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Our Thankful Hearts Week 3

November 15 - 21, 2015

"We are thankful for Jesus." - Lucy
Sunday, November 15th
Look what we finally have for the branch - wahoo!

I'm not gonna lie. We were all missing Lucy bad at this point. 3 days is a long time for your 4 year old to be gone. Especially our sunshine girl. I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Emma said, "It's too quiet without Lucy." and Spencer added, "It's joyless when she's gone." I completely agree but loved hearing her sibling express it too.

After church was over I checked my phone and saw that Kelli had texted that they were home. We had a linger longer after church. I got our food out, made sure my kids were fed, visited with a few & then headed to Ontario to get my girl.

It was a happy reunion. I loved hearing all about her trip on the way home. It sounded amazing & she is convinced that Madison has THE most fun house ever. Thanks Kelli and Traci for letting her come and taking care of her.
 We enjoyed all our cuddles from this affectionate girl. 

And pictures from her trip:

"We are thankful for our testimonies." - Dad
Monday, November 16th
This week Ruth picked our ponderizing scripture. She has really been in tune to service lately. She is good at it, what a great talent.

When I picked Austin up from school he informed me that basketball practice was starting. Today. Everyday after school. He has piano lessons after school on Monday. His response was, "oh I'll just skip it or do it another day." He ended up staying for basketball practice. I was not happy. What did this mean for Robotics club, more than half the kids on the basketball team are also in Robotics. Why was the school scheduling activities that conflict with each other?!?!! And why wasn't anyone communicating with the parents? I tried to explain to Austin after I picked him up that he needed to be respectful of his piano teacher's time, his parent's time and that there are lots of people the schedule has to work for. Not just him. He had to work to pay back the lesson he skipped. Gratefully he is still talking to me.

We had the Jensens {kids piano teacher} over for dinner and FHE that night. Kurt forgot to pick up Emma from art and so they were about 30 minutes late. Luckily the Jensens are laid back and we enjoyed the time to visit. They are our age and expecting their 6th child in a few months. Our kids really like theirs, and they are a good family. We had such an enjoyable evening together. After delicious soup & rolls Emma gave a great FHE lesson. 

 I love how she had the kids gathered around & engaged.

And then Lucy showed them the dress up box. All kinds of silliness happened after that. Lucy directed the whole thing. It was classic. I love that my 12 year old is not to old to participate. It was close to 10 before they left. We like to pretend we not have school the next day when the good times are rolling.  

"We are thankful for technology." - Austin
Tuesday, November 17th
I had to laugh when Brittney arrived that morning to exercise. We were both wearing our husband's pump house sweat shirts. Ahhh so cute. When Kurt left for work I had him take a pic ;)

After taking Lucy to smart gym Jane and I ran a few errands and then met Brittney at her house to start some Christmas crafting. We are trying to get ready before the month of December hits. Jonathan and Jane had so much fun together. Their personalities fit well together.

When we left to pick up Lucy Jane fell asleep which allowed Lucy and I to have a mommy date through the McDonald drive-in {happy meal!} while we chatted about preschool. 

We continue to plug away in very very small increments in Robotics. It is a bit of a stresser to get ready for this competition when we have no idea ... Next year won't feel as rough I'm sure. Glad Kurt is making time to come.

Every time we have Robotics Ruth helps Mrs. McDowall {her first grade teacher} in her classroom. Cleaning, filing, helping her son with his homework, whatever she needs. Ruth loves it. Well today Mrs. McDowall bought Ruth a root beer after school. Ruth never knew service could be so sweet!

The girls and I headed straight to dance while Kurt helped the boys with basketball practice and Austin spent the evening finishing the design and build of the robot, He was very excited to show me when I got home. It is a relief to have it built so now they can focus on programming the different tasks it has to complete. Austin does the most in the club, a lot of it at home but with our time limitations I don't know how else to do it.

They were having a pajama party at the STAR library that evening during our regular library time. Perfect for Jane, Lucy and I! They wore their pjs and we enjoyed different stories read a loud, plus learning that "Sparky" was the new guinea pigs name, seeing real parrots and meeting the library mascot. It was lots of fun and Lucy was sad to leave for class. Lucy that it worked out perfectly for us to join the fun.

"We are thankful for veterans." - Emma Lynn
Wednesday, November 18th
Can I just have it documented that I LOVE late start. And I love that the day following dance is Late Start. Ahh its a nice break in the middle of the week. Anyways Emma Lynn had her 11 year old check up that morning. She had to get 4 shots. She was getting herself quite anxious about it. But I am happy to report she did not cry. We ended up giving Lucy 1 and Jane 2. Poor girls they just tag along to support their sister {and because they don't have a choice} and they end up getting shots too.
But best of all is that Sage thought Emma's hands were healing very nicely. There is no sign of infection and she's doing a great job keeping them clean. And now we just pray it works. She has already said that she WILL NOT repeat the treatment {Sage said sometimes its necessary.} So I'm stressing the point that since there is nothing we can do we exercise FAITH.

