Sunday, September 30, 2012

Puddle Jumper

Thursday we bought a new {to us} little car to run around in. There are many times that we run around with just a few of us and we wanted something with much better gas miles. Its a 2004 Hyundai. 104 miles and 32 miles per gallon. I'm excited for our little bug. Apparently we only own white {Kurt says were purist.}

Punky Rooster

On Sunday, September 23rd Ruth had her first talk in Primary. It was about keeping the commandments.

Here is her talk:

" Heavenly Father gave us commandments.
They are rules.
Heavenly Father loves us.
He wants us to be happy.
If we keep the commandments we will be happy."

Then she told a story that she made up complete with visuals that she had colored about a girl who was mean and that wasn't keeping the commandments and said sorry that was. If we keep the commandments we are go back to heaven. And then she bore a two sentence testimony.

Some of my favorite moments was her practicing before church and giving it again to us after church. The primary room was super full and she got nervous so she didn't say all the parts she had memorized but at least she was talking. At the end when I was giving her prompts she would just nod, as if to say, Yep that's right! But you have to tell them Ruth. Funny kid!

I am really enjoying Ruth while the others are in school. It always seems to be that way when the kids are four. She has such a fun, spunky personality. She keeps me laughing and on my toes. She is a fabulous helper {although she hates to pick up her own things in her own room. Go figure.}

She recently learned how to write the word "eat" by copying some decor I bought for our kitchen. Emma then proceeded to teach her how to write "food." So I have been finding "eat food" on every scrap of paper I find. It is very cute. But when I found it written on the roof of Emma's cardboard play house it gave me such a laugh!

I love you Rooster girl. Thanks for being so much fun, being such a great helper and making life happy.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

School Life

We've been in school for more than a month now. Definitely back into a routine of extreme running around. I'm still trying to get use to my extra drive time. It is not as easy to run home before the next thing starts. It requires planning and preparation to make sure we are ready for the day when we leave the house.

My friend Kerri Carpenter is driving the kids to school in the morning because she works in Ontario. This is such a blessing. I am very grateful.

The kids are doing well. I was concerned about Spencer having someone to play with at recess. Since that time a new kid moved into his class, Miguel and he has been SO happy! That is a great blessing.

Emma Lynn struggled with headaches the first few weeks. I think it was the transition to second grade but even that problem is seeming to resolve itself.

Fourth grade has been awesome for Austin. He LOVES his teachers and continues to grow in maturity. I'm proud of him.

On Friday, September 21 they had their Back to School Open House. They decided to make it a Family Science Night. They had five different stations set up. There was a great turn out and a lot of education fun to be had. That is exactly why I love Four Rivers.

 Even Lucy wanted to rock the stylish safety goggles! :)

I've also been volunteering on Friday. Christy Ruf and I swap kid watching when we volunteer. Although I'm gone a lot longer since I try to get to three classrooms. She is kind to me. Obviously I know {and love} the 2/3 and 1st grade teachers. But I have been equally impressed with the 4/5 grade. 

Yesterday at recess Spencer wanted me to take a picture of everything. But now that I have the pictures I'm glad to have captured this part of his everyday school life.

Plus they celebrated the September birthdays at the end of school. We brought cupcakes for Emma Lynn's class. Her pose cracks me up - where did she learn that?!

Still worth the daily drive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Its a ZOO over here

So I feel like we have officially joined the ranks of farm life, country kids, rednecks, whatever you choose to call it. We're living it. {{grinning}} I'm excited.

Saturday we bought TWO pigs! It was a really fun thing. After we got back from Boise we went to a pig farm {just a friend of a friend} and picked out two we wanted. All of us {the kids and I} were unanimous in our decision on the two we wanted. We loved the runt and thought he was super cute.

Only later Kurt questioned our motives, are we after pigs to butcher or pigs for cuteness?? Ok. So we're a little new at this. These piglets {who don't have names - maybe its better that way since we will be eating them. I like to call them bacon and chops respectively} are the FIRST to be housed in our animal barn.

Spencer loves to jump in the pen and try to catch one. He's not very good but I have no doubts that he won't stop until he's a perfect pig catcher!

Another stop after Birds of Prey was to a pet store. I had promised Austin a leopard gecko as part of his back to school mommy date. We were finally in Boise to do it. So apparently they eat live crickets. So we have to buy the crickets and keep them alive to feed to the gecko. Oh brother. I wonder if all of Austin's chore money will go to crickets...He's happy and these animals have brought a lot of responsibility to this young man. I'm happy for him.

We also acquired Rosie the bummer calf on Tuesday from Bill and Cindy. She is just about the sweetest thing ever. She is super social and reminds me of a happy little puppy {but luckily not as obnoxious.} She will not stay down in the barn with the pigs. She always manages to get out of her pen and join us on the back porch.

