Saturday, March 31, 2012

Malheur County Princess

On Friday my girls went to Princess Camp as part of the Miss Malheur County Pageant. My friends are the directors and I was happy to support them in this. Plus my girls love being princesses {who doesn't come on!} They got to decorate a paper crown, meet Miss Oregon, learn a dance to perform the next day at the pageant and take their picture with Miss Oregon. My girls loved it more than I anticipated. Emma was awe struck with Miss Oregon. "Mom, she is so beautiful." She also knew that they would be picking a new Miss Malheur County Princess for 2012. She kept talking about it and was disappointed when she found out it wasn't going to happen that night.

Listening to Miss Oregon Lucy loved the balloons!
The 2011 princess {and friend!} Katelynn Saturday was the pageant day.

I was there all day helping the contestants back stage so a friend brought Emma and Ruth over {Kurt was at the priesthood session of conference.} We quickly did their hair in the dressing room and got them ready to dance with Miss Oregon in the opening number.

At the end of the of pageant they drew a new princess and low and behold it was my own Princess Emma Lynn as the new Malheur County 2012 Princess. We will be going to Seaside, Oregon the last week in June for the Miss Oregon competition! She is SO excited!!! I'm happy for her. "Mom, I just knew I was going to win. I had my fingers crossed the whole time on stage. I just knew it!" She received flowers and a crown and has been glowing ever since.

I was happy that Ruth actually danced on stage. I have caught her doing the dance while we are driving and other times inbetween. We all have the crazy song stuck in our head. Fun times ahead.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bummer Week

This week was slightly a bummer week. A bit of a let down after such an amazing race weekend.

First off hours after landing home I had a violent stomach flu. It wiped me out. It wasn't until Thursday that I felt completely better. Positive note: at least it didnt start on the plane!!

welcome home/sickie snuggles from Spence

Second, I was pulled over on Thursday for speeding. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how fast I was going...80 in a 50 speed zone. And yes I got a ticket and yes I completely missed Spencer's class birthday party. Positive note: SeƱora Brito extended the party.

And third, a 80 pound metal part fell on my foot Saturday morning in Nampa when I was picking up parts for Kurt. When they put it in the trunk of my suburban they didn't lay it down flat and so when I opened the trunk to put the groceries in it fell out and onto my foot. It really,really hurt. I think I went into shock. I gingerly walked around the rest of the day. By the time I went to the young women's broadcast it was really starting to hurt. With the spirit of the meeting and the pain I was a wreak. After the meeting I couldn't even walk on it. My sweet friend Becca came over to see if I was ok and I just started bawling. After taking Advil, and icing it Kristin and Jen got me out to the pick up so Becca could drive me home (I couldn't even move my foot enough to push down on the gas pedal.) Our home teacher came over and I had blessing. I am doing much better today. I am still hobbling around but I hope each day will get better (so I can be running again soon!) Positive note: at least it didn't happen last week BEFORE the race, that would have been devastating. The power of priesthood is REAL. I know that's the only reason why I can walk today.

Right after it happened - I sent this text and picture to Kurt, "Your stupid part fell on my foot!"


But hey, even though it was a bummer week I found a positive note - you always can if you look for it. This week is spring break, it's gonna be so much better!

Friday, March 23, 2012

February's Date

I realize it is March 23rd. This date has been a little bit hard to schedule. It's a good thing there are not very many paid dates planned. But we finally made time to go on our SKI DATE today {leaving us 8 days to get March's date done.}

I wanted to do something NEW that we could experience together. Then I found a half priced deal to go skiing and thought that was a perfect idea. Kurt had been twice and I had never been. I think it would have been more accurate to have planned a date for me to learn humility.

YIKES I was bad. I never really got it. I understood what Kurt was telling me I needed to do but I could. not. make my body {or the skis} excute it. I was like a baby girffe with long limbs and little control. Kurt was patient and kind and the day was gorgeous. Regardless of my inability it was wonderful to spend time together.

