Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Sunday September 11-17, 2016

Sunday, 09.11
Happy Birthday to Marti and Tyler!!

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Romans Reflections

All 10 butterflies hatched from their cocoon's this week. It was so amazing to witness. We LOVE being apart of the process. I want to grow milk weed in my yard so we can always have butterflies.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A long hairy week

September 4 - 10, 2016

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Happy Birthday Kelli!

Saturday, 09.10
Happy 6th Birthday to Adelaide!

Romans Reflections
- Emma had a very hard and emotional week at school. The her friends are not making good choices and she doesn't feel comfortable around them at recess. Because she is in prep school she can't go on the playground with the younger kids {her siblings or Baylea Forsberg} so lunch and recess became a time of great turmoil. Austin has been kind and a good friend to her but he was sick on Thursday. Ms. Meyer saw her crying in the office and Emma was able to talk to her about her concerns. I am grateful for people looking out for her & that she is choosing to distance herself from bad choices. But it is heart breaking - I remember those days of standing alone. But those days were also the days that shaped me. I continue to talk and pray and love on her. A middle school girl is a lot different than a middle school boy.The prayers of a parent never cease.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tender Mercy

August 28 - September 3, 2016

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Monday, 08.29
Happy Birthday to Lorna!

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Romans Reflections
- The best and biggest tender mercy happened on Monday {08.29} I received an email that morning from Carolyn {the social worker we had the conference call with} and she said the Child Waiting committee was meeting that afternoon to place Tabatha. I was excited and relieved to finally have an answer & move forward. I told myself they would let us a know on Tuesday {because everything seems to take so much time!!} I was surprised to receive an email from Carolyn a little after 1 pm to give her a call {I noticed later that I had missed her call when grocery shopping.} I called her right back and she told me that our family had been matched with Tabatha. Immediately the spirit confirmed that decision and I was overcome with tears of gratitude. I called Kurt as soon as I hung up to share the happy news. When I told the kids after school {with gummy bears, "We are BEARY excited to have Tabatha join our family"} Ruth did a fist pump in the air with excitement, "YAYY!!"

A full week of school

August 21-27, 2016

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Happy 37th Anniversary to my parents!

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Romans Reflections

Home Again

June 3 - 9, 2018 Sunday, 06.03 Monday, 06.04   Tuesday, 06.05 Wednesday, 06.06 Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Eleanor!! ...