Besides the new critters that arrived this week we still have our 5 chickens and 2 roosters, and Junito the cat.

Kinda funny for two parents who are NOT pet people.

On her birthday

Happy Birthday Emma Lynn!

We brainstormed after walking out of Les Mis that we needed a make up activity to do on her birthday...mmmm...

Since the girl is obsessed with owls we decided a trip to Birds of Prey would be perfect. Austin had picked that for a mommy date a few years back and we had a good time. The other kids have been dying to go since his rave about it. Perfect opportunity.

We invited Emma's BFF Hailey {and family} to come with. We had a ward breakfast and church clean up that morning and then we were off to Boise.

It was definitely a success!

Doesn't he make a cute bird? Bird is the word!

They do a show were they bring out a bird for you to see. When Austin and I went they brought out a crow and falcon. This time it was an OWL! Wow, that was meant to be. She gasped and immediately whipped out her journal from her purse and started to sketch Winston the very cute screech owl. I love her reaction. Priceless.

Waiting for the show to start.

Emma sketching Winston.

We parted from Hailey and company at that point. We decided to hit up Chuck a Rama for lunch {with growing children its starting to become a good place.}

Glad we found something FUN to do. Emma and I finished the night by going to a stake dance together. She was cute and danced with some girls in our ward and me a few times. Its funny to me but she did have fun.

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great 2 B EIGHT!

My beautiful Emma Lynn turned 8 on Saturday the 22nd. It almost seems surreal to type.

On Thursday I had a special Mommy Date planned for her. Les Miserables had come to Boise so I bought tickets. I really wanted to take her to the Saturday maintee {on her actual birthday} but they were already sold out. I found some for Thursday {that's why I pulled her out of school.}

I made up 8 cards with 8 clues to our next activity and a reason why I loved her.

1. Pretty Polish is always a must.
"I love you because you are pretty inside AND out!"

- We went to Rite Aid and picked out "Glowstick" green nail polish.

2. Food makes me happy {and so do you!}

"I love you because your helping hands make me happy!"

- She chose Dairy Queen for lunch and while we waited for our food we painted her nails.

3. Something NEW to wear is always fun!
"I love you because you have the courage to try new things."

- We went to the mall and she picked out some new clothes and...

4. You know how to accessorize just right!
"I love you because you choose the right."

- Her accessory of choice was a new headband. :)

5. Something about a song and dance makes the world complete.
"I love you because you are an important part of our family. You make us complete!"

- We went to the Morrison Center in Boise to watch Les Miserables. BSU was playing BYU that afternoon so parking was a little crazy. But we found a spot and ran over to the theater with 10 minutes to spare {I felt lucky!} I had never seen Les Mis but I knew the general plot and a few songs. I was really excited to share this with Emma. 

We ended up walking out of the musical before intermission. It was wildly inappropriate. The language was crude. And there was plenty of sexual innuendos. But when they started acting out sex I could not sit there any longer. I whispered to Emma that we needed to leave. So we walked out. As we shut the door of the theater I started crying. The emotions of it all got to me. Emma was concerned about my tears. I apologized that we had gone to that play, and that it was a bad and inappropriate and I didn't know and I'm so sorry! The beauty of it all is that she did not know. She had no idea that a single bad thing had occurred on stage. She is completely beautiful and pure. And this being her eighth birthday and the important step of baptism I find this to be so touching and really a special treasure. It was an emotional experience for me but also a lesson and a blessing. I know that she will not always be unspotted from the world but with the atonement she always CAN be.

At this point we continued on with cards :) {so grateful to have a prepared plan to continue with when the main activity of our mommy date fell through!}

6. Is your sweet tooth calling?
"I love you because you are sweet and thoughtful. I love my cards and pictures from you!"

- We went to Dairy Queen {a different one} for blizzards.

7. I'm so happy you came to swing along with me today.
"I love you because you are such a hard working, obedient student."

- We actually skipped this one {we gassed up the car instead} so we could do the last one! :)

 8. How about a spread to cover your bed?
"I love you because you have chosen & are excited to be baptized!"

- We went to the ever wonderful TARGET to pick out a new bedspread set {she has needed one since the move to the toilet house and the new girl bunkbeds.} Of course they had an owl set and it was love at first sight. She LOVES it!!

Even though the date didn't go as I had planned we have a wonderful time together. She is a beautiful girl and I am blessed to share this journey of life with her as her mother. Love you Emma Lynn.

A Girl Scout Retreat

Last weekend {Friday, September 14 & 15} I had the chance to go to McCall for some Girl Scout training. Ahhh I just love McCall this time of year. The colors were already starting to turn. There is something stunning about the color red. Love. It.

