Monson walked in. I  loved teaching why we stand for our prophet and then standing together. I loved singing the intermediate hymn with the power of so many saints together, especially my kids. I love building and strengthening testimonies. I love hearing the word of The Lord. One of those memories when my heart smiles remembering. 

As we left the conference center there was one very loud heckler on the corner. Austin turns to me, "doesn't he know that no one here is going to listen to him?!" I love his conviction. Both Austin and Emma Lynn were excitedly making plans to come to conference in April so Spencer could come too! 

We listened to the afternoon session as a family in the basement (so grandma and Kay could actually get something out of it!) We drew pictures of what we heard: missionaries and families which were the two very strong themes throughout the entire conference.

After that session the girls and I went shopping while the boys watched a movie. Kurt, Kay and Sam went to the priesthood session. We were so excited that Sam came up. Spencer especially, he would not stop jumping on him! It must be love. 

Sunday morning Elaine dropped her boys off so they could attend a session. It was kind of like a tornado hit. We did hear a few good words, stop moving long enough to have a conference sucker and express our creativity through portraits (friendly tip: never laugh at someone's art work.)

After another delicious lunch we loaded up the car, gave lots of hugs and headed home. We listened to the second session as we drove and because the kids were strapped in and contained I was able to actually hear the talks. We might try the "just drive" method again. We made it home by 7:45 happy and fulfilled.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

w39 Tripin

September 23-28, 2013

Hi. My name is Rachel and I'm addicted to driving. Everyday is a trip around here.

I took the Cadette's for a TRIP to the Apple Orchard on Monday {we are working on our TREE badge.} Christy was kind enough to watch Lucy for me. I strapped Jane to me and away we went pickin through the trees. They had a great time doing this. I am really excited about this group and feel like we can do good things.

The field trip took longer than planned so we didn't make it back to Vale for Ruth's clogging. But we did have a less rushed dinner/FHE/bedtime.

Tuesday I took a TRIP to the school to start my volunteering routine. After Lucy's gymnastic's class {which is continues to love & anticipate. She came out for drink a lot so I think we'd better bring her a water bottle next week.} I take her to Nancy's {piano teacher} and then Jane and I go to the school. It will be interesting to see if this arrangement will work. Lucy did great but Jane is not an easy-going baby so we will have to see...I was able to volunteer in Ruth's class and that was fun. Senora Brito told me that Ruth is repeating EVERYTHING she says. Whether she is talking to the class, just Ruth or even another student. Sounds a bit annoying to me but she was celebrating the fact. It correlates with all Spanish she is constantly saying at home too. Man I need to learn Spanish too!!

For Cub Scout that after noon we took the boys to a TRIP to visit a Historical Sight, Keeney Pass. So I have driven past this probably 500 times since moving to Vale 7 years ago but I didn't even realize what it was OR how cool it is until now. It is a site from the Oregon Trail and you can still see the imprint of the wagon train. SO cool! Our hike was pretty short lived as the weather turned quickly.  We have almost instantly gone to fall. 96 one day and 57 the next. It has been a cold, wet week. We will definitely have to take another TRIP out to Keeney Pass to do some more exploring.

Wednesday we were TRIPPIN with all our activities. ;) I really enjoy my time with Ruth at the library during piano lessons. We just got to get the 2 little girls trained. If Lucy isn't screaming {with excited enthusiasm but still not library approved} Jane is crying {which receives more understanding because of her age but still not appropriate.} Maybe one day...

The new location of the gymnastic is across from a park. It was freezing so Jane and I watched as the others play on the playground and chased geese. Its fun to watch. And hopefully we're never too old for the playground.