I'm glad he can still love me even though I couldn't master the slopes. I'll go running or hiking or camping with you anytime! ;)

Friday's Feature Flim {v.12}

Kurt Skiing on our date today.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Adventures

I had the most wonderful weekend. Let me share with you.

Thursday Lucy and I left Vale at 11:30 am to catch our flight to DC. Like all things in her life Lucy traveled perfectly. She didn't sleep much but it doesn't really matter since she was uBer happy. I'm pretty sure that she thinks her job in life is to make everyone around her happy. She does a great job at it.

Joseph picked us up at 11:30 pm where Maren was awaiting our arrival. I loved seeing their cute apartment and being in their home and seeing their lives.

Friday we had a nice breakfast and scripture study before heading out to Trader Joe's {a grocery store I had heard much about.} We came back for lunch and naps. Maren and I got a quick power nap and then snuck out to Target while the babies were still resting. Shopping has become a fun tradition with Maren. We picked up the rest of the gang and then headed into the city to the RACE expo {mainly to pick up our packets and prepare for the race.} I was immediately overwhelmed by the number of people running this race. Over 24,000 people. My race number was 27393 if that tells you anything! I felt very small town. The excitement and nervousness were kicking in all at once.

The starting point of the race.

posing at the expo

We met up with Karen and Roger for dinner at the Olive Garden. That was good times all around. You can't go wrong with the Olive Garden {and SUPER-GREAT family!}

Saturday was RACE day! We took the metro in because we knew it would be impossible to park with so many people coming in for the race. We made it in time {even though Joseph was stressed that we wouldn't & the lines to use the port-a-potties were credulously long.} They herded up like cattle to the starting line. It was wall to wall people and it didn't change once you walked over the starting line. I spent the next 13 miles weaving in and out of people so I could move ahead. It made it a fun challenge but my time would have been faster without all the dodge & weave dancing.

I really had fun running this race. It was an awesome experience! I know that running 13.1 miles doesn't sound like everyone's idea of a great morning but here are the reasons it was such a great time for me:

* It was a beautiful spring day. The cherry blossoms were in bloom and the weather was just about perfect. There was one part where I started to get hot but then a prayer was answered and a nice breeze kicked up.

* The course was awesome. We ran by the Washington monument and the capital building {twice} and all the street of downtown DC. Maren gave me a tour as we ran by things so that made it even better.

* I LOVE running with Maren {& Joseph.} We all ran together but around mile 4 Joseph went ahead. I pulled ahead the last mile but I felt like we were well paced for each other. We committed as we ran the streets of DC to run a full together this fall. :)

* The spirit / morale of the race. There is such a camaraderie amongst runners. I love it. You cheer and encourage each other along. One of my favorite moments is when we were running through a long tunnel and one of the runner {with a cape} instructs us to cheer on the count of three. The tunnel that was packed wall to wall with people running echoed and vibrated with sound and excitement. I loved all the "Happy Birthday" cheers Maren got throughout the day {Karen and Roger spelt out "Its my B-day!" on the back of her shirt in electrical tape.}

* The music. It was a rock n roll marathon so there were local bands all along the course. Plus random spectators with their boom boxes and guitars. It made for a very fun atmosphere.

I finished in 2 hours 3 minutes. I felt amazing. Fabulous race!


...and after

We came home to this sign on the door {awwwww thank you Karen & Roger} and our happy babies.

We took showers and started food prep for our St. Patty's party. Then we loaded up to go into the city. We wanted to see the cherry blossoms and new MLK memorial. Both were gorgeous. We went to "We, the Pizza" for dinner. They had impressed sizes and taste.

We put the babies to bed when we got home and had our delicious spread of festive goodies and played "Dixit." All around perfect day. Thank you everyone.

Sunday was church and Maren's birthday. The babies were not the best church goers that day and I should have done more for Maren's birthday. But Joseph made an impressive dinner and carrot cake in their shoe box kitchen. After opening presents it was time to go to the airport and head home.

