Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Beach {day 3-5}

Wednesday, May 25

My 31st birthday. I was able to sleep in {ahhhh, thank you!} followed by a delicious breakfast by Kurt. The kids showered me with home-made cards, a balloon, lipstick, a box of donuts and candy. I even got a nap in the afternoon. It was all pretty great. In reality they could have done nothing because the fact that we were all together, on vacation, was wonderful enough!

It was raining so we decided to head over to Astoria {about 11 miles away} to see a little bit of the historic city {It is celebrating it's 200 years of existence this year. It is the oldest city in the west.} We went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Unfortunately they don't allow you to take pictures inside but it was very informative and hands-on for the kids. We all learned a lot...for example the area with the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean meet is called "The Bar." It is very rough and very dangerous. More than 2,000 ships have been lost in the bar and it has earned the nickname "Graveyard of the Pacific."

Outside the museum they have a boat that you can go on and explore. It is pretty tight quarters.

Sending a message via Morse code,

All hands on deck!

There was a beautiful boardwalk all along the beach and that evening when there was a break in the rain we took a nice walk along it.

{Great view of the time share in the background.}

One of our favorite memories of the boardwalk: we were walking back on one of the trails and Kurt and I looked ahead 100 yards to see Spencer with his pants completely down going to the bathroom. He was facing towards the boardwalk and naturally two ladies were walking by right at that moment. Ya, we're screaming hicks! His explanation, "But dad I had to go really bad!" Emma already had a talk with him that you can't do that at school. ;)

Thursday, May 26

Found a break in the weather for a morning beach run. Wisely, most of it was spent in the sand to avoid getting too cold and wet.

When the weather was too unbearable we headed down the road to the "World Kite Museum." It was seriously only 2 blocks away from us. They had an impressive variety of kites from all over the world.

But the highlight was the station to make our own kites.

The sun was shining by the time we finished the museum so we went straight to the beach to fly our creations.

Really, I was impressed with how well they flew for what they were. But naturally there were a few tears when they didn't last forever. There is something beautiful and simple about flying a kite on the beach.

Friday, May 27
Long Beach really didn't have very many shells. It seemed like that was the one thing our trip was lacking: shells. So after a little asking around, and Internet research we planned a day in Oregon.

Our first stop was the Astoria Column. It had impressive views but with a 165 circular stairs price. I was feeling very claustrophobic while Austin counted all the stairs, Emma gripped my hand, Spencer tried out the echo and Roost walked it all without hesitation.

from the bottom

from the top

Astoria and the 4 mile long bridge that connects Oregon and Washington.

my favorite view from the column.

Then we continued south to Seaside, Oregon. We stopped at the aqurium. It was really quite small but contained an impressive amount of sea life. At least the kids were pleased.

Spencer loved checking out this octopus. It was quite cool {and slightly creepy} to watch it breathe.

And it wouldn't be complete without the touch tank...

Then onto Canon Beach to find shells! It was raining by the time we got there so we stopped for lunch. Luckily the worse was over by the time we finished. Canon Beach has the famous Haystack Rock. When the kids and I came to the coast last time {the mom's only camping trip} we spent one day at Canon Beach. It is gorgeous.

We timed it perfectly to be there to explored the tide pools during low tide. Unfortunately Austin didn't bring his coat so he was freezing {I won't mention that his mother asked him to bring it. And he was right, it really was freezing!} So we didn't even stay longer than a half hour.

Meanwhile this one was just happy as a clam finding shells. She was humming along with her bright pink bucket swinging easily in her hand. She could search for shells all day and just be so content with life. She didn't even noticed the weather {and for those of you who know her know that it nothing short of amazing.}

Seeing her happiness was worth the trip.

That night Emma and I had a mommy date. We went to see the local acting group perform "The Sound of Music." We had a great time and it was very enjoyable. I love being able to have someone to share that with!

Saturday morning Kurt found out that a pivot had crashed in Nyssa. I encouraged him to go home because I knew he was stressed about that, the up-coming trek and our farm not being near close to being ready for planting. In the end the nagging feeling in my heart helped me decided that it would be better for us to stick together so the kids and I left too. On the way out of town we stopped for ice cream cones from the local shop that boasts 64 different flavors.

It was a wonderful vacation {and I honestly haven't regretted coming home 2 days early for a minute.} I am grateful for the time we had together. MEMORIES.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Beach {Day 1 & 2}

A year ago I booked a vacation with our time share for the last week in June on the Oregon coast {Depoe Bay.} Months later I got pregnant and my due date was the last week in June. Go figure. I was able to reschedule our vacation for the last week in May but in a different location {Long Beach, Washington.}

School got out on Friday the 20th and we left for the coast on Monday the 23rd. Perfect way to start summer if you ask me! Due to Kurt's insanely busy spring it was questionable if he would be able to go with us. He promised for months that things would slow down by then and it would not be a problem to come. Well things didn't slow down and it was slightly a problem but as always he kept his promise and was able to come. I am grateful that he puts his family first and keeps his promises. I appreciate your sacrifice on our behalf.

Monday, May 23rd
Travel day. Got out of town at a good time. Made good time. The kids traveled well. My RLS {restless leg syndrome} made traveling fun. We had more pit stops than usual. Most notable stop was Multnomah Falls. Seriously, this is THE most beautiful stretch of freeway in all of America.

racing to burn some energy

It was a fun little hike for an amazing view of the waterfall. I wouldn't mind stopping if every stop was equally gorgeous!

Spencer happy to be at our timeshare and out of the car.

Tuesday, May 24
Weather wise this was the best day we had. While the wind still blew incessantly the sun was shining {and it wasn't raining!} It's the Oregon/Washington coast. You expect cold, wind, and rain year round and plan accordingly. First thing on our agenda was to get down to the beach!

Spencer's self portrait in the sand.

Our next adventure was the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Cape Disappointment Light house. We figured the clear skies made it the best time for viewing the gorgeous sights from the lighthouses.

We reached the end of the continent.

The view from the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center {lighthouse in the background and the only proof that I was on the trip.}

The museum was great, and very interactive for the kids.

Top Left: Emma pointing out that the buffalo are stop, dropping and rolling for the fire in the painting. Top Right: notes from Captain Lewis' log. Bottom Left: Austin looking through the gun scope at animals the crew hunted along the journey. Bottom Right: Spencer trying to balance his canoe with items he needed for the trip.

We hiked to Cape Disappointment Light house from the museum. It was a dense, beautiful forest and a good little hike {especially for those of us wearing flip flops.} I think light houses are cool and the view always worthy of the effort to get there.

So I found the name of the Light house to be very interesting. Apparently the location of this light house was not very effective and many ships met their end on the sharp cliffs. Later another light house was built a few miles north and this proved to be a better combination.

view from the light house of the museum {and cliffs.}

That afternoon we had to get back on the beach!

While the water was warmer than I thought it was going to be it was still cold. Not like the kids even comprehended it. I love these super-happy faces!

This little one keep chattering stories about sharks biting off her limbs so she didn't go anywhere near the water. We did a lot of this...

And some of this...

the unsuspecting gull had no idea.

Life is good on the beach.

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