Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just keep riding

October 18-24, 2015

Sunday 10.18
I woke up to this anxious face searching for a needle and thread. She is desperate to learn how to sew. Ever since she saw Lorna hand stitching she has been asking to practice/learn. Poor kid. I better find someone to help her learn quick!

Sister Blaylock handed me a visiting teaching assignment when I walked into the chapel. I gave her a big hug! I think my enthusiasm surprised her. haha Tio ate with us after church. Ruth loves Tio. She sat by him during sacrament meeting. He drew her some pictures {which is placed inside her church quiet book.} He drew a picture of the Mexico City temple and told her that they were buddies.

 I loved the sunset with the silhouette of the trees from our backyard. 

That evening Kurt, Emma and I met up with the sisters at the church to go on splits {Emma came with because we had left the kids the past 3 nights and she just wanted to be with us. I couldn't blame me. And a bonus is it turned out to be a good missionary experience.} We had a discussion with the Buenos family {we had helped paint their house a few weeks ago.} It was the first time we had met the dad. He is quiet, shy but has a great spirit about him. Emma read some scriptures and I bore my testimony {Kurt translated.} Sister Guitteres is amazing. She was trying to commit him to come to church {he was resistant.} Finally she asked, "Would you come to church was Jesus was sitting here and asked you to come?" He replied yes, of course. "Well as a missionary I represent Jesus Christ. Will you come to church?" Grateful for this teaching experience. I really feel like our branch will grow {and strengthen!!!} by seeking out new members who are ready to hear and change their lives. Baby steps forward in faith. 

The kids played a Sunday game Emma had made up months ago "Hold to the Rod" and the boys {Austin} had much mini figure madness going on.

Monday 10.19
Emma picked our ponderizing scripture this week:

After the kids were at school Lucy built our church building. "The third floor is for the moms, the second floor for primary and the bottom floor for nursery." How can you not smile at that face?!!

The little girls and I visited Rosa in the hospital. She is an investigator in our branch who has been in the hospital for a few days. She has some internal bleeding but the doctors cannot figure out where it is coming from. We were suppose to meet Maggie for lunch but she had to cancel. Luckily Angelica and Tien were able to meet up with us instead. Nothing like a little technology to keep them happy till the food arrives.

Rain or Shine Lucy loves playing with the Jensen kids during piano lessons. 

Since it was raining I took pitty on Austin and drove him home {instead of him running home. He ran 1.8 on the treadmill until he fell off and scraped up his shins pretty bad.} He also found the croquet set and had a quick rainy game with Spence.

Emma finished her first painting of the new school year in art. A fall themed basket with pumpkins. I love it Emma Lynn!

We had family pictures scheduled for that evening. Late Sunday night it started to rain. It continued all through the night and all day Monday. It was very windy and clearly not ideal family picture weather. I kept a prayer in my heart that it would all work out. Sadly it was not meant to be. Around 4 it was obviously time to reschedule. A few hours earlier I found out that the girls Winter Recital was in January - while Kurt and I are in Hawaii. Major ugh. Both things kinda threw me into a funk.

Spencer did our NDH {noche de hogar} on pornography {stories from the most recent FRIEND.} But the most memorable was this silly game of the kids collapsing to make Jane laugh.

Kurt had woken up with a cold that morning and fell asleep almost immediately. For his sake I'm glad pictures were canceled and he was able to get to bed early.

Tuesday 10.20
After seeing a Halloween book in our library I remembered {finally} that I hadn't given the kids their Halloween treats {books} from Grandma Richards. They were a BIG hit!! Thanks Grandma

The distaction gave me enough time to jump in the shower until Jane was anxious for me to read the book to her {for the 18th time.} I told her I had to finish my shower first so she plopped right down on the ground to wait for me. I had to laugh at her persistent patience.

When we picked up Lucy from preschool I couldn't find her anywhere. I was searching all over the gym, classroom, bathroom, etc... I was starting to worry and asked her teacher if she had seen Lucy. In a loud voice she said, "I don't know where Lucy is. Has anyone seen her?" So at this point I started to catch on that she was hiding. I had walked right by her when I came in - she had been so still and so quiet I didn't even notice her hiding place. HAHAHAHA Good job Lucy! You definitely tricked me!

She was very proud of the mask she had made. 

We got to the school early so there was enough time to get set up and the little girls situation before Robotics started. That really is the best way to do it {imagine that.} It also gave me time to see the kids sugar skull {Spencer} and art work {Emma Lynn.}

Barb and I sat back while Austin and the other officers ran the meeting {that they had planned at their leadership training last week.} It was a very cool thing. It also gave us time to touch bases and make sure our team is on track. We found out our first competition is Saturday, December 12th. Our LEGO kit and mat has been ordered and will hopefully arrive soon. Plus Barb set up to have a guest speaking come next week - she is the head coach for the Fruitland team. That will be awesome to have to experience and insight. In the meantime we continue to prepare for the competition by researching the theme for this year: Trash Trek. They collected, weighed and discussed trash. We will have to focus on one piece {type} and a way to reduce it. Giving the presentation about our project is worth a lot of points - its not just how well our robot does. So it is good to know we are moving in the right direction.
Officers leading the meeting

Collecting and weighing trash

We had to take Kolette to dance again so we rushed out, dropped the boys and Jane at home and headed to Star. We love dance night. I also love the beauty of fall.