Loved the cousin bonding time

Again Lucy traveled like a champ. I am a blessed mama. We rolled into Vale about 15 till 2 am. Thank you everyone who made this trip possible on both sides of the states, I am so grateful. MUCHO GRACIAS!

NINE months

She is every where and into everything!

getting into cupboards

climbing up stairs

sippy cup

showing off her teeth

climbing up /in everything


She is an amazing baby and we continue to adore her! Love you Lucy Goose.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fridays Feature Film {v.11}

Kurt sent me this video while in DC this weekend. It REALLY made me smile and brightened my day. A great capture of every day silliness. :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bull sale

Time once again for the Romans' Annual Bull Sale. It seems like it was a little less crazy and stressful this year. Maybe they are starting to get a good functioning routine down {but I could be wrong. who knows.}

It changed a little bit this year for me, company came to see the bull sale. Kay and
Grandma Karen wanted to see the bull sale so my parents and Tim drove them up to see it. They arrived Monday at 1:30 and left exactly 24 hours later. It was a fast trip but it was wonderful to see them.

On Monday Kurt gave tours, Dad and grandma took a self guided mural tour, Mom stayed with the girls while I did Girl Scouts and the other after school activities, Tim took Spencer & Austin to Spencer's wrestling practice followed by Dairy Queen treats {trying to earn that coveted title of "Favorite Uncle"} and FHE.

The guys playing cards after the kids went to bed.

We sent all the kids to school this year figuring they had missed plenty of school for our Cali trip in January. Ruth came down at one point to eat and see the bull sale. Her eyes were huge as she took in all the sights {it is loud and over stimulating.}

But the sale went well, it seems to get better and better every year. Plus it was fun to have some company come.

Dental work

Today we started the cavatiy work for Ruth. It is going to be a process. But she was super brave and I was proud of her. They kicked Lucy and I out while they worked. I don't love that, I get it but don't love it. It went well and they were done before I knew it. TWO more visits to go to complete all the work needed.

What Lucy did while we waited

They gave her a certificate for a free ice cream at Artic Circle. It was lunch time so we went and used it. Her face was still numb and so her smile was funny.
"My face feels weird." {{poke poke}}

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fridays Feature Film (v. 10)

Spencer at wrestling practice. My favorite is how he stops, makes sure you're watching, smiles and continues on. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I {heart} the weekend

Sometimes the weekend is just as busy as the week. Ok, most of the time. But sometimes its not. Sometimes it's has those quiet relaxing moments that give me glimps of summer. That and the gorgeous 60 degree weather have me loving this weekend and dreaming if summer.

Here are the simple things that make the weekend {and LIFE} great:

Uno, Go Fish & Yathez hands down are our current favorites

Using the movie gift card to watch "The LORAX" {love}

Dancing always {to Polly World movie in this picture}


My artist inspired by a gorgeous day

Eating Oreos

Saturday, March 3, 2012

So proud of our gymnist

Spencer had a gymnastic meet today. He did awesome! He participated last yesterday and also did well. It was exciting to see his progress. Last year was the first time they did it and it was so disorganized and very frustrating. I didn't tell family about it {Kurt and Austin were working} because I was unsure if it was going to be a repeat. But I'm happy to report it went so much smoother this year. YAY! The whole event was 2 hours old, a much better improvement. We will be sure to invite people next year :)

He competed in 6 events and they give you a ribbon for each event and a medal at the end. He received purple {the highest} for all his events! His face was so cute when they gave him his ribbons and he saw they were purple. Ahhh he is so cute!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Feature Film {v.9}

Taken Sunday, February 26th. Matthew is 20 months old. ~

This makes me SO HAPPY!!! ~ Enjoy ~

The world is a stage

April 8 - 14, 2018 Sunday, 04.08 Monday, 04.09 Tuesday, 04.10 Wednesday, 04.11 Thursday, 04.12 Friday, 04.13 Happy, Ha...