I went up early for a camp training. The others {Chelle, Dawn, Amanda, Joan and Jeane}joined me a few hours later. So overall it was an interesting experience. I've analyzed it so here are the determining facts that made the weekend interesting, slightly awkward, strange but good {I think.} ;)

1. This event was NO host by our Girl Scout counsel. It was volunteer ran. So apparently that means you can drink and have as much booze around as you want. It was all very unprofessional to me. Is this what Girl Scouts has become? If so, time to rethink my volunteering.

2. Scouters are slightly strange. With my time in Cub Scout AND Girl Scouts I've decided that life time scouters are just a little different. Not a bad thing. But definitely something to consider...

3. It was a good time for our troop to bond. I enjoyed talking and getting to know the ladies from our troop even better. Now I have some invitations to give out to the Boise temple open house next month! :)

Joan was the camp nurse so we were graced with a cabin with electricity AND heat. Jealous, I know.

All the classes I attended were good and very applicable to what I'm doing right now. I've used something I've learned for both Girl and Cub Scouts this past week. So I'm glad I went and grateful for Kurt's help at home with the kids. Gotta love scouting.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello Utah {again.}

Monday (Labor Day) we drove from from the Waite reunion. Friday the 7th after Emma finished ballet we hit the road again for our most favorite drive on I-84. My grandma Karen was turning 75 the next day and there was a big surprise party planned.

Kurt and I were able to go to the Jordan River temple that morning before heading to Murray for the reunion. I don't know how surprised she was but I do that she was touched to have so many come together just for her.

We took pictures and then had lunch. It was really good to visit with everyone. I always leave thinking we should do it more than once a year! Anyhow. Love you grandma! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are you all moved in yet?

And the answer would be NO.

I'm trying to suppress the anger that is starting to accompany that often asked question.

Ahhh the list of things to do on this property that we now call home {it is no longer the toilet house although the toilet location hasn't changed...hmmmm...}is ever growing. And it seems like it takes forever to get even the "smallest" project done.

I'm so tempted to make a list of things that still aren't done but I don't think that would be totally fair. Kurt works on something house related every day. I appreciate that. And him. The amount of time both of us are home just seems to be limited. This place will definitely be a work in progress for a very long time. So I'd better get use to living in the Willow Creek ghetto. haha

This week I'm determined to get pictures hung and the kids chore chart and mud room organized. I need to get some organization going on somewhere before I pull out my hair.

The wireless internet is now installed and the main computer hooked up so I'm hoping that'll help the blogging scene. But let's be honest, can't even promise that! ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Both Emma Lynn and Ruth started ballet last week.

 Ruth is taking from Miss April of Planet Dance in Vale on Wednesday. She was SO excited to start this! We bought her ballet slippers and a bag to share with Emma Tuesday night. She carried it around with her everywhere and tried on all her leotards. The day of class is was dressed and ready to go that morning for her 4 pm class. :D She did so well, it was fun to watch her. I think her excitement is even more cute though.

Emma is taking ballet after school on Friday from Mrs. Kimball (her school dance teacher.) I LoVE that 4 Rivers is offering this after school activity. Emma was equally excited but in a slightly more mature way ;) 3 days before class she did tell me she was so excited she couldn't sleep. They have a dance uniform so they are all matching and will perform at both school recitals in the winter and spring.

My pretty ballerinas. There has been a definite increase in twirling at our house! Love it.

First week of Preschool

We survived it! And what's more we even enjoyed it. :) haha

I'm excited about a couple of things:

1. Having a helper! Sooooo great. Honestly why didn't I do this 3 years ago??!! Sure sign of craziness. Any way Christy continues to be amazing. I feel so grateful and so blessed that she agreed to thisjourney.

2. The group of kids we have this year. It's always interesting to see how the dynamics work out but the classes well matched. I was pleasantly pleased. Plus I didn't see any red flag behavior or social issues. Good signs, good signs.

Brooke and Ruth are in the same class. And the cousin love continues when Mollie, Brooke and Ruth are all in the Tuesday 10:30 class. Fun times!
3. Teaching with Ruth. She is anxious and adorable. I'm so glad I decide to open Kinder Bloom again this year. She's worth it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cedar City Cabin

The waite family reunion was held over Labor Day weekend this year. I'm not sure why it had to b after school started but I'm glad we made the effort to go down. It's always so great to see the family again. I just wish it wasn't so far.

We decided to leave Thursday night to break up the driving. Unfortunately we didn't
 get out of town until 9 pm. So we rolled in WJ at 3 am. Yikes! I told Kurt we were too old to be doing crazy stuff like that!

We were able to go to the temple Friday morning before heading down to cedar. Spencer and Ruth were lucky enough to ride with grandma and grandpa.

We had a great time. I love the cabin. It's kinda like my strawberry lake in Utah. Ahhhh I like to get away.

The world is a stage

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