Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is iT wEiRd?

Early this summer Austin declared that his bed was too uncomfortable and so he didn't sleep on it.

He found other places to sleep like the couch {upstairs or down}, and any piece of unoccupied floor.

Then he moved in under Spencer's bed. They are bunk beds currently not assembled so there is plenty of room for him under there. But it does make bed-time-tuck-in a bit awkward.

One night he asked me, "Mom, dad said he thinks it's weird that I sleep under Spencer's bed. Do you think it's weird?"


Friday, October 29, 2010

My Treats

Since Halloween is on Sunday this year we have spent the entire week partying to make up for it.

Spencer and Emma had their parties on Wednesday and Austin had a school wide, day long celebration on Thursday. I was able to be there for parts of all of them. There is something fun about dressing up and pretending to be something/one else. For the first time ever we struggled to get together a costume for the boys. Austin didn't really care and Spence changed his mind about 30 {million} times. I couldn't keep up with it.

Emma Lynn was Cheetah (tutu from Marti's store "Tutu Precious")

Rooster was suppose to be a Zebra. When it came time to get ready she didn't want to wear anything but the zebra wings {yes, I know zebra don't have wings but they look so cute with the skirt she was suppose to wear.} So this is the outfit she put together {including the whiskers "just like Emma."} That was definitely not a battle worth fighting. She had a great night and was very happy in her super original get up.

In the last hour we borrowed LeBraun's Star Wars Clone costume for Spence. He felt cool pretty cool. I'm just glad we figured out something!

In the last 15 minutes {not joking} Austin cut holes in a white sheet to be a ghost. Isn't he a little too young to think he's too big to dress up??!!?

The Trunk er Treat down at the church was tonight. The Weather was PERFECT. It made for such an enjoyable night. There was such a great turnout! They ran out of hot dogs and donuts within the first hour {they had 400 of each.} Luckily there was still lots of hot chocolate.

{I love this impromptu break on the curb from candy collecting.}

Emma & her BBF Jacqlyn were matchy matchy Cheetas

We're still buzzing on a sugar high. I'm gonna have to hide the stash of loot very, very soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tuesday was the award assembly at Vale Elementary. Emma Lynn received two awards: Alphabet Expert {every student will receive this during the year} and Scholarship {one student picked per quarter.} Yay Emma! We are so proud of your success in school.

Today was Emma's first Parent Teacher Conference. Mrs. Wagner had a million wonderful things to say. The things I've already said so I won't start bragging again. But the very last thing she said was, "Emma is blossoming." As we talked about that my heart swelled and I got emotional {seriously who does that in a PTC???} She is maturing, coming into her own and it is becoming on her.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elder Waite

On Thursday Tyler got his mission call!!!

He will be serving in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Mission. He reports to the MTC on January 26, 2011.

We are so excited for him! We have love having him be apart of our lives these past few months. Work hard Elder Waite, you'll be an awesome missionary!

On Friday we went out to dinner to celebrate and the kids and I put together an "M" party for him (Minneapolis Minnesota Mission!) We decorated the dining room with lots of M's and hearts and maps of Minnesota.

Emma came up with the idea to give him some soda (she wrote on the tag, "Minne-SODA." {{love it}} Good Luck Elder Waite!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My favorite hat

A mother has many hats to wear, many roles to play.

One of my favorite is being a classroom mom. I still dislike that my children have to go to school ALL day long so this is my little peek into their life at school. I would be completely lost without it. I love getting to know their teachers, their classmates, eating lunch together and making my presence known in my child's education.

This week I started volunteering in BOTH Emma and Austin's classrooms.

I go to Emma's class on Monday morning. Kurt made the comment a few weeks ago that he can bet that Emma is such a joy to have in class. At first I thought it was just another typical proud dad bragging statements, "I have the best kids ever!" But after seeing her in action I have to agree with Kurt. She is such a diligent student. She follows directions, is smart, is reading, does her work with exact perfection and it is always beautiful and flawless. And she is making strides with overcoming her shyness. Emma Lynn is rocking the kindergarten school world.