Thursday the suburban took a TRIP on Kurt's trailer. As we pulled into Nyssa for Ruth's ballet class the car started clunking and shuttering extremely LOUD. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it the 5 blocks to the studio. We did. Ruth ran into class and I immediately called Kurt. He came to my rescue complete with a flat bed trailer. Thanks to Marti for rescuing Austin who was at home waiting for Kurt to come home {but he changed directions immediately after getting my call and we had no way to contact Austin. And NO he does NOT need a cell phone. Although in the past week he has asked for both a cell phone and iPod. At least he asked on different days. Still not happening.} When we got home he took it into the shop and figure out the problem. There was a big rock in the tire shaft. Easy fix and I got my oil changed too.

Friday we took a TRIP to the school to celebrate Emma's birthday with her class {and other September birthdays.} 

The little girls and I also had lunch with Kerri. It was great to reconnect with her. Our plan is to make that a weekly date. That night Kurt and Austin left for West Fall with big plans to go hunting the next day. They didn't get anything but have heard great reports on how beautiful it was, "West Fall CAN be beautiful honey."
Saturday we decorated for Halloween along with some other chores. In the past I've had a very slacker attitude about decorating for holidays {except Christmas.} But I read about a mom and daughter who have made it a tradition to decorate together because its something they enjoy. That really hit me. I have a lot of daughters that enjoy that kind of thing and its something we can do together so I decided to make it more of a priority. Emma made door hangers for each bedroom in the house. When we were finished Emma exclaimed, "This is going to be the  best Halloween ever because we have decorations!" Ok. Mission accomplished. 

Kerri came to my rescue that afternoon because Kurt and Austin were still gone {and with no cell service} and I needed to get to the General Relief Society broadcast followed by cotillion and stake dance. I really appreciate her help! 

I had to stand with Jane the entire time but I was still able to catch the message and feel the spirit. I loved the theme of being covenant keeping women. And I love our prophet President Monson. He is a man of God. The dances were good, it just felt like a long night. 

Jane had a hard week. She is still thrush free {thank you!} and I have come to terms that she is a fussy baby. I have been blessed with 5 easy babies so I guess my turn is up. Gratefully I know it won't last forever. She is a fabulous sleeper so I am not complaining. She slept through the night twice this week! And I have the bonus of many hands to help. 

Sometimes the swing helps.

By Thursday she was weened. It has been an interesting journey. I was starting to get thrush again last week so I really backed off the nursing. I could tell my milk supply was decreased this week when we were nursing and it was very frustrating to her. And so I called it. It makes me a bit sad honestly especially when I think about all that we endured. It is what it is and I can truthfully say we gave it our best effort. What a TRIP it has been. ;)

~~~Romans Reflections~~~~
- Lucy talking to herself: "Man its noisy. noisy, so noisy. who's noisy? ME. I'm so noisy!"
- Jane doesn't just have the typically back of your head bald spot but has managed to rub it off all the way around. Sporting a great Mohawk now.
- Lucy looks at me, "You are not a monster! You are my mom."
- While volunteering in Ruth's class I overheard the following conversation, Samuel said to Talin, "Do you want to marry Ruth?"
- Loving Austin's self motivated piano interest.
- Ruth took all 12 of her stuff animals that she sleeps with to show and teach {o.k. only 4}
- Emma Lynn and Ruth practicing ballet moves and stretches on the window sill.
- Lucy told me,  "I'm so sure it's not fair"
- Kurt was helping his parents move more of their stuff and came home with a treasure. It was a button of him on the High School basketball team. Spencer thought it was pretty cool and this is how I found him that night:

- During Spanish week in 4/5 the teacher picks a "spy" to catch kids who are not speaking Spanish and then they have to do vocab. One of Austin's friends was the spy this week and so he dubbed himself the Language Spy Business Manager and even made a business card.

- Jane has a favorite purple paci. She won't take any other kind or even the same brand that is a different color. SO ridiculous and many minutes have been devoted to finding that silly paci. This week she has mastered the art of self soothing. I am telling myself two things whether they are delusional or not:
1. Its great because I don't have to worry about looking for that silly paci any more.
2. Because its her fingers she won't get attached like a thumb sucker.

It took me 3 days to get this picture.

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