Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucy's FIRST Birthday!

Right in the midst of the camping frenzy Lucy had her first birthday {it was also father's day!} It is surreal that  she is a year old. It has been a wonderful year. She is fun and happy and then happy some more. It has brought so much joy to our family. Just when you think your family is complete I wonder how we survived without her. Happy, Happy Birthday Lucy Goose.

So the day was slightly neglected due to my insanity of Girl Scout AND Girls Camp, Father's Day, and a Sunday birthday. I did the important things like sing to her and make her a cake, new dress to wear to church and luckily others gave her presents because I hadn't bought any. That's a first, I know. Ashamed to admit it. But happy to say she was SO happy, didn't know any different and had a wonderful day.  

                                        Before church in her new dress.

Party with Matthew after church at grandma's


Happy Birthday sweet cousins! How fun to share this special day together.

Lucy's Favorites at ONE:

Food: Let's be honest, everything! But she loves bananas and eats one a day for breakfast.
Drink: Formula {but excited to stop paying for that!!}
Song: We are a HAPPY family
Book: Baby Animals {fuzzy feel book}
Game: Tickling and Belly Blowing {she didn't really ever get into peek-a-boo or patty cake.}
Person: Mommy {which she says clear as day like a broken record.} But she definitely has a soft spot of each family member.
Naps: still takes TWO {as long as we are actually home. But she so good to sleep on the go. I'm very spoiled.}

She loves to be in the middle of everything, wants to be included, she crusing and taking about 5 steps, eats everything including ants, dirt and rocks, LOVES her siblings, books, my phone and SMILING.

Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet Lucy goose. Thank you for a fun and amazing first year. You are such a good, good baby. Thank you for spoiling me. I have loved discovering the joy of life with you and can't wait to find more this coming year.

{{hug hug kiss kiss}}


We Love Daddy

Father's Day was a little up staged this year by Lucy's first birthday. Luckily we have a super great dad and he didn't mind. The kids got him some beef jerky and made him cards. Here is Emma's a poster:

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Dad:
1. He loves us
2. He takes care of us
3. He works hard
4. He makes food
5. He snors
6. He loves mom
7. He loves us
8. He's funny
9. He's alive
10. He's in the bishopric

Personally I love #5&9 haha.

I gave Kurt a nice hiking pack {with a matching one for me} and a date to go back packing. I'm excited.

We are so uBer blessed to have such a wonderful dad in our lives. Thank you for caring and providing a comfortable life for us. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for magnifying your calling and trying to improve yourself. Thank you for honoring your priesthood and loving the Lord. You are handsome and amazing ~ WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Week 3

June 10 - 16

We rushed home from Bear Lake for a ward conference on Sunday. And then the mad dash to get ready for Girl Scout Camp which was Monday -Wednesday. I was the camp cook. Don't laugh, I realize how amusing it is. The assignment was given and obviously I don't know how to say no.

So camp was held in Mrs. Robin's {school director} back yard in Parma. Back in the day the very first girls camp was held on this piece of land so that's really kinda a cool piece especially for 100 years of Girl Scouts.

Emma was SO excited for camp. She woke early and waited for me while Kurt and I got the suburban loaded.

Finally on the way! We had to make a few stops to get the fresh food items and we were finally there.


What can I say about this experience? I think the best word to sum up the entire event is CRAZY. Some flat out crazy things happened but in the end it was a positive experience that we could all grow from {hopefully!}

After each meal I breathed a sigh of relief and counted down the remaining meals. A huge weight was lifted after all the meals were cooked on Wednesday and all my supplies were cleaned and put away. I DID IT. It felt like a huge accomplishment. I enjoy Dutch Oven cooking. We did 2 meals that way and it was a new concept to most of the girls {Hispanic background.} So it was fun to teach something new. One of the girls asked where I learned to cook in the Dutch Oven and I replied the Internet. She thought that was funny. The girl scouts were super helpful and I enjoyed teaching.

I was also in charge of two stations {Clouds and Constellations.} This proved to be very difficult since I was the camp cook. The other volunteers were helpful and flexible so it all worked out. But I also felt like I didn't get to interact with Emma and the other Daisies as much.

So I brought Lucy with me. Even though she is the best baby in the world it proved to be a hard thing when I was in charge of all the meals. So I called Kurt and he most GRACIOUSLY drove all the way to Parma Monday night to pick her up. For the rest of the events that happened at camp I am SO grateful that she was not there.

Tuesday night a wind storm came through Parma. It was a typical wind storm with high speed winds but everything changes when you are outside. In a tent.

Side Note: The last 3 weeks Emma has been very worried about the weather. To the point that she cannot cope, and is paralyzed by her fear. She has had a blessing and we are working on other techniques to help her deal with this.

So as soon as the winds started up I knew Emma would be a wreck. I ran to find her. I had Emma and 2 other Daisies on my lap. There were 2 other adults also in the tent to help the other girls. We were singing songs and read books as the wind howled and whipped the tent around. It felt like were we going to get sucked up. The girls were hysterical. At one point each adult was sitting in a corner of the tent {in hopes to keep it from blowing away so completely collapsing.} With 3 little girls on my lap the wind would still pick me up off the ground. It. Was. Craziness. 

The finally let us go into Chelle's house where we ended up sleeping in every floor space available like little sardines. At 2 o'clock that night girls started throwing up. We sent them home through out the day Wednesday. A total of 9 girls got sick and 1 leader. It. Was. Craziness.

There were lots of leadership moments for the girls when things got crazy and so that is a positive. Emma survived a scary wind storm and for that I'm grateful. We can use this as a stepping stone for future scary things we have to conquer. But as these crazy things were happening I couldn't help but look around and search for the priesthood or the strength of the gospel. Granted we were still praying {like crazy!} but I could FEEL the difference, that something was missing from the entire camp.

