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Priesthood Line of Authority

April 19-25, 2015

Sunday 04.19
This was a beautiful day. My boy received the Aaronic Priesthood. There are not enough words to describe the feelings this picture evokes. Generations of amazing priesthood holders. They are stewart, righteous and loyal. They have blessed my life beyond explaination. How grateful I am that my boy can join this legacy and has such a tremendous example set to show him what a rigtheous priesthood holder is.

Like when he was baptized he grinned up at me before the circle closed around him and hands were laid on his head. That grin of pure excitement is a picture that will forever be placed on my mother heart. We shared this experience with Cayson Forsberg and I look forward to sharing many more milestones with their good family.

With our good Bishop

We had a lunch of sloppy joes and green salads before Kurt and I headed to Nyssa for stake meetings. We said good-bye to the Farnsworths who left while we were at meetings. We are so grateful they came to celebrate Austin's birthday and ordaination with us. We are blessed with amazing family.

After meetings Kurt stopped to give a blessing while I helped Amber make a plan to finish her Personal Progress. There is a lot of work to do but its doable. It always helps to have someone in your corner cheering for you.

Monday 04.20
My parents drove the kids to school for me {always a much appreciated blessing - thank you!}and then continued on their way home after that.

The boys had yearly check-ups that morning. They both went really well. They were funny about having to wear the shorts they provided. haha

 but again with Lucy needing all the attention.  Look at her - she had to be on the table during BOTH of their exams. Oh my word that girl.

We continue to purserve during Girls Scouts. Meanwhile Austin wins the award for awesome big brother. These two littles adore him. Thank You for helping!!

Check out this hiliarious face she was making!

 Spencer passed out early that night. The birthday weekend must have exhausted him. 

Ruth fell down just as we were leaving Mollie's party on Saturday. I instisted that she had to take a bath and change the band-aides before  bed. And I was pretty much the worse person who ever lived and WWIII ensued. Heaven help us.

Tuesday 04.21
The start of Ocean week in preschool. Adalyn brought a yummy treat.

After preschool the little girls and I ran over to help Emma's class finish up their Art project. It was wild and hectic but we got it done. And they turned out so cool!
 Jane's selfie face :) 

Wednesday 04.22
When it was time to drop the kids off at school Ruth wasn't ready to leave me so we went and had breakfast together {and the little girls} at the Plaza. After that she was much happier and ready to tackle the day.

After I dropped Ruth off Kurt reminded me that Austin needed to make a poster for Scouts. Yikes. I may have spaced that. So I grabbed grabbed him and some poster board and he spent all of 1.37 minutes creating a poster. And it looked like he had spent that long on it.  

I played the organ for a funeral that Kurt conducted and spoke at {hopefully last one for a while.} The Belnap girls came home with us to play while Michelle helped with the luncheon. Lucy just loved on baby Paisley. So sweet.

After school we had Cayson and Jonathan. The older boys played with the littles 
while I worked on more art project stuff for Mrs. Bodily. 

 And of course there are always gems to be found. 

Thursday 04.23
The morning started with a H U G E sacrifice. I went to Wal-Mart. The first time all year I do believe. I was after fish for the preschoolers. The sacrifices you make for those you love. 

We got back just in time for preschool to start. The sacrifice was worth it because they were all SO excited to have their very own fish!

We have all kinds of fun during clogging. Jane's new smile is so funny!

During clogging I order some Dominos pizza online since we were going straight to a tennis match. It was going to be a long, late night. Eating that pizza in the car felt like an all time busy low. A friend kindly reassured me that her family has done it before too. 

 Jane loves sleeping with tiny baby doll. 

We also got Emma's 4H pig pictures turned into the extension office. They do pictures instead of an intitial weigh in for hogs. Although the pictures are not great quality it was easy enough.

Friday 04.24
Emma had a field trip to BSU. I was lucky enough to go with. Angelica and I carpooled, I drove her little car. Its always good to visit with her. The field trip started with a science experiment presentation. It was cool and the kids loved it.

Then we divided up into groups to complete our self-guided walking tour of the BSU campus. I had 6 kids in my group and they were a great bunch Alycia, Emma, Lupita, Miguel, Landon, and Cristian. We had a fun time and learned a few things too.

When it was lunch time we took the girls and ate in the car so we could go to Hobby Lobby.
Priorities people. And as always we got sucked into all the awesome goodness to be found in that store.

That evening the 4 oldest, Kenzie and I all went to watch "Grease." It was put on by the same director that did "The Little Mermaid." Plus there were a few girls from the Vale wards that we wanted to support. We went to dinner at Tacos Mi Ranchitos first.

As I was watching the play I remembered how wildly inappropriate Grease is. Luckily they cleaned it up for us. There were lots of great singers, they did a good job! We discussed gospel principals on the way home and Ruth wisely said, "If it had been bad we would have left!!" So right. what a cutie.

Saturday 04.25
The day of running started by leaving the house at 4 am to do the 6 am session. The Forsbergs went with us. It was a great session. Personally I have come to love those early morning sessions. We raced home and I picked up the kids {minus Austin and Jane} plus Braxton, Ellie and LJ and headed over to the Boise Aquarium to finish off our preschool Ocean Week.

They had added a lot more repitles since our last visit. Touching the sting ray is always a kid favorite. Lucy liked to drag me around {at lightening speed} past all the exhibits a million times. When it started getting to crowded it was time to leave. We parted with the Tolmans and we headed to Target. Yes I took that large group of kids into Target and yes we got a lot of crazy looks. Spencer had earned {through good, respectful behavior all week at house} the ability to use his birthday money from Grandma Cindy. He picked out a LEGO set {shocker.}

As soon as we got home from that Boise trip I loaded up my decor to help Brittney prepare for a PROM dinner she was hosting at her house for Ethan. The theme was Italian. It was super fun to prepare and collobrate together all week. I think the final outcome turned out pretty great.

I was home for an hour before I left AGAIN for the stake dance. Luckily Brittney was kind of enough to make food for our family so the kids actually had something to eat. I felt terrible basically not seeing Jane or Austin at all that day. Kurt came home at some point....kinda felt like one of those fail moments.

We DJ'ed the stake dance again. That is a hard job and the crowd was not real big. Ahhhhh! Grateful for these friends to help get through.

~~~Romans Reflections~~~
- Your legs are bald.
- I want some sprinkles on my nose.
{both from Lucy :)}

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