I go to Austin's class on Friday mornings. Last week was Spanish week. By the time I left my head was throbbing! It's hard when you don't understand anything! I have a whole new respect for Austin. He was the only one at his table who got a 100% on a surprise spelling test, and he has raised his hand to answer questions. I love that his teacher is so excited for him and that we celebrate all his achievements. His English teacher is also fabulous and has a plan to keep him challenged and learning.

I am so pleased with my school kids. I am so grateful that the teachers welcome me into their classrooms so I can be apart of their lives.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Out of Rudy's mouth

Yes, I'm talking about the girl otherwise known as Rooster, Roost, Ruthee, AND Gurla. Her dad started this nickname {Rudy.} His exclusive term of endearment. She answers to all of them.

She was slow to talk but once she did holy cow. She is such a silly, silly girl.

Tonight when I tucked her into bed she was checking all over her room for a cat. I had to reassure her about 20 times that there was not a cat in her room OR our whole entire house. Then she looked for a snake {not funny gurla!} As she laid down she asked about the bears.

"I don't like bears. My daddy shoot them. He shoot bears for me. He come home to shoot the bears right now? I don't like bears. Tyler likes bears."

Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Just wondering...Where does she come up with this stuff?

This is my favorite: today at lunch Spencer was whinning {about who knows what} and Kurt said, "Who do I need to call?" Kurt always says he'll call the whaaaabulance when the kids start whinning. So the answer he was looking for was whaaaabulance. But Rudy burst out, "Bishop! You need to call the bishop!"


Sunday, October 10, 2010

My family tree

My father has the spirit of Eljiah right now. You could even say he is on fire. He has hundreds of names ready to take to the temple. He sent Kurt and I five names to do a few months ago. We have been busy doing each step of their temple work. Friday night we did the final step and each ancestor was sealed to their parents.

The spirit was sweet for me in that sealing room.

I felt a connection to these distant family members with whom I am now eternally connected. I enjoyed the journey I could take with them. That I was allowed to do their work, step by step, and for the opportunity it gives me to remember the covenants I have made. I love the beauty of the plan: our kindred dead need us to do their work and I need them so that I can return to the temple often.

I am excited for the next group of names we get to work on.

{{side note: if another daughter happens to grace our family she will be named after Jane Tomlinson.}} Thanks dad for connecting our family tree.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Like her father

I've learned something about this girl

She is just like her father.

She likes to be punctual. She has to be punctual.

She likes, no prefers, no she is adamant about riding the bus to school in the mornings for one reason: She knows she will never be late to school. Apparently you run the risk of being late if your parents drive you. Not that she would know {about being late} because she is completely ready and standing by the door 20 minutes before it's time to leave. She prods the rest of us along until we too are right on time. She doesn't get this characteristic trait from me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Little Getaway


122 miles from Vale.

2 hours & 23 minutes from my door to the Worldmark Timeshare.

It is the perfect get away.

We escaped with Marti & the kids this weekend. It was so super to getaway. The trip was Marti's 30th birthday present. There was no school on Friday so we were all ready for an escape weekend.

We went up Friday and came home Sunday morning. Kurt was able to meet us up there Friday evening.

We went to the Lake Front and played on the "beach."

I LOVE this picture!! It is like we are getting a peek into the secret world of best friends.

We tried to listen or watch conference on Saturday but none our attempts through 3 different media sources worked. The kids still enjoyed the Conference packets I made for them. (We left early Sunday morning so we could get back to Vale in time to listen to the Sunday sessions.)

We explored the beauties of McCall with a gorgeous drive and a short walk {because my kids were melting.} Fall hadn't hit Vale yet so it was really enjoyable to see all the colors McCall had to offer.

It was the perfect low key weekend. The kids got to watch Sponge Bob & ICarly, the moms were completely lost in "The Hunger Games" and plans for tutus to grace every home in Vale. perfect.

We LOVE sleepovers in McCall!

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