We were going to get them all ice cream for surviving the trauma of receiving shots but Kurt called and had a food order from the Bishops warehouse he needed me to deliver. So we took Emma to school, and head to Vale to pick up the food and then delivered in Nyssa. I used the drive time to practice a few sentences when I made the delivery. It feels so hard to say such basic things.

Afterwards we met up with Chelsey at the library to practice Spanish. I really like her and appreciate her friendship and encouragement. She has been a blessing to me.

As we were leaving the library Jane tripped and fell, scrapping her hand. As I picked her up she wailed, "I just need my ice cream now!!" Shots, falling down, and running mom's errands, she just couldn't wait any longer. She agreed that donuts would be just as great so we stopped at Red Apple {I needed a few items for the dinner I was making for a friend so everyone was happy. Finally.}
Jane eats all the frosting off and top half and then she's done. 

As soon as we got home Spencer grabbed the ball and bat. He was outside playing until it was time for cub scouts. This may not seem like a major event or even something to document but what his playing means is that he FINISHED HP5!!! He could now play and enjoy the remarkably beautiful afternoon and we might even see his beautiful brown eyes once and awhile.

Emma had activity days and they sewed a present for their moms. It is wrapped and under she bed. She is so excited to give it to me. She is in full swing making presents for everyone in the family.

I always love it when I find Lucy passed out. Life is good and sometimes you need a nap to recharge. Check out her leg, poised when when napping. 

"I am thankful for ONE sock." - Spencer
Thursday, November 19th
{Yes, that kid is STILL only wearing ONE sock at home or when he sleeps. So weirdly funny.}

We woke up to snow. Light but it continued to snow all morning. You know how the kids LOVE the first snow. It's magical and everyone instantly starts singing Christmas carols. Its always so beautiful and still, too bad we have to go out in it.

 I think Lucy wears shorts EVERY first snow!

We had preschool that morning on the Letter I. We talked about the first thanksgiving and Indians, tried to make ice cream in a sack {epic fail} and chipped open a box of ice to find a surprise {Insects!} The first snow made them a little bit more excited that usual but we still had fun.
On the feathers she wrote herself that she is thankful for: mom, dad, Jesus. 

Jane was in my bed the entire preschool.

As soon as preschool was over & I fed the girls we headed over to Nampa for food and supplies for the bridal shower on Saturday. I also put in an order at Hobby Center for vinyl {branch Christmas presents. I'm excited.} By the time I got back Robotics was nearly done, gratefully Shay was volunteering again. Kurt took Spencer to music lesson and then picked up Austin from basketball practice while the little girls and I went to Adrian to watch McKenzie's first home basketball game. Renae Bair and Brooke picked up Ruth and they all went shopping for fabric for their sewing day on Saturday. Ruth was so excited to tell me all about it.

It was so great to see McKenzie again and support her. When she was playing I loved catching up with Jen Nielson. I've missed seeing her. Unfortunately I had to leave during the 4th quarter to get back to Nyssa for Spencer's pack meeting.

Spence participating in the flag ceremony. He also received his whittled card and belt loop. Don't forget the crazy straw for good attendance.

They kept the pack meeting short and sweet because nearly all of them had basketball practice. Spence got a ride with the Wilsons to practice while I drove to Parma to pick up Emma from dance carpool. About the last 5 minutes of the pack mtg my left eye started hurting really bad. It was very irritated and painful. When I looked into the bathroom mirror I was shocked at how red it was {solid red.} By the time I got Emma  I was in a lot of pain and could barely open my eye. The similar thing had happened Wednesday night but I took out my contacts, put drops in and went to bed. The pain was much worse and I could barely open my eye. I drove home on a prayer. It was the fastest bedtime routine & tuck in as the pain to keep my eye open intensified. Thoughts of permanent vision loss and blindness were on the front of my mind.

"We are thankful for our house." - Ruth
Friday, November 20th
My eye was still irritated and red but at least not as painful. I did not put my contacts in. There was no way. Kurt and I were headed to the temple. He took 3 to school and Jane and Lucy to the Forsbergs so Alyssa could watch them. We took the last one to school & then got on our way. Another thing I want noted. I cannot remember the last time we left the house for school or church or whatever without tears or dramatic or fighting. Not once this week. I am really so over it. There is no happiness in contention and I hate it. I need to figure out how to change it. 

When we got to the temple they asked us to help with a sealing session. Being done earlier gave us time to stop at Costco to prepare for the branch thanksgiving dinner & an Urgent Care Clinic for my eye. I have a corneal abrasion caused by my contact. Go figure! He numbed my eye to help with the pain, prescribed antibiotics & said no contacts for a week. Ugh. I hate my glasses. But truly better than losing my sight!