Because Jane was at home Lucy and I had some one-on-one time at the library. Sadly Olive, the "penny-pig" was gone. We are hoping she'll be back soon. Meanwhile we read a million Pinkalicious books and ate pink cookies. Plus she was wearing her new pink cat shirt {Miss Amber has this Cat Pant Tuesday rule - they can wear anything with cats: leggings or shirts with their dance clothes on Tuesday. And how lucky for us that ugly cat shirts and leggings are popular and easy to find currently. Kurt's comment, "Did you pay money for that shirt." hahaha}

During Emma Lynn's pointe prep class they talked about having confidence, what makes them insecure and loving themselves. This is EXACTLY why I love Miss Amber. She is so much more than a dance teacher to her students. I love the force of GOOD she is in their lives. Plus she bought Jane some adorable {cat} Halloween jammies. So thoughtful!

Wednesday 10.21
The girls were SO excited to show Jane her new jammies. She put them on right away and wore them all day.

Emma had activity days that afternoon. They were practicing the rules of the road when riding your bike in preparation for an extra activity on Saturday. We borrowed a bike from the Forsbergs and she worried {with many tears} the whole way home. I was prepared to stay with her for awhile until she felt more comfortable. But she got out and didn't look back. When I came back to pick her up she was doing great to keep up with everyone, following the line of riders {they looked like cute little duckling.} She was happy, a complete 180 from just hours before. I'm grateful for good leaders and kids and the courage to overcome our fears.

Meanwhile Spencer was involved in this when I arrived to pick him up from scouts. Hog tied and loving it. Haha you gotta love scouts {of all ages!} They had fun working on an obstacle course.

We got ready to go back to the church for the Nyssa wards {and branch} Soup Line. It sounds like Nyssa's version of a Harvest dinner. Anyways there was lots of yummy soups and friends. The kids had a wonderful time. We took two cars so I could come home early with the little girls and get them to bed on time. I am so grateful our transition to Nyssa has been so smooth for the kids.
 Spencer and Austin playing a game of football during a beautiful sunset. 

Jane wasn't feeling great that day/night and she woke up a few time. I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed the extra snuggles.

Thursday 10.22
Every morning as I drive the kids to school I about have to pull over to take a picture of the sunrise. EVERY. DAY. It is just so pretty. I will never tire of the beautiful creations the Lord has given us. {PS I want it to be noted that the kids have not been late for school ONCE this school year. Can I tell you again how much I love our location?!}

Lucy had preschool at the Forsbergs house - the Letter F {for families and friends and FUN!} Kelli met me in the school parking lot again so I could take Tyler to preschool with us. It has worked out great the past two weeks. There is no problem transitioning and less stress for Kelli. I'm glad its workin! We sure love our little preschool group. Jason Ruf joined them too, so that was a fun bonus.

While they were at preschool I took Emma out for a quick mommy-date {Oreo McFlurry for her.}

When I picked up the kids from school Austin had a chick in a little box. Their incubator projects in Intro-to-Ag class were done. After signing a permission slip those that were interested were able to take a chick home. Austin was one of the lucky ones. We went straight to D&B to pick up the necessary supplies.

We were not going home until after Spencer's music lesson {drums this week.} So Austin had to hang out with his chick in the car while we went to the library.

As the chick rode in the boost seat he kept saying,
 "This is the most well behaved chick I've ever seen."

The redneck activities continued as we took a impromptu photo shoot during Spencer's lesson. Oh baby animals are just so irresistible!

We got home with 20 minutes to put dinner on the table for the Elders. I started feeling guilty because I clearly favor our sisters {we have them over all the time!} While we hadn't had the Elders over once... Thank goodness for crockpots! The Chilean Elder gave us a spiritual thought science trick. The kids were totally captivated. Not sure if they made the gospel connection but they were absolutely quiet. After they had been there exactly an hour we thanked them and sent them on their way. No dilly dally at our house! ;)

Kurt dropped off Spence to his first basketball practice and then headed to Fruitland. Lucy, Ruth and I were 20 minutes behind him. We watched Trevor's JV football game {they lost miserably.} It was really enjoyable to talk to his mom though, she is an amazing lady. Then we went in to watch Kailee's district volleyball game {again Weiser & Marshall's daughters.} They lost too. Poor Kailee was just devastated and so sad. It was breaking my heart. Lucy is good at giving lots of hugs.

Kurt left immediately after the game to pick up Emma from dance carpool in Parma. It was 10 pm at this point. The kids didn't have school the next day otherwise none of this would have happened. When we got home Austin had his chick all set up with a large box {good thing we still have lots of those around} heat lamp and picture of a size appreciate chick glued onto the side of the box {so he doesn't get lonely.} I love this kid and his farm animals.

