Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE party

We had a great New Years Eve Party. Kurt kept asking who we were inviting and for once we weren't. It was just us.

I'm still not ready for the kids to stay up till midnight so I made activities for each hour and when we finished them it was midnight {good thinkin' huh.}

At 6 o'clock we filled out a questionnaire about 2011 & what we are looking forward to in 2012. Worth recording...

A Little About Me
Name: Kurt
Age: 33
Fav color: turquoise
Fav food: steak & mashed potatoes
Fav activity: wrestling
Fav book: Book of Mormon

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: obey and the Lord will bless you
Hardest Thing of the Year: firing Randy {former employee}
Fav Memory: Fishing with Spencer and Austin
What I loved the most about 2011: Lucy joining our family

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: how to manage business from a finicial stand point
Want to get better at: organizing
Biggest goal: spend more time with my family

A Little About Me
Name: Rachel Age: 31
Fav color: red
Fav food: bread & cookies
Fav activity: family vacations and blogging
Fav book: {this year} Goose Girl

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: service makes me happy & scripture study is not optional
Hardest Thing of the Year: Elaine's struggles
Fav Memory: Karen's wedding
What I loved the most about 2011: the birth of LUCY RAE

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: how to raise chickens
Want to get better at: being charitable
Biggest goal: stay healthy {spiritually and phyisically}

A Little About Me
Name: Austin
Age: 8
Fav color: blue
Fav food: pizza
Fav activity:school
Fav book: {currently} 39 clues

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: ???
Hardest Thing of the Year: building the trampoline with dad
Fav Memory: Ice Skating
What I loved the most about 2011: Summer

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: about space
Want to get better at: helping
Biggest goal: complete Wolf {cub scouts}

A Little About Me
Name: Emma Lynn
Age: 7
Fav color: pink & orange
Fav food: pizza and mac n' cheese
Fav activity: ART!
Fav book: Junie B. Jones

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: to do art
Hardest Thing of the Year: going ice skating
Fav Memory: Ice Skating
What I loved the most about 2011: going to the Discovery Center

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: to play the piano
Want to get better at: art
Biggest goal: to learn gymnastics

A Little About Me
Name: Spencer
Age: 5
Fav color: blue
Fav food: pizza
Fav activity: devotional
Fav book: super heros

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: Gymnastics
Hardest Thing of the Year: climbing the ropes in gymnastics
Fav Memory: being a wild kratt
What I loved the most about 2011: I got Lucy!

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: piano
Want to get better at: climbing ropes at gymnastics
Biggest goal: doing all my chores in one day!

A Little About Me
Name: Ruth Age: 3
Fav color: purple
Fav food: bananas & apples
Fav activity: to eat
Fav book: Dora saves her family

Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: to write my name
Hardest Thing of the Year: laundry
Fav Memory: preschool
What I loved the most about 2011: sleeing

Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: to read a book
Want to get better at: doing laundry
Biggest goal: to draw a picture

{{I learned a few things from these: 1.Emma wants to do gymnastics. 2. Spencer wants to do piano 3. Spencer is super spiritual [he mention devotional and FHE. He also said his biggest goal for 2012 was to meet Jesus in heaven. Hope that isn't a foreshadowing...and 4. Ruth spends too much time with me. Hardest thing for a 3 year old is laundry and then she wants to get better at it in 2012! LOL So funny in a depressing way.}}

At 7 o'clock we played New Years Eve bingo using Muddy Buddies as markers. :)

At 8 o'clock we played Flashlight Limbo. You know how much fun flashlights are!

At 9 o'clock we played a quiz game that Emma Lynn made up {while eating these yummy cake pops we made together!} All the questions were about up coming dates in 2012 {What day of the week is my birthday on, the first day of fall, valentine's day, etc...} When reading the answers it was a little confusing but I think she did a fabulous job planning & preparing {and showing maturity when things didn't work out as planned.}

At 10 o'clock we made party hats.

At 11 o'clock we took pictures in our photo booth.

At 12 o'clock we danced on bubble wrap, & popped poppers while listening to the classic, "Happy New Year" by Abba.

And then the kids were in bed before 10. Super.

Top 10 Events of 2011 {in order}:
1. Lucy
2. FHE {collective}
3. Karen's wedding
4. Ice Skating
5. Family vacation to Long Beach, Washington
6. Camping at Phillips Lake
7. Pioneer Trek
8. Hot dog roast at the farm
9. Grandma's house
10. Dad camp out in Unity

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution

I love to take pictures of my kids. I love capturing these precious moments of time especially when I can't seem to slow it down! But one of my biggest downfalls is recording these moments. I am terrible about using the video camera. Always have been. The kids LOVE watching videos of themselves. So now is the time to repent. I've set a goal for 2012. I will post a video every Friday {in efforts to make sure I'm consistently taking videos!} Look forward to these Feature Film Friday posts in 2012. I'm really excited about this goal! To kick off the new year right here is your first video. Enjoy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Goal Accomplished!!!

Today I reached the goal I've been working towards for 2 months.

