Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 1st

Nancy and Ed invited us out to their pumpkin patch in town for the Second annual pumpkin patch FHE. It was a great time, although a little warm at times. It seems like we never get all of Ken & Renae Romans' family all together so it was fun for the cousins to spend time together. I think it has definitely become a fall tradition.

Everyone got to pick a pumpkin. But the rule is that you had to be able to carry it out of the patch. Looks like my Austin is growing up. Personally I think the Lucy size pumpkins are the cutest.

Last year I couldn't even get Ruth to get in the picture. Smile for progress.

We had chili and hot dogs, smores and candy. Lucy was pretty pleased with the menu!

Love fun {and silly} time with the cousins.

Emma's new accessory

On Monday we took Emma to the eye doctor. The weekend of her baptism {last week} she told me her eyes hurt when she read too much or is practicing the piano. So I made an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist in Ontario.

The verdict? She needs glasses. Her vision, especially far away is perfect but she is unable to focus close up and it is causing a lot of strain. She has to wear them all the time. Not very likely that she will out grow it.

Luckily she was very excited about this news. She had lots of fun trying glasses on. And we finally settled on the very first pair she picked out: a deep purple. She keeps asking me when I think the glasses will come. I'm really grateful that she is excited and not worried or anxious about it. I hope it continues!

As a glasses/contact wearer since 12 years of age I am a little less excited {but not around her!} Glasses are just a pain. But. I'm glad we got her in quickly and everything figured out. I'm grateful she's excited about this new accessory.

The final choice {and her first pick.}

Friday, October 19, 2012

PTC Fall 2012

Yesterday, October 18th we had the kids Parent Teacher Conferences.

I was remembering how nervous I was for Austin's very first conference. That makes me smile to think about now. I was not a single bit nervous yesterday. I know and love these teachers. They are amazing and loving and kind. I cannot express how wonderful it is to know my kids are in good hands while they are at school. I do love Four Rivers. If you can't tell by my daily drive we have are committed to it.

Emma Lynn was first. They encouraged her to talk more and have confidence in her abilities {Spanish.} It made me laugh because Austin never stopped talking and Emma won't. We are all so different. :) Emma is an excellent student and making great strides in second grade. We spoke about a different ideas or a plan to help her when she is nervous or anxious.

For Austin they had high praise for his math and writing ability. He really enjoys his teachers and finds 4th grade to be very fun. There has been a considerable more amount of homework. They both mentioned that he likes to talk and gets distracted. Our goal is to find to fit Spanish books for him to read during Spanish week.

Spencer is a great role model in his class and is anxious to learn. He loves to try all new things and that is especially promising in Spanish. He is above average in all areas of testing. I have seen a greater self motivated desire to read the past few weeks. It is exciting to him and his parents. His teachers said he is always that excited to learn at school.

The kids are always so quiet and so shy during this conference even though everyone is super positive and celebrating their accomplishments and successes. Oh well. I am grateful for a good school.

Home Again

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