Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elder Richards

I got a text from Tim yesterday. This is what it said:

"Im going to LEEDS, ENGLAND. Mom is thrilled."

Apparently Tim got his mission call!! Love receiving the news in a text. I was able to talk to him shortly after. Mom dropped him off at temple square. He sat on a bench to open his call by himself. Mom and Dad met up with him after they parked the car. Some sisters saw his papers and came over to talk & congratulate him. He reports to the Preston, England MTC on August 9th.

We are so excited for you Tim! You will be a wonderful missionary. Our prayers have already begun in your behalf. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


One of our goals this year was to get and raise chicken. My super friend Jamie is helping me with this project. I had ordered some chicks from our local feed store {wow. That sounded super hickish.} But they weren't arriving until the end of May. Jamie called me this after noon to tell me a store in Ontario had them in. So we met there and I got hooked up with all the chick goods.

Oh.MY.Word. Chicks are just about THE cutest thing on earth. They are adorable. Austin fell in love. He has been super cute and attentive with Phil {too bad we can't tell them apart!}

All settled in at home. Austin welcomed them, "hope you like your new habitat!"

We picked out 4 Buff Orpington & 4 White Amber and are excited to start this journey. Tomorrow Jamie and I are building fence around our coop. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

School Days

AHHH this week was brutal trying to get back into the swing of "real life" after spring break. We were late every single day to school. Pathetic.

During spring break I realized that we have LESS than 2 months left of school. WOW. Emma was immediately sad. "I just love first grade! I don't want it to end!" And Spencer was excitedly reflective, "Then I can go to first grade. That's what I've always wanted!" It brought me to the realization that I've been so inconsistent with my volunteering this year and I really miss it! Erica Carlson is going to watch the girls for me Wednesday morning so I can come to the school without interruptions. :)

Diligently working on homework.

After both of Emma's teachers told me she complains of her stomach hurting every afternoon after recess every day we made a Doctor's appointment for her on Friday. They are treating her for gastritis {basically inflammation of the stomach.} We go back in 2 weeks to see if the meds have made any improvement.

Third quarter report cards came out on Friday. All 3 had glowing reports. I am so proud of them for working hard, being kind & respectful and learning lots in 2 languages. We made goals of improvement for the last quarter {goal achieved will go with mom to Roaring Springs this summer!} Then to celebrate their hard work we went to Kiwi Loco {a new frozen yogurt place in Ontario.} Delicious! Everyone has it at the top of their list for mommy/daddy dates this month! ;)

As I was driving through Ontario I passed a billboard that I drive by often and noticed it had changed and that 4 Rivers was advertising on it. As I got closer I thought, "that looks like Spencer." I quickly {but carefully} flipped a U-y to take a closer look. It for sure was! What a fun surprise. I texted a picture to Kurt and drove Spencer to look at it after school.

Just feeling grateful for a good school.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break

It was a great spring break. All the things I like. My kids, relaxed schedule & simple requests.

Spring Break Request #1: PICNIC
This was Saturday right after the infimous part fell on my foot.

Lucy was crazy trying to eat EvERyThiNG!

Spring Break Request #2: Play at the PARK

Spring Break Request #3: Go to the TEMPLE {my request!}
Spring Break Request #4: Go SWIMMING!

Monday night we left for Twin Falls for an overnight Twin Falls temple trip. We got to Twin around 11. I did the 7 am session on Tuesday. I came back to the hotel so Kurt could go to the 10 am session and meet up with our ward at 11 to do baptisms. While he was in the temple we went swimming at the hotel! The pool was perfect. It was 3 feet all the way around so the little girls and I were able to enjoy the hot tub while the others splashed in the pool.

Lucy was so relaxed she fell asleep!

This is the "spa" they set up. Roost went around and massaged them all. :D

The boys channeled their swim lesson knowledge to practice their skills

Spring Break Request #5: Watch a MOVIE!

After finishing part two of three of Ruth's dental work Thursday morning we went to the dollar theatre to see...Alvin and the Chipmunk {oh joy.}

Spring Break Request #6: Play with FRIENDS!

Including cousins that came to visit from Portland {Kurt's cousin, Heather & mom Mary}

Grandma worked her magic.

We also had group Mommy Dates on Friday. The girls went to Kenzie's Princess Tea Party while the boys went bowling. These little girls were sooo cute!

Braxton came with and schooled us all on his first time bowling {we're calling it beginners luck!;}

Then Marti took the boys and the girls and I did the princess camp. Good Spring break and just SO ready for summer now!

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