I now weigh 135.0 pounds!!!

It feels awesome. Not so much the number but the journey to get here.

It has not been easy. I've learned a lot about myself. I takes a lot of will power, self control and determination. And maybe that's why it feels so good to achieve this {or ANY goal.}

I like how I feel at 135. I like wearing size 6 pants. I like accomplishing something hard.

Now there is the fear that I can't stay at this weight without eating Medifast. But not really, I. CAN. Do. This!

So much gratitude to Kurt for letting me take this journey and being my biggest support system through it all.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

6 months

Currently I am:

***Weaned. It was a gradual decline. I am grateful that we were able to nurse as long as we did. I am grateful she is healthy :)

***No longer co-sleeping! But this is the sad {and quite ghetto fabulous} part. We still haven't brought the crib upstairs {and probably won't at this point.} She sleeps on the loveseat. Ahhh, that sounds terrible to admit! We put the piano bench in front of the loveseat and it completely covers the length of it so she can't roll off. Then we line pillows next to the piano bench to protect her from rolling into that. Oh brother. It sounds so much worse when I explain it in written form. We are all sleeping so who cares.

***Sitting up.

***Scooting backwards. You can visably watch the progress these days.

***Talking!! She says, "Dadadadada" The kids LOVE it! They think she just loves and adores her father. And while I don't doubt this fact I try to explain {like 20 times a day} that she doesn't know what she is saying but just making sounds. Whatever. Babies should always say mamama first.

***Eating veggies! We just started green beans and she loves it!

***This girl is SUPER sweet, SUPER happy & SUPER smiley. She sure brightens up a room, our family, our lives. Love you Lucy!

Nicely Played

We received such a awesome Christmas present tonight.

Karen and Roger had us for Christmas this year. A few days ago she set up a Skype date for tonight at 5:30. But let me back up to further explain so you get the full picture of the awesomeness of this gift.

At work Roger was asked to help with the Christmas gift to all their clients during the year. The company decided it would be a fun/great/creative/awkward to have the clients spin a wheel of Holiday Destiny to win prizes. They received an email and then clicked on the live link to see Roger in the cutest Holiday sweater ever spinning the wheel of Holiday Destiny for all the clients that logged in.

Karen provided the link so I could watch.

Oh. My. Word.

I have 2 things to say. 1.) Roger was Hilarious. I had to call Kurt so he could watch. And may or may not have had all his employees also watch. Favorite moments: wittling, super random songs {DAWG} and the 8th grade picture prize. 2.) Roger is the best sport E.V.E.R. He did this for 3. THREE. Straight days. He should get a raise in my humble opinion.

So with that background Karen and Roger recreated the Holiday Wheel of Destiny for the Romans family in their living room via skype. So thoughtful and FUN. We LOVED it! Especially Ruth, Kurt and I because we were the only ones who had actually viewed Roger in action. We each got 2 spins and everyone was super pleased with their prizes. We are anxious to find them under the tree at Grandma's house.

So Roger did a lot of whittling to kill time during his wheel of Holiday destiny days. So Kurt {naturally} thought it would be hiliarious to have the kids whittling when we first got on to skype. Yes, it was pretty funny {and yes they are using butter knives.}

Gathered round the computer to watch!

We just want to thank Karen and Roger for our super fun and thoughtful gift. WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, December 16, 2011


So this probably could go down as the worse anniversary in history. It wasn't terrible but kinda lame. Please let this point be clear: it was by NO fault of my husband. He was awesome as always. He brought me home a gorgeous bouquet of roses {thank you!}

The kids had their Christmas concert that night. They have a new dance teacher this year and it was very much a zumba concert. I was not feeling it especially by the time the got to the final number. Are we raising rappin' thugs? I was almost embarrassed to have my in-laws there to watch. Where was the cultural diversity the school is known for?

And then my children's behavior started to spiral downward resulting in the consequence of not being able to go out to eat with grandma and grandpa. It was a long week of disciplinary actions and I was tired. It was just a perfect way to end it all.

You're catching the sarcasm, right?

I have an amazing husband and I'm blessed beyond measure with a happy, eternal marriage. Too bad the day didn't reflect that. We are definitely doing a DO OVER anniversary!

The kids at their concert.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Hardest Best Job

Parenting is hard. Sometimes completely exhausting. Right now it seems to be one of those exhausting moments as we strive to help a child see {& therefore reach} their potential.

I'm tired.

But so grateful too. Kurt has inspired me. He made a teaching opportunity a spiritual experience and I remembered that it needs to be that way every day.

I am grateful for prayer, and the Holy Ghost and the scriptures to help me find answers to those parenting questions. Often times we wish our children came with a handbook. How foolish and ungrateful that is. We HAVE been given all the tools we need! The Lord will give us all the answers and strength for these are His children on loan to us.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Party Recap

I cannot keep up with an individual post for all the parties. Here is the super fast version. {{yay}}

December 2nd: "Little Elfie" {elf on the shelf} joined us for a North Pole Breakfast.