Friday 10.23
Even though there is no school the girls still wake up. They have no concept of sleeping in. Since I had just gotten home from running early morning book snuggles were perfect.

The boys wanted to recreate the science experience the Elder had used the night before. It involved matches so they could only do it when I was home.

I took Emma to meet her activity day leader that morning and practice bike riding again in preparation for the big bike ride the next day. I was so grateful and appreciative for her leader, Sister Hartley to take so much extra time with Emma to make sure she was confident and comfortable. Over and over again she is learning that practice and hard work will help you conquer fears and make you stronger {with endless prayers!}

We rushed home to tidy the house {and shower} for the Drapers to come over and make caramel apples. This is our second year and therefore it is now a fall tradition! Wahoo. The kids have fun with friends and eating their gooey creations. I just love apples {and friends!}

 Emma picked out pop rocks as one of the toppings. Look at these cute face experiencing pop rocks.

We played a few games of UNO before I had to leave for Chelsey's house to practice a musical number for sacrament on Sunday. Ambrie and Kaleb stayed to play for the rest of the day & Lucy came with me to practice so she could play with Lyla. We were there 2 1/2 hours! It took forever just to decide what song to sing - holy indecisive! We are practicing again Sunday morning. It'll need prayers {and maybe a miracle.}

The older kids had so much fun with the Drapers the rest of the day. The boys were outside almost the entire time. I love it. They were trying to fix the tree house.

We were suppose to take them to the Vale - Nyssa game with us that evening but Jane was sick so I stayed home with her {goupy, red eyes, running nose and general crabbiness.} The 4 decided they didn't want to go to the game either so they stayed and played night games {Ghost in the Graveyard and German spotlight.} Just Spence, Ruth and Tio went to the game with Kurt. Vale creamed Nyssa. Apparently my kids were cheering loudly for Nyssa while sitting in the middle of the Vale section. Luckily no one threw them out of the game.

The girls with their war paint for night games

They played monopoly last and got super silly {understatement} on a box of Cheese-Its.

Saturday 10.24
Kurt and Tio worked on house projects that morning. I was so happy to say good-bye to the hideous wagon wheel lights.

We put in a fan in the living room and Tio picked out the lights above the dinning room. I never would have picked it out myself but I like it. 

While Kurt was assembling lights Austin was assembling Spencer's new drum that had arrived. The one he had gotten for Christmas was missing pieces and not working properly. So after talking with his teacher to get his commendation I found a 3 drum just the right size and price.

It is set up in his room as long as it is not abused it'll stay there. I love hearing him practice.

Jane is such a good helper!

Ruth and Lucy set up another doll spa. I hope mom spa is next Saturday. :)

At noon Emma and I met the other Activity Days girls & a few moms for the bike ride. We started at the Owyhee church parking lot and biked over to Cow Hollow Park. At the park we played {on the playground equipment, basketball BUMP and ladder ball} ate snacks snacks and made s'mores. Then we biked back to the church. In total it was a 3 mile bike ride. It was such a fun activity. I'm so glad I was able to go with Emma. We biked down the country roads like little ducklings following their mama. We had an adult in between  every two kids. Emma was the last kid with me bringing up the rear {which was great for photos & Emma's speed.} She did great biking! I am proud of her and the immediate pay off for overcoming a fear was a fun afternoon with friends. Feeling so grateful for the village that is helping me raise my kids. I know we cannot do it alone!!
 Final instructions before we head out. 
 Cute bike riders in duckling formation

We made it to Cow Hollow Park!

Both Emma and I had to borrow bikes from friends to attend this activity. Christmas is coming... maybe we should make it a bike theme???

Again the boys spent most of the afternoon outside. They were carrying around their bb guns but we can't find the bullets anywhere since we moved. They are funny.

The Roches invited us out to dinner {with the Webers and Hartleys} so we made arrangements and got ready to go. I can't remember the last time we went to Boise just to eat out {have we ever??} The company was fun and sometimes crazy but we had lots of laughs. Meanwhile Austin was at the cotillion. They could dress up in their costumes. I love this kid and that he is comfortable with who he is. I hope that doesn't ever change! He had a fun time.  

Two friends posted pictures on IG - it's fun {and kinda surreal} to see him come up on my IG feed.

 The kids at home were having their own dance party.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- About a month ago I made up this little rhyme {with actions} when I was tucking Lucy and Jane into bed. "A hug, A kiss. I love you like this!"
- Ruth is currently obsessed with the hand clap slap game, "Lemon aide cherry ice"
- Jane brought me a book, "Read me Once a upon a time."
- Just a quick potty training update because I haven't said much about it since the first week. But she is a rock star! Completely done {night/day} She was ready and it was easy. I have given away 2 boxes of diapers. AMAZING feeling!!!
- Emma has been doing her own hair for about a month now. Part of me is sad but the other part is happy for her {gaining skill and confidence. And one less to do time wise!} She gets frustrated at times and there have been tears. Sometimes I do get to help. Mainly its a lot of pony tails or buns. On the whole she is doing great and as cute as ever.

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