After school the girls and I picked up Kolette and headed to Star for the last {first} Nutcracker practice. Sadly the library closed just as we got there. Jane was heartbroken. We ended up getting dinner at Subway in between classes. Full kids are happier kids. Lucy really likes Kolette but then again Lucy really likes every one.

Marcus spent the night. Chelle was kind enough to drop them off on her way home. Austin was super silly and Marcus laughed a lot at his ultra silly tactics. But I think that's what he was going for. Kurt, Tio and the boys worked outside burning boxes, and digging a trench to get water to the new corrals. 

"We are thankful for our Heavenly Father." - Lucy
Saturday, November 21st
Marathon Day. Meaning we could not have schedule one more single activity into this day if we tried. Take a deep breath and follow along.

**Kurt left at 6:30 am with Tio to take him to Boise for an English test {part of a process to stay??}
**7:45 am we drop off Ruth at Renae Bair's house for her sewing day. She was wonderful to text me pictures throughout the day. Ruth loved every minute of it. Her beaming face with the finished product says it all!

 **8:10 arrive at the school for a Robotics Workday. We had about six kids, they came and went as their schedules allowed. It was good to have a long chunk of time to work without interruptions & distractions. Well the kids get distracted, some very easily. I worked in the computer lab with half on the poster, team name & logo and the presentation. Kurt was in the science lab programming. By the end of the work day we had two score-able tasks completed. YAY!!

 I love our team name and logo. I thought up another hashtag too: #bilinguebot

My younger kids were plug into youtube with their respective favorites {Studio C, Dora, & Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses.}

**10 am I went to Red Apple for fuel {a.k.a. donuts and chocolate milk.} I also brought back some bananas and little cuties {clementines} to try to encourage something healthy too. They ate everything.
**11 am Spencer and I left the school and went to TVCC to his piano festival. It was fun to see so many of our friends there. All the students are divided up into levels. Every kid in that level prepares the same piece. You go into the room and its just you & the judge. When he came out he said, "that was torture" with a dramatic sigh and big grin. We were back to the school at 11:45

**Noon we got all the robotics cleaned up, put away & kids picked up. Successful work day. Check!
Kurt and I parted at this point. He took Spencer and the little girls over to Nyssa for his 1 pm basketball game. He missed the first game due to his piano festival. Austin, Emma Lynn and I went over to TVCC for their turn to play. Emma was vocally nervous & Austin didn't say anything both typical of their personalities.

They pick a "Rosette" winner for each level and in the afternoon they have a recital and all the rosette winners play their piece for the parents and teachers. Then they award 1st, 2nd, 3rd to all the other students. We found out later {at their lesson on Monday} that all 3 of them received 1st place. I'm proud of their hard work learning and perfecting their pieces. And maybe we can memorize something new - Christmas anyone??!!

**1 pm Spencer's basketball game against Adrian. He played well. Its so fun to cheer loudly for them and see their visible improvements from week to week. He was excited to make a basket. 

We met up with Ruth at this point. They had lunch at A&W and she was one very happy 7 year old. Thanks Renae for including her in all the fun. She's already planning their next sewing date.

 **2:15 back home to prepare my game for the Primary Activity.

**3 pm at the church for the Primary Ice Cream Party. It was the reward from learning and passing off the articles of faith. We had 3 different article of faith games that they rotated through. I was in charge of the matching game. There was also fishing and a cake walk {without the cake.}

Then it was time for ICE CREAM! There were 13 different toppings and you got as many as articles of faith you passed off. Emma & Spence passed them all off and Ruth 6. I'm proud of them!

**5 pm Back home and getting ready for Kea's bridal shower. Emma gathered everything she needed while I made wraps & gathered food items. Ruth, Lucy, Emma & I left for Vale at 5:45 pm. After getting the church key from Jessica Hiatt we started decorating & setting up at 6:10 pm. We finished 5 minutes before it was time to start. Emma was very happy with how everything turned out. She kept saying, "This is going to be my best party ever." "I can't believe how great this turned out." "Mom we make a good team!" "We even finished early!!" haha I love this girl. I had her do some talking at the party, introducing the games etc. There were about 12 people there but it was still nerve wracking for her. Kea and Maggie were both very pleased with the evening - success. Another great party thanks to Emma's Events. So proud of you girl!

It was after 10 when we got home. After talking with Kurt I got busy getting ready for his birthday. **we survived the day.**

 ~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Jane could survive on a yogurt only diet. She.Is.Obsessed. 
- When I tuck Emma into bed I sing "Andar en la luz" now. Lucy also requests that song every night but SHE wants to sing it to me.
- Spencer is still funny about receiving affection from me {mainly when I tuck him in} but I did notice a small break this week {more smiles when I try to kiss him & standing close & wanting a hug during the day.} 
- "Satan gave us pokey to tempt us!" - Ruth

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