As an adult I feel empowered that I can do hard things but it is SO different than Girls Camp {and I can't wait for that next week!}

Here is Emma's thoughts:
Making Constellation Pin Books

Emma's tent buddies
{from left to right: Nayalie, Lacatia, Claire, Hailey, Emma, Alisanna, and Ayana.}
                                         The trading Post {a favorite activity!}

The Daisies sleeping like sardines after the wind storm {Emma ended up coming down stairs to sleep with me.}

                                                      Best Friends!

Wednesday morning: After math from the wind storm

The rest of the week was spent unpacking and repacking and preparing for Girls Camp. I received a tender mercy text from my mom that Tim wasn't able to receive his endowment on Saturday. That meant I didn't have to run down to Utah for a quick trip. I was so grateful! The extra time to get camp ready was appreciated. The kids and I did go see Madagascar 3 as a fun diversion.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Week 2

June 3 - 9

On Tuesday we went to the Boise airport to pick up Maren & Adelaide! We were so excited to have them come visit us. It is the very first time they have been to Vale. Unfortunately I was just about THE worst hostess ever. I still had obigations and appointments to keep in preparation for the upcoming camps {Girl Scout and Girls Camp.} Maren said she wanted to come see life as it is and she did but I still regret that it was so busy. I fill like I need a do over.

Adding Adelaide's cute face to our suburban!

Stickers and coloring.

Thursday we headed down to Utah for Bear Lake. I'm not sure Maren is use to riding with so many kids...

BUT it was worth it once we got there:

Mona, Ken, & Alex; Ben & Elaine, Megan & Perry; Maren & Adelaide; & me and the kids all rented a large house. It was perfect. There was lots of room for each family, the comfort of home cooking and plenty of laughs and great company.

Super cute and trendy sisters rockin the yellow shorts.

These two were great snackin buddies.

Happy reunion for these sweet cousin friends.

They gathered green foilage, watered it and added a sign {and chanting!} FLOWERS FOR SALE!

Picnic lunches

And constantly feeding the babies

While Lucy was napping the kids and I walked over to the Go-Karts. I loved the location of our house. We were able to walk to everything. It was perfect.
The Go-Karts were fun. No one was there was we got longer rides. :) I'm not sure how legit it was {Spencer had about 5 pillows behind him in order to reach the gas pedal! He was a manic tearing around the track. Watch out!}

By the end I was dizzy and my stomach slightly queezy. But so worth it! ;S

Friday night I encouraged everyone to go down to the lake with us. I just really thought it was would be lame to go to Bear Lake and not actually ever go to the lake. I'm glad we did. Ken brought his kayakes. My boys loved them. Spence was quick to catch on.

Saturday was the race. Every race I've had has gotten better and better {time wise too.} I knew at some point I would have a harder race. This was it. IT WAS MISERABLE. Addie came to our house sick. By Friday Lucy had it. Race morning I woke up queezy and ill. Not good. Long story short I finished the race but it was difficult. I was dry heaving and the last 3 miles were torture. I wanted to break down and cry with each step I ran. But I finished.

Pre Race
                                                          Post race

Shortly after the race we packed up and headed back home.
It was a wonderful and fun weekend.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

Saturday, July 14

As a Wolf Den Leader I had the experience to go with Austin yesterday. Our Stake decided to host their own day camp this year. I don't have anything to compare it to but it seemed to be a success. It was fun to help, watch him and interact with others in our stake.

After a week of triple digits we were blessed with a light breeze and a mild 95. Definitely a blessing.


Cooking lunch on a home made burner {took a lot of effort from 15 adults but we made it work!}

Austin's account:

My favorite part day camp was the obstickicle course because it was really fun. I learned how to cook a hamburger. We also learned to tie knots. My favorite knot is a square knot. We made neck slides out of leather. Being a cub scout is fun because you get to be with your friends.

A Leap of Faith

Kurt and I started this 2012 year knowing that we were going to exercise faith concerning our living situation. For quite some time we have wanted more land for our children so we could give them the opportunity to work.

Many months ago we found a super fixer upper. We call it the toilet house. There is randomly a toilet outside on the back porch and so it has been dubbed the toilet house {that is how we pray for it too.} It needed SO much work but Kurt and I could see the vision of what it could become. It is a beautiful 33 acres on top of a hill with a home, shed, barn with shop and live in quarters and an animal barn. It seemed perfect {besides the fact that it is a dump.} So we told Heavenly Father that if this place came available we could act on it.

Monday we officially closed and we are now the proud owners for the toilet house.

Our current home has not yet sold. We are acting on faith. But in the mean time I have fallen in love with our toilet house. I love the view. I love going out there every day to work with my family. It is exciting and amazing to put hard work into something and to SEE a change.

The house needs some work before we can move in. {In this order: repair roof, repair tape and texture from leaking roof, all new paint, all new floors.} Tuesday they will start on the roof so it will begin! My goal is to move in before school starts.

I am documenting lots of before & after pictures. Hopefully you will enjoy our journey and catch the vision of our toilet house too.

 The before picture of the manufactured home {its actually a triple wide.} We already have a new window in the living room. :)

THE toilet. It has become a term of endearment {for at least Emma and I.} We are going to put it down by the animal barn and plant flowers in it. We've even found a gnome for it. ;) haha

Play dates Galore

May 6 - 12, 2018 Sunday, 05.06 Monday, 05.07 Tuesday, 05.08 Wednesday, 05.09 Thursday, 05.10 Friday, 05.11 ...