December 3rd: Present exchange party for BFFs Hailey & Emma. We all had breakfast at Denny's then back to Hailey's house to play, open presents & make matching scarves. That afternoon Emma had another party with her Primary class at her teacher's house.

So we made Hailey a journal with pictures of them on the front. She loved it. "This is so beautiful. I think I'm gonna cry." :)

December 5th: Ruth's preschool Christmas party {we hosted.} It was a reindeer theme {per Rooster's request} and they were all super excited! Plus Christmas FHE that evening with the Stewarts & Kerri.

December 6th: Pack meeting. Not really a Christmas party but our wolves did a cute skit and it was a successful night.

December 7th: Ward Christmas dinner. We had such an amazing turnout of inactives and non-members. Very cool. I sang "Star Bright" in a trio with Julie and Andrea. Plus accompanied for another group. It was fun to practice again.

December 9th: Girl's Night Out cookie/gift exchange as posted previously.

December 10th: RPM company Christmas dinner at Chavelitas. Slightly less awkward that dinners in years past. Slightly.

Friday, December 9, 2011


In October I decided that the ladies I knew needed a regular chance to get out of the house, connect with other women & make/strengthen friendships with each other. Thus came my monthly Girls Night Out.

November's theme was Christmas Gift Ideas. Last night was December's GNO with the theme of Cookie & White Elephant Gift Exchange. We had a good time. Some new people came and some came back {both really good signs.} But mainly we got together to talk and eat {of course.} It makes me happy to do this.

MAJOR SHOUT OUT to my AMAZING husband. He watched our kids {minus Lucy} + Krystal's {4} at Krystal's house. When the party started a single sister needed someone to watch her kids too. I knew Kurt would be willing {he's so good like that!} Well her friend dropped off 2 kids too! So that brought his grand total to 12. Man of the year award. Not to mention Krystal for donating her house to the cause! THANK YOU.

We made variety plates with all the cookies that were brought. Plus sampling and voting of our favorites :)
Best Taste: Chocolate Chip Pepermint
Best Appearance: Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
Fan Favorite: Rocky Road & this amazing punch by Jamie

And then there was the gift exchange. My favorite moment was Andrea actually bringing the enama and Erica receiving it {and getting educated on exactly what it is!} Ahhh good times.

Good job getting Lucy to sleep Andrea!

Glad you could learn something Erica!

Its good to have friends.


So Rooster has this issue with me {or anyone else} combing her hair. It results in an episode close to world war III & frankly I'm over this battle.

So...when I couldn't even count the number of tangled rat nests the child had in her hair this morning I decided to solve this problem for both of us! She agreed to the hair cut and I worked quickly before she could change her mind.

Here is the before.

Please note the right side of her hair. The tangle was SO large it was providing a great deal of volume. Can you see it?!?! {looking for some sympathy & understanding here.}

So I was going short. I did the back just fine and then it was time to do around her ears and I started freaking out. I wasn't sure what to do and I had never cut hair this short. Deep breath. And naturally it was taking just about forever and Rooster was getting impatient. I won't tell you how much candy I kept pushing her direction so I could finish.

And then she says, "I don't want to look like a boy, mom."

It's short.

When my friend Kerri saw her tonight her mouth fell open {bless her heart she didn't say anything though!!} Kurt has told her about a million times that she is so cute.

K: Hey, Rudy!
R: What?
K: I like your hair.

He does this every time she walks into the room. What a sweet daddy. So like I said, its short. But can I tell you how SWEET it is to have ended this battle. Deep sigh. So worth it. I think she's adorable.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back where I belong

When we got home from Utah late Thursday night we listened to a message from the Stake Executive Secretary. He wanted us to call him back as soon as possible. My stomach sunk. I knew it was for me. I had trouble getting it out of my mind and didn't sleep well that night.

Friday morning before school Kurt called him back. He got off the phone grinning. "We have a meeting with the Stake President at 6:20 tonight. He said, you're in the Bishopric so its obviously not for you." He kept grinning.

I was nauseated for the rest of the day as I tried NOT to think about it. Kurt called a few more times to listen to me skworm. He found it oh so funny.

When we walked into the office the whole stake presidency was there. yikes! After torturing me with idle chit chat they extended a new calling - 1st counselor in the Stake Young Womens. Immediately a sense of relief washed over me and I could breathe for the first time after listening to the message on the answering machine.

"That's great! I love Young Womens!"

"We know." came the monotone reply. LOL

I am serving with Kristen Wilson {P}, Jen Nielson {2nd} and Gwen Peterson {S}. I am really, REALLY excited for this calling. I am excited to be back in YW. I am excited to work with these ladies and other stake leaders. I am excited to say the theme again. I am excited to bear testimony and associate with the youth. I am excited to plan meaningful and spiritual activities {Girls Camp!} I am excited to work with the ward young womens leaders. Did I mention that I am excited?!!

After being set apart we found out our first stake meeting is next Sunday and we have to plan the entire calendar for 2012. Time to jump in ladies!

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...